Friday, December 19, 2008



The time of the year to take stock has come again and I am still in Nigeria. By this time 2006 when I was packing all my baggage and leaving America, I was sure I would be doing the opposite this year. This especially with the prospects of having a black president. Not that that would have changed too much of anything. Oh well I am still here and that in itself is giving me sleepless nights added to the fact that the stock options acquired for the year 2008 weren't as impressive as I'd hoped. Literally and metaphorically speaking. Anyway, one of these days I will pause and give you a summary of my 2 years in Nigeria. We might just visit subjects I rarely talk about. Who knows. That aside, the euphoria of Christmas has been crunched and crumbled down thanks to bad 'stock' market, that I hardly recognize where I am. I don't know what it looks like where you are. These days I am jaded about everything and completely clueless as to where this 'transition' is going to land me. So I have a new mantra and that's letting life happen. As 2009 heads in, I'm just gonna let life happen and stop trying to be so calculated. Sometimes you just need to allow the square peg own the round hole and that's just what I am gonna be doing. So here's to square pegs in round holes. All the best everyone as we usher in a new year. Thanks for sticking around for as long as you have to read up on my exploits. Do come back in 09.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Now I'm One Step Away From Being More Than I Can Be......



Tuesday, November 04, 2008


If Not For Anything Else....





Day 2 and 3

It has been a roller coaster ride leading up to today. The d-day. The polls have opened and I am down with allergies, The benedryl is shutting me out. The fact that I am the camera man is also 'not cute'. BUt hey...doing what I have to do. On Sunday one crew went off on a 5 hour drive to Ohio while I stayed in the city to attend a church service at the historic Quinn Chapel AME church in downtown Chicago where there was a very moving sermon. This church played a huge role in the underground railroad days when black slaves treid to make their way up to Canada to gain their freedom. Leaders like Ida B Wells and Martin Luther also stopped their to make speeches. Even Susan B Anthony of the women's suffrage movement. Then later on we sat with the Young Republicans of Chicago as they set up the final touches of their election night party. They agree they are the underdog but are fighting to the finish. After dealing with a few 'house keeping' with the entire crew, we set off to speak with the cook county elections clerk recorder and then guess who showed up in the hood. ASIWAJU!!! The former governor of Lagos State Bola Tinubu Uh hmh. I envisage some of ya'll scratching your head. Apparently he is in town as an election observer. He set us up with some of his contacts. Alderman Carrie Austin and Congressman Danny K Davis. We had been trying to get tickets to the Grant Park event for months but that didn't pan out and neither did getting press accreditation. However, the congressman got us tickets and his office is working on the press passes. As per 'West AFrican Media Corp.' Today we are checking out of Elk Grove and heading to a hotel downtown. We'll be going to some polling precincts and checking out what's happening as polls open up in 26 states. I had to hire a freelance cameraman for $400 to cover for me as I feel like a cat whose head is stuck in a jar.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Covering the US Elections: Day 1 (JUST REALIZED I NEVER POSTED THIS)

It's 4.45 AM Chicago time, which is 10.45 AM Nigerian time and I cannot sleep as we head into the second full day of our bid to cover the US elections. Basically our 'guerrilla' crew of Nigerian journalists arrived Chicago late Friday night aboard Delta Airlines. That flight was not funny at all. Not only was it just too long, it was a bit too scary as we had some serious turbulence in the middle of the Atlantic. As in come and see people firing prayers like we were in some Mountain of Fire Prayer and Deliverance service. In my head I started going over the sins I had committed before embarking on the trip and started asking God for forgiveness. I mean if it was my time, that's the least I could do to make the passage through 'the golden gates' less stressful since we can't tip the 'winged bouncers'. I shall comment some other time on the turbulence matter. But back to the 'guerrilla news crew' made up of Silverbird TV, Channels and a lone guy from the Punch Newspaper. MBI is supposed to be joining us today and I imagine the folks from 'This Day' are living large in some of the key cities and states. If they can spend all that money on concerts and spiffed up satellite technology they better give me LIVE VIDEO on the pages of their newspaper. Yes o. As a reader of their newspaper, that's the least they owe me. Dunno about ya'll. I am sure NTA and AIT are equally capable to the task so if you want a Nigerian style reporting on the election (mostly phone-ins and commentary) make sure you tune in to STV. It is not like we will 'do pass' CNN or 'BBC' but 'we dey try the wan wey we fit'.

We've settled for a Days Inn near the airport as opposed to downtown just because we figured we would need transportation for our equipment and road travel to neighboring towns. It was wiser to spend the money on transportation rather than comfort. Unfortunately I am the only person in the crew who has been to America or been here more than a week so naturally I have to play mother hen. We practically spent the whole day securing all the things we needed (finding a hotel down town only to discover that because we are cash customers we would have to pay walk in rate of twice the online listing as the only available and acceptable credit card, mine, could not hold the entire amount), establishing contacts, renting a van and Nigerian driver/guide (this worked out as he rented the van added me as second driver and we just reimbursed him). Now all this may not have been the case if I was rolling solo and I am sure the other guys would have 'sorted' themselves out eventually but by golly I would be a cold heartless bitch if I decided to pull the 'competition' card and not send anybody. That's the 'nice girl' in me talking and as I write this I can see one of my new self help manuals "NICE GIRLS DON'T GET RICH by Lois Frankel" saying "don't do it gurl, don't do it, don't be nice, not now..." (I'm now placing a pillow over it...I will pull it out when I get on the plane. Ya'll ladies need to read that and NICE GIRLS DON'T GET THE CORNER OFFICE by the same author. I'll blog about these books soon).

So right now we are all squared off and ready to start working on some stories. I haven't been very lucky with many of my US media industry contacts as it seems everybody is busy and bogged down trying to get their own election scoops and all that drama that plays out. Oh the fun of election coverage. How I miss that. I used to hate it in the past when I had to be the one collecting and collating the election data back at WTVD. Paying my dues. Now I can't wait for the elections to come. It needs to come like every two years or may be there should be a 'popularity or favorability' election two years before the general election so that junkies like me can get our fix.

Yes the coverage unfortunately cannot be wholesome as the interest of our viewership is because Obama is in the race (The theory of 'Obama's to win and his to lose'). I know how that sounds in general as a cynical and highly sarcstic Nigerian myself who can easily kill someones excitement and enthusiasm about something with a wave of my hand, a hiss and an "abeg, abeg'.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Paranormal Activity or Just plain Paranoia?

