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Friday, January 20, 2012


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A friend of mine sent me a link to an article in The Business Day Newspaper. Usually I make it a rule not to comment on articles if it would come out as being judgmental of the writer. However, this article 'When Louis Vuitton Met Hermes At Falomo' kind of had me irked a little bit that I had to comment. Unfortunately the website doesn't seem to allow for commenting so here's is my comment below.

With all due respect being wealthy or aspiring to be does not and should not equate to having political apathy. And it is not a CRIME (except where it is ill gotten) If these rich folks, many self employed, did not come out to join in, you will be the same to complain. They were able to get together to express their dissatisfaction in a language they understand and now they are getting castigated. Please spare me. I want to see the article that will speak about how for a change it wasn't only the poor on the streets asking for the change. Difference is just in the style. I understand that in our society the lines between those who benefit from the pillaging of the country and those who have made good on genuine hard work and good education have become fuzzy, but we need to STOP VILIFYING SUCCESS in this manner!!

Channel sunglass/ Gucci sneakers/ LV wearing occupier

Now I don't own a pair of Gucci sneakers , I just threw that in for the effect. Thanks to poetic license. Lol. I know a bunch of people who were livid about the article, including my friends who were out there because they were quite passionate about the issues but wanted a safe and near by place to participate in an event that was historically shaping the country. This article trivializes their efforts and the efforts of those others who were out there for hours marching from one end of Ikoyi to the other, even Occupying the NTA office in VI. I was out there a couple of times checking different locations for work, and what I came away with was totally different from what this writer has written. It may not have been a lot in some people's books but they get an 'A' for effort. What are your thoughts? Do you agree with the writer's position or he/she has a chip on the shoulders? Do you feel the Occupy Falomo was a 'picnic', a place to show off and 'oppress' or that what we saw just comes with the territory, package so to speak? Do you think it was a genuine contribtion or a side show for bored rich folks with cabin fever? Let's talk...