Sunday, October 29, 2006


Sokoto Bound Plane Crashes in Abuja
DAAAAAAAAAAAANG!!!!!! THIS IS BAD!!!!! VERY VERY VERY BAD!!!!!! I posted this around 5.30am pacific but I am bringing it up because of the 'implications' of the crash.
According to this Yahoo Article: "Among the passengers was the sultan of Sokoto, Muhammadu Maccido, who is the spiritual leader of Nigeria's Muslims, according to Mustapha Shehu, spokesman for the Sokoto state government.Shehu said the sultan's son, Muhammed Maccido, a senator, also was on the flight, along with Abdulrahman Shehu Shagari, son of former Nigerian President Shehu Shagari, who was in office between 1979 and 1983."SORRY TO BE A FEAR MONGER BUT JUDGING FROM THE PAST AND CONSIDERING THIS IS ELECTION ANXIETY PERIOD THIS IS VERY VERY VERY VERY BAD!!!THERE WILL BE MANY CONSPIRACY THEORIES THAT COULD EXACERBATE MATTERS!!! IT IS NIGERIA!

Woke up to this news just hot off the wires. It is like dejavu all over again because the same thing happened this time last year with the Bellview and Sosoliso incidents. They say it is storm related. I am not too sure about that. Condolences to any who is affected. Safe travels to all who will be venturing on journeys.
See article in the Nigerian Tribune Overview of the Aviation industry from Oct 26See One man's account of surviving a plane crash in Nigeria
By the way does anybody know where one can get Nigerian radio or TV station stream online? It is not a trick question. Just would like to know. And I don't mean like an online music database. Once upon a time I believe we could get Rhythm FM's(i think it was) live stream direct from their studio but the connection was some how.


Sun Re

A friend sent this link to me. It's Eldee tribute to Moraks. It is titled Sun Re. Absolutely beautiful song. I'll be jamming this one for a while. I hope to hear the DJ's spinning this one back home. Love it !!!Love It!! Great way to keep his memory alive. I don't need to say anymore. Kudos Eldee.


Congo Makes Tough Choice at the Polls

Today my 'bacongo' (as I called my Congolese friends) people head to the polls to democratically elect a leader. This is an election that's being called the most important in Africa since the end of Apartheid. It is a great thing that African countries are really turning towards Democracy. The challenge is usually maintaining it and transferring it to society, the economy and turning it into food on the table for the average man. As you all know that is a 'gigantumous' struggle for lack of a word in the dictionary to express the 'grandness' of the matter.

Speaking of grand, my Congolese brothers and sisters are having to pick from a not too grand option. Well actually one is quite larger than life, a mere evidence of good living as a billionaire. He is also a 'reformed crony' of the infamous Mobutu Sese Seko. The other, well he is the son of the leader who was assassinated while in power and was ushered in to replace his father. While he has made efforts to open the doors for this election, I detest his kind. But I don't fault him, being president in Africa is like being a king. In fact a 'Super King' because you are superior to the many kings we have. Some feel it is their birth right, family right and even social baton that has to be passed down from 'padimi' to 'padimi' (buddy to buddy)See 'Paddy Paddy Government'. Hence it had become necessary for Sudanese Billionaire Mo Ibrahim offer a bribe so they will do it the right way.

Anyways these are the men who are beckoning on Congolese to vote for them. What do you think of their legacy so far. Do they strike you as having the potential to be good leaders void of the corruption? Do you think they deserve to be even in power considering the fact that they are part of the older government (by birth and association) that pillaged and plunged Congo into its current state. Do Congolese need to reward them? I guess all that on is too late to be asking right now, the question truly is who will emerge victorious and why and will Congolese make the right choice? What say ye?

Joseph Kabila
Son of Late and former rebel leader President Laurent Kabila who over threw Mobutu Sese Seko. He is described as shy and soft spoken and came into power in 2001 at the mere age of 29 after his father's assassination.
Pros: He is young and not mean looking:). Appears squeaky clean. Is from the Patrice Lumumba allied camp (and you know everybody loves Lumumba). Reaching a peace agreement to end the war, forming an all inclusive government and ushering in this election.
Cons: Once a soldier, always a soldier. Rose through the military ranks by nepotism because of his father, hence resulting in the presidency. (don't have much outside the ordinary on him)

As a Soldier
As a Civilian

Jean Pierre Bemba
A multi-millionaire by all standards. He was Mobutu's personal assistant and his sister is married to Mobutu's son. He is one of 4 vice presidents, 45 years and also a former rebel leader. While not directly responsible for his assassination, he put a lot of pressure on Laurent Kabila's government.
Pros: He has money that can solve problems and business connections. He seems very charismatic from the interviews.
Cons: Mobutu!! Mobutu!! Mobutu!! I think anyone who has ties or admires Mobutu is bad news. Rebel leader (potential of being a problem if he losses) and arms dealer. I question how he got all his money because we know it is not just through business. He looks mean. Quite an ego according to reports.

