Thursday, August 23, 2007

Addy and D'banj... Romancing on the Stage

Just stole some of these pictures from somebody's facebook without permission (sorry boo)

D'banj checking out the Kokolette

Addy doing the Yahoozee Dance

Where the hell he was drahing me too only God knows... I didn't want to be kokoletized

By the look on my face you can tell I was mortified but trying not to show it

Here he must have been asking me to MARRY I had to tell him no because I'm saving myself for John Legend

Say Hello to the New Chick on MTV Base

Correction: Isis is HOSTING the MTV BASE/ MTN SEARCH for the Nigerian VJ. It's gonna be like a reality show type thingy, like Idols but they are looking for a VJ not a singer. I kinda got ahead of myself on tha breaking news tip and proceeded to misinform yall. But either ways Isis still gets a few slap on the back (i think i'll still get to piggy back along to SA).

Congrats 'Isis'

This is breaking news o.... Right now MTV Base Africa is revealing Silverbird's Fashionista and host of 'Entertainment Weekly' Keke 'Isis' Adenuga as their new VJ. Whoooo hoooo!!! YOU GO GIRLFRIEND!!!! I am so proud of you and excited for you. Hard work and patience does pay off (ooohhhh patience is a virtue boi!!I need to go pray for the patience part) . Ya'll know what this means for Addy. Well let me break it down... AN EXCUSE TO GO TO SOUTH AFRICA OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!!! Lol!!! Anyways Isis has a blog that is stil under construction. I'll help her build it up one of these days so that you can see why she has the coolest gig at the station. She's so cool and not a boring newsbabe like me. Once again Kudos Isis. (Details later)

Meamwhile, we are reviewing resumes for consideration, especially if you are thinking of doing your NYSC in September. Especially looking for news junkies. Send me your resumes and cover letter detailing your interests, objectives and every other neccessary info. You never know where this could lead up to as you can see by the evidence above.

Friday, August 17, 2007



Please who has heard Asa's latest singles 'Fire on the Mountain' and 'Fimisile'? Tell me that you did not think that was Corrine-Bailey Rae of somebody. When I heard Fire on the Mountain I was like ....HUH? Is that a Nigerian? I had to call the radio station to ask who it was because I missed the introduction. I wish I did not have technical handicaps otherwise I would download the songs for you to listen to. Is there an Asa myspace page out there? Please somebody send the link because I have searched for it and can't find it. Anyways, go out and buy Asa's album/single or ask your friends to send you a copy. Ya'll know if Addy likes something then it means that stuff is definitely HOT. I can just picture a video for the song already not just only on MTV base o...but MTV mainstream...BET etc. Ya'll in the diaspora need to seriously get her album and send it to all your local radio station DJ's. I have faith in that song and this musician and if there's anything I can do to help, I think I will and ya'll should too. So go and buy... don't burn or download only... go by and mail them out. Read more about Asa HERE and HERE

Thursday, August 16, 2007


(It's a hard knock life and as you can see it wears me out...)

The Myth About Successful Nigerian Women

Before I begin, I would first like you guys to read the article in this month’s Genevieve Magazine on Funmi Iyanda called “Taking Charge”. Some of her responses tie in to some of what I have to say in this blog entry.

I’ve always wanted the right opportunity to deal with this issue in my own time but unfortunately or fortunately a comment left in one of my posts last week compels me to treat this issue. The comment is from none other than our dear best friend ‘Anonymous’ who sometimes, and cowardly leaves nasty and spiteful messages on people’s blogs. I hope the amoeba of a person is reading so that he or she can see a mirror reflection of his or her stupidity, shallowness and ignorance through the computer screen. Here is the comment Anonymous left…

“We hear you are f*****g all 3 of the that true? They gave you a company house and car while your co workers don’t get either? You go Adaure...i knew you had more than beauty and brains. You also have Streetness.”

