Thursday, July 26, 2007

An Evening With D'banj

Engee and Oby you guys have won tickets to an evening with D'banj.send me an email with your number.Make it quick so you guys can have a fun filled night its an event you cant miss. P.S i got hay fever in South Africa.

Monday, July 23, 2007


I'm drinking Umqombothi in South Africa!!!
Missed Nelson Mandela's 89th birthday by just a hair. Came down on Friday to attend the CNN Multichoice Africa Journalist Awards in Capetown on the 21st. I 'll be back in Africa... I mean Lagos with tidbits from my trip on Wednesday and I swear I have pictures. It's my first trip to South Africa and out of Nigeria in 7 months. Thank You Jesus!! Hallelujah!! I was beginning to go crazy in Nigeria. Plus it is winter here and that is helping to condition my voice back to normal. So now when I come back I can be all happy go lucky and relaxed for like one week before I begin to look crazy again.

Anyways I am off to see if I can find some 'lousy t-shirts' for my family members. You know the ones that say 'My -- went to SA-- and all she could by was this lousy tshirt'. May be I'll run into cooler stuff and a cute bloke on the SA Swim or Rugby team. Ya'll sistuhs know they are HOT!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


When Addy and John Legend Locked Eyes via Giant Plasma

It is Tuesday afternoon and I am still suffering from the concert hangover. I have been drinking Power Horse, lots of water and tea with lemon. I am basically trying to ‘regrow’ my voice. I cannot quantify the level of exuberant juvenile indulgence that I exerted this weekend (hmh...ogbonge beke. I hope I didn’t lose you guys there) you guys have heard the breaking news, some of the gist and seen some pictures but it cannot be complete without a perspective from my bubble. Let me start from the very very beginning including how I ended up at the concert.

So I decided to go to the bank first thing in the morning to get money ‘just incase’ I caved in to the FOMO factor and decided to buy a ticket. I sent several texts to find people who would convince me. But I was a cautious buyer. I went to the mall however and got my sister and her friends the 10k tickets for the Sunday concert. My brother surprisingly is a UB40 fan but he couldn’t justify 10k since he only cared to see one artiste (I’m rubbing off on him quite well). I got to the This Day Media Center and at that point I was like, you know what, it’s ok if you miss it. I mean look at it this way, at least seeing John Legend will always be something look forward to. After all doesn’t the saying go that the worst thing after getting what you want is actually getting what you want. Right? So I got the tix and I left without one for my self. Boy was that walk to the car very long. My face was all hung and when I got into my car, I heaved a sigh, look on to the front passenger seat where I left my JL cd. I picked it up, ran my poorly manicured nail over JL’s picture and put it back down. “Another time Johnny, another time.”
I drove to the hair salon to get my hair done. The plan was that in my free-spirit-hippie-chick style, I would just wear my afro out. I am sure JL would have love to see the real me without my ‘darling yaki’. But seeing as I was not going, I felt that I’d just go ahead with it and jump around my room singing along to his CD. While I was there, I ran into a woman who helped run a charity for abandoned boys. I had the most interesting conversation with her. She told me about some home called ‘Hearts of Gold’ where they took in deformed babies abandoned by their mothers at birth. Some with three eyes, multiple limbs and all sorts of abnormal deformities that Africans attribute to ‘evil’. I have never heard of this place till now so I don’t know how true this is. She also told me about the boys in the home and one case she recently dealt with involving a young orphaned lady who came to their church in search of someone to take her baby as she said she would either throw the baby away or kill it because she would not be able to feed it. Apparently she could not marry the baby-daddy because her uncle would not allow them. The man then abandoned her in the first trimester after a scan revealed it was a baby girl. Anyways after she told me this, I was like, perhaps that what I needed to hear today. But as they say, where there is a will there is a way, and what God has put together, let no man put asunder. Just as I finished chatting with the lady my friend Ayisola calls to tell me that another friend’s sister was selling her VIP ticket for 15k. Now in my head I was thinking that I wasn’t expecting the JL concert to be packed so I would probably end up in the 50k section if I boned my face at security. So I was like SWEEEETTT!! I ran home to get changed. Meanwhile I had heard a rumor earlier that the Saturday concert had been postponed. My friend later confirmed it just as I left the house around 6.30pm to head to the event center. I was like ‘WHOA!!!! That’s even better. More than I really bargained for.” But considering the fact that I was all dressed up and had already heavily powdered my face, I had to find somewhere to go. Shoot!! MAC is like $40 here so I was not going to waste it. I ended up at the usual hang outs; Café Vergano, News Café, Saipan. I was actually going to go home after News Café but somebody mentioned that JL was at Saipan. But the EFFIZY was too much so he was locked away somewhere.

I ended up back at the hair salon to get my ‘one-nation’ TV hair back. We were told the concert would start at 11am. But I have already mastered Nigerian events. They start 3 hours after the scheduled time. I was right. Shakira came on about 2.30ish but I, my sister and her friends were still at the hair salon. Some how we made it to Lekki at 2.45 all the way from Akoka. I could be exaggerating but my sister was driving very fast. We ran into the house and dressed up faster than fast faster than fast faster than fast (LoL… that’s a jingle on Cool FM). We eventually made it to the location only to sit and wait for a good hour and half before my hubby came on stage.

