Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Where was I and What happened.

2005 has been a disasterous year in Hollywood. First Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston now it's Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. Like Oh my gosg, this is so not good. Nick and Jess were the cutest, but I guess If you put your marriage out there like they did, that's to be expected. As in I knew it would happen, but I was one of those in denial and rooting for them to keep on trucking. Oh well, life's tough, even for the stars. But their beuaty and refreshingness would be missed, especially in the magazines. So here are a few picture of Nick and Jess for you to oggle over because you may not see them together again looking this happy. Then again I hear she is 6 weeks pregenant. Hmh? Wonders shall never end. Meanwhile, with all these single hunk-a-chunkas all over the place in Hollywood, I'd better move there and find my prince charming. Now ya'll know that marriage will truly last till death do him part or to Africa I do part...L-O-L!!

Here goes my tribute to Nick and Jess


Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Bringing you 'a-breast'

Glad to be back in Chapel Hill. Boy! Will I miss this place when I eventually leave because whenever I skip town, I am always craving to return. Why? Cos I've got Carolina on my mind. The Thanksgiving break seemed to be endless. I was able to get both Thursday and Friday off at the very last minute, so I went to Ndidi's in Greensboro on Thursday and then Charlotte on Friday. The drive to Charlotte was just long because I really didn't feel like going there, but then I thought about the Egusi soup and the goat meat stew that I was sure Uncle John would have cooked and I boned up. I wasn't looking forward to making the regular rounds of visiting or calling up relatives to let them know I'm in town, so I didn't. I snuck in and snuck out, and I am sure one or two would call me up and start a sentences with , "A si n'ibiara' [They said you came...].

Good thing though, I took the time off to dose up on Nigerian movies [details later] and undo my braids, an guess what... MY HAIR LINE IS RECEEDING!!! It's not the fault of the briads, but the fault of the hair glue that I used to glue in the hair-weave I wore for the pageant. As in the glue chopped my hair comot. Like OMG... WHY? I am beginning to think I need to get Rogaine or just cut off my hair and try again...for a 4th time. I guess I am just not meant to have 'good' hair, and to think I was getting excited that the length of my hair was up to my chin. Anyways I took out the briads and no comb or hair conditioner was to be found in the whole house. I made the kids search till they found a small picking comb.

Meanwhile, the funniest thing happened at that moment. Actually I had started to drive back to CH on Sunday, but I got to I-85 and saw the mad traffic jam. It took me 30 minutes to get from one exit to another, at which point I turned around and was like there's no way in hell that I am going to sit in traffic with the throbbing headache that I was having. If you had seen my face, I looked constipated. May be I was, from all the food I ate. So retrack to the funny thing that happned. I came back and decided to wash my hair. I was irritated, not just because I could not find a comb or hair conditioner, but because I had that massive headache and I had to spend another cold, boring night in Charlotte [not that there was another option]. Anyways I guess Uncle John was glad I didn't go yet and decided he would send me to go and buy meat for him. Kai!! Oh God!!! I was thinking in my head. There's no way I can get back in my car and drive to no store, so I squeezed my face and complained about my headache and that I was about to wash my hair. Then he saw the eggs I was holding...

"What are you using egg for?" He asked.

"To condition my hair", I replied.

"So there's no conditioner in the store that you have to use egg?" He asked rhetorically.

At this point I am thinking, 'Nice try Uncle John.' He was just looking for a way to get me to go to the store. Either that or he was upset that I was wasting his eggs on my hair.

"I'm not going to go to the store to spend $5 when I have conditioner at home, instead I'ld rather not wash my hair." At this point I quickly changed the subject to something else because if either of us dwelled on it, someone was going to get pissed at the other. Thinking back now, I should have just gone and bought that meat o, beacause I am about to ask him for a favor and I am sure he will hang this one over my head while it is still hot.

Anyways Uncle John is good peeps but his kids are another story. One thing I have to say from visiting Charlotte is reinforcement that I don't want to have more than 2 children and may God provide me with twins, one boy and one girl. Anymore will require additional grace and required family therapy. In fact, simple solution, ship them to Africa or wherever their grandparents will be. First of all, I cannot stand noisiness and littering. I can understand books and clothes on the floor, but cookie and candy wrappers, toys, half eaten apples...HELL NO!! As in immediately I walked into the house it was a battle field, boot camp. Turned of all sources of entertainement and put them to work.

Then can you just imagine my 13 year old cousin 'tried' to do big chick for me. Hmh? What alacrity and audacity. I told this girl to follow her brothers and clean up. She refused and continued watching TV after rolling her eyes....can you imagine. Calmly now, like they teach american parents, I went into the room and asked her politely to go and clean her room. Do you know that this girl just sat there as if I was talking to a ghost. Her little sister was like 'Aunty is talking to you.' The babe still bone so I turend the TV off and you should have seen the way she stumped off fuming under her breathe, saying I'm mean. God save am say she no swear or abuse me because I would have landed her one fine slap the way african parents do. She cleaned her room, or rather stuffed everythingin the closet and went to turn the TV off even after I had told her to go and take a shower after cleaning. I guess she was trying to get her mother to get involved, knowing already that both of us have already crossed that path. Unfortunately for her, or should I say fortunately [because she would have gotten into more of my hot water] her mother was like , 'C'mon get out of her and do what you are told.'

Poor girl broke down and was like 'Aunty's so mean'. Meanwhile I am in the kitchen reciting everything that my live-in uncles and aunties back in Nigeria used to say to me when I tried to put on my snotty, rude hat or pull my height around since I was kinda taller than everybody. The difference then was that I knew my limits because those ones had the full writ of law to punish at will, with 'koboko' and 'bulala' waiting in hand. Uncle Sam had 'red pepper' for any foul mouthedness, you'ld be looking crazy in school with calabar hairstyle because Aunty Mati wouldn't plait yours and as for Uncle Chike, he'll make you frog jump from Iwaya Rd to Jericho.

