Friday, February 29, 2008


Newton Jibunoh's Green Desert Expedition
Have you met this 70 year old man who has conquered the Sahara desert twice and is gunning for a third? When some nigerians hear about his love for this suicide mission, they think this man must be crazy, bored and must have nothing else to do with time and money. But Newton Jibunoh is far from that description. He is just a simple man who is passionate about the fight against desert encroachment, global warming and the environment. Chief as he is fondly called went on his first lone expedition across the Sahara when he was just 27. Then at 62 he tried again for the second time. No one went with him on that one and it seemed like no one was getting it. Perhaps it's because he did not document those first two trips to show what his fight is all about. Now at 70 he's taking a cue from fellow environmentalist, Al Gore and is going to do just that. Put it in pictures so that WE CAN ALL GET IT. This time he is not alone. Some people have gotten the message and have volunteered to join Nigeria's very own desert warrior as he makes history. It's sort of like a reality show in the making but for a good cause. The cast includes Ebun Olatoye a journalist, from True Love West Africa, ace photographer Kelechi Amadi-Obi, filmmaker Titi Laoye, Afam Ugah an IT specialist and, Joseph (?) a mechanic. The crew will be going through the coast of West Africa to Accra and access the route to the desert through Northern Ghana. That's where I'll be getting off, in Tamale and wishing the expedition team the best of luck. Unfortunately I can't go all the way. I second guessed myself and didn't sum up the courage to ask for myself to go on the trip. Lesson learned--NEVER HESITATE UNLESS YOUR GUT SAYS SO!! Anyways Silverbird TV is a media partner on this expedition along with NTA and CNN. I am looking forward to this trip and hoping to get cool video material. I have taken a few tablets of GESTID to also make sure I don't have any emergency along the way. Well visit the FADE website at and read some of these articles below to get the full scope of things.

Adventure of a lifetime at 70
Attempting the Impossible
Combatting Desert Encroachment in Nigeria

You can also read his book, Me, My Desert and I where he chronicles his second trip across teh Sahara. There's a wealth of articles on the subject via google, so enjoy the read and share your views. Here are some pictures from the official flag off with the Lagos State Government
Newton Jibunoh and some newspaper reporters

Silverbird TV's environment correspondent Vivian Irikefe interviewing Ebun Olatoye
Kelechi Amadi-Obi with his 'baby' striking a pose
' FADE-SUZE 1' -- One of the 3 desert mobiles -- This is 'JIBS' mobile with his bed attached above
' Papa Jibs the Desert Ranger', Addy and the 'FADE SUZE 4'

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Silverbird's Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria

The search for Silverbird's Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2008 is on and for the first time there will be a screening in London. Folks in the London area who are interetsed in participating in the pageant have the opportunity to audition on March 1st at the Holiday Inn Express in Stratford on 196 High Street, London. The final screening will hold on March 5th 2008 at Eko Hotel and Suites. There are 5 crowns up for grabs. MBGN World, MBGN Universe, MBGN Ecowas, MBGN Tourism and MBGN Model. This year, the total prize money has been increased to 5 Million Naira, a brand new car and one contestant gets the opportunity to be the face of La Casera, as Miss Lacasera 20o8 with a salary of One million Naira for the year. Participants must be Nigerian Citizens (parentage) between the ages of 18 and 25, have at least a high school degree and 5ft 7in and above in height. The pageant is scheduled to hold on March 28th 2008


PS: Part of my new year resolution this year was to visit at least four countries in Africa that I have never been to. Fortunately it's happening sooner and it's free too. Lol. I am off to Congo Brazzaville with MBGN 2007 for the Ms Congo Pageant. I have no clue what to expect and it is not funny that I cannot find my french dictionary. Anyways I'll let you know how it goes

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Nigeria's Youngest Painter "This is my Happy Face." Onarieta's most recent painting, of herself.

"My sad Face?"

"My Funny Face..."