As I am typing this and recalling my reaction I have a wide smile on my face. OMG!!! That boy was well created. Too cute!!! KAI!! Only John Legend can make a sweaty white t-shirt look so damn hot. As in if there were people around me when he came on stage, I didn’t want notice. Lol. A guy friend who was with me politely left so that I could engage myself in my fanaticism. I stood through out his performance, dancing, screaming and singing along the entire time. At one point I was like ‘na me be this…is this me?’ As in I was seriously grooving and slow dancing. I am sure people who watch STV news where like, is this the same ‘adaure’ that’s always like ‘good morning and welcome to stv am news.’ Believe it is the same, the one and only but high on some John Legend love man. I am like so speechless that I just cannot find the words to describe everything. I sha know that I underperformed as a John Legend fan because when he asked for a fan to come on stage, I should have ‘flewed’ over there. The past-past tense tells you clearly what I mean. I was seriously hating when that chick in the hat was there before we could say ‘john bull’. I am sure if I had boned and paid that 50k John would have seen me and ‘asked me’ to come on stage. Anyways it’s ok. As the women in Nigeria tend to say, he can run around, but ‘he’ll come back to me, he’ll come back to meeeee’. Anyways I shall stop here because I am grinning a bit too much that people are beginning to ask me why I have a smile on my face.

Now Rihanna almost put me to sleep but her brightness was blinding. I am not a fan but she was not lacking of those because all the small children and the men in the crowd were really feeling her. Now since everyone says I look like her, I was ready to stand in for her as ‘Rihanatu’. Can you guys believe there’s a song in Nigeria called ‘Ebute Metta’ that’s a parody of ‘Umbrella’. Nigerians are a trip. Even Big Lo has a ‘This is Why I am Hot’ parody called ‘This is Naija’. D’banj came on stage afterwards after another long wait to set up. Why they did not go ahead and build a second stage on the right is beyond me because the hall is begging for one, especially with an event like this. D’banj is BLOODY man. As in I have seen his performance like 4 times and the end is usually the same Tiv and Efik dancers but the dude always BURRRINGS it. No matter how many times you see him; there is always a freshness about his performances that always makes the stage and hall come alive. Everything including the chairs begins to dance. It’s amazing. Anyways after him Kelly Rowland and her dancers came on with an interestingly shiny outfit that I studied very well so that I could get my tailor to make. Lol. Kelly’s little bit was nice, and just as Ayoola said we were all skeptical about her being able to ‘perform’ especially after Beyonce already marveled Nigerians. Well she tried though and we were all grooving until she was missing from the ‘diva-strut’ line up. As in she straight up DUROPPED like a rag doll. We were all dazed for a moment and then we thought it was part of the act, may be a new song or something. But when they tapped her a couple of times and the babe no send, the dancers became all hysterical and dramatic. Security and all sorts came on stage. I am not sure if there was a doctor amongst them because it got really crowded. You would think they would want to give her some air or pour water on her or something. But no that didn’t happen. Instead they were there for a good 20 minutes. Unacceptable. The response and damage control should have been faster than that. Next time they need to have a stretcher and paramedics stage right or something. Anyways what ever was wrong with her, I am sure I didn’t pass the fact that perhaps she didn’t EAT. Yes doing all that power and might dancing in the Nigerian heat with just a Salad or something silly like that for lunch will make you faint. If Kelly Rowland had gotten the Naija treatment with a solid bowl of eba or fufu topped with Ogbono or Egusi soup, I think we’ld have been begging her to get off stage. Anyways Sasha came up next. I was upset for her because she is actually good on stage but how do you hype the crowd right after a guest in your country nearly dies because of the heat (come to think of it where were all the fans and ac’s. All that money and no investment in climate control?). I loved Sasha’s red coat. Very Jackie O. Now was it just me who thought that the guy in the dashiki and the fila with the big stomach who waddled across stage was part of Sasha’s performance. You know she was drumming and all (by the way that was tight) and I thought the guy was like a drum handler. Then she had the military thing and I was like perhaps she is trying to spoof politicians. But it turned out the guy was coming to announce that Kelly was ok. Now how rude was that. He was actually hurrying Sasha of the stage and signaling to her to round off her segment so he could waddle on and give his announcement. Whoever that dude was, and I imagine he’s one of the major organizers, WACK AND DISRESPECTFUL!! Waiting one minute to make the announcement would not have stopped the show, after all folks had been waiting in there for hours.
Before I continue, can I talk about the fact that people were straight up grocery shopping and bringing in the bags to the venue? Lol. The food/small chops was gone by like six pm and peeps were hungry. I had to send my driver out to Chicken Republic to buy ‘Fries and Chicken’ why did he come back an hour after telling me they didn’t have ‘fried rice’ so he bought ‘jollof rice’. I guess that was my mistake, I should have said ‘chips’. I also ran into Jewish dude number 2. Anyways I have lost track of the order but I think the mood was just dampened and I wanted to leave. They were setting up some turntables but when I saw a rather skinny DJ I was like it must be Mode 9. I can see those guys perform another time but I really needed some sleep so I can be at work in the morning at 5.30am. How about as I walked out of the entrance into the parking area, I just heard people screaming and the MC going, ‘straight from NYC ...P.DIDDY’. Whoa!! I ran back to my seat sharp sharp. Man I tell you Nigerians can rock and Addy can rock even harder. In fact my new name is ‘Rockette’. The whole place went wild and crazy. Diddy started by warming the crowd up with some Bob Marley hits. Then he went into his hard core rap. Then his hits. He then got some folks on stage. That little boy and his sister were absolutely adorable. The boy was like ‘my name is … and I’m from NIGERIA’ in the loudest and crunkest manner. Diddy was like ‘Ok men, I hear ya’. Then he asked the crown to bend down and play a game with him. He even called us out and was like ‘I know y’all like to feel act all cool around here’. LOL. I guess somebody gisted him. So everybody went low and then all of a sudden the speakers start blaring, ‘DON’T THIS SHIT MAKE MY NIGGAS WANNA JUMP JUMP!!!!” AWWWW NO HE DIDN’T!!! Every thing started jumping, both young and old. It was too crunk. Let me not even go into talking about his tribute to 2PAC with ‘CALIFORNIA’ and the one to BIGGIE with ‘Missing You’. He started with getting us all sad talking about losing a loved one and dedicating the song to them. So naturally when the hit song came on everyone was singing along. It was too dope. Puff never disappoints even with just himself, the dj and the mic. He’s just too bad. Anyways I left after him because it was like 1am already and I had lost my voice. I had tried at 9pm to get a coworker to fill in for me but no luck. I only had two hours of sleep and it was obvious because I sounded like a frog on the morning news. I heard Neyo rocked but I have seen him perform before and so I didn’t need to stay. Oddly enough there was a guy called Kolade or Gbolade who was sitting infront of us. He looks so much like Neyo. I had to take a picture with him a la celebrity look alike Nneyochukwu and Rihanatu. Lol