Anyways they got me upset and so there was no television the whole day till 4pm. Sent them all into their rooms to read. There will be no sassing 'Aunty Adaure'. Are you crazy? Won't tolerate such nonsense. They did apologise so I released them but as I said may God give me grace for children. I like babies, but once they get to a certain point, I just feel the need to torture and tickle them or become this menacing person, so that when they see me, they'll run across to the other side. You know put some fear in them so that they behave and so far it's working. I just hope my payback won't be in form of the most unruly, ill-mannered, hard-headed two kids. Tufiakwa!! I reject it in Jesus name. Lord knows the house won't enter all of us. Back then they used to sell such kids into Slavery but these days it's called Social Services. I am sure those options would make any kid act right on command.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


1 Corinthians 15:57 - But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is Thanksgiving 2005 and I'm once again thankful to God for his goodness and mercies and wonderfulness. I have so many things to thank the Almighty for, even though I still have some questions and a little beef with him, but I'll discuss that with Him on my way to bed tonight.
2005 has been a trully dramatic and need I say traumatic year for me, it is not over yet so I won't relax too much.
Firstly, I thank God for that New Year's Eve, the worst day of my life in a very long time. I don't thank him for what happened, but rather what didn't happen. As in I really don't know how I controlled my anger...actually I didn't, just glad there was no weapon nearby. Then three weeks after that, as if nothing else could go wrong, I got into this really horrible accident. Someone in one of the other vehicle's died. I just lost my vehicle, and I still have not recovered from that upset, but I am thankful I came out with my life and no injuries. Then there was my job and financial situation that's still ongoing, compounded with emotional and mental instabilities that come with lifes bullshitses. Speaking of job, I thank God for making my working environment and job situation horribly frustrating because it has helped strengthen my faith and seek God's face. Corprate America can be the devil's belly sometimes, and just as was the case with Johnathan in th whale's bally, you need God's grace to get through it.

Then there was the month of June, September when I had to be poised in the midst of chaos. Thank God for my loving parents, my brothers Ejike and Chibuike, my sisters Onyenachi and Nnenne, and all my relatives in Charlotte (I'll be seeing some of them this weekend, so it's all good). Thank God for my friends Des, Singto and Ndidi who helped me through those awful days and are still praying with and for me. Matilda and Ayisola who always read my essays of emails, and Bayode to whom I complained to every now and then and got comforting words in return. Thank God for not letting me stab, choke or poison anybody, most of all myself, because as they say, an idle mind is the devil's workshop and if that was ever to happen it should have been this year. Thank God for his grace for not letting me do anything insane and for always letting His word prevail over everything in my life. Thank God for the one who holds the key to my heart 'For yet in a little while, he that shall come will come, and will not tarry' [ Hebrews10:37]. Thank God that the devil and death did not prevail in our family this year through breast cancer, diabetes or even common malaria.
I was so hype about turning 25 but you know what, even though it wasn't all that, it's once for 'a bestseller book'. I was joking at first when I called it my quarter life crisis, but be careful what you wish for because you might just get it and that's exactly what I got. But I thank God for the experiences and hard balls that got thrown at me this year, because it's only made me stronger, as bad a cliche as that sounds. I don't know too many people who could have survived this storm, and still keep a happy, cheersome and wholesome personality. ACTOR!!! As I appreciate all the beautiful people who have inspired and motivated me, in my social circle, within my family and in church, I would like to thank God for the lives of anyone who is hating, wishing ill-luck or laughing at my incomplete fortunes, despite the fact that such antics keep me humored. As in 'He who started His work on me has not finished', so what's there to be bitter about? Biko Chill Abeg!!
I thank God because it can't get any worse than it already has and so if 2006 likes it can be the end of the world, it aint gonna phase me because I've been there done that and I 'll probably get through that too. I can't stop thanking God because I don't know what I'ld do without His grace. For yet in a little while my time to shine will come and shall not tarry so get yourselves a pair of Ray Bans on Black Friday because it's going to be a solar eclipsing event... you don't wanna be blinded by all the 'Halo'.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


How Parents Embarrass Their Kids

Forget the fact that this guy, Diepreye Alamasiegheye, the governor of Bayelsa state in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria, who is popularly known to most as 'Alams' because of the difficulty in the pronunciation of his name, stole money from the government. That's normal in Nigeria when people get appointed or elected to public positions. In fact, it is expected and written into the contract, in between the lines. Anybody who did not take their own share of the national cake would not have it handed to him or her on a decorated silver platter. I say this because Nigeria is not a place where man power, talent or intellectual prowess is valued or appreciated. You will never get paid your worth because, someone's illiterate brother or underqualified relative is occupying that post. So if you manage to get into that big oga job, you have to try your best to steal more than the guy before you so that you can provide electricity,water and paved roads for your village, and build several mansions for your family members. I mean didn't they say there'ld be housing for all by the year 2000?It's 2005 and people are still sleeping under Ojuelegba bridge, so you are helping to facilitate that goal. I mean I don't know why all of a sudden everybody is playing Voltron Defender of Nigeria's National cake and treasure. Like as if they're not wishing that they too could get a hold of all that cash. 'Alams' stealing three million pounds is no news, the likes of Babangida and Abacha who stole gazzilions, what has happened to them. Last timeI checked, only elected officials were immune to prosecution, why haven't they bundled up all those other criminals and armed robbers that have been robbing our country blind.
But before my digression, I was starting to write about how Alams children must be embarrassed to save their lives. So Alams jumped bail from Scotland Yard/Interpol, went to the airport dressed as a woman [I don't even have to say albeit an ugly one] with fake travel documents, got on the plane and landed in Nigeria to a hero's welcome. That's normal, even criminals who come back get a reception. The funny thing I heard was that the guy paid a witch doctor 77million naira to get a charm that would make him invisible to the police. Hmh? That must have been some strong medicine because as ugly a woman as he makes, make-up or not, that alone should have raised red flags. Trust Nigerian tabloids to create some hilarious pictures, as in no paparazzi couls capture the moment so we have to create ours. I feel sorry for his kids who would have to deal with the horrible jokes we all know they'll get, not to talk of reading stuff about their father. I hope the impeachment proceedings against him go through, because we do not need people like him in government and I also hope his butt gets some jail time and I don't mean a measly 6 months like they gave Tafa Balogun, the inspector of police who stole some odd billion pounds. You know what, there are so many that are still out there and chances are some of them may even stumble upon this blog so I am drafting a love letter to Nigerian government officials stay tuned for that. To read more on Alams and other criminals in Nigerian government visit