Word Up my people. Hope you are keeping hope alive, not just waiting for change but being part of the force that will create that change. So many things have been happening. First of all I must be congratulated on taking a bold step and owning real property of my own in Lagos. A mattress. Yes, indeed I finally own something. It is an achievement considering the high cost of living in this city. I was coasting in my hermit status until a certain wind blew my way and I had to find another place of shelter. Sadly. I was enjoying the hotel/dormitory life of 'the guest house'. No responsibilities, no obligations, constant electricity but nearly deafened from the generator. The food was good but occasionally the cook messed up and I had to pay for it. But all of that has now changed. I have to do housework, cook and clean and worst of all pay bills and additional salary. Living with my parents never looked more enticing. So if you are tight handed and frugal like I am and you are about to move from your parents home. DON'T!! If your concern is that they will kill your mojo and prevent you from tripping, just give them a nice 'working late', 'company retreat' excuse or just buddy up with a friend in your favorite 'play' destination and chip in grocery every now and then to cover for your food. I also now have a better appreciation for Criagslist and those friendly neighborhood yard sales. Can you imagine I went to one of those fancy and well decorated furniture showrooms and the price tag for a couch (may be it was the set) read "N650,000". An equivalent of just about $6000. For GINI? Oche!?! chair...a variation of a stool...a log and two stumps of a tree cinder block. Please how much is it at 'Rooms-To-Go'? I didn't wait for anyone to tell me to go to the carpenter under the tree at the Chevron Round-About. At least I know the man is excited to be making furniture for a 'VIP client' who will at least recommend him to other members of the 'VIP caucus'. Then I have to find a cook if I want to keep this little weight that I have gained. That or I begin to cook. I tried it last night. Indomie noodles, microwaved heinz baked beans with chopped avocado and cucumbers on the side. It was indeed a daunting task but I ended up with a nice platter. I will try cooking again tonight. Same delicacy might just throw in some canned sardines and corned beef. Sadly. Will probably end up getting pounded yam and egusi from Tantalizer or Moi-Moi from Chicken Republic. Oh the misery.

Anyways to the real story I wanted to share. About something very strange. I am not sure if I am just being paranoid or I should be really concerned. The other day I picked out a hand bag to go out with my sister. The bag was empty when I picked it out and I put in all the stuff that I needed. Money, lip gloss, sunglasses, powder, a pen and my book. We visited a number of people, had lunch with a client, went to the tailor and ran a few errands at the market. Later that night I went out with a friend and had the same purse. Fortunately, being that this is Lagos, I didn't spend any money so I had exactly the same amount I started with. The next day I went to my friend's mother's 10 year remembrance at Unilag Chapel. Unfortunately for me they have two services simutenously, one catholic and one anglican. Yours truly went to the catholic service and was wondering to herself, "this certainly does not look like an anglican set up". I then went up to the attendant and was directed to the other service which was just rounding up. Suffice to say, the spirit has been calling me and decided to allow me publicly embarrass myself. Anyway after hanging with her family I went home and set out to clean my purse and transfer things to my work bag. Then I made an odd discovery. A silver men's ring with the word Gucci 'perforated' into it on two sides. A very tacky and N.C., for 'no class' ring. Automatically I assumed it belonged to my driver so I thought nothing of it and waited for him to come to work the next day. I asked him and he said it was not his. I asked a few of the folks in my office thinking may be it fell into my bag. No one took ownership. Then I started getting interested in finding who owned this ring. I decided to call my family members. Although I knew they would never own such I still had to satisfy my curiosity. I called everybody I knew who could possibly have fingers that large. I was afraid they would say they didn't own it because it was a rather tacky ring. This got me very concerned, especially when I looked in my bag and the money I had there was SHORT. I tried to retrace my expenditure but could not account for a huge chunk of money. Then I thought to myself, could the missing money be related to the discovery of the ring? And then to add to my paranoia, I have been getting 'proposals' from strange people. Some who have been persistent I have had to shout down and others I have turned down nicely. HOWEVER...nigerian men don't give up and are known to try 'spiritual' means. Now the first thing my sister told me to do was as long as I had the ring with me I needed to put it in a bible. Another suggested that may be I had come in contact with some of these crooked money changing mallams who do abracadabra for you and disappear with your money. Then someone said to me that I have been contracted in a 'spiritual engagement' and of course my answer was "Olounmaje... God Forbid'. I have covered myself with the B.O.J (Blood of Jesus) and since thrown the ring away though and will go to church on my own volition on Sunday for the first time since I moved back to Nigeria nearly 2 years ago (not because of this but because I have been meaning to do so and the spirit pushing me towards a particular church has been nudging me harder). So back to the mysterious ring. My question now is how did it get into my bag, who owns it and where did my money go to? Do I have reason to be concerned or is this one of those funny things that happen in life that you just can't explain? Has this or something similar ever happened to you? Holla and MAKE SURE YOU VOTE IF YOU CAN.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


From your neighborhood bi-cultural 'ELDER'...

Odd title. But it fits the mood I am in right now. I have not written a blog entry in a while. It's like I am sitting silent as our world changes by the second. The political landscape has turned into a potential landslide and much to my chagrin, I have not churned out anything sensible. This writer's bloc is taking too long or may be life is truly beginning to take over. That aside, today I was just thinking about so many things and the one that stuck out for me is the fact that I am not fluent in another UN WORKING LANGUAGE.

In this day and age of global convergence, this fact is depressing. I actually tried to learn French but I am sure I have told you that story. F9. JSS 3 WAEC. I remember the whoopings I got from my late french teacher Mr Oyetunji, and Mrs Ojo just because I could not conjugate verbs in French. But my rebellion towards 'another man's' language (except for the English language) started in Primary 5 when I walked to my then headmistress's office with my Yoruba Exam paper filled with Zeros ( badly draw sad smiley faces) and several red markings, crying that I would not place in the top 15 of the class (my apologies for being one of the regular kids who knew their place was definitely not top 5 and never wasted time agonizing over that) and would she consider offering IGBO language so we could choose. I think in that year's end of term exam I may have influenced my friends to leave their exam papers blank in protest. I am not sure who else did but I know my fellow rebel, Enuka left her paper blank, my dad petitioned and the next semester there was an option to be exempted from Yoruba (really only because it was our final year and Yoruba was not offered in common entrance). I would use this form of protest (blank exam paper) later on after several attempts at trying to learn maths. But unfortunately for me, I paid for it later on in life. If not for the Holy Spirit that intervened and softened my dean's heart to my numerical learning challenges. I swear mathematics was like greek. Impossible to learn. But I digress.