This Day TRY sha, I have to give them a few HANDS. Despite the ‘issues’ t was well worth my 15k o. I don’t know if it would have been worth the 50k if I had paid for both shows. Infact I would have been mad and forced my way to the EXTRA-VIP section and requested a bottle of champagne. Na wetin. At this point yeah, I just think This Day should just give up, I mean they have brought all the bringables and I don’t know if they can top it. Well unless if the next act is Michael Jackson. I have heard rumors about that one and I swear that’s how the rumor of John Legend coming to Nigeria started. So please This Day if you are planning to bring Wacko Jacko, please upgrade security and air conditioning and alert the Nigerian Military to take over security at the event and police the state because I imagine the rate of robberies will go up because no amount of 25-50k ticket will stop die hard MJ fans from seeing him live and direct. So does anybody know whose next so that I can start saving N100 per day so that I won’t bitch about the ticket cost.
Well I didn’t take any pictures because my camera which I just bought last June fell and BROKE. Yes indeed, so Addy has to put that back on the wish list (Oh by the way did I tell you I got my MAC G4, thanks to some corporate goodwill). So now I have to find another camera. But you can trust our Bella never to disappoint. She has the pictures from the concert HERE.
You can also see more pictures, all 105 of them on WireImage.
I am about to make JL’s pics my screen saver. Anyways TIX for an evening with D’banj are still up. I will randomly select and announce winners onWednesday the 25th of JULY. So indicate interest in the comment section HERE.

Other Blog Gist from This Day Concert
Ayoola In Lagos

I also did the BLOG SEARCH for all of you so have a field time reading through all the gist

Oh and this caption on a picture from is too funny. Since when did Fash become 'Mayor'? I thought he was a 'Governor'. Big difference people.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Confessions of an "American" girl raised by Nigerian parents

I’m usually the silent one when all of my Nigerian friends start reminiscing on their grade school days. You see, I was born and raised in the United States to Nigerian parents and quite honestly, my school stories aren’t that interesting. Well, I take that back. To me and my other “American” friends, they are hilarious and everybody can relate, but to my Nigerian friends, my tales of grade school are probably boring, to say the least. Stories of my bully who would always trip me with her cello on the bus can never hold up to my friends’ grass cutting days with plain scissors. (I mean that’s how I understood it. How can they make you cut grass with plain scissors, where was the lawn mower?) As you can see, I just don’t get it! Anyway, I do feel that I have something that you (those raised in Nigeria) can understand. Though I was raised in the United States, my parents were still VERY Nigerian. Here’s my story…

My mom used to have a store back in the day. During my summer breaks, I’d spend most days at the “shop” with her. At first, it was kind of cool getting to run a cash register, but after a while (like the first hour of the first day), I was very bored. Why couldn’t I just go to the beach like Megan and Ashley or summer camp like Kelly or Brittany? Instead of long walks on the sand or cabins at Lake Pocahona, I’d be at the shop being forced to watch the Young and the Restless. For a 10 year old girl, that was so not fun! Along with watching every CBS soap, I was the shop “housegirl.” Every floor that needed to be swept or window that needed washing was my job. The shop was located in a strip mall that had a grocery store, drug store, hair supply store, some random store (clothing, rental center, etc.) that popped up for 3 months and left, and a hair salon. As you can imagine, I was the person who had to pick something up from the grocery store, go get change from the hair supply store, or make my mom’s hair appointment at the salon. By mid summer, your girl was very tired and irritated! Then one day, I think I went mad. My mom asked me to go get something from the grocery store and I flipped! I mean, I was like “why do I always have get something for YOU!” and “why can’t YOU just do it YOURSELF, I’m tired of being treated like a slave!” All of this was said with my whitest of white, white girl accent (with some black girl eye rolls and head motions- please just try to imagine). I actually went off on my very Igbo mother! Can you just imagine? Anyway, after minutes of “going off” I reluctantly went to Food Lion. As I was going, I was just rolling my eyes and murmuring all kinds of crazy stuff under my breath to her. The walk to the Food Lion, though about 4 stores away, seemed like an eternity. It was at this point that I realized just what I had done. I contemplated many things. I thought about running away (besides I saw kids doing it all the time on the soaps), I thought about calling 911 to report what was going to happen to me (knew this wouldn’t work), I thought about pretending that I was deathly ill (usually works for an only child), but I knew that all of that just wouldn’t do it. After picking up the item at the store, I headed back and decided that instead of becoming a street child in one big city and maybe being hauled off by social services to go and stay in a trailer with a foster mother, that I’d just pretend (as best as I could) that the incident never even happened. I would go back to the shop, clean the bathroom, wash the windows, and even give my mommy a back massage, all in an attempt at giving her some form of amnesia. Well much to my surprise, my methodology worked. I got back, but instead of me having to go out of my way to be very nice, it was the other way around. My mom was sooooooo extremely nice to ME. She laughed with me, asked me what I wanted to eat that night, and we exchanged all sorts of other pleasantries. It was greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat! Alas, I was in charge! “I bet she’ll never ask me to run an errand again,” I thought. She was so nice that I had totally forgotten about what had happened. We went on like this for about 3 hours. At the 3rd hour mark, my mom went into the back room. She called for me and of course I happily answered. As I stepped in that room, I knew something was just not right. Immediately both of my feet entered into the back, the lights turned off and the door slammed. If I hadn’t been raised Catholic, I would have been speaking in tongues at this point, rejecting and rebuking any work of the devil in my life. The next thing I felt was plastic hangers all over my body. They were just breaking anyhow. I felt like I was going to die. After about a solid 15 minutes of beatings, my mom left the room. As she was going (while I was in fetal position on the floor) she warned me that if I ever spoke to her in that way again, I would be killed. The last thing I heard was “I brought you into this world and I can take you out if I like, stupid girl!”

