Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Addy's JL-Mania in Overdrive Thanks to one every faithful Anonymous citizen for alerting me to the fact that my snooker-doodle John Legend has released the video for 'Save Room '. I signed up for the mailing list but my filter probably sent it to junk mail. Can you imagine that nonsense. A whole John Legend email sent to junk mail. Anyway thanks for that anonymous, good looking out. So I saw the video and I likey likey. Me thinks my Johnny baby is really into African sistas despite the most unfortunately short live romance with Tayo Otiti . Seeing as homie defected to the vanilla persuasion, I may just have to consult my MFM pastor to intercede on my behalf so that our destiny to cross and I can bat my eyes at him. Either that or I'll just have to blow some white powder (babalawo style aka remote control or touch and quench) into his face and say 'Follow Me'. That's a script from a Nollywood movie o. Not after now when mosquito bites John Legend they'll say Adaure sent it or if he suffers 'exhaustion' like Mariah Carey someone will say I put a hex on him. Please oh.. me no wan wahala. Anyways my 'destiny willing' plan aside, and back to the video, what do you guys think about it. 'ReRe' the video girl in me is kinda pissed man. 'ReRe' who is from the south but acts and talks like she is from Boogie Down Bronx, is one of a number of personaes and personalities that make up 'Adaure'. In the past years there have been 12 defined individual characters. You have met Addy the cute funny one, Zelda & Hagar the evil twins & Serengeti Princess the pride of Africa, Denise Rodwoman aka Michelle Jordan is the WNBA star and first woman to play in NBA, Queen Slim Mack of the Underground is the gangsta rapper, Alexandra or Alex for short is the Sweet Valley high type ditzy breeze brain, Agnes Walter is the Agatha Christiesque writer-journalist, Rasta-Dure Selassie I is the prophetic and poetic Rastafarian, Black Jessica Simpson a la Newly Weds, then there's the unnamed Broadway showgirl, the Victorian Shakespeare character, the bad cook and Lazy-house wife who wishes for a robot to clean up amongst a host of others. I guess these all represent some phase in my life and state of mind. I also had several parties with some of thse cats during my Charlotte days. The mind indeed is a great play ground to escape to when reality just doesn't fit some times. Lol...((no laughter response))... relax people...it's a joke and I'm jobless. Anyways right now it's Adaure typing. So yeah 'ReRe' is kinda upset about not being in the music video. If she had been in it, there'ld have been no room to be saved for any of those other chicks. It'll just be John and Me... I mean... ReRe... in the video. How cute that' would have been. But that's cool everyday for the thief one day for the Queen of the house.. abi. Anyways remember how I told y'all that Johnny must have had me in mind while writing his last album. You can also remember the heartache I went thorugh over the T.O incident. Well this new song of his is his apology o. He is begging me to Save Room for him again. Uh Hmh... well here's my 'African Love' (because you know it's 'very special') response to him as he is asking for forgiveness in this one act Nigerian play below. Think typical Naija babe as in a Ramota or Akpeno meets Chi-chi Chiquito African Chilolo Number One... here goes

Addy and 'John Legendu' in a One Act Play 'Save Room KO, Save Room Ni'
Say that you stay a little--- For What and Why
Don't say bye bye tonight--- I am packing my things,you can meet me at my father's house
Say you'll be mine--- Did you pay my bride price and by the by where's the palm wine
just a little of bit of love Is worth a moment of your time-- Is it love I will chop?
Ma Friend time is money

knocking on your door just a little--- If you break my door you will find capenta.
so cold outside tonight--- You wan wrapper?
let's get the fire burning--- iz dat the firewood I use to cook? You must be mad
I know, I keep it burning right--- Not when I pour this bucket of water on your head
If you stay, won't you stay - stay-- Leave me jo, I am going, I say I'm going
(buts she's still standing)
save room for my love---- ehen ehen is now you remember that one
save room for a moment to be with me---- 2 whole years and nothing to show for it
save room for my love save a little--- Now is not the time for Loveu Nwantintin
save a little for me --- Who are you?
won't you save a little-- I am asking who are you?
save a little for me - ohh-- C'mon gerraway EEEDIOT!!!!
This just might hurt a little--- I have not started with you yet o, by the time I am
finished with you that your yellow face will turn to green
love hurts sometimes when you do it right-- My pestle will hurt when it lands on your head
Don't be afraid of a little bit of pain--- You can take Panadol for fast
headache and pain relief