My mother speaks Hausa fluently because she grew up in the North until the Civil War sent them packing. We used to marvel at the way she would engage the meat selling mallams at Sabo Market, our may-guard 'Ali the Kasali' (Kasali was a gate-man character from an NTA TV show) or even the Abokis who change dollars. Not one of us cared to learn it because back then we were like, 'whatever, that's the language of the oppressive ethnic group and the corrupt leaders in government, we'ld never need it cos we'ld never go to the north anyways'. So we brushed it aside. Big mistake. When I went along on that Sahara trip, my dumb ass discovered that Hausa is the most widely spoken language in West Africa. All the way into Mali. If someone had told me way back when I was still rocking 'Kotina' that I would go on that expedition, may be I would have made an effort to know more than just counting 1 to 10 in Hausa. Even that I don't even remember. But my new goal while I am still here in Nigeria (as you might recall my deadline is meant to be up this December but I have extended it to a 'yet-to-be-determined' date o. LOL. Please don't ask me why but it has a lot to do with my portion of the National Cake for which I am still mixing the flour and egg) I would try to get working knowledge or the Hausa language, improve my Yoruba and get better at my french.

Which brings us back to UN WORKING LANGUAGES, which include ARABIC, FRENCH, SPANISH, CHINESE/MANDARIN, ENGLISH and RUSSIAN. PORTUGUESE, ITALIAN, FARSI, URDU, SWAHILI are not but these are widely spoken languages in certain regions that having working knowledge of or ability to carry conversations in them can be useful. The BBC is one of a few international organizations that actually lists HAUSA as one of it's major broadcast language. Read more about the Top Ten languages HERE

So that I don't waste your time with gibberish. Let me go straight to my advice. Along with the language of your Father/mother (if you don't have one, for the purpose of driving my point home borrow your favorite neighbor's or friend's. A language that is, but I guess 'renting-a-parent' might work too). If your father/mother speaks only one language, trace your lineage until you hit a foreign language. Except you are from England or you just happen to be able to read this because you are 'exposed' or are one of the many whose ancestors relocated or were forced to the New World, chances are you will hit a Foreign language. Trust me, if you learn it, It could be the JACK POT in your life somewhere down the road. If you are a parent and you have young impressionable children, don't just teach them their own native tongue, teach them 2 more languages. Start them off in an ALL French/Spanish speaking creche or nursery school. Send them to language camp or summer school. If yo are an adult, attend language classes. There won't be any more pressure now that your grades don't depend on it. I think IF grades were not an issue I would KNOW french by now. Today's world is one where if you can't speak more than one language, preferably a UN WORKING LANGUAGE, you are under qualified. It's NO LONGER just enough to speak just IGBO or just YORUBA or your own native tongue. So now that you are armed with this little advice that I have been burdened with get out there and get MULTI-LINGUAL. It's never too late to start. WORD UP!!

Incase I am not convincing enough or you are one of those hard head who said 'pssh..what am I gonna do with a foreign language?" HERE is a list of opportunities you might be preventing yourself from taking advantage of (notice how my field is listed as #1. i'M SCREWED!! Where was google in my freshman year. LOL.)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


A narration of my D'Banj 'super fanatic' moment

Disclaimer: This write up is purely fiction. A fabricated series of events created by a subconscious being (meaning I had no control or imput) that exists only in my imagination (meaning it is not a real event). Just so you don't get confused, I'd suggest you look up the word 'fiction' in Webster. Some of the 'situations' described all happened while I was in lala land (meaning I was in a state that fits into the following verbs and adjectives: comatose, dormant, drowsy, hypnotic, latent, lethargic, oscitant, phlegmatic, quiescent, sleeping, sleepy, somnifacient, somniferous, somnolent, soporiferous, soporific, yawning...meaning it never really happened even though it seems like it did). I must also add that I don't know D'banj on a personal level, have had physical contact with him only 3 times, all work related, and have never made an attempt to stalk him by showing up at events where he's performing. I happen to just happen to BE there also...for work you know. Even with the 'workfactor' I consciously stay away from 'too much D'Banj sightings' because I don't want to be 'desensitized'. I mean I'ld like to walk into the grocery store and see D'banj, hold my breathe and faint because I've blocked oxygen from my brain. The worst thing that could happen is for me to see D'banj and just be like 'hey dude, wassup'. As the African Michael Jackson, I kinda want him to be scarce so that I can get a high and go gaga when I do run into him. I mean would you really wanna see MJ all the time. No. While I will not hold D'banj in such high esteem as I accord John Legend, I'ld say he's pretty high up there you know. Remember how I bonded with John Legend and sobbed as he sang to me and we made a heart to heart connection and how he lifted me out of the rut of a broken heart? Err well D'banj is not that kind of 'rebound' guy. He's like the 'bad boy rocker dude' that you run off with just to make your ex-boyfriend jealous for breaking up with you. EAT THAT S.O.B!! (aaaagain...I must re-iterate that this is aaallll fiction and this statement is only a metaphor to better describe the image I am conjuring. It's in no way refering to any 'EXs' with me guys)Which brings me to the story of the 'Missing Koko' goes

One certain weekend, not too long ago, I was going through the blues, locked up in my hole of a room, watching pirated DVD's of 'Army Wives' and 'Girlfriends'. It was also raining cats and dogs and the whole of VI looked like the Atlantic Ocean had taken over. Suffice to say no cats or dogs drowned during the course of the day. Through out the month I had been inaundated with radio hypes, tv promos and an overkill of songs from the Mohits crew and D'banj's new album, The Entertainer. I set my ringtone to 'I'm Hot and u're not...mogbono filly filly..and i had hot amala for dinner." Ya'll know the song.The highlight of all this 'Dbanjmania' was to culminate in a big album lauch weekend at the Eko Hotel Expo Center on July 26th. As fate would unfortunately have it, this would be the same weekend that I was scheduled to be in Chicago for the UNITY conference to get my dose of 'OBAMAQUINE'. Now that just seems like a really tough choice to make. Stay back to see the 'koko wielding musician' or the 'koko stimulating american politician' (the original sense of the word as it were when I was growing up, as in your brain. E.g 'your koko is not correct') but I had to make the choice nonetheless and d'Bama won over the kokomaster (sorry honey). As a super fanatic of the kokomaster and an official kokolette, as chirstianed by a scintiallting stage dance duet, this prospect was rather unsettling for me. I had been looking forward to the new album and seeing another performance of that new hit 'IGWE'. That song sends a frenzy of goosebumps all over my body. I have heard that beat before but only in the very old school of all old school highlife music and here we are in 2008 and it's being rebirthed in a hit by D'banj. I was shocked speechless when I was privy to a sample of the song. Anyways I was going through a very traumatic period and I guess my mental state could not handle it. I was so distraught that I chose not to attend two events where D'banj was going to be present just so that I could 'deal' with 'my issues' and my D'banj seperation anxiety. To make matters even worse, D'banj agreed to be on the morning show the day after I'd already left for Chicago. It doesn't get worse than that does it. So my spirit just could not take the bashing any longer. So I went to sleep a depressed D'banj fanatic. The following just happen to reveal how intense this feeling of disappointed was and a continuation of my 'D'banj misfortunes'. And when I say misfortunes, I mean life cannot get any crueler than this....