Though I didn’t grow up in Nigeria, I think this beating story can stand up to most any Nigerian child’s story. If you can top this one, please let me know! My name is Patience, guest blogger #3! Peace and love!!!


Addy Might Jilt.... I mean Boycott John Legend

(disclaimer: ok this picture makes this whole entry seem freaky than funny. lol. What's next a voodoo doll and a shrine with JL's pix. Abeg o, it is not that serious. I just needed visual illustration)

It's sad but true. I know you guys have been looking forward to my union with John Legend at the This Day Music Festival. Yes I have been looking forward to it. But I got cold feet and now I am the 'Runaway Fan.'

No it has nothing to do with Kulutempa's revelation that JL has no 'real intentions' to come out of singledom. There are a whole lot of things that just make me say 'it dazn't werk fer me' as Nana on Idols West Africa would say. Here's the latest on the EVENT

Why am I having cold feet at the last minute or as my friend puts it, 'my spirit just doesn't want me to go.' Lol @ K'I'A :). Well let me breaki it down.

TIGHT HAND: If you were down here, you would think that some religious icons whose names start with 'J' and 'M' were coming. (Ah please don't complete it o, otherwise you can cause some people to riot and mess the whole concert up and give CNN a big story...please o). My be I am not well connected but there are no free tickets or complimentary tickets floating around. Unbelievable!!! This Day really 'FOOL PROOFED' not just full proofed the ticketing process. Lol. I actually had to go to the bank this morning to withdraw money just incase. I am holding out till 2pm to see whether anbything will surface. After that I guess it is 'O.Y.O' meeeenn. As in Addy you're On Your Own!!! Now you must wonder why the hell I just can't stop being a cheap freeloader, bone up and go and buy the 25k ticket. Or just buy the regular 10k traffic. It's not Like I caaaaaannn't buy it....right? Ok let's deal with that issue.

COST AND PRINCIPLES: This is usually an issue with these exorbitantly priced events in developing countries like Nigeria. Despite how much I have psyched myself that I will see John Legend in concert come rain or shine, my conscience cannot justify spending $200 (really $192 but when you add gas, traffic wait time and settling 'the boys' it adds up) on a concert when there are people in Darfur and Chad begging for 50cents to eat. Just last week my new show HOTLENS ran on STV (catch it at 9.30am mondays, this monday's is on illegal animal trade, don't miss it) and the subject was Nigerians Living on The Breadline. Less than a dollar a day, which is like less than N150. Yes indeed you can't help everybody but c'mon. Knowing this I don't think I would allow myself enjoy the concert. I would be putting up a big act and will it be worth it? I mean I know, it's John Legend and to top it up, UB40 with their 'RED, RED WINE' song. Ahhhh.....noooo.... I can't believe I am actually thinking too hard about this one. Again 2pm is my deadline, we'll see then if the demon on my left should is more convincing and lays out a compelling arguement than the angel on my right shoulder. Talk about, 'You can call me Al' as in Ally McBeal...ha ha ha rotf-lmao. Oh boy!! I am too funny I crack my self up sometimes.

SECURITY AND TRAFFIC: This is the real deterrent. Lately there's been a rise in armed robbery in Lagos especially along the Lekki Expressway. I have been very lucky considering the fact that I ply that road at ungodly hours due to neccessity (yeah right, half the time I'm driving back from a joint). It's been bad especially during traffic. That aside, even the traffic situation alone is scarry. If I used to ride Okada, I would not have an excuse but onme might end up sitting in traffic for up to two hours or walk a distance to get to the event center. I mean this may not happen, but from the reality on the groud based on what that road is usually like and the fact that it is one way in one way out, there's every likelihood that there will be some horror stories afterwards. I am not sure I am up to it.

So I don't know guys, I don't know. This is perplexing. I'm just 'Ordinary' people!! And I don't know which way... to go' or not to go. Is my meeting and seeing John Legend in concert before he fades away into irrelevance meant to be. Then there's the peer pressure. Some of my friends have gotten their ticket and are warning me to 'Stop all this fooling around' and get my ticket 'or I'll be the talk of the town' when City People comes up with the headliner 'Silverbrid News girl can't buy ticket, goes around begging.' LOL. Others are like they are not going, but I'm like they will soon be over come by the FOMO factor (fear of missing out) and make their way to the concert. I mean this is not trying to find a solution to World Peace ya'll but this is challenging. I mean I'm no longer 'Walking on Cloud 9' with my baby daddy John Legend instead I'm crashing from it. I guess this means no Jessica Adaeze Legend or Jason Chukwuemeka Legends coming anytime soon. Oh well, I guess I can settle with an EVENING WITH D'BANJ on July 28th.