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Politics and pageant related obligations aside, I and Jenny, Ms Sierra Leone decided to go to H2O. Actually I just followed her there since I was riding with her and being a party pooper would have been a tad bit impolite. First of all, we were both having phone issues because silly me left my charger in NC while Jenny's phone decided to shut off on us. We find her friends and go into H2O. I was really tired, sleepy and cranky and really did not want to be there, plus it was cold, so I decided i'ld just wear my coat. Yes a bit weird, wearing a coat in a club, but it was a really nice coat...It was pink with a green broach. Yah, you can imagine I had it coming. I was standing next to one of Jenny's friends, a guy all GQ'ed out in some Armani-KC-silk tie-pink shirt type of thing. Dude was also wallflowering like I was, but I don't remember seeing him being harassed by chicks talking about, 'why you don't wanna dance?'. But that was not the same for me. At one point I wanted to slap one dude that had the audacity and alacrity to touch the top button on my coat with his dirty hands, talking about 'show the goods.' I am like 'Your father.' But I boned up because truly I should not have been there in the first place, so I took the shots as they came. We made our way to the VIP section after the reggae spot became a bit too smoky and randy. Still wallflowering and even crankier, I managed to find one spot by the bar to just observe and find my own zone. Really, If one had seen me you'ld have thought that i'd been smoking weed all night. Gosh, I was so tired, my speech was slurring as my vision blurred, and Jenny was no were to be found so I had to get comfortable by the bar. How about I am there minding my own business once again and this lady tries to start a little petty girl-fight-talk with me. I don't know why people, particularly women, feel empowered when you ask them not to do something they are rightfully not supposed to be doing. So this j-lo wanna be chick was standing next to me attempting to dance. She was just bumping into me the whole time. On an ordinary day I would not have minded at all, I'ld have just disregarded her as another drunkie, but I was really irritated and cranky already that I needed something to off load all that on. Anyways this chic is bumping into me right, and I turn to her nicely and I am like, 'hey are you ok, cos you keep bumping into me and all?" and she said she's ok, and I'm like ' Ok, then can you please stop bumping into me?' then she was like 'why you gotta be like that' in a really nasty way and in the most unconfrontational way to make her look stupid I was like 'I am asking you politely not to bump into me, that's not too much to ask is it?" Thinking she listened to my, why did she bump into me a couple more times. And to add insult to injury, while she was trying to flip or run her fingers through her hair, she pulls at one of my braids. By now I am really pissed and I turn to her and I am like, ' For heaven's sake can you please stop doing that, I mean there's so much space in this club, why do you feel the need to bump into me?" We exchanged a few smart words and I turn away. Na so the girl begin do like say she get Turret syndrome. One of her guy friends begins to talk her out of something, meanwhile me I am just chilling calmly like as if I owned the damn bar and just laughing away, meanwhile in my head I am thinking and looking the other girls I came with; as per if this girl decides to jump me or pour her drink on my pink coat, will any of these girls be able to fight back, because me I can say that I will be seriously beaten if she makes such attempt. I looked at Jenny to my left, the girl might be small, but she packs fire. Plus she and her friend Alice are both 'salo' like my girl Des, and trust dem girls to have a little som'ing in their 'baggash'. But as they say empty barrels make the loudeest noise, the lady did not do anything. The night went on and we eventually left the club at around 4.30. I got back to the hotel room around 5 am and had a long soak in the tub. Had to improvise by using hotel hair shampoo for bubble bath.
Meanwhile I saw one of the finest straight up -non-half-caste yoruba guys. If seen a number of them who are not hella much to look at, they may begin to look different and attractive when they grow on you or if you look elsewhere (halogen lamp eyes that can penetrate the seams of ones pocket and the leather your wallet is made off; an attribute that is genetically predisposed to igbo girls according to some) But then again, I was fuzzied up, so maybe I was seeing double that night, plus the dude was wearing sunglasses at night. Makes one wonder what he's trying to hide. (Disclaimer: Ya'll know I gots love for my yoruba peeps, just like to tease them every now and then with off-color's high time...with all the omo-nna jokes I get)
To cut the long story short, my coat is going to the cleaners and my hair will be washed tomorrow because of all that smoke smell. I really should take a stand on these sorts of places, because I am no longer enjoying them as I mentioned. So unless I am in Naija, there is an exceptional reason, or I am out of town and being dragged by my braids and bra straps, I doubt I'll be gracing certain kinds of night spots with my presence because I'll be so out of place and just complaining about every darn thing.
By the way, I paid dearly for the pounded yam and egusi soup (yes oh I surprised myself by eating fufu in public, that soup smelled too darn good it was hard to resist) and baked potato, sauteed carrots and gravy I ate at the Nigerian event on Saturday. Can't be mixing white-man's food and african food like that, it can cause some very unpleasant things to happen in your digestive system. To make matters worse, my flight was cancelled so I had to wait at the Atlanta airport and didn't get home till around 5-ish. This is a journey I started at 8 am, as in if i drove I would have made it to church and gotten my sunday nap.


Nigerian American Politics

I had quite an interesting weekend in Washington D.C, where I went to moderate a town hall meeting for the All Nigerian American Congress ( It is complicated explaining what the group is about and what they are trying to achieve. I know they aim to become if they haven't made steps in that direction to become a political action committee in both the Nigerian and the U.S. governments. To get a better picture of the groups please visit their website for that information. Ambassador Howard Jeter, Former secretary of State for Africa, Herman Cohen and Congressman Donald Payne and a few other delegates from the American side were present. But trust my dear Nigerian 'gofment' officials to sully all efforts by not showing up, even after confirming or indicating the will be present. I am not talking of Mr. President himself; even if his wife's death did not occur, I would not expect him to attend. However, he sent a letter indicating that the ambassador to the US would represent him. The ambassador I hear was suffering from jetlag and decided to send his aide. The other officials on the list did not send a representative or even acknowlegde the invitation in a letter, as the president had done. Imagine if the tables were turned and the Nigerian side sent high profile delegates and the American side did not reciprocate, do you think there would have been a panel discussion in the first olace. All we would hear is , "How can a whole me? A whole chief this, minister that, take my time to attend and all they sent is an aide?" Utter disrespect to the honorable delegates on the American side. Anyways, I am not into politics so I really don't know how to start recounting the stories, but it was an interesting experience, an introduction to pseudo-Nigerian politics, or should I call it Nigerian-American politics. One or two interesting things that I did pick on, I guess wearing my cynics hat was how rude and mannerless some nigerians can be; as in someone is talking in a meeting that's supposed to be important, and some people are laughing away heartily in the back or shouting out a conversation on the phone. It's little little things like this, including the culture of tardiness (which was not much of an issue, because 30 mins-1 hr behind schedule is actually being on time...Really). Then some people trivialize and make mockery of these genuine efforts with their pomposity or perhaps borderline lunacy thinking they can rule Nigeria from some gated development somewhere in America. If no one has asked, how does a presidential or gubernatorial candidate campaign for 2007 elections in a country they don't live in. I can understand running for council or local government chairmanship. In fact, if these TV people bullshit me too much, I myself will go and run for local government in my village, after all I think I have more potentials than any of them. Just because you know some one in power or happen to be related to the person, you automatically expect to win? Talk like that just makes me let out a hearty 'ha!!ha!!' What Jokers. And why and how does beer always make its way into the parlor of politics, can we upgrade to champagne or cognac instead.
Anyways politics can be interesting, especially now that women are getting involved. May be if more women and youth get involved in civil and meaningful political action free of tribalism, corruption and pontification, things will start changing in our country. May be the influx of young professionals from the diaspora, if they don't assimilate, will help with this democracy we al speak about.