Ordinarily I would delete such a foolish comment or respond with the typical “do I need to respond to that?” or “I won’t dignify that comment with a response.” But interestingly this comment just played into my hands not just because of the nature but because I have been waiting for the opportunity to off-load on the true connotation and implication of comments like this (which I have been hearing since I was a child and continue to read in the papers) but didn’t quite find the right moment. It is truly sad (and I bet you it is other women who fuel and feed these kinds of rumors, further destroying the progress that some of us are making in Nigeria). Shame on you and all who peddle such without proof and fact and with the intent to bring people to disrepute. And for those women who do sleep/have slept their way through and you have fact and proof against them? So what? How does it concern you and how does it affect the price of tomatoes in the market. Please get a life my friend. The motto in the corporate world is and has always been 'the end justifies the means'. So stop hating and go get yours how ever you deem fit. I am sure there have been many interviews with leading women in Nigeria dealing with this issue, but in a recent interview in Encomium (sad, I read it, but only as part of work…u know keeping tabs on the Jones’s) Club Queen, Louise Priddy put’s it well when she says, “…they forget I’ve worked hard. I only just turned 30. I worked for 6 years and instead of giving praise for achieving the little that I have, they just write all sorts of things. You never hear them slugging other men off in the business; it’s always the young girl’s who are working hard and doing well. If you are working hard, female and single it’s almost a problem.” (And DHL just rang the doorbell to deliver my Platinum membership card to Bacchus…LOL)

I know we all love gist. In fact I have emailed the comment to a couple of my friends and we have had a good chuckle over it as we do with every other gist of this nature that we hear (Pretty much making an anthill out of a mole’s hole just because I can). So ya’ll please help me laugh at this rather ludicrous bit. But on second though and as my friend Ndidi says, these days you can’t swear for anyone because people are capable of things you never think to give them credit for. So who knows, may be my eyes have opened to the way things work in Nigeria, after all I have been in this country for 8 months so I should have picked up a few tricks here and there. Or could it be one of my alter egos going around behind my back and scoring some deals in the between the sheets. Damn you Carmen!! Remember what Santa said, ‘you’re not supposed to leave evidence behind, stupid’. That’s Carmen’s bad, sometimes she gets a bit generous and likes to think she is Mrs. Claus and not an ordinary Elf. The girl has ambition don’t you think. For anyone who’d like to get lessons please holler at me so I can show you the way. At this rate and going by recent reports, I should make Vice President of Silverbird TV by the time my contract is up for renegotiation. Dang if only I had negotiated the offer better in 2002, I just might have made Board of Trustees by now. Oh well, can’t cry over spilt milk, I just need to work with what God has endowed me with to get what I want and in the Nigerian context, that does not include my degree from University of North Carolina or the 10 year experience I have had with various media houses in the United States. Oh no, not at all. All I really need is a good demi-push up bra (like I need the extra help in that department), a pair of red stilettos, puckered up lips and talons to match, a hot skimpy dress and a packet of multicolored condoms to do the trick.(Wait a minute… that sounds like me on a Friday night…OOPS!! Scrap that!!)

Jokes aside ‘Anonymous’ could be one of three pathetic people; A lazy ass tabloid reporter, digging around for information especially with recent reports of some two month old stale gist. Haba! Mr. Pressman/Ms. Correspondent una too bam o. This my own gist is 8 months old so you should be fired for delivering stale gist like this. Anonymous could also be a bitter and jealous co-worker for whom I can’t but feel sorry for. This rumor actually started at the office before I had even spent a month there. There are other incredulous stories that I have heard that will make you bounce off the walls with laughter. Including one, or two that have a high school (ISL) twist to it and I shan’t get into that because it is WILD. As in people ask me these weird questions and I am like ‘Huh?’ and they go, ‘I thought they said…’ But that’s Nigeria for you though. Oddly enough I was warned about this and I expected it. Not saying that I have ‘made it’ or I’m taking trucks to the bank, but this person obviously doesn’t realize that in the corporate world, level pass level. Last time I checked people get employed based on how impressive their resume is or how large their personality is. And if I am going to transplant my life from another continent, don’t you think I would negotiate a strong and solid contract with all the necessary benefits to make it worth my while and comfortable a decision for me to make. You are very lucky I just have an ordinary $25k a year, UNC degree. What if I had a Harvard Business School degree? Ha!!! May be we’d be having your funeral because you would jump off Third Mainland Bridge if you hear about whatever that employment package would have contained. I would not only ask for corner office with ocean view, I would ask for a lagoon front house, fully serviced with a brand new Toyota Prado, 2 months paid vacation and an occasional ‘dubber’ every weekend (now that’s pimping). In fact with that kind of contract the Bruce Brother’s Three will be on vacation everyday because I’ll have everything under control. SHIIIIEEEETTTT!!!! LOL!!! I mean I can’t apologize for doing exactly what I was taught to do in college so wait till it’s time to get your contract renewed and ask for everything that Adaure gets. In fact ask for double since you probably are older than me and I’m just a small girl. And so that it doesn’t look like I am standing in the way of your progress I am wishing you GOODLUCK in that quest because you’ll need it. Finally, Anonymous might even be an acquaintance or a friend of an acquaintance. The ones who have beef with you but can’t stand up to your face and say what’s on their mind or deal with it. The Voltrons. Please state your mission…from where to where and how? Ha… see me see wahala.