Lights, Camera, Action!!! I found myself in the middle of so much commotion. Fans and frenzied photographers clicking away and screaming on the otherside of the red velvet rope. I couldn't make out what they were saying but they were screaming and to my shock and dismay I was on the red carpet in the middle of all the chaos. If you know me you'll know how much I dread those 'pseudo-celebrity' things and you can imagine the fear that engulfed me as I stood there blinded by the lights and not sure where to go or what to do. Then all of a sudden here comes D'banj dressed in a very sharp designer pinstripe suit, looking like he just stepped out of GQ or may be MODE or is it MADE? Ofcourse he had his sunglasses on and this time for some reason, Don Jazzy who's always with him, had a gold 'PIMP CUP' instead of his walking stick. Hmh...odd. So there I was standing in the middle of the wolves and D'banj, like a knight in shining armor heroicly holds my hand and briskly whisks me away from all the paparazzi nonsense into what seemed like a white Bentley ( 9ce are you sure it ain't yours). Then just like Princes Di and Dodi, Brad and Angelina, we were chased down by the paparazzi as Don Jazzy who was in the driver's seat tried to avoid them all (I have to say I have been watching too many movies and music videos). Throughout all of this I could sense a big cloud of fear and danger. Then some how we were able to cut off the paparazzi and found ourselves having dinner at a nice fancy ritzy restaurant. Now it looked like it was Jade Palace with a nicer News Cafe like front (Paris/ Hollywood restaurant style setting with a clear glass screen so you could look in). Apparently we were on a date. Yes indeed we were and we were having red wine and pasta alfredo, my favorite, but thinking about it, it could have just been indomie noodles. Sadly our dumb asses decided to sit right infront of the glass screen (as if we had any control over that really). Then the worst happened. We were spotted and the paparazzi frenzy continued. We had to scurry out of the restaurant, again with our huge dark black sunglasses. For some reason the huge dark sunglasses were very important. This time D'banj gave me his jacket to cover my face. By this time it was clear and there was no doubt that we were dating and were trying to avoid the paparazzi. This idea being highly laughable. Not saying that either of us is unworthy in any way (actually I should shame the devil and admit that I am because his celebritiness is like about to cause a mechanical malfunction on the super-star size-o-meter), but seriously, the picture deserves a great big ROTF&LMAO. Anyways the next scene was infront of what looked like a beach, may be Ocean View or Eko Hotel or something but there was an ocean in the picture. It was at night and it seemed like there was a party and friends, family and the Mohits Crew were all over the place. But you just can't believe that this was apparently a wedding, between me and Dbanj. Indeed it was and again I had no control over this and even though I am not making this up myself, my brain actually was. When I told my friend about this he was like if I had this dream in Chapel Hill it would be something to have a good laugh over but considering that I had it in Nigeria AND infront of an ocean (lol) I needed to be concerned that it was not a spiritual attack. You know, that Papa Wata had taken the form of D'banj to marry me...some bullshit like that. Even though I don't believe in all that I still prayed and covered myself and my home in the blood of Jesus. But back to the story o. So D'banj and I exchanged nuptials and proceeded to walk down the aisle on a red carpet to the flashing paparazzi. All the tabloids including 'People Magazine' (all the way in Americas grocery stores) had a picture of us on the cover. The one in People magazine was the 'classic' wedding picture. D'banj with one leg out the car door like he was about to come out and then me in a demur chantilly lace cathedral style wedding dress in the back, both of us, again, with the huge black hollywood specs and confetti all over the place. The caption 'DBANJURE HITCHED'. This 'psychoness' does not end here. I know I am putting my rep on the spot and you may never see me that same way again and I may never look at another D'banj video the same way again. I may never even 'SEE' D'banj again and might even get a restraininng order against me but this stuff is too freaking funny to pass up blogging about and keeping to myself. I swear I tried but I have been bursting by ribs just holding it all in. I have told all my family members and close friends and they got a great laugh as I dramatized this to them so ya'll can also have this good laugh on's ok.

So the magazine stands were filled with the 'DBANJURE' People magazine cover in Baby Blue and Pink. Access Hollywood, The Insider and Entertainment Tonight (tabloid magazine shows on american tv) all had the 'DBANJURE' wedding as their cover story. Nacy O'dell, Billy Bush and co were reporting the story. It was all happening like a flash. All of this before we had even gotten to the hotel to begin our honeymoon and consumate the marriage. Get ready for it...

So that night it was time to 'do the do'. Apparently we had not gotten to 3rd base in our relationship (because apparently we both believed in waiting till the wedding night). I use apparently alot because there's supposed to be a number of underlying moral lessons in this whole thing. So we found ourselves in some bollywood style luxury hotel suite. When I say Bollywood I mean it was straight up decorated with red and yellow carnation and garlands. By now we were dressed in Indian wedding garb while in the room. Dbanj sat across from me holding my hands and professing his love as we stared lovingly into each others eyes like rabbits. Our hearts going 'duh dum duh dum'. We were both nervous and waiting for someone to make the first move. I mean this is the Kokomaster himslef and I am getting married to him. He is about to whip out the 'anaconda' that he's been singing about all this while and because he was on the absitinence tip it was a special 'unveiling' of the koko. All this while though I had been wondering why he wasn't making the first move now, considering he's the sexiest super star in Nigeria oozing of all kinds of sex appeal. So I decided to take charge, taking off his shirt and revealing his ripped and chiseled abs. Then he lay on the bed with his hands under his head and a sinister grin on his face that told me I was in for a BIG SURPRISE. Indeed I was as I reached down for the jewels, the almighty Koko. At that point I might have had a heart attack and just didn't realize it (duh you were sleeping through it) as I made a shocking discovery. There I was with the sexiest nigerian entertainer alive who sold his sexuality along with his music, gyrating on stage, threatening to come through with his 'anaconda' and creating all sorts of sexual innuendos. Just the thought of him made girls go gaga and here I was in my subconscious where even though I had no control, my inhibitions could have taken over and created the newest and hottest edition of 'Mills and Boons: Jungle Series' with me and Dbanj as the star characters. The title, 'Anaconda' perhaps. But no that's not what happened as I reached down to touch the koko. I felt something hard alright but at the same time I felt NOTHING, NADDA, ZILCH. I looked up at Dbanj, perplexxed. He still had that sinister grin accross his face. By now I am scared to death and I turn on the lights and tear his pants off to see if what I felt was real. It was real alright, REAL PLASTIC. As in a Ken Doll. There was no KOKO. Dbanj was a eunuch and by now his abs also seemed so plastic that it dawned on me that I was with a life size Mattel version of D'banj, complete with a goatie, shiny black hair and white pants (An Idea for Dbanj, you have to get your own 'KokoMaster DOLL' seriously dude...and no one should steal this idea EXCEPT D'banj). Then all of a sudden this lifesize D'banj doll gets up and starts to sing one of his hits 'Where is the Koko, Pass the Koko, I need the Koko". OMG!!! I was so tormented and scared to death that just as he broke into the part of that song where he goes 'Kokolette 1,2 in my room 3.4" I woke up from my sleep soaked in sweat and heavy eyed because apparently I had been crying in my sleep because I had been BAMBOOZLED into marrying D'banj. I was all panicky for a bit not sure why I felt strange when I woke up. It wasn't until late that evening as I was renarrating to my sister's friend, after telling my sisters, this wierd dream that I had that I really recalled the whole story and started laughing my head off. Boy is this bizzare or what. I know there are some of you dream readers and interpreters out there who can shed light on this silliness. But for the purpose of entertainment and 'self improvement' analysis, is there something else going on that I should be paying attention to. There's so much going on here and I just think Dbanj was just the closest thing my subconscience could latch unto, even though I think this is really all stemming from the Dbanj album launch overkill. I mean seriously there was just a bit too much hype about the album and it is indeed fabulous, but it drove me nuts as evidenced by this write up. Then I also think with a number of weddings coming up, people getting engaged and the fact that I do try to keep to myself, staying inconspicuous when I can help it, my brain must have jumbled a few facts and created this hilarity of a dream. Anyways was this as funny or just plain wacko? Your thoughts...