Monday, November 14, 2005


Canadian Radio-Jockeys Scam 419er

Please see this link below and listen to the converstaion at this link

Saturday, November 12, 2005


How does one burn Ramen Noodles? (A David Clark Illustration

I admit now that I can't cook. I don't know why I keep fooling myself by trying because I am absolutely lousy around the kitchen. There was a time when I used to cook all the time. I knew how to throw down some egusi, okro-soup, ogbono and moin-moin, I think that was a fluke. Either that or I just have kitchen-amnesia. Ok so my ogbono soup looked like egusi once; I tried substituting by using canned fish instead of dry fish, those have too many dead maggots and bones. Don't blame my mother, she did teach me how to cook, I just never learned because my mind was always on basketball and television. Faked paying attention, that's why I got so many cuts on my fingers chopping onions and pumpkin leaves. Man! I remember pounding ogbono and egusi (melon) seeds from scratch when the blender did not work. I eventually graduated to boiling the meat for stock, so my mother tried her best. But you can't teach someone who never wanted to learn. In fact I should say I consciously rebelled against the whole gender role thing (dejavu moment, feel I have written about this already)
My roommate/landlord is becoming very concerned because this is the fourth time he has walked in on his house smelling like where they're roasting goat. Not too long ago I burned my steak and biscuit sandwich and the microwave popcorn; that was not my fault, I went according to the instruction on the packet but the microwave was too powerful. The other day it was the stew-slash-spaghetti sauce that I was cooking. Today it was my gourmet Ramen Noodles. No it is not a new version of Ramen, but Adaure's version. Added fried onions, tomatoes, minced meat from my stew, green peas and sweet corn, a real balanced diet. Chai!! Austerity will not kill person, but 'how for do'? Anyways 'E go better' as Singto always says. I meant to let it simmer on low heat, but forgot to turn the knob on the stove from hi to lo and went to continue my random browsing online. That's how the whole kitchen section was just smoky and the house just smelling. And how about my roommate decides that's the time he'd return home.
I was so embarrassed for myself that I just had to announce that I burned another meal just so that he won't start asking and wondering what it was that was smelling. He laughed and cracked some funny jokes and was like 'Girl just stick to ordering Chinese before you burn down my house.' Men, that was a very pregnant statement, because he probably means it and is concerned I am a domestic hazard. He's right though. I am just going to stick to Japan Express and Hunam Chinese. There's no point buying groceries only for it to end up in the trash charred.
I really hate when that happens, not because it means I'll go hungry but because it reminds me of the days when food got burnt in my house. God save whoever it was who burnt food in my mother's kitchen. Especially after she has suffered to go to all the markets in Lagos looking for food stuff from 10 am to 6pm, in the hot blazing sun or steaming monsoon rain, depending on what time of the year. Walking through all that nastiness of Lagos roads and putting herself at the risk of getting guinea-worm. Do you expect her to look at you and say 'Oh my dear, that's ok, it's just food you burnt not the house, all you have to do is try and try again until you learn'? What a funny joke. What's even funnier is that I considered myself a domestic diva taking food and nutrition and home economics classes (I actually really wanted to take fine arts and wood works aka carpentary, but all the really cool gals were in F&N so I had to perpertrate the stereotype)
The thing is that you can't even wait for her to find out that you burnt food. Moreover, the food just can't go to waste, everyone would have to eat it like that, just add more onions, pepper and stew or soup. If you like cry blood. Housegirl O, Uncle O, Aunty O... as long as you are not older than my mom or a guest (relatives don't count) you will have to manage till the next day's menu. Even though everyone suffered along together it was usually the housegirl that got the brunt of the punishment because she's the one incharge of the kitchen, padlock and key and all the nines.
You couldn't dare refuse the food because my mother would make you feel so guilty by reminding you that there are children on the streets who will be over joyed to be getting half charred food, plus the children in Ethiopia and Somalia don't even have food at all talkless of the one to burn. Kai after this sermon you have to chuck it up and eat that damned food, use your lunch allowance to buy meat pie or Indomie noodles and coke. On days when pocket is tight, you can only probably afford to buy groundnut to drink garri and go to bed. It became a co-operative effort to make sure food didn't get burned, from turning the burner really low to eating half done beans or rice. Once we tried to use a stop watch for steaming moin-moin (gas stoves sold in Nigeria didn't come with time back then, neither did they come on kerosine stoves for days of fuel scarcity and they sure as hell did not come with firewood for when we were in the village... that's a thought.. Timex on Firewood.)
Point of the story is that one would think I would at least be haunted by this and be a bit more cautious. I mean I do feel bad anytime I waste food. Correction. It pains me to waste food because indeed there are kids who do not even have common water to drink in a day. Thera e are kids who would kill to eat the charred food from my trash bin. There are kids who rummage through garbage sites to find days old rotten food to eat so that they can get to the next day. There are kids who eats dead animals so that they themselves don't die. I guess I need to think about this much more consciously that I have in the past few weeks. Either I stop cooking entirely and just order or I go and really and truly learn how to cook (that's going to be very difficult because I wouldn't know where to start. All I know is rice, beans, fufu and salad). I even bought some cookbooks from the PTA thrift store. I'll try a dish or two sometime and find something I like that doesn't require stove-heat or any thing more than 2 mins in microwave. Oh by the way, I make some bad-azz macademia nut cookies. Hey! Hey now! drink that and a glass of maple farm whole milk and that's better than the food served by the old woman who lived in the shoe, who had so many children, she didn't know what to do.
Below is an entry from earlier this year from my personal blog describing several other hazardous situations. Some of you have read this already, but I thought i'd just share it with others to give a better picture of just what i'm talking about
Sent: 3/28/2005 11:07 PM