Yes, the 'Kokomaster' is a far cry from John Legend. I mean Imagine D'banj trying to chat you up and ask you on a date. A whole fine babe like you. He spots you, walks up with his sunglasses (it is 10pm and you are indoors with only disco lights). With a sinister looking Don Jazzy walking behind. He 'yahoozees' towards you and says 'I'm Osky(mumbo jumbo) D'banj but my Jamaican friends call me D'banj'. Then he goes on, 'I don't know how to say this....... KOKOLETTE...1..2.. in my room me and you!!!" WHAT!!!! I don't need to tell you how that will come out of John Legend, who'll probably sign off with 'Woman...I want your babies.' Anyways I won't mind being a 'Kokolette' since I get free tickets.

By the way to mark NAIJA BLOG MONTH and celebrate alonmg with all my fellow JULY blog babies. Ya'll know yourselves. I'm giving away TWO TICKETS to AN EVENING WITH D'BANJ set for JULY 28TH. :). I'll randomly select a winner from commenters who indicate intrest. It's an opportunity to save your N5000... lol... a whole N5000. I'm sorry it's no This Day concert but do you know where P.DIDDY and co are carrying your N25k to. At least you know that your money is going towards 'local interests' INCLUDING yours truly. Lol . Gotta get on the road and clear my head and buy my duracell batteries just incase John Legend forgot his toothbrush and had to dash to SHOPRITE.


Is Addy going to damn the implications and just buy a ticket... Will John Legend get to meet his biggest fan in the whole universe... Will he serenade her with his tintilating voice and piano skills... Will Nduka at This Day's friends friends read this and call him up to give Addy the hook her Up... Will THISDAY put out a BOLO alert on Addy... Will Addy have to kidnap John Legend and stuff him in her closet especially after paying N25k... or will Area Boys now known as 'Western Nigeria Militant' aka 'Eko Oni Baje Boys' kidnap John Legend forcing Addy to come to his rescue. These are tough questions and we're all waiting to see how it unfolds. You don't want to miss the unfolding drama and it's all happening here so stay tuned. (Oh it's saturday guys... loosen up...LOL)


No Elmo's not 'our' kid

Oooh.... I like a man in a red car...stylish

A fan probably shouting from upstairs.. I love you Johnny (no it wasn't me)

Friday, July 13, 2007

John Legend Overkill

Hello all! It's your feature guest blogger kulutempa doing (more than) a little sum'n on John Legend for my buddy, Adaure. The girl is totally obsessed with this shrimp of a man, but she can't blog and rather than take it as a sign, she's enlisted my help. Now, I'm totally out of my league with this, but here goes nothin':

Five-time Grammy Award winner John Legend might be little, but he's blossoming in the limelight and loving it. As his moniker suggests, Legend is blowing up on the entertainment scene, solidifying his reputation as a powerful singer whose sultry voice moves women to distraction and warms the hearts of a crowd. In a recently-conducted interview, he speaks about his love for his music and career, giving back, and bachelorhood. Yes, this sexy crooner is single, but sorry ladies (Adaure), he's not looking. When asked about his love life, Legend had this to say: "I have fun being single, I have fun dating someone, and when it's not fun any more, then I want to be single again. And right now, I'm single." Jesus, we get it John - you're single! Next! (To read more about his relationship and career plans, check out this article.)

But, as they say in showbiz, the show must go on. He isn't looking for a bride, but he's still working on melting hearts. This weekend, John Legend will be melting hearts at the This Day Festival in Lagos, Nigeria, along with fellow celebs Rihanna and P. Diddy. I'm sure I don't have to tell y'all to show up and show out - I trust Lagosians!

Look out for Adaure - she'll be the loudest fan there (please, let the loudness emit from your mouth, not your clothes, nne). This is someone who has blogged about John Legend no less than 13 times (I counted), and spends an obscene amount of time re-inventing his songs. (Also see: Confessions of a Wedding Crasher, John Legend and the Objects of My Affection, and especially John Legend's 'Save Room' Video for more evidence of her delusions.) To put it simply, Addy lurves her some John Legend! I hope he marries her and they have loads of short, yellow dwarf babies. With any luck they'll get his singing gene, cuz my girl can't even crack a note straight down the middle!

Here's some eye candy for those of you who just can't get enough of his smooth face:
Ok, enough! I can't even believe I've done this much. Adaure, I'll be expecting my payment in the mail. If this isn't proof I love you, I don't know what is. Enjoy the concert! I hope you get tickets....


Little Samuel Amadi, Kidnapped
Yet another kid has been kidnapped in PH. Little Samuel Amadi was kidnapped on his way to school. This is the fourth case. Information is still trickling in since this happened Wednesday. It is suspected that this is an inside job. Read more on this HERE. I am not sure I want to go to PH again. I am beginning to get sick of the place especialy when it's difficult to file video stories in on time because of technical issues. Anyways below is an entry I wrote on my way back from PH on Tuesday night. Some of it is reflectionary. What's your opinion on the whole Margaret Hill story and all this kidnapping children.