Enjoy this selection of Dbanj Hits and see why we're all crazy about him...

Monday, June 16, 2008


Bag Lady, You Gon' Hurt Ur Back
So I just got my July edition of True Love magazine. There's an interesting article in it that I thought was brilliant in its simplicity. It's basically taking a look into women's purses and exposing what they carry in it. It's so interesting how the content of ones purse can tell ones personality or be totally different from it. Well I was so intrigued by the concept of finding out what's in women's purses that I decided to do a knock-off of the article. This time I ambushed unsuspecting ladies at STV and even volunteered myself randomly. No time to pull out the Sunday best designer bag here. LOL. So let's check out what interesting things you can find...(I think you should all try this with your friends and family members, if not out of curiosity, then do it out of boredom.) You are welcome to analyze the victims below based on the content of their purses.


Amanda Akpan, Production AssistantAmanda's bag shows a different side to her. Amanda is a go getter who can be 'stern' and 'aggressive' with work but the girly color coded appearance (mostly pink) and self help books showed a softer side.

The Content: 
Diva Principle by Michelle Mckinney Hammond, Street University by Helen Sosu, a pink journal and organizer labelled Bad Girl, Just for U magazine, pink nail polish in different shades, medication and a pair of sunglasses

Victoria Pepple, Production Assistant and Presenter (411 on J.A.J's Top 10 Countdown):
Victoria's bag was highly pathetic, well except for the fact that it's a real Coach bag so she got a cool 'babe point' there ( you know how much that costs in Naira).  The experiment made her realize the content of her bag which was mostly make-up made her look like an air head (her own words), which she is so not.
 Always (for when Aunty Flo crashes the party), Mac Powder, Mary Kay powder, a jumbo powder brush, Estee Lauder Lip Gloss,  3 lip liner pencils, a comb, a pen, a Nokia phone, a christian novel, The Oath, and a pair of real Ferragamo sunglasses (another babe point..had to fish for something for her now)

Vivian Akinyosoye, news anchor and business reporter Vivian is a working reporter 24/7 and that reflects in the content of her bag. She's been hanging around a lot of younger people just by being at STV and confesses that she needs help converting to our side of hippness.
The Content: 
A Sony camcorder and charger, a box of mini dv tapes and some extras, a Starcomms and Nokia phone, pens, a number of well worn out organizers and diaries, 3 check books, a shaving stick, a yellow toothbrush, a range of matching Mary Kay products ranging from brush to powder and eye shadows Estee Lauder lip gloss, the wine floral scarf, hand cream and an empty bottle of perfume. She also had some chocolate cake wrapped in tissue which she is munching on in the picture. (lol)

Abigail, Production and Programming Assistant Abigail is very quiet and soft spoken. I am not sure her purse said much, except for how important her religion is to her.
The Holy Bible, A Word For Today booklet, her glasses, a black wallet, make up pouch, a compact foundation (Revlon, I think) A strawberry lip balm, a hair brush, a yellow compact mirror, some q-tips, a bangle, a can of Nixoderm (don't act like ya'll don't remember that one for the pimples) and a tube of Bleaching Cream (for the black raccoon ring around her eyes from wearing glasses)

Layole Oyatogun, Entertainment Reporter and Segment Producer ('Page 3')
Layole's purse was majorly dry. Even she admits it. There wasn't much in it.
The Content: 
2 combs, a lip liner, a toothbrush for her hairline 'bunions', a pair of sunglasses (she confesses they are GSB --Go Slow Bones -- the ones the hawkers sell in traffic jams), a floral make up pouch, hand cream, clear nail polish, white powder, Glow By J-LO hand cream, a black Pashmina, a compact mirror in silver case and a set of keys with a girly key chain.

Ok I have always been a serious BAG LADY. I carry 3 bags to work. A back pack with all my computing and interneting gadgets, a medium 'kwanangida' type bag with my changing clothes and tennis shoes and my BLUE ALL WEATHER bag that Aldo will probably reject when they hear what I put in it.  Interestingly I'd just reduced the content when I had changed purses over the weekend and forgot to put things back. Ya'll know about me so let's get straight to the nitty gritty

a black journal that serves as my reporter's note book, a dvd documentary on Ethiopia -LALIBELA, a camera, a Nokia communicator, a hair brush,  one comb, 2 pairs of sunglasses Diesel and Liz Clairborne (I keep the GSB in the car), MAC C8 powder, 1 pink black radiance lip gloss, pink shimmer lip gloss by Tara Orekelewa, Candy Pink lip gloss by Sleek and generic lip glosses in brown and clear (trying to achieve Angelina Jolie lips with all that puckering up), my check book, a tampon, Fashion Fair hand cream, PK chewing gum from the Mallam at La Casa, some generic Eye drop for smog/dust irritation, Dr. Miracle Hair Gro for my receding hairline, camcorder battery and pack (never got around to taking it out with the camcorder),  blue bead and gold chain necklace I got from the Franklin Street Thrift store in Chapel Hill,  A Flag of Nigeria lapel Pin,    

A CD of MAY7EVEN's single, a powder brush, breathe mints in a blue case, Bvulgari perfume just because the bottle is cute and people always ask for perfume but I hardly wear it cos perfs gimme a head ache, different earrings and necklaces and the most interesting of all, carry overs from the Sahara trip, Flagil and Imodium because you never know when the food you eat won't augur well with your system. You best never leave home without 'em.