Forget wifey material, I am DANGEROUS. It's like everything I touch or do turns into a catastrophic, calamitic cluster of colossal consequences and I am not talking about my that is...uh hmh...ya'll dirty minded fiends. On Easter Saturday, I was in Charlotte at Uncle Jonh's. I planned to take his 4 kids with me to go visit some uncles (but due to one of those many funny incidental family 'bs' that didn't happen). While the kids were trying to find clothes to wear, I was 'attempting' to fry eggs. I put the oil in the pan and put it on the stove. I wasn't supposed to leave the kitchen, at least I usually don't if I can help it, but after seeing what Uchenna, the youngest one picked out to wear, I just could not help but take it upon my self to find her something more appropriate. My rules with those kids is that they can look as crazy as they want whenever they are going out with their parents, but they cannot look shabby if they plan to go out with me. Poor kids, they lacked fashion pizzazz and style, and so we had to go through several outfits to find the most appropriate.
Meanwhile, my pan of peanut oil was still on the stove, with the knob set on 'high heat'. After a little bit, say 15 to 20 minutes later, I turn around to go to the living room and all I see is smoke. Kelechi the second kid who is like 8 or 9 was glued to the television that he did not see the fire or smell the smoke, while Uzo the third kid was just satnding there and just looking at the flames calmly he was like 'wow, aunty, there's a fire, that is so cool'. I was like OMG the house is going to burn down and it is going to be all my fault. I was like 'oh hell naw', there is no way I am going down like this, so that some one will use me to cry and blame me for their situation, for ruining their life lets say 10-15 years down the line.
I took the pan, flames rising high and all. In between grabbing the pan from the stove and throwing it onto the front lawn, I was also trying to hold up my wrapper and sheild my fine face and flammable hair from the fire. Then the stupid fire alarm came on and the stupid nosey neighbors 'collie' started barking and even pissing me off the more. Did I mention that this is the third time that I have nearly set fire to Uncle John's house and it always has to do with me attempting to cook. The first time was in 1997 when I first came, I was trying to boil rice, and thanks to 'jetlag' I slept off and didn't wake up for like another hour and half. The whole house was full of smoke as my one 'de rica' cup of rice just turned into a 'biggie size' ash tray. The next time was when ignorant little me used foil to cover a dish in the microwave. As in I didn't know and plus everything you put in the 'oven' is usually covered with a foil wrapper, so I thought the same rule applied to the microwave. The thing started sparking and burnt the door and melted the top-inside of the oven. You can't really blame me, microwaves were scarce in my days in Nigeria, plus there was no user manual for the microwave.
Speaking of microwaves, also at Uncle John's, I tried to boil an egg in the microwave. I mean, there has to be a faster way to boil an egg than on the stove. Now that I mention 'boiling eggs', a friend of mine told me that he almost started a fire when he slept off while trying to boil an egg. By the time he woke up the pot was almost melted, if not entirely and the egg had exploded. Ah yes...explosions... I discovered that the sound of an egg exploding and the sight of it in the microwave is not a pleasant one. I am sure there have also been a couple cooking hazards of mine, like the day I treid to make ogbono soup and put 'canned jack mackrel' in the soup as a substitute for dried fish, because I hate that. Why did the soup turn to egusi and lost all its 'chain consistency'. Oh and how many times boiling tomato paste has bubbled up in my face I cannot even count, and for those of you who may not have noticed, that scar in the middle of my cleavage is not a birth or beauty mark, I got that during one of my attempts to make stew when a 'hot' bubble of tomato and pepper paste splattered on to my chest...right in my cleavage...and there was that huge black fluid filled keloid looking thingy...and when it burst, it was so red and hurt really badly. I was sooo pissed off, I was like that's it, this is the end for me, my chest baring days were over. Fortunately, ori [shea butter] and palm kernel oil really work magic. Then there was the time that I was trying to use the dish washer. Ok so i'd seen it on tv and in movies like 'little rascals' and stuff where people put liquid dish soap in the dishwasher or washing mashing and it bubbles over...well, like they say experience is the best teacher and I guess seeing is believing. We'd run out of dish washing soap and I didn't feel like driving out to the store so I figured I'd try the liquid soap and 'see' what happens. You can guess what happened next, I left the washer running and went to watch tv with the kids, by the time I got up, I dont remember how long, may be 15 minutes, the whole kitchen was filled with soap sud and bubbles up to my knees. Now I really wasn't worried about that, I was more worried about what my uncle's wife would say or do if she'd seen that. Trust me, you do not want to get her cross, she is pretty, shall I say, 'dippy' sometimes, and she would be coming home anytime soon.
My brain began to work over time, wondering how I would clean up my experimental mess. Like a drama queen would, I went beserk and I enlisted the kids and all the towels in the linen closet and we cleaned that place till it was shiny and pretended like we 'just cleaned' the kitchen. You might be thinking, 'oh my gawd this girl is worse than Jessica Simpson', but really it's not being ditzy or dumb, I was just acting out my curiousity, like I do many with things that I have no business knowing about. But that is a good thing though, it show that my mind is always at work, always thinking creatively and actively indulging in 'mental exercise'. I mean I may just discover a way to boil an egg faster, it may look crazy, but that is fine, after all people didnt think Edison, Ford and Einstein were normal people, but those 'playas' were smart. I may be like them one day, may be even invent a way to make human beings taller without stilts or 4 and half inch pumps.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


This is what I sound like now, two weeks after my accent reduction training. Is the thing working at all or should I go and collect my money back

this is an audio post - click to play

this is an audio post - click to play


This is what I sounded like before I started my American Accent training after recieveing several brutal remarks. English is not my father tongue nor my mother teeth, so therefore I wonder what the matter is. Anyways in two weeks we shall see if i need to get my money back from amazon.