I am sitting at the wack VIP section of the Sam Mbakwe Airport in Owerri. It cost me N1000 just because I need to be in an air-conditioned location. I had to sit in a hot car on a two hour drive from Port Harcourt. Anyways I had to go down to chase the Margaret Hill story. She’s the ‘British’ girl who was kidnapped from her car ‘by Niger delta militants’ on her way to school. Already you can tell I have a problem with that sentence. Although the foreign media and government outrage is credited with the pressure that brought about her release, they al conveniently left out the fact that the kid is ALSO NIGERIAN. Her mother is Nigerian and Igbo and hence Margaret is also a Nigerian and Igbo girl as she is British. Secondly, every incident is quickly attributed to ‘Niger Delta Militants’ in their ‘masks and gun boats’. Da hell!! The guys who kidnapped this girl are common rogues, mere criminals who can’t even spell ‘militants’ let alone be one or even have the sophistication to understand what Niger Delta Militancy is all about.
Thirdly no innocent child or person deserves to ever be used as a pawn in a game played by adults and moreover a game that’s bigger than the person. But I must ask why there wasn’t any similar outrage by both local and foreign media and government when 3 year old St. Michael Stewart was kidnapped just about a month ago and keep from his parents for about the same length of time. Oh but of course, he has the unfortunate luck of being a regular black nappy haired Nigerian kid with no foreign affiliation whatsoever. The speculation that his kidnapping might have been politically motivated, as his mother was recently elected into the house of assembly, could have made it a ‘no-go-area-they’ll-sort-themselves-out’ type reaction from all. Even the staff of the state’s press secretary’s office could not say the kid’s name correctly or have a picture of him readily available, but had that of Margaret. What does that say to you guys? I thought this sort of thing happened only in America and the UK where there’s a disparity in reporting missing minorities. I didn’t know it was all over the place as well. You can’t even blame this one on colonialism. Or did Mrs. Oluchi Hill as unsophisticated as she is just have a better sense of public and media relations than the Stewarts. Hustling really hard and getting every necessary attention and making sure the whole world became as concerned as she was about her daughter. Or that the St. Michael was kidnapped during the honeymoon of a new government. It could really be either one of those and nothing more.

Meanwhile, I had the privilege to visit the Hills and see for myself how Margaret was doing. Perhaps get a good story. At this point I must admit how much of a scum I felt. Here I am hoping to take advantage of a little girl who is visible traumatized form a harrowing ordeal. But I was only doing my job, which I had and have to do. It’s one of the things about journalism that I hate to deal with. Getting that great story for the resume tape. Yeah yeah, we all want the world to see the other side, the moving stories of the small folks, and the human side of the ash and crash news paper blotters of this world. Those are all noble, but the dark, honest and realistic side is that we mostly all do it for ourselves. In the first 5 to 10 minutes of my meeting Margaret, I went all goo-goo and gaga with my baby talk, hoping, just hoping she would also talk back and give me that GREAT sound bite. I gave up because it was silly. This child has just spent 4 days in the jungle with some creepy human beings and here I was hoping to get a smile or a cute phrase from her. I just had to admit to myself there and then that I may not and cannot be proud of what I do all the time, but it has to be done. I realized that I am just like the casket builders whose wealth depends on people’s deaths. They tell you they don’t wish or pray for people to die but when they do, they are always there to ensure the dead make the transition to the spirit world in comfort and luxury. It’s the same with the mortuary owners. If you’ve ever traveled eastwards from Lagos you may have noticed that there are several road signs leading to mortuaries along the roadside. Along the Port Harcourt Owerri Road towards Isiopko there’s a mortuary at nearly every 5 blocks. Also along the Aba Road between Owerri and PHC. That’s evidence that there’s business to be made form people’s sorrow and misfortune. I’ve always been aware of it but it really dawned on me today. Especially when Margaret’s class teacher was like, ‘you people are never tired, you just want more and never stop,’ Thanks for telling me what I already know. But it did offend me that she would say something like that considering the fact that if the media were not vultures and proactive in this case, perhaps Margaret would still be in captivity. I guess it’s just another case of DAMNED IF YOU DO, DAMNED IF YOU DON’T. I would gladly jump at another profession that’s HOLY if I can find one. Unfortunately for me, I’m not smart enough to be a doctor (even they kill people sometimes and commit abortions), not butch or tall enough to have perfected my dream of being a basket-baller, can’t be a bollywood star because I can’t speak Hindi and I’m definitely to old to be a model.
Oh well, it’s too late to cry over spilt milk. Way too much money and time has gone into this profession for me to start second guessing myself. I just have to suck it up, dust my shoulders off and move on to the next story. So Vulture with a mic, Camera and panging conscience I must be, scavenging on people’s misfortune and hoping to help others along the way. While all that helps, it’s really never always about the resume tape.


Ok looks like there are some elements WORKING against this union between me and John Legend. It won't work for them O. My free ticket sources have run dry. It is so bad that I have made contingency plans towards gaining entrance. It does not involve scaling the walls of the new events center. That's rather dangerous considering the height. I mean does it really mean that I am actually going to buy a ticket? Hmh? I still have 24 hours to find a solution.
I hope some of you have brought out your canvas and flip-flops from the bottom of your trunks because high heels and fancy shoes will not go well with the SAND. Trust me!! That's why I run around town looking crazy wearing sneakers with my suits. The sand demons here are mean. Meanwhile, if JL does not show up at the concert tomorrow, ya'll know where to find him. Like Beyonce says ... In Da Closet that's my spot....If I bought it then please don't touch. LOL rotf-lmao!! (I mean dang, if I pay that kinda top naira, John Legend better be in my house doing the chores.) Ok SSS go easy on the shoes abeg.

Anyways, this is not in the papers yet because it is exclusive to 'the world according to addy'. John is coming specifically to Nigeria to look for me. He actually conveyed that in his song, 'Where did my Baby Go'. Here's my typical Lagos girl response

Where did my baby go? --- GO, GO GON, GO .. OK SERIOUSLY I'M IN LAGOS
I wonder where she ran off to -- I SAID I'M IN LAG NOW
I'm calling but I can't get through -- DAMN GLO MOBILE -- NETWORK IS DOWN AGAIN
Please tell that girl if you meet her
That someone's longing to see her -- EH YAH ARE YOU SERIOUS, I GUESS YOU DON'T WATCH STV
Where did my baby go? -- ARE YOU DEAF, YOU DIN HEAR ME BEFORE
I wish that she would get back soon --- PAY MY DOWRY FIRST AND I'LL MOVE IN WITH YA