My sister's I-pod which I borrowed (I don't won one yet), 3 mini DV tapes, an adaptor plug for my random travels, a sewing kit, my company ID, my wallet, a MY LAST CARD -- few Naira, dollar and Ghana cedi notes (as you can see I'm broke)

Here's what I took out; My mosquito repellent spray, my sleeping eye mask for the doggone traffic and a tub of balm for mosquito and sand fly bites 

That's all the crap I carry in my bag, what's in yours and good luck trying to figure me out with this one. Lol. You know whose bag I really wanna take a peek at...My mother's. I can't just imagine what I'll find now. Back then she would carry all sorts, from sweets and biscuits to 'guguru and epa' (Nigerian style sugared popcorn and peanuts). She would not tell you she brought  something home from work but would send you on an errand to go and bring her bag. That's when you'll se the Ben Johnson's of the Achumba Family, racing to get the bag first to win the prize of 'Guguru and Epa'. Gone are those simple days. Now all everyone wants is Debonair's Pizza and Cactus Forest Cake...unhealthy junk food. C'mon lets eat more nuts people (uh uuh... not that kinda nuts... get your mind out the gutta and into some Anyways check out the July Edition of True Love West Africa for more cool stuff.



Here are the pictures of my trip to the NIger Delta from last spring. I hadn't been able to upload i because of poor internet bandwidth. Then Kodak gallery started messing up so I had to switch to shutterfly which I am not too familiar with. So it's taken me forever to put this up. Anyways better late than never, the situation in these areas rarely changes in the space of a year. If you didn't catch the post on the trip you can always check them out below. Let me know if you have trouble viewing the pictures and I'll figure something out. I've about given up trying to get video onto this blog, it's such a challenge. Anyways here's to trying to blog more often but thanks for understanding why that's can't happen as often as I would like.


Friday, May 09, 2008

Looking For Addy?

LIFE, WORK and shamefully FACEBOOK have taken over. However I have just sorted out myself with high speed internet. I'll be back with all the details of the Sahara Expedition. Thanks for your patience and understanding. Do check up on me soon. Cheers and Peace.


Monday, March 17, 2008



We finally made it to Bamako in Mali this afternoon after hours of driving. The fact that we had camped out in the desert on the outskirts of Mopti didn't help. We were all in need of a bath, sleep, food and air conditioning. It's ridiculously hot that I have begun to have a greater sense of appreciation for my humid tropical region of Nigeria with its pelting raindrops, sinking islands and encroaching ocean. I'll take that any day so long as I have a raft for dooms day.  But let me back track a bit here. We left Accra for Kumasi and spent two days there talking and meeting with members of the Nigerian community. Some of them were from the northern region, which as you know is affected by desert encroachment. However there were also a lot of the from Ogbomosho. We visited the Asante Kingdom Palace museum and met with some professors and the dean of environmental sciences at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Technology. Friday was my birthday and I must say I consider this trip is the best birthday gift yet. I say yet because I have not gone round for collection and I am hoping my potential gift givers read this to know they have their work cut out for them. Meanwhile, I got a pleasant surprise from Papa Jibs and the crew when they presented me with a signed card and a birthday cake. The cake has now been smashed and will serve as peace meal when we run into Touregs in the desert. I hope they like vanilla.
 From Kumasi we drove up into Burkina Faso. That also took hours. Thank goodness I am not driving since I don't have an international drivers license. Although I kinda feel bad that I can't help in that department. We spent the early morning talking with local farmers and doing some on air hypes and interviews in pidgin-french (bad french) on the community farmers radio. And for the very first time the Burkinabes had the pleasure of hearing TY Bello's Greenland over their airwaves. I wonder if there'll be a french version (hint, hint). Anyways, Bamako is so hot that the motel stewards are putting us in a 3rd room, where hopefully, the AC would actually work and cool the room. I know I cannot be a diva by any means but considering that I had to sleep inside the car with one eye closed and the other opened and sat in a car for over 8 hours in full view of the desert sun (translation: the AC may have been on full blast but it was not reaching me), the least I can get is a cool room to sleep in. Think about's about 85 F degrees now at midnight. You can imagine how hot it was today. Let me help you 110 F degrees or there about. Well we head for Senegal on Tuesday. Plans might change because the plan was to drive up to Timbouktu and Gao in Central Mali. As I see it, I secretly cannot wait to get to Dakar so I can fly back to Lagos. Not just to get away from the heat but because I am in a wedding. Lol. After this trip I swear I shall never complain about Lagos being hot.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008



Hello guys
Sorry to leave you out of the loop on this one. So I am in Ghana right now borrowing someone's laptop since I left mine in Lagos. Didn't think I'll have any need for it considering that not all of Africa has wireless internet and the fact that I was trying to be light. Oh well I thought wrong. Anyways no fears, you can still keep track of the expedition, read Ebun's Reports and see all the cool photos that Kelechi and all of us are taking at WWW.FADEAFRICA.ORG/GREENDESERT. The route changed so it looks like I will be dropping of in Dakar Senegal with just a taste of the Sahara's edge. I am shooting video ofcourse and the view from the lens/lcd is only getting better and better as we go further. Well I am not sure when next I'll get online but as I said you can keep track of the crew on that website. There's also a cool map to show you the distance we have covered and where we are (look for the blinking That's all for now folks. Peace

Friday, February 29, 2008


Newton Jibunoh's Green Desert Expedition
Have you met this 70 year old man who has conquered the Sahara desert twice and is gunning for a third? When some nigerians hear about his love for this suicide mission, they think this man must be crazy, bored and must have nothing else to do with time and money. But Newton Jibunoh is far from that description. He is just a simple man who is passionate about the fight against desert encroachment, global warming and the environment. Chief as he is fondly called went on his first lone expedition across the Sahara when he was just 27. Then at 62 he tried again for the second time. No one went with him on that one and it seemed like no one was getting it. Perhaps it's because he did not document those first two trips to show what his fight is all about. Now at 70 he's taking a cue from fellow environmentalist, Al Gore and is going to do just that. Put it in pictures so that WE CAN ALL GET IT. This time he is not alone. Some people have gotten the message and have volunteered to join Nigeria's very own desert warrior as he makes history. It's sort of like a reality show in the making but for a good cause. The cast includes Ebun Olatoye a journalist, from True Love West Africa, ace photographer Kelechi Amadi-Obi, filmmaker Titi Laoye, Afam Ugah an IT specialist and, Joseph (?) a mechanic. The crew will be going through the coast of West Africa to Accra and access the route to the desert through Northern Ghana. That's where I'll be getting off, in Tamale and wishing the expedition team the best of luck. Unfortunately I can't go all the way. I second guessed myself and didn't sum up the courage to ask for myself to go on the trip. Lesson learned--NEVER HESITATE UNLESS YOUR GUT SAYS SO!! Anyways Silverbird TV is a media partner on this expedition along with NTA and CNN. I am looking forward to this trip and hoping to get cool video material. I have taken a few tablets of GESTID to also make sure I don't have any emergency along the way. Well visit the FADE website at and read some of these articles below to get the full scope of things.

