Thursday, September 28, 2006


Yesterday's show was just not motivating enough to get a full wrap up. The make over was just blah. The only person who I think got a good deal was Jaeda with the Halle Berry look. If only she would get more energy and personality to rock it. Why does Tyra always insist on giving long hair to the girl that it doesn't fit at all. The mammy wata looking hair that she gave Eugena is not it at all. I am like OK, why make her look crazy. I wonder what the photo session was supposed to accomplish. Infact, our friend the Ijele masquerade should have been in the line up. Monique deserves a flogging and I don't understand what the hype was about her photo. How could she have spent 3 hours on the phone. Good thing Anchal went there and cut off the phone. Anyways, I am lost this season. Not sure when It will start getting interesting enough to give a full colorful wrap up.

Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement regarding my last post. I had started to write something but it ain't over till it's over. Again, 'immigration matter' is just code, but for me the situation is comparable becaus eof the seriousness. You will understand why later when I disclose, if I am able to. Anyways keep watching this space for a testimony, praise report or words of advice from this whole situation. I'll be back soon, perhaps tomorrow, just need to get over myself as soon as I realize it is not the end of the world, which it really isn't.

By the way Aishwarya Rai's name was misspelled in the first ANTM post. Thanks to the anonymous fellow/friend who pointed it out with a bit more does of sarcasm than needed. What will I do without folks like you who watch my back :)