Wednesday, January 09, 2013


EX-Boyfriends and Office Witches Beware, I'm About to Treat Your F*** Up!
Hurray! it is just the first week of the year and I am already heading out of the Lagos bureau. This has to be a good sign. Interestingly, I am off to cover the World Voudou Festival in next door Benin Republic. LOL! At first I was elated, because I have always had a fascination for tales and stories woven around African myths, folk lore, religions and heritage. However, Nigerians can be so 'christian' and from my sister, to my friends and my parents, they have more or less put fear into me. I had to respect myself and go to church to pray and seek the cover of the anointing. Abeg, I can't shout!
But I am having fun with this one. I am taking orders for Voudou things. If you want me to bring you back some Love Potion, Touch and Follow, Get Rich Spell, Hex on Ex-Lover and their new flame, Mumu Button for your Rich Boyfriend and Long hair Potion so you can stop spending all your money on Brazilian weave, you can email me for my bank account details. To all those ex-boyfriends and those office witches that were feeling too cool with themselves in the past, your f**k up is about to be treated. Watch your backs b*****s!!!!LOL

Tuesday, January 08, 2013


A New Year, A New Beginning
So we made it through that ratchet of a year called 2012. Thank Almighty God. That was one hell of a year. I don't need to rehash all that happened. It was a tough year and I am so glad it is over. Phew!!

Now on to new and great things in store for us in 2013. I have a very good feeling about this year and with the good GRACE of God WE shall all achieve those dreams and goals that give us the strength to rise up out of bed and take stab after stab at it. #GodIsWatchingUs and shall surely bless our hustle.

Happy New Year readers, clickers, surfers and googlers. Let's go 13!!