Adventure of a lifetime at 70
Attempting the Impossible
Combatting Desert Encroachment in Nigeria

You can also read his book, Me, My Desert and I where he chronicles his second trip across teh Sahara. There's a wealth of articles on the subject via google, so enjoy the read and share your views. Here are some pictures from the official flag off with the Lagos State Government
Newton Jibunoh and some newspaper reporters

Silverbird TV's environment correspondent Vivian Irikefe interviewing Ebun Olatoye
Kelechi Amadi-Obi with his 'baby' striking a pose
' FADE-SUZE 1' -- One of the 3 desert mobiles -- This is 'JIBS' mobile with his bed attached above
' Papa Jibs the Desert Ranger', Addy and the 'FADE SUZE 4'

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Silverbird's Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria

The search for Silverbird's Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2008 is on and for the first time there will be a screening in London. Folks in the London area who are interetsed in participating in the pageant have the opportunity to audition on March 1st at the Holiday Inn Express in Stratford on 196 High Street, London. The final screening will hold on March 5th 2008 at Eko Hotel and Suites. There are 5 crowns up for grabs. MBGN World, MBGN Universe, MBGN Ecowas, MBGN Tourism and MBGN Model. This year, the total prize money has been increased to 5 Million Naira, a brand new car and one contestant gets the opportunity to be the face of La Casera, as Miss Lacasera 20o8 with a salary of One million Naira for the year. Participants must be Nigerian Citizens (parentage) between the ages of 18 and 25, have at least a high school degree and 5ft 7in and above in height. The pageant is scheduled to hold on March 28th 2008


PS: Part of my new year resolution this year was to visit at least four countries in Africa that I have never been to. Fortunately it's happening sooner and it's free too. Lol. I am off to Congo Brazzaville with MBGN 2007 for the Ms Congo Pageant. I have no clue what to expect and it is not funny that I cannot find my french dictionary. Anyways I'll let you know how it goes

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Nigeria's Youngest Painter "This is my Happy Face." Onarieta's most recent painting, of herself.

"My sad Face?"

"My Funny Face..."

Carrying her lunch box and dressed in her signature look - tiny head scarf covering her beaded, braided hair, a contemporary top and a long african print skirt to match her scarf - it's hard not to notice how artsy this cute little girl is. I'd first heard about Onarieta Aminisisi sometime last year as she was preparing for her first exhibition in December (I could have sworn I'd heard about her at the end of last summer). I'd been meaning to blog about her but I didn't have much on her other than this article on ONARIETA from the DAILY SUN. Fortunately for me I got to meet her on saturday while recording the 100th episode of Today on STV (the breakfast show). I was so enamored by her and since I was interviewing her I had to bond with her. We did bond but she was a little shy and soft spoken so I couldn't get much out of her. She's a 3 year old introvert, so there's not much I could get her to talk about in public. But she did understand the word ice-cream so we shared that and a few soda drinks. Whne time came for the interview I had to play it off with a few laughs and cheesey comments but how about in the middle of the interview with her dad doing most of the talking, little Onarieta decides to interupt. Guess what she said...Daddy I want to wee-wee. Kids do say the darndest things. That was a good time for Aunty Addy to call for a break and make a run to the little girls room. Let me not even start on little madam Jemi 'jem-jem' Doyle (in red, she's my co-anchor, Ireti's daughter) who is an old woman in a 3 year old's body.

This girl can rival Oprah when it comes to talking. The fruit they say doesn't fall far from the tree and with talent running in the family, it's expected. So ya'll better watch out for 'jem-jem' in a few years when she'll be ruling the screen. Their cuteness melts ma heart...can we skip the 9 months, the terrible twos and go straight to 3 with mini-addy when she comes around. Seriously!


For those of you who celebrate Valentine. HAPPY VALENTINE O. But since we are all on teh topic of love, let me extend some love to all you readers out there. If you don't get anything for vals day, at least you are getting a hug from me. You can't feel it? Hmh...ok put you right hand across your body and towards your back... to the left... yeah... that's the same with the left hand...good... good..ah ah... you are flexible o..have you been doing yoga...ok squeeze your self...don't choke try to use your hands to rub your back...there you go..a world class hug from too much jo!!!! Lol. Anyways since I am not getting a PRADO JEEP anytime soon, I decided to treat myself to a late xmas/new year/compensatory vals/ early birthday gift by replacing my phone and finally getting the Nokia E90 Communicator. Yes I had to take half a year to psyche and convince myself that I needed that phone. I suffered abuses because of the 55 something dail-n-recieve phoning machine that I was using. A phone with no keyboard or browsing capacity and no ability to download tunes or ringtones. Anyways my new tool is all the gifts of the year rolled into one so it's justified. Lol. Come Thursday night I shall be in my room snoring away while the rest of Lagos is dooking it out in traffic, trying to get to the restaurants. It's a do or die affair on Vals day in Lagos but please 'takirizy' out there. Dare to be different this year in spreading your love.


The winners are Bunmi (from the Agogo post) randomly selected AND UZO from the Eve with post. He/she had the closest answer with BASKET MOUTH being the second installment and the yella fella was Ifeanyichukwu aka I'm From LA MEN....SHIIIIEEEEE!!!! (he said his name in the promo).