pleasure is just on the other side-- Oh now you want to die, don't worry you are still young so death won't come to save you
Let down your guard just a little-- ehen so that you can bring a second wife abi, Odinma she will meet me here o
I keep you safe in these arms of mine--- If you come near me I will cut off your hand o
Hold on to me - pretty baby-- Oh Oh leave me o Leave me jo
You will see I can be all you need--- What I need is for you to give me my bag and bus money
If you stay, won't you stay - stay-- Mba o, Mba I am going
save room for my love--- Oh Oh John, gimme my bag O, gimmme my bag o
save room for a moment to be with me---- I am warning you now O, hmh..if I count 1..2..3..hmh hmh gimme my bag oh
save room for my love save a little -- Ok you want the bag, you can keep it
save a little for me---- Allow me to pass now, shebi you want the bag... I dash you
won't you save a little --- Let me pass jo
save a little for me - ohh---OOOOOHHHH GOD why are you disturbing my movement
Ekenedilichukwu does not have night service anymore o
[pa-ya-pa-pa] - [pa-ya-pa-pa] - [pa-ya-pa-pa] - [da-da-da]----
(I GUESS HE JUST SWITCHED TO HIS OWN 'AFRICAN' LANGUAGE... SO I WILL TRANSLATE)Is a mistake, is a mistake ehen...Addy you are the sugar in my tea,the only cockroach in my cupboard, when I see you in the morning my heart justgoes pokom-pokom, biko bi anu, now, ehn. Hmh that peppersoup that you cooked is
smelling very delicious ehn, ngwa go and keep your bag in the room now ehn.
'Ada-sugar','ADA-STIC-ADA', 'PEPEREMPE'.
PPPPSHEEEEWWWWWWW...useless man, if not because you are still owing part of my brideprice, I for don waka since. Anyways, I still need money for the soup. Oh you think I pluck the money from a tree. Let me just tell you Good soup na Money kill am o.
( and the cycle continues...Round two:))
Ok enough tom-foolery. I think I can't make it any more obvious that I'm John Legend's Biggest Fan. Check him out on BET's 106& Park at 6pm when he'll be premiering the new video. Won't miss it. He is going to be in LA on Wednesday but unfortunately I can't go. I'm sad but I'll be aight. Can't wait for the album to drop. Too excited... never been this excited about
a cd release since Boyz 2 Men's last album. Speaking of them 'WHERE ARE THEY NOW?'


threeeighteen said...

LMAO! chei dis gyal... you are too funny!

TaureanMinx said...

lol, he wants you, he just hasn't met you yet innitttt
(as those from SAAAAFFF (south) London would say) lol. Funny post.

PSB said...

LMAO..."OOOOOHHHH GOD why are you disturbing my movementEkenedilichukwu does not have night service anymore o"

koketso said...

LOLOLOL.. ADAURE stop it pls. You are killing me for real. save a little for me - ohh-- C'mon gerraway EEEDIOT!!!!.. Tooooo TOO TOO TOO FUNNY

Tutsy said...

ROTHFLMAO....Adaure baby,......u are JOBLESS......lol....did u actually sit down and come up with responses to the lyrics of the song?....kai!!! u no get work o! ....anywayz, speaking of ur multiple personality disorder, i kinda figured there was something up with u ....lol...glad u finally confirmed it.....guess the mind is a terrible thing when left to its vices

That was a good post though, i swear i don wash eye...i see comedy in your future...keep up the good work ...this is one of the numerous reasons i am in love with blog....you should rename ur corner....Comedy Central Online...'cuz u are just too darn funny.

Mari said...

lol very funny.

ABBEY said...

lol...as for boyz to men, they actually had a concert in my area this summer, unfortunately could not attend, heard it wasn't very good though so I don't know what's up with their careers right now.

Bella Naija said...

LMAO ... Adaure ....men this babe...I will be doing a special prayer, fasting and overnight fellowship session for u and John Legend...The situation is too critical!!!
U know he is going to see this....I am sure someone will forward this to him!!!!!
There are some rumours tht he will be comin 2 naij for a concert soon!

Oyinkan said...

Adau, my sister from another mother...lol. Chai!! Omo, na u Biko!!!!No one else can do this but you. Its a good thing I am not regularly supervised because my boss would me wondering why there are tears in my eyes and a smile on my face.
Keep it up. I wish I knew JL's rep, I would forward it to the person, so you both can connect an another level.

NaijaBloke said...

Odikwa o serious o ..

Ada u sure say u no act for "The New Masqurade" cos e just be like say I dey read a script from the sitcom o.

No worry if u need babalawo,I sabi one for Ijebu side wey fit help u.

T said...

adaaaaauuuuureeeee, LOL LOL!!!u won't kill me wit laughter...this is too too bad!!! excellent write up!!
we have to hook up wit this guy any which way!!!

Anonymous said...

addy, make u no worry that people go say you put hex on JL cus we all know say juju (aka jazz) no de work pass the atlantic ocean (at least thats what they say).

don't worry o, JL will come to u when the time is right o

Adaure said...

OOOOOHHHH... I am so very upset oh. Can you imagine I sat through that stupid show called 106 and Park looking for John Legend to come out. I meaN I sat through the torture of those two lousy new hosts, KIMORA LEE SIMMONS and annoying music videos and no JL. I got to number 2 on the countdown and I was like 'wharamess'. I went to look on the schedule on their website and he was on tap so I am wondering if he came up just before the number 1 song. Did anyone watch the show? Did you see JL. I just cannot stand 106 and Park without AJ and Free. Didn't really like them but they were good. I don't know how the heck they got'Torrence' and 'Rocsi' or whatever their names are to be the host....NO CHARISMA!!! Anyways that was my wednesday evening.

As per teh write up... glad y'all are enjoying it oh. Since I can't write about much else I might as well make 'ish up' to entertain y'all and indulge myself... I'll explain later. Today is Thursday, My FAVORITE DAY OF THE WEEK!!!! Yippie. Later folks

Singto said...

LOL...this girl, are you sure you have a job? tell the truth and shame the devil. too freakin' funny, man!

Olawunmi said...

na wa o. this girl, i'm laughing so hard that i'm hurting.

how far are you from normal anyway? original crase babe

didi said...

u sure say u dey alright?

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