If this person had even said ONE, this gist could have been plausible and believable, but all three of them? Haba…ntakiri muwa kwa (this little me again)? Hian….biko are you trying to kill me? Even the Akunakunas (Elebolo) from Sanusi Fafunwa have not done this time of Olympic Champion Marathon talk less of me. How can I juggle all that with my crazy hours and still be walking with straight legs. I’ll not only be in a wheel chair but the Lagos State Ambulance Service (LASAMBUS) will have to attach an ambulance to follow my car permanently and my bed would be a stretcher so that it can be easily wheeled out. HA HA HA….. I know I should not be making a joke out of it but I am just tickled that some people actually give me this much credit to even ask. As narcissistic as it sounds, I have to say that I am tripped. I have been making people burst into laughter over how dramatic I have been. Yeah…Totally going Drama Queen on this one.

This brings me finally to the question, why do many in Nigeria assume that successful Nigerian women, especially the young ones who attain high profile positions get there with their backs on the ground? This is not news because I have heard of many successful Nigerian women whose names have been muddied because say things like “I hear she is doing this minister and she got that contract by doing that senator”. What is up with that? Recently I got in an argument with an uninformed person about a successful under 30 chick. He claimed she got there with bottom power. If I hadn’t known of the particular contract that brought about the conversation, I may have been skeptical about defending her, but I knew and I was insulted by that statement and cursed the day light out of the guy that he felt small. Instead of applauding the young lady and giving her credit for being a shrewd business woman in a ruthless and aggressive environment they just drew their own shallow conclusion. Many of you may have even dealt with something similar to this; my friend bought a brand new car (which ain’t easy in Nigeria) and one day she was driving in traffic. As she was hustling to get in a lane some one yelled “Ashewo kuro lono ta lo fuen moto/ ta lo ra moto fuen (pardon my yoruba but it basically means, hooker get out the way, who gave you that car). I am sure many of you have unconsciously thought that when you’ve seen young women riding in big expensive cars. Even I do it and have begun to catch myself. We do sometimes tend to forget that may be they have a good job or their parents are rich and instead assume some champion godfather or aristo is sorting them out. I won’t be na├»ve and say there aren’t many who do that and fall into that category, after all in Nigeria philandering in a way of life for married men as they feel it is their God given right to have multiple women outside matrimony. They are not just good husbands; they say they are good Nigerian husbands because they still keep the original wife. Their wives tolerate it, young girls are taught to chase them because ‘small boys’ have nothing to offer and can’t take care of them and that it’s not that bad being a second wife. But that’s up for discussion another day. But back to the topic, several TV personalities and women in top positions in Nigeria have had to answer to/ ignore/ deal with questions/rumors of this nature that are rather insulting to our intelligence. I mean would I be doing my boss for a mere job of reading the news at a TV station that many in my profession outside Nigeria have never heard about. C’mon dawg… any idiot with an accent, pretty face and good speech could have gotten that job. Jobs like that are pedestrian in Nigeria. In many case you just have to have the ‘flare’ or have an inside connection. One thing that Nigerians need to get used to is that there are many of us young, intelligent and educated young women who will be flooding top positions in the country sooner than you can even think about it. We are everywhere now and we will be taking over more places. Gone are the days of flashing a boob and bending over to show our cleavage. No way Jose! And I’m not talking about the ‘madam’ types that come and occupy space in the office and bark orders around with nothing to show for it. Nope. The movement is long overdue and if you don’t know this now you better recognize and take note. There ain’t no stopping us with you nasty rumors and bellus yarns. STICKS and STONES baby….