Sunday, February 03, 2008



Did you guys watch that game between the Black Stars of Ghana and the team formerly known as SUPER EAGLES and now known as SUPER CHICKENS? That game was hot with some drama. I have shouted myself into a headache. It's a sad shame that we lost that match but ENOUGH about the game and on to the MEAT of the matter. For the ladies (and may be some of the guys...who may have been hating)who were watching, is it just me or is JUNIOR AGOGO not a BEEF of a HUNK. WHAT!!!! DID YOU SEE HIS CHEST when he tok off his jersey after that MAGNIFICENT GOAL. MY DAYS!!!!! Like my mother would say, HE IS AN ADONIS!!! I have decided to dump Osaze Odemwingie and dream about JUNIOR. I now wish to be knwn as Adaure Junior Agogo. We shall solemnize the union when I go to Ghana on Friday by the grace of God. Anyways ya'll how was the game for you? I am trying to wait up for Super Bowl but seeing as I have to wake up early to put red lipstick on a co-anchor who bet that ghana will win, that might be difficult. Meanwhile as per the P-SQUARE question which you all have failed, I am changing it to something as simple as 'what is their birthday'. The correct answers randomly selected will get th tix to An Evening With P-SQUARE. OK I am off to call my girls so that I can gossip about Junior Agogo's MAJORLY HOT BOD.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


February 16th at EKO Hotel, Lagos

It's back again and this time the feature presentation will be 'doing you'. Yes! The first 'EVENING WITH' of 2008 will be taking place at EKO Hotel on the 16th of February. The stars of the night will be Peter and Paul Okoyo popularly known as P-SQUARE alias 'Do Me, Do Me' (a rather annoying song that DJ's insist on playing over and over again....argh). It's the third installment of the show brought to you by Silverbird Entertainment and Flytime Productions (produced by Cecil Hammond). Tickets will be on sale at the Silverbird Galleria and EKO Hotel. As usual, Addy has your back with some free tickets, but you have to work for it. Two lucky readers will get tickets to the event only if they can tell me who the 2nd star featured in 'EVENING WITH' is and the name of the yellow americana boy that had Lagos laughing with the radio and tv spots featuring his accent. (warning: Nnenne, her friends or anyone on their Facebook friends list do not qualify for this promo)
The readers with the closest answer and randomly selected will get the tickets. If you plan to go with a boyfriend or girlfriend, please plan to buy that ticket, it is only N5000. Make sure you get your tickets fast because they will go fast. See you at the event and get ready to be 'DONE' by P-SQUARE.

(location and date still subject to change)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Looks like we made it into the year 2008. Thank God for his mercies. I am sure many of you had a blast this holiday. Unfortunately for me I was working the entire time. Can you believe that I did not go anywhere except attend 'weddings'. The one time that I did go out, I went to some new club and upon getting there it just dawned on my that after a while Lagos gets officially wack and thus one must find creative ways of maintaining sanity. Hence I have been helping the business of piracy flourish in Lagos by buying 20-in-1 DVD's of 'Super Black American Niggazz Movies' and the likes for less than $2. By the way has anyone been watching the series 4400, Numbers and Heroes. I had no idea how hooked I could get on shows from the likes of the defunct WB and UPN. Oh what a sad existence. Anyways lets try and ensure that blogville stays livelier in 08 for those of us who will end up wallowing in the realization of our loneliness, especially as the next commercially recognizable day trots along. SHHHHH...nobody mention the 'V' word. Alright people, that was my poor attempt at a comedic monologue. Let's get down to business so I can start fulfilling all my promises from 2007 and blogging more often. Here's my first blog entry of 2008. It more like a press release but I have jazzed it up on an find out.


Former boss of Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu ( ) is the Silverbird Man of the Year 2007. Ribadu along with 8 other notable Nigerians and the Supreme court were shortlisted for the award. These individuals have been perceived as having affected the lives of Nigerians, positively, in one way or the other, in the last one year,

Nominations were sent in by the public (viewers of Silverbird Television and listeners of Rhythm 93.7 both in Lekki, Lagos) through text messages. The award ceremony will hold at the Silverbird Galleria on January 29th 2008 with across section of dignitaries and news makers present. NAFDAC boss Prof. Dora Akunyili won the maiden edition in 2005, while Nasir El-Rufai, former FCT minister won the 2006. Nuhu Ribadu was nominated Man of the Year for giving the greatest impetus to the current anti-corruption drive, that's sweeping teh nation. He's also known to have brought an uncommon commitment, passion, energy and courage to the war on corruption. Ribadu clinched the award just as his removal from the EFCC and subsequent assignment to the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies in Kuru, Plateau State, started making headlines and causing controversy. TheIronically, the tables have been turned, and now he too is now a subject of corruption investigation, which some say could possibly cooked up retaliation and a witch hunt because of Ribadu's corruption war, that's been focusing on corrupt ex-governors. The following are the nominees of the 2007 Silverbird Man of the Year Award.

Prof. Chinua Achebe ; novelist and poet best known for his first book titled Things Fall Apart. He is the winner of this year’s Booker International Prize for Fiction. (Some how he reminds me of Nelson Mandela.)

Chimamanda Adichie; whose epic novel Half of A Yellow Sun got her this year’s prestigious Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction. Adichie is also the winner of Nigeria's Person of the Year at the just concluded 2008 Future Awards. (I am ofcourse her certified biggest fan and was really rooting for her to clinch this one.)

The Supreme Court; the highest court in the land established after Nigeria became a republic. The court has the civil authority and jurisdiction to entertain appeals on court of appeal. The Supreme Court decided courageously on certain landmark ruling in recent times. (In lay man terms, they grew some ballz.)

Chief Anthony Enahoro; now in his early 80’s played a prominent role in Nigeria’s politics from pre-independence days to date. This elder statesman is still clamoring for the congregation of the national conference.

Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Okweala; former finance and foreign affairs minister. The first woman to be appointed as the managing director for World Bank. (This is another woman I respect so much. Go Ngo!!!)

Olusegun Obansanjo; retired general and two time head of state. Well known for introducing several economic and other reforms and war against corruption. (And Addy coughs.)

Dr. Ernest Ndukwe; the executive vice chairman of Nigerian Communications Commission has continuously driven telephony penetration from less than one percent in 2001 to 27 percent December 2007. (Err not so fast here...I still have to spend N2000 for barely an hour of pillow prattle. I've even twisted my anle climbing a tree just to get better reception only for the credit to finish when I got to the top. What's up with that? Until Nitel and co give me free night time and weekends, no hero award for this dude from me)

Chukuma Soludo; A professor of economics and Central Bank governor. He's unarguably the arrow head of the revolutionary reforms in the banking sector. (True, true but ths homie still has his work cut ut for him. Just don't mess with the stocks and shares just yet dude, my graduate school tuition and my childrens school fees are depending on that)

And the Late Yemi Tella; chief coach of the under 17 national football team that won the FIFA under 17 championship in Korea in the summer of 2007. Tella unfortunately died after few weeks after the victory.

What do you think of the winner and the nominees?
Are there some names up there that make you go 'AH HA!!!', 'HMH!?!' OR 'WTF!?!'