I'm searching for the lover I knew -- SHHH... YOU CAN'T BE ANNOUNCING THAT NOW
Have you seen her? -- TELL ME HAVE YOU SEEN HER, SEEN HER
Where did she go? -- HIAN!! LEKWENUM AJUJU ... SEE QUESTION O
Feels like I've just lost my only friend -- YOU MUST BE A VERY LONELY MAN THEN
Love just got so complicated -- IT'S NOT THAT SERIOUS NOW
Wish that I could see her smile again -- YOU SURELY CAN, IT'S RIGHT HERE 'SMILE'
So if you see her out there, tell her I'm still here -- ADDY ARE YOU HEARING
Waiting for the day when she will reappear -- I'LL SEE YOU TOMORROW AT 4PM

Maybe I was wrong -- YOU SURELY WERE MISTER

and I Ignored her for too long -- SO YOU WERE SCREENING MY CALLS EHN

and I Didn't even notice when she slipped away -- YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN HOMIE. YOUR BAD!!
Maybe while I lay fast asleep then
Out into the night she creeps -- ORI E...YOUR HEAD... ME CREEP KE.. YOU MUST BE VERY MAD
I'll leave the light on, so she'll come back someday -- IF NEPA PERMITS
So if you see her out there, tell her it's not fair -- LIFE'S NOT FAIR
That life's just not the same when she's not here -- EH YAH, SORRY EHN

I keep calling but I can't get through ---- THAT'S COS YOU DIDN'T BUY THAT NOKIA N-SERIES PHONE FOR ME

Just what am I supposed to do? -- WHEN YOU COME TO NIGERIA ASK HER ON A DATE, KISS AND MAKE UPPlease tell that girl if you meet her
That someone's longing to see her -- THIS DAY PEOPLE HAVE YOU HEARD? I AM WAITING FOR THE PHONE CALL-- MY NUMBER IS 0807-555-5555 ..LOL

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Hi my name is Nene adaure's lil sis im a guest blogger for Adaure this week. She is out on an emergency assignment to portharcourt. She has a date with one of the kingpin militants. [Topsecret you didn't get that from me.shhhhhhhh]
The This Day Festival takes place on the 14th and 15th of July in Lagos. The Festival showcases a number of international artistes including John Legend, Rihanna, Ne-Yo, Shakira, UB40 and some Nigerian artistes.
Considering it's titled John Legend Week, let me tell you a little bit about him. Aside from the fact that he makes out with many different girls in his videos, that's just stating the obvious. The cutey is multi-talented, he's a singer, song writer, pianist and a fabulous performer. He killed it in 2004 with his hit singles 'Ordinary people' and 'Used to love you'. He's also a Grammy nominee and winner. Check out his video, one of my personal favorites using this link.

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The much anticipated article on Nigerian Bloggers has been posted on Bella's Blog. Here's Addy's Million dollar smile gracing one of the pages.

You can see my profile and the rest of the article and the lovely pictures of other bloggers like Taureanminx, Aramide aka Mona and Bimby Lads at this LINK. Our favorite and fabulous blogger Bella is also featured in the article. Unfortunately ya'll will still have to wait for a cover story and big reveal bash before you find out who Bella really is. OH THE MYSTERY!!!! I am thinking a masquerade party. All in favor say 'I'. LOL.

The article was written by Ebun Olatoye one of my favorite writers at True Love West Africa (not because of this article but because the girl can really write. You'ld think she's the only writer the magazine has.) Anyways this is just the beginning for Nigerian Blogville. Sooner than you think we'll soon be included as part of the Nigerian WOrld of Entertainment. May be have a real live and direct 'Blogville Awards' lol. Enjoy
Also since there're some first timers here, thanks to the article, give yourselves a big WELCOME TO MY WORLD hug or air kiss. Whichever yoi prefer. You have a lot of catching up to do so grab your popcorn and small chops, a bottle of Star, Big Stout and in the language of Chief Zebrudaya 'commencement to understood this nomenclature' called Adaure. It's a wild ride.
Meanwhile can someone show me how to link music to this page. I so wanna link Tuface Idibia's song 'True Love' this month. Lol. I haven't been able to get it outta my head al weekend (I know...I need to calm down... seriously. Not!! it's not the same as being on that's a job and I have to wake up early for that :)
Fyi: The article meant to read that I get 300 hits per day not 3000. But I am sure y'all were smart enough to figure that one out or did some snooping around by clicking on my sitemeter.

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Before I continue, I have to ask God to forgive me and all of you for laughing at this because someone is the butt of it all but this was just too funny not to share. So I had to fire my driver two weeks ago for taking my niceness for granted and not showing up for work on several occassions. Apparently he misunderstood my sarcasm to mean it was really up to him to show up for work or not, if he liked. Anyways this week I got another driver and his first day was yesterday. It is so scary sitting in the back seat and having a total starnger drive you. But I'll probably get over that by next week considering the fact that driving in Lagos is an ordeal and secondly, I still don't have my driver's license. I know, I know, I am a bad example to society and should be thrown in some police station. Anyways, I noticed something about my driver that had me just a bit concerned and I sent the following text message to my friend Ayisola, my sister Onyenachi and My dad. I have to warn you that what you are about to read is quite PROGRESSIVELY rib cracking so get ready...

Adaure( WANNABE FUNNY): Got a new driver but the dude drives wierd. He keeps looking off to the left, rapidly, like he's got Teret Syndrome. May be he is cross-eyed and doesn't know it...may be he needs glasses.

Ayisola (FUNNY): Just pray he won't drive you into the bush

Onyenachi(FUNNIER):Ask him for the picture of the love of his life and paste it on the windscreen. But pray he sees the car infront of him as well.