My girl Majella Caven is getting married on October 6th. Her wedding website is fresh out the box. Majella and I have been friends since we were in JSS 1. In regular years that's since we were 11. I am so excited for Majella and I can go on and on and on about how wonderful a person she is. This is surreal though because she is like the first in the bunch of my tight friends from high school to get married. It's about time!!! Dang it!! Lol. Anyways, enjoy browsing around the website and find out more about Majjie and her groom-to-be. I'll be back with more fun stuff on Majella (ya'll know I've got some good stories in my sack). I'm going out to get my yellow dress ready because I can't miss this one for the world. Love you Maj and looking forward to being at the wedding.

Friday, August 10, 2007


Little Adaure (Akujobi)
December 31st 2006 - August 10th 2007

Little Adaure modeling for Big Aunty Adaure

Little Adaure with Aunty Nene

Little Adaure and Little Chibuike with Aunty Nene
When Granpa-Uncle Ben told me he was naming his grand daughter after me because I walked in to the house while he was brainstorming on a name, I was excited and apprehensive. Excited at the fact that I was getting a namesake upon whom I can dote exclusive love and attention by virtue of the fact that we share the same name. Apprehenisve because I wasn't sure my new neice would be able to live up to the reputation of a name like Adaure and that of her headstrong and opinionated Big Aunty Adaure. Especially because her parents are conservative. I guess we'ld never know now whether Little Adaure would have been a stubborn teenager, a good writer, a talkative, a restless traveller and everything else that she could have been. In the short time that Little Adaure blessed us with her presence, she was a bundle of joy. She was such a good and well behaved baby that latched on to me whenever I carried her. I think she got the hint that if there was anyone to cozy up to it was me. I will miss my Mini-Me dearly but I know for a fact that heaven is throwing out the red carpet for her. Sweetheart please put in a good word for your Aunty cos I'll need some inside connection with the Big Guy. We all love you and miss you already. Rest in peace till we get to see your beautiful face again.

Monday, August 06, 2007


Believe it or not but it is 3.20am and I am stil at the station. I had to finish a news package and editing ran into the late night. You guys know how bad the Lekki Express has been lately so I had to sit put in the office, on an empty stomach, away from the comfiness of my bed. In fact I now typically 0nly spend between 5-8 hours, mostly sleep time, at home. It's ridiculous, especially when you are stil not getting things done because of TRAFFIC or the fear of it. I have also be occupied by the GYM. Yes I said gym, and knowing how gym inefficient I am ya'll know the reason cannot pass the curiousity of encountering a creature of the contrasting sexual category. Oddly enough, it's the only chance I have in weeks to do any blogging or blog surfing. So this is my Coming up For A Second Wind Series. I have posted the follwing entries for your reading pleasure. Hope it can hold your attention till I come back up for air again

How Addy was Kokoletized By the Kokomaster

Addy Goes to South Africa

Water Water Everywhere Yet None To Drink

Unfortunately all my pictures have not downloaded (and now it's 5am and I am heading home to catch some sleep before I come back here at 10am) so manage the ones that you can see.


Officially A Kokolette

Indeed this is a case of 'Be Careful What You Wish For' and because of this I have to warn all you TATAFOs out there to seize and desist from leaking the gist of this blog to the relevant parties discussed. I mean sometimes you are not suposed to take everything I say so literally that my words begin to become actual true life manifestations.

So why did I become the butt of the joke at 'An Evening WIth D'Banj'. I know I said I wanted to be a Kokolette but did my initiation have to be in public. I mean I would have prefered to be Kokolettized anywhere else but on stage, with people pointing and laughing. OMG!!! I will not forgive the culprits of this 'Ground Will Not Open and Swallow Me Now' moment.

You don't know what the heck it is I am ranting about? Well lete me Pass the Koko to you.