As a Soldier
As a Civilian
See more facts from Reuters
We can only wait for the results to see who wins and who will be the bad loser. Good luck Congo, we are praying for you babes.
While we are on the election topic. How far with Nigeria's April 2007 elections? Who are the top contenders? That is one election I really am not looking forward to.

*By the way thanks so much for all the lengthy comments on the adoption issue. Great insights and opinions. In the coming days we'll delve more into that and figure out ways we can turn the discussion away from Madonna and on to the Children and the issue because that's really what it is about.

Saturday, October 28, 2006



This is the kind of s*** that pisses me the hell off. This news below has made me irrate today. Can you imagine. Is this now a Reality Game show...The Best AFrican Leader? WTF!?! I know it is the man's money and he can do whatever the hell he wants but is he serious? As if them being in power (and obtaining...may be not looting) is not enough for thier pocket. By the way isn't Darfur in this man's country and is the Sudan in debt? May be he is doing some things that we don't know about to help Darfur and Sudan. Kudos to him for that, but $5M to leaders for doing 'what they are supposed to do'...not for over doing and going beyond the call o... but just for doing what they are supposed to do(but then again, that too is new in Africa...not counting Nelson Mandela's reign because that would be insulting him, plus we were in Kumbayah mode on that one and celebrating the end of Apartheid, a grand feat). I have read in several places that our very own President Obasanjo is a top contender for this prize money. For real !?!? I am just annoyed at how that $5 M will be such a waste when there are pressing matters than need just quarter of a million to solve. I guess he has money out the wazoo to afford to do that. Umh...Now I see why it will take Madonna, Jay-Z and friends to come and solve our problems. This one don pass America in WELCOME TO AFRICA!!!

Do you think there is wisdom in this? Me I say ABSOLUTELY NOT. What do you say?

Thursday, October 26, 2006


On Madonna Adopting David

Jeff Koinange interviewed Mr. Banda and the interview will be on Anderson Cooper 360 Tonight. If you miss it you can catch it on Live with Kyra Phillips and Don Lemon at 1pm eastern. Why is CNN the only US network to have an exclusive interview(not just sound bite) with a key player in this whole adoption fiasco? Because they are the only ones in Africa. Sooner or later Uncle Jeff will have the Wesley-Snipes-Explains-his-tax-evasion exclusive because Namibia is right up his alley. You can read a preview of Mr. Banda's interview. I will try to get the transcript for those of you who don't have cable.

These photo of Madonna's new family was released by her publicist today. While I don't think releasing the photos was neccessary (feeding the frenzy) David looks happy and I guess that's really what matters.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Here's a summary of what Madge had to say according to CNN.
I guess if Aunty O gives her full support to Madonna, then it's all good. On another note I commend Oprah for waiting till next week when we enter the November sweeps/ratings period. Not like she needs it. We'll also be watching Madonna on the NBC TV Concert special on November 22. May be she'll say something about the issue. The platform is neccessary. But it appears the crux of the matter is really about the violation of the law that prohibits foreign adoption in Malawi and expediting the process for Madonna because of her celebrity status. Anyways good luck to Madonna and her new family. David Banda-Ritchie will definitely have a better life as Madonna's child.
Having said that, Charity begins at home. There are thousands of 'poor, black babies', african american children, hispanic, caucasian children littered in orphanages and foster homes. They need loving homes too. You don't have to cross the ocean to adopt a child before you can MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Take the log out of your own eyes before you look for the needle in another. That applies to all of you and me too. We need to do what we can to make a difference in our homeland. We should not have to wait for foreigners to come and show us that we have an elephant in our living room. Me I have done some small little widows might in the past (including helping to bring electricity to my village and helping found/fund charities albeit with much naivete). I know I will do more in the future God willing because it's teh right thing to do. What have you done and what are you doing?


Material girl Madonna sets the record straight about her adoption of the Malawian boy, David Banda. Here is a preview from Reuters. Check your local listings to see the full interview.