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10 Years After, The Struggle Continues

Ken Saro-Wiwa

Oct 10, 1941 -Nov 10, 1995




Search Nigeria World (under Favorite Links) to read more about the Ogoni Struggles and the continued injustices of oil companies in the Niger Delta Area

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Jungle Diaries of the Serengeti Princess

Last night, she'd had a conversation.
A conversation with someone.
Another pillow-prattle.
One of those night-time tittle-tattle.
Catching up on the days events.
Laughin' and Jivin',
A little flirting here and there.
It was like happy hour without whisky,
Wine or a pitcher of beer.
Suddenly teeth sharp as knife,
Pierce through her heart.
Impaled upon a stake
And whipped with a jambok.
The stone cold heart skips more than one beat.
Life flashing, senses fogged by clouds of austere proportion.
Battered and bruised, barely hopeful
The White Cliffs of Gibraltar stand before beckoning
To sink deep into the straits.
Tears well in her eyes,
Feeling like forty-one shots as the fell fast,
Down a flame flushed face.
Left to nurse a broken heart
She chastises herself for her foolishness.
For freely loving with all her heart and giving everything,
For sparing it from loving too much and holding back,
For not loving enough or not at all.
The foolishness of emotions, yielding to wisdom through experiences.
The Lion's won the battle, but it's a mere beast longing to be tamed.
And so we weave into the vicious circle,
Living by the law of the jungle,
Only the fittest can survive the games of life.
Now unmasked and wounded,
The Serengeti Princess rises from the stomps,
Holding her head high with pride,
Spear aimed and ready, Shields up and shins guarded,
She will not succumb and she refuses to crumble.

'Random Musing about the not so random muses immortailzed in my anthology.'

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


A Tragedy With Great Lessons

On another board I belong to, their is an ongoing discussion regarding the death of Nigeria's First Lady Mrs Stella Obasanjo. Every death is a loss and as such a tragedy, so it goes without saying that I sympathise with all who have been affected by her death. But this is one tragedy that is filled with so many lessons, innuendos and ironies. It is interesting how sometimes it takes things like this to happen to wake a society up. It would be unfortunate if we as nigerians do not seize the opportunity to address issues that have arisen because of this.
This link ( ) is to an open letter written to President Obasanjo by a prominent Nigerian activist lawyer, Gani Fawehinmi. It is his attempt to start a debate about the issues the tragedy of Mrs Obasanjo's death and the Bellview plane crash raises. Whether this is the right platform or not is quite debateable, but the issues exist none-the-less. Widely read newspaper columnist Reuben Abati's response to Fawehinmi's letter is at this link.( ). Abati attempts to question Fawehinmi's motives of writing such a letter. He also has some interesting things to say concerning theseincidents.
Please read both articles before proceeding to read a forum members comment and my response from the other board below. I thought to include these to give you a blue print of the discussion.


My people fortunately or unfortunately I am not quite done with this issue (and the other peripheral issues that have come out of it). so please indulge me cuz this is one discussion(not argument) that I am quite keen to have.We all know the background to this story so there is no need to waste your time recounting. I'd just like to respond to a couple of things that some of you said when we last had this discussion.
Tayo: you said everything a civil servant does must be made known because they are dealing with taxpayers’ money. I agree there must be transparency within the government but only to a certain degree. Everyone is entitled to their own privacy regardless of their position. As you rightly mentioned in other countries the media prints anything they like but my guy that doesn’t make it right. It is a make shift measure that is widely accepted simply because we live in a blame culture and lack the ability to look inwards. it is very easy for Mr ojo to blame the NEPA MD who drives a Benz when there is not light meanwhile Mr ojo has not bothered to pay his bills.
Adaure: You said Stella is a public figure because she "willingly" sought media attention and my question is how do you quantify someone's will to do something. For all we know Stella might have been under pressure to have done what she did or maybe she was told it’s what first ladies are meant to do. My point is these things are subject to interpretation. No one knows exactly what was going on in her mind or the mind of anyone who has been under the media spotlight.
Now please don’t get me wrong I know the media and what they do are extremely important. I personally think the media is meant to empower by providing THE PEOPLE with information. But there is an ethical judgement that needs to be made and that is what and what not to publish...some people just print everything and this to me is just feeding the beast of strife and distrust.I am not questioning their motives however I do question their methods.
As far as I am concerned it’s been a while since I read an UNBIASED Nigerian article. They are either always in favour or against but never neutral. Now having said that I don’t think there is anything wrong in reporting Stella died from cosmetic surgery. What I am saying is 1) Please facts only not fiction or speculation (we all know it is true now but then we didn’t. 2) Are her family ok with this and 3) It doesn’t matter.Cosmetic surgery is only a big deal for a couple of reasons and that is because the science has not yet been perfected and because it hasn’t CS is quite expensive. When these issues have been addressed everyone will be doing it. Or you don’t think so? Ok how does it differ from wearing make-up or attaching a weave...its all about altering your appearance is not?Ok now that I have exorcised all my demons I would like to draw your attention to the URLs I put up. Gani has written an open letter to OBJ (which I think is most inappropriate not just for sentimental (i.e someone is dead) reasons but because I think the man is a dodohead) and Reuben Abati's response. (Please view all the responses to RA's article just below).
Nigeria is quite a funny place and to be honest I am quite terrified of what will happen to that Country. Not because of the obvious problems we have: HEALTH, EDUCATION, NEPA, SECURITY, BAD ROADS, BAD ECONOMY blah blah blah...these things can be fixed...but because of something more fundamental which I am afraid will not be easy to fix if fixable at all...Nigerians don’t love Nigeria. Infact WE probably hate it more than anybody else (Please just take a moment to think about this)Gani made quite a few comments but the most interesting to me is he said that despite all the countries OBJ has visited not one government sent anyone notable to attend Stella's burial. Although he intended this as an insult to OBJ for wasting his and our time/money by travelling I feel he was insulting Nigeria. What happened was not a reflection on a man but on a Nation because it shows how we are regarded. I won’t say what I really feel about GF out of small respect. But it is only in Nigeria that an individual (and not a very bright one at that) will gain recognition for saying exactly the opposite to what the status quo says and nothing more…not a single constructive statement.. I know every society needs people like these to make noise and sometimes rattle cages...but it is essential we realise that is all they are good for and not to actually give them any clout.