So on July 28th 2007, Silverbird hosted 'An Evening with D'Banj' at the Banquet Hall of Eko Hotel and Suites to mark the 10th anniversary of Rhythm 93.7 FM. The day started first with me trying to make sure the winners of Addy's Free Tickets Giveaway gottheir tickets. I then went home to try to get dressed. My friend Ayisola helped me through a nightmare of changing from one otfit to another (Matilda can you believe, I have morphed into you, going through 5 outfits). I got to the venue on time to try to puppy dog my face to one free ticket. Just when I had thought I had escaped the paparazzi by pretending to be in deep conversation on the phone with my hair in my face, one of my three jolly bosses accosts me and you can imagine what was going on in Addy's head....DAMN! DAMN!! AND DOUBLE DAMN!!! At this point i just had to cheese a little hard. I thought this would be the end of it but little did I know what was 'in stock' for me.

Ik aka WildChild and Ali Baba played hosts and boy were they so funny. I didn't know Wildchild was that funny to carry a crowd of 'STIFFYS'. Yeah there were many 'huh, huh, huh' type people who are a bit 'up there'. As Ali Baba put it, 'A well Mannered Crowd'. Wel the whole I dea of the how was to have an interactive session with D'banj and ask him personal questions. People came with crazy questions like 'when last did you use the koko' (to which D'Banj answered, last night) and 'Knowing that Aids is real, do you use a raincoat/condom when using the Koko' 9he said yes) and other silly and funny questiosn that fans ask their stars. So Adaure and her big head, getting carried away with all the laughter and humor decides to ask her own question too. Forgetting that she is not a regular susie anymore by virtue of career path. Addy decided to also ask Dbanj a question. A question that I am sure has been burning in the minds of aspiring Kokolettes but they just could get a straight answer until now. I asked D'banj 'what do you really me when you say a kokollete must be gifted and talented' (you know how the song goes...owa gifted.. owa talented... yeah). Lord did I open a can of whoop ass on myself. First of all Wildchild by virtue of the fact that we are colleagues jumped at the opportunity to make me a scapegoat. He stretched and over stretched the question, tossing to Ali Baba who decided that D'Banj should come and show me what he means. D' Banj proceeded to come down from the stage and drag me on to SHOW me what he REALLY means by 'owa gifted.. owa talanted'. Chai!!! Walter's pikin has never felt so embarrased in this way since I wee-weed in my socks while on punishment in Staff School. D'banj proceeded to first taunt me by describing and alluding to my posteriors and dextiriors, the mammary glands and the arsenal factor or lack there of. I was red with shame, humiliation and shyness but I was laughing hard with tears almost fallins out of my eyes. I could not believe this was happening to me. The lights were also blinding and I felt I was in the middle of a Gestapo interrogation on Allo, Allo. Fortunately and thinking about it now, there was someone in the front row who I could see more clearly than anyone else, my friend's boss. I think I was able to see him because his bald head was deflecting the light. After assaulting me with his 'koko master gesticulations' (you can just imagine) he literally drags and pulls me back stage. You would think that would be the end of it....NOOOOOO!!!! Some one, another colleague decides to further compound my matter. Dbanj asked for three Silverbird Kokolettes. In my mind I was thinking, I hope this is notwhat I think it is. I whispered my fears to Isis and Roli of the Entertainment Weekly on STV fame... the other Silverbird Kokolettes that faced the likelihood of being kokoletized if things had gone as envisaged. D'banj asked Ben, our boss but he defered to Cecil Hammond, the Head of Silverbird Entertainment. Unfortunately for me, I was the closest and easiest to spot since I was wearing WHITE and so I was blindly honed on. AT first D'banj rejected me because he had already 'kokoletized' me and had my phone number. At this point I was like you know what, 'FUZZ IT'. I've already been embarrassed so I won't do any shakara and just present myself as a guinea pig for the Kokomaster. It wasn't as if saying no was going to help. I would look like a spoil sport and so I played along. I got on stage and did a few Yahoozee dance moves including 'the kpologo'.

So let's just say that you should not be surprised when in 9 months I announce the birth of 'Kokolettini' and 'D'banjerette'. Lol. If anyone attended the event please tell us what it was like from your vantage point. Also pictures will be most welcomed as I have not seen any from the show yet. This is probably a great assignment for Bella Naija.