Friday, October 20, 2006


Caught on Video

Sorry to Kill the JAY-Z love going on but have you guys seen this video of JAY Z allegedly punching a South African woman on the AND network site. It is making its rounds in SA.
Is it real? This article says NO... that it happened a while ago and it is not a fan in SA but some one on his crew. What do you think? Looks like an attempt to cast a negative light on JAY-Z.
(the above is a timely break out to the real topic)

There have been some opinions about the This Day concert that featured JAY-Z and Beyonce about the cost of the tickets and the fees they were paid. Here's one sent in by a reader...
"Adaure, i was wondering why you didn't cover the This day Music festival as many other blogs did. I was waiting to post my opinion when you did, but anyways, here it is: I really don't know if I'm the only one who feels this way but something is totally amiss with the concept of the This day festival, i can't stand to watch it without getting angry; the reason? It could be that we, Nigerians have our priorities utterly misplaced. First the people dancing for 53hrs straight to break some world record, now this? HOW IN THE WORLD CAN PEOPLE PAY UP TO 100K for a show promoting foreign artistes- in a country struggling to promote our image economically and culturally?! I understand the festival's role in promoting cultural tourism but not through a misguided festival for Nigerians. We are meant to sell ourselves to the world, In my opinion, this is excessivness at its worst."

I'll share my opinion later but what say ye... do you share or oppose this reader's view?

Plus Madonna's Adoption of a Malawi boy. It's celebrities and their Africa Pet projects.

All that coming the mean time I want to hear what you have to say.