DAD (FUNNIEST): Nne my phone discharged. Bear with your driver, God will straighten his neck and keep you protected. If it will make you feel better, you can also tie his neck to the door so that he does not turn it. God saves... Trust in Him.

I swear I don't know where they get this from but I can't take this any more... too freaking funny. Dad got me at 'God will straighten his neck'. WHAT!?! :D

Anyways to the issue of the driver. Not trying to be mean or funny but it has me all nervous. Am I just being paranoid or do I have a reason to be concerned. The guy says he's been driving for 25 years. I have the urge to ask him why he keeps doing that but I think 'that' will be mean. HELP!! My car is like a sanctuary from the madness that goes on on the streets of Lagos. I don't need it to creep in with me wondering whether my driver has 'issues'that need a medical doctor's intervention. Or am I the one who's going crazy? Ha... you never can tell, everyone in Lagos looks mad these days even the ones dressed in the finest designer gear and driving the finest cars. As Andy said in Living in Bondage (or was it one of those early Nollywood flicks) 'Lekwe fa... Fancha...Fancha... Ndiala... Ndiala'... (Look at them, all of them, all mad people)LOL

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The Lion King and True Love Article on Bloggers

All this weekend I have been excited about two things. Let me talk about the first as I beg your indulgence for a few moments of vanity. OH MY GAWWWDDD I AM IN TRUE LOVE WEST AFRICA!!!! Ha ha ha!! Ok calm down Addy...calm down. So I and a few bloggers including Bella, Taurean minx, Bimby Lads and Aramide had the opportunity to be interviewed for the article. Honestly I wished more of 'us' could have been in it but y'all know there can't be enough space to contain all the GREAT NIGERIAN BLOGGERS we read every day. Before I continue, I have to give kudos to Bella. Only a special person can be offered the opportunity to have her picture splashed on the most popular magazine in West Africa and yet decline. WOW!! That's deep! People that humble are rare to find these days and unfortunately RIGHT NOW, I AM DEFINITELY NOT ONE OF THEM. Especially as I was expecting this article to be one of those one page small passport-photo size picture type articles as I didn't think 'we were that important'. But Dude we got like 5 pages and I got 1 and a half. And the pictures were hot. As in 'EHEN NOW WE ARE TALKING'....not like the funny flying arm, eyes half close looking drunk pictures that the 'Street Style Tabloids' post. So embarrassing those ones are, in fact I cringe at the sight. BUT THIS ONE!! Ah.. this one is one in town. I look like I could sell white as black because I look like such a saint (I plead the 5th at this point). Anyways I have been singing and dancing TuFace Idibia's 'True Love' all weekend and irritating my siblings and friends. Gosh I think True Love made a mistake because I will be driving people crazy with this one. Yeah yeah it is not an achievement but me I have been dreaming of being in a magazine for the longest time... as SUPER MODEL(rotf-lmao). I think I can live with this one in a frame on my wall for the rest of my life. Slowly and surely I will get into Time and O! magazine one day and if I become anybody of world importance (like the person who brings world peace) perhaps I'll make the cover (hmh..did i just curse myself, because world peace seems quite elusive). Until then, being the bush girl that I can be I am milking it like a 5 year old in a nursery school play.

Which brings me to the second topic of importance. The Lion King was in Nigeria (ha ha... I hope you didn't miss that transition....go back and read the previous 3 lines.. I am just a G!!). Oh yeah back to what I was saying. Yes the Lion King came to the Muson Center in Lagos and guess what... I AM IN LOVE WITH SIMBA!!! Isn't he just too hot?

Kingsley Ogboso (Next Movie Star 2005) and the gorgeous kids at Standard Bearers Academy and their teachers performed the Lion King all of last week. Can I say that that's like the cutest thing I have seen since I came to Nigeria. Aside from the baby Donkey somewhere in Oniru Estate and Hero's 5 puppies and Hero playing soccer. Hero is the yard 'Mongrel' at STV (need to differentiate from the street mongrels that hang around outside the station) Anyways, the play was such a delight to watch. I was laughing hard and singing along as well, considering that I used to perform the Lion King to entertain my nieces in New York way back when I used to my house girl-aspiring-to-be-a-Broadway-star runs. Seriously I knew every word to the lyrics and even the movie. I am kinda rusty now but the play brought it all back. And y'all can never guess who was playing Timon. Fellow blogger Don Chichi himself. Great Job dude!! Great job to the entire school for putting this on. It was fabulous. It was no Broadway, but it was absolutely refreshing and honestly you can never go wrong with a production of Lion King especially if you have kids in it. Screams of total cuteness. I was actually feeling a little jealous of the mommies and daddies who were waving back to their kids on stage. There was this absolutely adorable little girl who was just too tickled about being a flower. Arghh!!! I couldn't resist waving back when she waved to her parents. Ok I sense my maternal instincts creeping up and I have adjusted my 'list of kids' to two now. We'll see how long that will last. Anyways I am looking forward to seeing another play in town soon, may be even auditioning for one. I gotta put my theater degree to good use now, just waiting for the 'aha' moment. Ya'll keep your ears close to the ground for auditions. I was actually discussing with a friend and wondering, wouldn't it be nice to see a Nigerian Adaptation of Grease? What other plays would you like to see performed? I absolutely love the Nigeria Classics like Ola Rotimi's ' The God's are Not to Blame', Zulu Sofola's 'Wedlock of the Gods' and all those Wole Soyinka and his contemporaries' plays that used to show at the Unilag Auditorium way back when the AIR CONDITIONER USED TO WORK!!!! LOL!!
Below are the pictures. They are not so clear but I am working on getting clearer ones. Y'all expect the True Love article on SOOOOON!!! I don't have a scanner and I am not about to buy 10 copies of the magazine to give all my friends who want to see it.