To Meet The Penguins

Addy Goes To South Africa

My trip to South Africa was impromptu. I have always dreamed of going to South Africa but the opportunity never came. Truthfully ‘the money’ never came. So when it came time for the CNN M-net Africa Journalist awards, I was all over it like white on rice. Somehow I forgot about it until like two weekends ago. Now it was interesting how I ended up with a ticket. As usual things are never straight forward in Nigeria. Apparently and because I book for a flight and hotel package, I had to pay in dollars. Now please explain to me why a company is transacting business with a foreign currency. I even went to the bank to get the dollars but they required me to produce the ticket first. A rock and a hard place, you say. The bank didn’t budge and the part that annoyed me was that the banker was actually encouraging me to use the black market. I would like to think that the finance houses are supposed to discourage patronizing the black market, but this bank manager was about to give me a phone number to one of the mallams at Eko Hotel so that I could change naira to dollars. Eventually I had to go back to the airline office and there they provided me with the number for a mallam after ‘asking’ for the manager did not work.
The plane ride was rather long. I stopped in Jo’burg first and then went of to Capetown. First of all can I say that the two airports are ‘airports’, magnificent edifices welcoming you to warm smiles and ‘welcome to south Africa sisi.’ Then the driver booked for picked me up and we headed for the hotel. Man if you have not been to Cape Town, you should take the trip on your next vacation and do the whole tourist thing. Anyways the first thing I did after checking in to the hotel was to find the mall. The hotel shuttle took me to the Waterfront Mall. The place is huge. I went bananas...finally, a real mall with Chinese food in the food court. I didn’t bring too much money for shopping so I just did the window shopping and bought some make-up. Since I didn’t know anybody there, I decided to be the friendly person that I am and walk up to some random people. I spotted two chiquely dressed girls who were looking at the mall guide and in the most southern American accent I said, ‘Now ya’ll ladies look like you know where to shop for nice clothes.’ They laughed and we started chatting and there I was in the southern most tip of Africa with my new South African friends. Anyways I did some shopping and then the whole tourist thing. I went to the Khayelitsha, Langa and Guguletu Townships, the ‘bougie’ area of Camps Bay where I would like to live ‘WHEN’ I move to Cape Town, and I did the Nature explorer thing and visited Cape Good Hope to see the Light House and the mountain peaks and of course the PENGUINS (oddly enough I kept on imagining them being served fried with a plate of jollof rice and plantains.). Speaking of which, I had PUMBA for lunch. No not the Warthog’s backside, but the rib. Unfortunately I left my camera on my dresser so I don’t have the picture, but I can tell you it tasted like regular ‘ribs’ from TGI-Fridays.




Me Knee Deep in Flood Water in my rather fashionable N2000 second hand Welly's which I bought on the roadside.

I was feeling like a photographer with this composition. I love the shot a lot

There’ve been a number of stories recently about flooding. Also a dam that was let open recently in Ogun State and that kinda brings to the forefront once again the issue poor drainage. I wrote this blog entry three weeks ago but with the crazy schedule I have been keeping. I hadn’t had time to post it. Please share your comments

