Tuesday, February 10, 2009


New Motto for 2009

My good citizens of blogville, It is good to see you in this very interesting year. Many good things have happened in 2009 and I hear there are bad things happening alongside. What I do know is that 2009 is going to be a defining year in the lives of many people. With all the job losses going on and 'insecurities' that exist (one day you are middle class and the next you are below the poverty index belt) many individuals are finally looking on the inside to tap some heat from the fire that burns in them. Yup! When you make that fall from the top of that income pyramid, the ground at the bottom can be very cold. No doubt you'll need all the heat you can get. That's why I always go back to the proverb about stars climbing in the night sky (you know...when a star is rising it always takes other stars with it so that when it falls, those stars above will shine upon it). But...leave that aside (lol...inside joke).

Everyday I get the opportunity to meet people on the job. Many of them inspiring, others not so much. One individual I met who falls in the former category is Fela Durotoye, who considers himself a social entrepreneur. Basically he is in the business of inspiring and motivating people. I am sure he also does a lot more so that description doesn't do him justice and only happens to be the hat he wore on the day I met him. You can google him if you'ld like to learn more. Fela has such a great command of conversational oratory (I make that distinction because there are some who are great in that pulpit, podium and chalk board way but are not conversational). I don't particularly remember what he came to talk about on the show but all I remember is the phrase he left behind, "Dream BIG, Start SMALL, Grow FAST". 

I have heard many variations of this concept (mostly from Oprah, but I guess cos there are so many Oprahisms in my head, this one got lost in the pile) but hearing it again and put in the context of finding new opportunities in the 'Global Economic Meltdown' was like slapping it in my brain with EVOSTICK or super glue. The phrase doesn't need to be broken down further, it is what it is. Dream Big, Start Small, Grow Fast!

But to help you out just a bit, if you are trying to take control of your financial life, that in itself is a dream. To get to that point of control, you have to take that small step. That leap of faith. The word leap can confuse people but a leap need not be like jumping off a cliff. Let's say you have a spending problem, a leap can be taking a simple step like cutting up all your credit cards and spending cash only when you need something. It could be creating and living on a budget and making wise spending choices. By taking that small step you can reach your goal of controlling your finances and watch your savings grow. That little change along leaves you with available funds to invest or start a business with and watch your financial life grow. That's the simplest way I can describe this. And you can apply it to anything in life really. Starting a business, excelling at the work place, new projects, spiritual life, family life etc.

Anyways that's my little dose of inspiration for ya'll. Not as profoundly conveyed but who cares about semantics as long as you get the point. Sharing is caring they say, so go out there and create or re-create your own destiny. So stick this phrase on top of your bathroom mirror so you see it every time you brush your teeth, shave or put your make up on. Dream BIG, Start SMALL, Grow FAST!!

( By the way- I don't know about you but in 2008 we rejected Poverty...casting and binding it to the bottomless pit, as my mother would always say whenever she prays. In 2009 we don't know how to SPELL...povty.... povari...pofti...pohvahtee....LOL. You get my point. AMEN SOMBORI!!!)