Sunday, September 03, 2006

Addy's Alpha Tag

I've finally gotten around to responding to Bella's tag on finding adjectives/words to describe myself. Too much work, Addy hates the act of brain racking. Didn't realize how hard it could be. Anyways pardon my poor and pathetic attempt to employ the use of assonance and alliteration, I just got carried away.

A for Adorable as in Adorable Adaure which is my WWF nickname from way back when we used to wear our bathing suit and superman/barbie underwear and play wrestling on our balcony and parlour. It is also the only way people can remember my name. Also afro-centric, astute and ambitious
B for being such a Baby as I am told. I have also been called brazen, bitchy and bossy but I really think it stands for being Beautiful on the inside and out.
C for Crazy Creative Cat-Hating Campus Brat. Ever tried to make a Nigerian cat sleep in your bed only to get scratched in the face.
D for Dramatic Diva who devilishly delights in being a Drama Queen just for the drollery...need I say more
E for Eccentric because that's just the way I
F for Fabulous least I can fake that funk when I am outside my house
G for Gossip...errr the PC term is Gister and it's an official hobby now so get with the program :)
H for the Hopeless, Hapless Happy High-maintenance Hippie in me.
I for Intelligent, Inquisitive and Interesting
J for JESUS my personal Lord and Saviour and John Legend my snooker-doodle :)
K for Kind... it's the only K adjective I know.
L for Lagos Sisi Eko to the core in Love with Life and repping for Igboland
M for My mother who sat and watched my infant head when sleeping on my cradle bed....Love you ma
N for Nigerian NINJA (long story)
O for Originality and O.C.D (obsessive compulsive disorder)I absolutely have to have things organized especially at my desk at work...don't even let me start about the phone books and how I have to have the pack of paper arrange a certain way with the red sticker side out in the paper cabinet.
P for Papa's Pretty, Proud and Pouty Prissy Pot of a Pikin
Q for all the 41 Questions I ask all the time and the Queen that I am...if you can't think highly of yourself no one will do it for you. Damn I should be a motivational speaker.
R for the Relativity of my Razzness and Resourcefulness. Also very romantic
S for Serengeti Princess...the Sexy Jungle Safari Superhero in me :) Also been told I can be stubborn and sarcastic at times
T for Tenacious... used to have a Troublesome Tree-climbing Tomboy that I tried to trade in for a tiara. Still waiting on the test result.
U for Under G (undercover gangsta)
V for Village Girl... also for my Vibrancy, Veracity, Voraciousness
W for Wedding Website Stalker
X for Xtra Crazy Xtra-terrestrial
Y for YO w'sup :)
Zzzzzzzz off to take a nap

If you are on my blog list you have hence been tagged. I'll be stopping to check on ya.


Onada said... when am i ever going to do this? it looks like hard work you!

Bella Naija said...

lol...S for Serengeti Princess...the Sexy Jungle Safari Superhero in me :)

u r silly...i luv ur new profile pic....very noice..