So we’ve had enough of the True Love article and anniversary rah rah. It’s now back to business. The rainy season is in full swing, meaning unexpected showers and torrential rain falls that rival any, during a hurricane. It also means flash floods and other floating and swimming elements that I don’t need to mention just incase you are eating while reading this.
This past week the rains have been really heavy and the Lekki area has not been spared at all. Actually the Island is always one of the hard hit areas when it comes to flooding and the fact that the ocean is eroding into the area due to rising sea level and improper land reclamation doesn’t help the situation. One of the reporters at STV Viviane Irikefe went to an area in Osapa London where the flood water had covered a whole street and was knee deep. Ironically that street, Association Road is right where our home is being built. Luckily it’s accessible from the next street where the government has yet another abandoned or should I say incomplete road project. There are several all over Lekki and if at all they’re built, they’re filled with pot-holes for lack of maintenance or the use of CHEAP material, usually cement and gravel, a lot of beach sand and little or no tar. Dude!! Even I know that’s not going to stand a chance with the weight of vehicles, the run off from the rains that keep collecting due to poor drainage. Then another reporter Babs Daramola was able to get the attention of the Lagos State governor with his report about the flooded communities of Maiyegun and Ologolo. Those guys should practically give it up and raise their homes up with stilts. The interesting thing is that someone on the governor’s team has a great PR head on his shoulders. After seeing the exclusive report, the governor decided to tour the area and of course invited STV camera crew along. You know how it goes, make promises, plead for patience, the people go into a frenzy, hailing the governor, one or two invoking God and Jesus and declaring Fashola’s government is ‘Ijoba Akpako’, meaning ‘the government of the people. While that is confirmed by the number of people who came out to vote on April 14 and the result, you and I both know that little or nothing will be done about the flooding. If these were the days of the military regime, some big wigs, money machines or champion royal family would have been lobbying for the demolition of areas like that in the Island axis (if they haven’t already) so that the land can be resold for premium. Case in point, the Maroko demolition and land reclamation. The excuse then was flooding right? The people were relocated to the Jakande housing estate which is more or less now a slum. You should see how flooded the area is now. I have to drive by there several times a day and I think that’s why I am ticked about it. The folks there are used to it now that you’ll be impressed at the variety of Wellingtons/Rainboots you see them adorning as they wade through the puddle. These guys don’t need to look for homes with an ‘Ocean View’, they freaking live on ‘Ocean Drive’.
Seriously, I mean c’mon, the rainy season comes around year in year out and still we have the same problem talked about in the media over and over again. Remember the days of Newsline, when we saw this sort of thing and our mouths were agape. It’s not now that we’ve been talking about the Atlantic Ocean encroaching on Bar-Beach and Victoria Island, but it’s taken the entire time that I was out of the country for a visible solution to go from theory into practice. To make matters worse when it rains, theres a ripple… more like a crashing domino effect. Three drops of rain, the pot-hole on that bad road fills up causing it to because a sink hole because when they were building the road the used sand instead of tar. The hole gets deeper and wider because the land upon which the road is built is reclaimed with sand, but not tightly enough. So the small hole that should have been fixed in five hours becomes a huge gaping hole filled with water. Now it’s 2pm in the afternoon and rush hour traffic was only just building up. A journey that would have been only 2 hours with normal traffic literarily becomes a 6 hour ordeal because now, every car has to painstakingly maneuver around these water logged sinkholes and several pot-holes and traffic moves at a snails pace. God forbids a trailer or lorry loaded with livestock breaks down because its axle broke as it was trying to get over the pot hole. Here you are stuck in traffic, there’re ‘places to go, and people to do’. You pick up your phone to try to make a call, ‘Sorry, the number you are trying to call is not reachable at this time.’ You try again, ‘the number you are dialing is not on the glo-mobile network.’ You pick up your Celtel, MTN and Starcomms phone. Four different phones and phones lines because you are a boy-scout; You’ve be taught to ‘be prepared’ for moments like this but guess what? Those lines fail you because everybody is doing the same thing. The networks are either jammed or just don’t work as great as they should, considering all that money they collect. You get home only to discover there is no power because your neighborhood transformer is under flood water. Now those darned mosquitoes are gleeful about your days
Truthfully everyone is just waiting and praying for the dry season, even the farmers whose crops depend on the rain. I mean let’s get real, next year you’ll see video of these same areas with the people once again yelling, “Gov’ment should come and help us”. It’s so annoying because truthfully that’s really all they can ask for and say. It’s not by choice that they choose to live and remain in that condition. Rather it’s out of necessity. Even the rich and well off are helpless in this situation. I am hoping this time that the governor, Babatunde Fashola will actually make his word his bond. I’ll cut him some slack since he only just took the reins of office. BUT… in six months time, I won’t be so generous, after all the government of Lagos State is a continuum of the last 8 years of the previous administration. While Fash deserves the benefit of the doubt, his job should have started the day the election results were announced. I don’t envy him though, he’s certainly got his work cut out for him and it looks like he’s starting on a good note trying to mend fences with the Federal Government so that funds can be released to the state.
Anyways, I couldn’t resist the thrill of trying to find a ‘good flood’ so I took a team to try and find something for my Anderson Cooper wannabe news magazine show, HOTLENS. It starts on Monday at 9.30am on STV. The first show is a look at people living on the Breadline. It’s no 360 but we’re inching for that with every production. Well we went to find some high water and boy was I in for a wet day.
Follow THIS LINK TO SEE FLOOD PICTURES we shot in the Jakande Estate Area and along Agungi Road in Lekki. Please Share your flood/ rainy season experience and what you think is the solution the flooding problem in Lagos, besides the obvious which is better drainage.