Carrying her lunch box and dressed in her signature look - tiny head scarf covering her beaded, braided hair, a contemporary top and a long african print skirt to match her scarf - it's hard not to notice how artsy this cute little girl is. I'd first heard about Onarieta Aminisisi sometime last year as she was preparing for her first exhibition in December (I could have sworn I'd heard about her at the end of last summer). I'd been meaning to blog about her but I didn't have much on her other than this article on ONARIETA from the DAILY SUN. Fortunately for me I got to meet her on saturday while recording the 100th episode of Today on STV (the breakfast show). I was so enamored by her and since I was interviewing her I had to bond with her. We did bond but she was a little shy and soft spoken so I couldn't get much out of her. She's a 3 year old introvert, so there's not much I could get her to talk about in public. But she did understand the word ice-cream so we shared that and a few soda drinks. Whne time came for the interview I had to play it off with a few laughs and cheesey comments but how about in the middle of the interview with her dad doing most of the talking, little Onarieta decides to interupt. Guess what she said...Daddy I want to wee-wee. Kids do say the darndest things. That was a good time for Aunty Addy to call for a break and make a run to the little girls room. Let me not even start on little madam Jemi 'jem-jem' Doyle (in red, she's my co-anchor, Ireti's daughter) who is an old woman in a 3 year old's body.

This girl can rival Oprah when it comes to talking. The fruit they say doesn't fall far from the tree and with talent running in the family, it's expected. So ya'll better watch out for 'jem-jem' in a few years when she'll be ruling the screen. Their cuteness melts ma heart...can we skip the 9 months, the terrible twos and go straight to 3 with mini-addy when she comes around. Seriously!


For those of you who celebrate Valentine. HAPPY VALENTINE O. But since we are all on teh topic of love, let me extend some love to all you readers out there. If you don't get anything for vals day, at least you are getting a hug from me. You can't feel it? Hmh...ok put you right hand across your body and towards your back... to the left... yeah... that's the same with the left hand...good... good..ah ah... you are flexible o..have you been doing yoga...ok squeeze your self...don't choke try to use your hands to rub your back...there you go..a world class hug from too much jo!!!! Lol. Anyways since I am not getting a PRADO JEEP anytime soon, I decided to treat myself to a late xmas/new year/compensatory vals/ early birthday gift by replacing my phone and finally getting the Nokia E90 Communicator. Yes I had to take half a year to psyche and convince myself that I needed that phone. I suffered abuses because of the 55 something dail-n-recieve phoning machine that I was using. A phone with no keyboard or browsing capacity and no ability to download tunes or ringtones. Anyways my new tool is all the gifts of the year rolled into one so it's justified. Lol. Come Thursday night I shall be in my room snoring away while the rest of Lagos is dooking it out in traffic, trying to get to the restaurants. It's a do or die affair on Vals day in Lagos but please 'takirizy' out there. Dare to be different this year in spreading your love.


The winners are Bunmi (from the Agogo post) randomly selected AND UZO from the Eve with post. He/she had the closest answer with BASKET MOUTH being the second installment and the yella fella was Ifeanyichukwu aka I'm From LA MEN....SHIIIIEEEEE!!!! (he said his name in the promo).


Sunday, February 03, 2008



Did you guys watch that game between the Black Stars of Ghana and the team formerly known as SUPER EAGLES and now known as SUPER CHICKENS? That game was hot with some drama. I have shouted myself into a headache. It's a sad shame that we lost that match but ENOUGH about the game and on to the MEAT of the matter. For the ladies (and may be some of the guys...who may have been hating)who were watching, is it just me or is JUNIOR AGOGO not a BEEF of a HUNK. WHAT!!!! DID YOU SEE HIS CHEST when he tok off his jersey after that MAGNIFICENT GOAL. MY DAYS!!!!! Like my mother would say, HE IS AN ADONIS!!! I have decided to dump Osaze Odemwingie and dream about JUNIOR. I now wish to be knwn as Adaure Junior Agogo. We shall solemnize the union when I go to Ghana on Friday by the grace of God. Anyways ya'll how was the game for you? I am trying to wait up for Super Bowl but seeing as I have to wake up early to put red lipstick on a co-anchor who bet that ghana will win, that might be difficult. Meanwhile as per the P-SQUARE question which you all have failed, I am changing it to something as simple as 'what is their birthday'. The correct answers randomly selected will get th tix to An Evening With P-SQUARE. OK I am off to call my girls so that I can gossip about Junior Agogo's MAJORLY HOT BOD.