Adaure's response:
I don't think i am sold on Abati's response. I think Gani's letter has stronger points that support the reason for the manner of his letter. Gani makes a valid point when he points out that no high profile officials were sent to the funeral. If Laura Bush or Mrs. Blair dropped dead right now, tell me that half the government of Nigeria won't be there. Heck if they just caught influenza you would probably see a special envoy coming to deliver a basket of posies to them. It is indeed sad and i am unsure who to fault for that; should I say that those states were callous for having no regards for their counterparts loss, that it's naive of us to expect such for our late first lady or that OBJ was misguided in his priorities when he made some of those unneccessary trips. The news REALLY is not that Mrs Obasanjo died, it is HOW she died, and again this is argueable depending on what side of the ethical ruler you stand on. Think about the Monica Lewmisky and Clinton case as an example, it's not about the President had an affair, (all of them including JFK purportedly did) but the fact that he did it in the White House, with one of his staff. That story at the time was only 'ALLEGED' but it was widely reported and the media sought to uncover and seek the truth. So I disagree that the information about her having gone to Spain for a plastic surgery and subsequently died is irrelevant. In fact, based on libel laws in the US anything can legally be reported if you have witness account, (which was validated), attribute to at least two reliable sources, in this case there seemed to be several, including intellectual deduction based on the obvious fact that the clinic was a cosmetic clinic and you can even get around all that BS by using words like 'allegedly', 'purportedly' and so on. Worst of all, and in my own opinion, it is highly embarrassing, and sad to say that it is humorous to say that a whole First Lady died from plastic surgery. Think about it, how does that sound. Really? To top it off, it shows her priorities at 60 were highly misguided. Whatever her insecurities had been plastic surgery should not have been a solution. There was a time when African women were once proud of their ability to age gracefully and carry their body, whatever it was with pride, but in these days of 'Modupe Ozolua' perpertrated body image (like the ones in the magazines haven't doen enough damage), the solution is now to nip-and-tuck, EVEN men are doing. Alams (Gov of BAYELSA) wanted to get rid of his abdominal adiposity didn't he? Meanwhile, his people suffer. Same with the first lady... private decision or not, they are all supposed to be held accountable because sometimes some of these private decisions, just like the choices to have affairs, get divorced etc DO inadvertanly or otherwise reflect upon society, either in negative or positive ways. I don't even need to talk about government officials seeking healthcare abroad, whether with their own money or government money, while their constituents are dying on theater tables...something as simple as malaria continues to be a problem in the 21st century, common medicines are luxury treatments and managing aids is non-existent. Let's not even talk about basic amenities like water, roads and primary education. How many people can even spell or say 'liposuction'. THAT is really the arguement that this tragic incident raises and it should not be overlooked because it happened to be part of someones diatribe (Abati's article sort of skates around this in favor of sentiments). At somepoint we have to discard sentiments and talk about issues. That is my soap box for now

This is an open forum so please feel free to agree or disagree with any one of our comments (all 4), join the debate, chastize or correct where neccesary. Every opinion is important so exercise your right to free speech so let's talk. YOU'RE ON.....


Who Is Mrs. Gupta?

I got this letter in my assignment desk mail box at work. We get these a lot at work and whenever I see them I am first ashamed because I know exactly what they are and then humored after reading the sorry sob story that some greedy suckers out there will probably fall for. Even the ones who have heard about some of these scams just don't realize that they come in different shapes and forms. Like the one that one of my school mates from Carolina fell for. He wanted to get new puppies and I guess he went searching on line and found out about a missionary in Nigeria who had two puppies for sale. The missionary claimed she brought them from America to Nigeria but can't take care of them in Nigeria because of her missionary work and the lack of animal health care or something to that effect. Poor guy felt sorry for the dogs and decided to buy them for $1000. The irony is that one of his best friends is Nigerian and he used to be an active member of OASIS so he could have called me or anyone of his other Nigerian or African friends to ask if this was credible. But I guess he didn't realize how pathetic and low some of these scammers can be. Anyways he was in communication with some middle man that was trying to help him send the dogs over. So he sent the money through Western Union but no dogs came (but my people, this Western Union has done some things sha). So the boy called the number that he had been calling and the man on the other line was like 'I did it for my family, we are suffering' or some BS like that. Chei!! As sad as it was I had to laugh so hard when I was told this story by another friend. If they are not afraid to use God to lie why can't they use Dog too. Such is the case of the born again Mrs Gupta. Like a friend said, chgances are that Mrs Gupta is REALLY Obinna Okpala, of Abakiliki if I may add, 'suffin' de inta-netu on a compura in a cyba-cahfey' in Alaba or Idumota market. Whara-Piri!! See Mrs Gupta's letter below.

Please endeavour to use it for children of God.
With warm hearts I offer my friendship, and my greetings, and I hopethis letter meets you in good time. It will be surprising to you to receivethis proposal from me since you do not know me personally. However, I am sincerely seeking you for your assistance in this transaction, which I propose with my free mind and as a person of integrity from God. My nameis Mrs. Grace Gupta from Malaysia. I am married to Dr james Gupta who worked with the Shell petroleum Company in South Africa for nineyears, Before he died in 2002. We were married for nine years without a child.Before his death we were both born again christains.Since hisdeath i decided not to remarry or get a child outside my matrimonial home whichthe bible spokeagainst.When my husband was alife he deposited the sum of $22million US dollars [twenty two million US dollars] with a finance company in europe.Presently, the money is still with the finance company in europe. Resently mydoctor told me that it will take the grace of GOD for me to live 0ne year moredue to my illness (cancer) Though what disturbs me mostly is one of my legsis out of use for now,Having known my condition i decided to intrust thisfunds to a christain individual that will use this to fund to go intoinvestments, assist churches,orphanages and widows and also propagating the word ofGod and to ensure that the house of God is maintained.The bible made us to understand that blessed are the hands that giveth.I took this decision because i don`t have any child that will inherit the money and my husband relatives are not christains and i don`t want my husband hard earned money to be misused by unbelievers. I don`t want a situation where these money will be used in an ungodly manner,Hence the reason for taking these bold decision.I am not afraid of death hence iknow where am going.I know that am going to be in the bossom of thelord.Exodus 14vs14 says that the lord will fight my case and i shall hold my peace.Ican only communication with you via email because of my health i cant alwayscall you because of my health and my inlaws around me but i will alwaystry if chance permits me. I don`t want them to know about these development.Although i can do all things through christ that empowers me.As soon asi recieve your reply i shall give you the contact of the Finance Companyin Europe.And I will also be sending to you the deposit document and aletter of authority from the court that will enpower you as the original-Beneficiary of this funds.I want you to always pray for me. My happiness is that i lived a life of a worthy Whoever that wants to servethe lord must serve him in spirit and in truth. Please always be prayerfulall through your life.Thanks for your understanding.I wait to hear from you.Best regards,God bless you.Mrs Grace Gupta.N.B:Please for more details contact me on my private emailaddress:

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Ms Africa International 2005 Results

1st Place Winner (Miss Africa International 2005)..........Miss Zambia International
2nd Place Winner....................................................Miss Zimbabwe International
3rd Place Ties.......................Miss Ethiopia International & Miss Nigeria International

The placements for the three main categories are as follows:

Evening Wear:
1st Place...........Miss Cote d'Ivoire International
2nd Place..........Miss Zimbabwe International
3rd Place...........Miss Ethiopia International

1st Place Tie......Miss South Africa International & Miss Zambia International
2nd Place..........Miss Eritrea International & Miss Ethiopia International
3rd Place...........Miss Niger International

African Attire:
1st Place Tie......Miss Cote d'Ivoire International & Miss Nigeria International
2nd Place Tie.....Miss Zambia International & Miss Zimbabwe International
3rd Place...........Miss Congo International

Other Awards

MISS CULTURE: Miss South Africa International

MISS TALENT: Miss South Africa International

MISS CONGENALITY: Miss Zambia International

MISS PHOTOGENIC: Miss Zimbabwe International & Miss Cote d'Ivoire International

MISS INDUSTRIOUS: Miss Zimbabwe International

Miss Africa International Spirit Award, given to the founder's contestant of choice who best exemplifies the spirit of the pageant and its founding principles. The recipient of this award is Miss Gambia International.


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There is a documentary being run on PBS this week titled RX for Survival and it is pretty interesting. Try to catch it at 9pm, I believe the last show is tomorrow night or you can visit this link to read about it ( or look for encore presentations on your local station. It is a very informative show and raises questions about the state of health care in developing countries, particularly in Africa. Makes you also ask questions about what our governments are not doing to see that healthcare gets to those who need it the most. Also see

Also pick up the November 7 th edition of Time Magazine. They have several profiles of different people who are doing things to improve health care in various developing countries. There is a profile of Dora Akunyili, Nigeria's Drug Czar, the director general of the National Agency for Food, Drug and Administration Control (NAFDAC) who is fighting the battle against counterfeit drugs

Stay tuned for more commentaries on this...



Many of us know the story of this little woman from Alabama who became the mother of the civil rights movement. Ms Rosa Parks was no beauty queen, she was no first lady or politician, she was a mere seamstress who just wanted to sit down and be left in peace after a long days work. She risked her life to disobey an unjust racist law by not giving up her seat on the bus to a white man. That act of defiance and boldness was what gave blood to the civil rights movement and lead to the beginning of the end of segregation laws. Today many people, many women, find themselves in places of power, but fail to seize the opportunity to use their lives to impact others in their community. Many are concerned with the vanities of life alone, acquiring wealth than they are about their hungry, suffering neighbors along the way. In many societies, they pass the poor, the lame and the blind on their way from their ritzy neighborhood to the ritzy restaurants. Ignoring the plight of humanity and not caring about proffering a solution or speaking out for justice or fairness. What are you doing to change the lives of people? The people you meet, the people you hear about, the people you see on television, in those poor neighborhoods and countries. What legacy will you leave behind when you leave this earth? Would you stand up from your seat so you don't have to deal with the responsibility that comes with sitting in that place? WHAT IS YOUR ROSA PARKS MOMENT? If you don't have one, perhaps this is a chance for you to find that moment, a deed that you can look back upon and say, 'I didn't stand up from my bus seat, but I stood up for what's good and just.' Thank you Ms. Parks for not standing up from your seat, because if you hadn't who knows how much longer we would have been standing and letting others sit in our rightful place. Rest in Peace Ms. Parks, the Almighty and his host of angels will be standing up for you as you walk into his gates. Adieu Mama Rosa.

A lovely Ms. Parks aged gracefully

You Go Girl!!! He can wait till you get to your stop.

A humble seamstress, Rosa Parks

It's aight Girl... cos you know what, we don't have to stand up for anybody except by choice

To learn more about Rosa Parks see this link below

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Adaure, Binta, Kristine and Jeneba at the after party at H2O

Me, Binta and Kristine

Gilda(Congo), Binta(Niger) and Moi..oh by the way I ordered some french cd's.. it's on ya'll...gimme one month and i'll be speaking french and american

Me and Shola(

with Jim Iyke
(The picture that's going to cost me my 8 figure bride price... and no silly i don't mean 8 cowrie shells)

Jenny, Ifeanyi, Me and UGO (the dude formerly known as Chima, but was never really Chima, just forgot his name and gave him a new one.. that's so me...ha ha)

Shola and me; Dude you should get a shirt that reads 'local champion'.. that'll be funnier.
How about I thought we were going to 'Justins' as in Diddy's club. Why did we end up at a place called 'Juste's'...that has got to be a knock off... like LXV is to LV and Goach is to Coach.

Me at the reception at the Zimbabwean Embassy


Beauty Queens Caught Off-Guard

This is my bootleg version of Hollywood celebrities caught off guard. It is about to destroy the some peoples' future and fantasies. This was the Sunday after the pageant, we were all tired and some of us, especially me in my 'Tweety is a Starlet' pjs, were looking a bit unkempt, busted BUT keeping it as real as ever. I just thought it was hilarious, the day before were were all smiles and looking glamorous, and when it was all over we went right back to being regular average joes, just like in Hollywood. Ok well with the exception of the model chicks who are always camera ready. Hello!! that's why they are models. Anyways those of you who have already drafted love letters, letters of intention, have special ordered 2 pregnant white goats and 2 kegs of palmwine to be delivered by your local palmwine tapper on his shiny Raleigh bicycle (the choice transportation for special occasions) had better recall because you will not be waking up to no barbie everyday of your life. Unless you are planning on sending kegs of Botox and tubes of Preparation-H (for eye bags) instead. Hopefully the reaction would not be like seeing Britney Spears or Madonna without make up... yah, that's scary.

with Laurinda Dennis, (she was our equivalent of a dorm matron only nicer; she let us stay out late, wear make up and tight tops, and talk to guys. Try that in a nigerian boarding school and you'll find yourself in a day school the next day.)

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Check out the gallery at this link for more pictures