JAY-Z , This Day Concert, Madonna and the African Pet Projects
I have been waiting for the right opportunity to discuss this and I have somethings on my mind. First of all let me give all kudos to my fellow bloggers, Bella, Taureanminx and Don Chi for their exceptionally brilliant and impressive 'point-to-point-team coverage' of what was undoubtedly the biggest hip-hop concert to hit the shores of West-Africa. If I owned my own darn TV station I would hire ya'll and we would give Entertainment Tonight a run for their money Africa Style. As in did they literally put the organizing news magazine to shame or what? I hope This Day execs get to read this...SEND THE REPORTER ON THAT BEAT TO DESK DUTY FOR 2 WEEKS FOR GETTING SCOOPED ON YOUR TURF. One would think that in this day and age of New Media that a major news leader, for whom I imagine has a large number of Internet readership based in the diaspora, as is with many online Nigerian newspapers, did not provide any coverage online save for a few poorly written articles and poor quality photos. Their complete wrap up came a week later after the bloggers had floored them and the sizzle had ultimately fizzled. I hope the Internet version does not reflect the hard copy coverage. That having been said the organizers, This Day truly out did and surpassed expectations and deserve due credit. It is easy to sit at my computer, millions of miles away and lambaste, criticize and theorize about their choices, motives and our priorities as a nation. That's a mental exercise that some of us burden ourselves with when in actuality no body gives a flip. The concert is like so over, Jay-Z, Beyonce and Busta are gone and I am freaking bitter. As much as I would have sworn not to pay the ridiculous amount that was the cost of the ticket (ranging from an equivalent of $200 -$800 depending on who you ask), as a typical Nigerian girl, I would have shamelessly found an 'Aristo' or 'interested-fellow' to foot the bill, not just because paying such an excessive amount on a concert or item of limited value goes against my principles but because there is less guilt in spending someone else's money. As a last resort a puppy face for my old-man or a series of 'successive-obtainments' from him would have done the trick and gotten me either the cheapest possible ticket available or the VIP ticket respectively. Again, the later being highly unlikely because of prudence. I probably would have pocketed the money and tried to get a FREE press pass.
But hypocrisy, fan flare and aspersions aside, it begs to question, what was this concert about because it appears to be double faced in the way it was presented versus what it was really about. And did our senators and governors get courtesy tickets or did they seriously pay $1000 to attend a hip-hop concert while their constituents live on a less than a $1 a day (Scratching my head...skewered priorities?). I am sure I am not the only one asking this or who was thinking this as I read down the list of dignitaries who attended? I also have to ask did we really need 'foreign' musicians to front line a music festival about 'Nigerian Independence'? It looked more like a 'July 4th' celebration on 'October 1st' because it was not about Nigerian music but American music. Truth be told no one really cared about the Nigerian acts, they were there just to fill up time.
Then what is up with Jay Z masquerading what is indeed an 'Africa Tour' ahead of his album release as a UN mission and about water conservation. Who are we kidding? For all intents and purposes bringing awareness to the water shortage is noble but after reading this article, not asking whether this whole thing is less about water shortage than his comeback is simply fatuous. This is a classic form of patronization. I would probably differ in opinion if Jay Z and co turned around and gave back their concert fee to a cause in the places they visited but since all the buzz I am yet to read anything about either of these people making any donation to either the water project or the places they have visited in Africa. My 'google news alert ' has been known to be slow on delivery so fill me in if you have any information that shows otherwise. And if I may borrow the words of Y.A and I quote "I don't remember any (US) state governor having Styl-Plus help open power plant(re:borehole) when they came over here o". Lol... seeing Jay Z in the Emir regalia though was priceless and showed he was really into his trip.
Truth be told lending his image to the cause will help turn the world eyes to the continent and the issue. In addition the success of this concert has been kinda positive for Nigeria. I say that hesitantly because the concert is what it is, entertainment...that's being used as part of an image building campaign. Without the facts behind the deal (relying on news articles)I can't say too much but let me put it in a term that paints a clearer picture. This would be like giving incentives and tax breaks (performance fee) to lure Transnationals (high profile celebrities) sample our market (entertain us) and help refine our crude oil (improve our image) by shipping it out of the country (positive media coverage and buzz) so that it becomes more attractive and is of more value. The success of which is expected to result in more Transnationals and conglomerates to becomes interested (foreign investment) so as to boost our economy. Hmh...I don't know about that over simplified theory but that seems to be what is most implied. Misguided as it may be it makes small sense and could actually work. It is still to soon to call the jury out on that. But over all, the concert was entertaining, Nigerians loved it, it brought business for some people, and took away other people's pocket money. It was hip-hop at its best with a promise of more to come. Hopefully P.Diddy, John Legend (whom ever else is famouse that year) May be it is just us in the diaspora, and those who have high speed internet and extra times on our hands, but I am hoping we can get to a point where we won't have to ask these hard questions and just see things as mundane as this on the face value for what they are. But who am I kidding, it's Nigeria we are talking about and sometimes that's kinda hard.
Coincidentally another celebrity was also in Africa making the rounds just like Jay Z, Anderson Cooper, George Clooney etc. I guess the past month it has all been about somebody famous or the other going to Africa. Truth be told celebrities have good intentions and mean well to lend their images to certain causes but some of them make it about themselves that they defeat the purpose and essence of why they were there in the first place. Our dear Madonna and her adoption issue for example. Is she copying Brangelina or this is just Madonna being Madonna? Attention Seeker.... I just wonder? This whole adoption of a 'poor unfortunate African baby' is beginning to look more like a fad than anything. One reminiscent of the Hollywood celebrity and their Chihuahua and toy-puppy phase (@ Calabar Girl I drew this parallel before your comment so let's just say great minds think alike). These are children we are talking about not goods or animals at Petco. What should we expect next Paris and Nicole adopting African babies too. Believe you me that's coming soon to your next tabloid stand. Let's also not forget the rave that it was also for Americans to adopt Asian children. If I recall correctly didn't some of them end up in the sex trafficking trade?
So now that Malawi's government has expedited Madonna's adoption of the child does that now mean that the law that disallows adoption by non-resident is no longer valid? This again is another between a rock and hard place situation because Madonna's situation is bringing well needed and over due attention to the many Aids orphans but does it have to be about her as well. Some of these celebs should take a cue from Oprah and Bono who have mastered the art of being entertainment celebrity philanthropist without casting too much of the spotlight on themselves and turning it into PR. George Clooney and his dad are also doing it well with the Darfur matter. The more the merrier but this should not be an exercise in egotistical splendor. When people start questioning your motives then perhaps it is time to reacess and say 'Wait a minute' because you must have sent the wrong unintended message. Africa has been exploited enough, there is not need to exploit us any more. Rather than all this misplaced need to give a child a 'loving home' away from home how about sponsoring the child's upkeep and education, build and maintain a school for the orphans, build, equip and sponsor an Aids of Fistula clinic, buy sewing machines for the women in shelters to learn a trade. These would go a longer way than shopping for a baby to bring into a dysfunctional lifestyle that the Hollywood celebrity life can be. One day one marriage another divorce, custody battle, paparazzi problem. Life in the quiet African Village without electricity begins to seem more appealing amidst that chaos . Many of us are afraid to say this but I will... lets pray some of these children don't turn into your stereotypical Hollywood kids who are strung out on drugs and alcohol by the time they are legal.
Again who the hell am I? If it bother's me that much perhaps I should step away from my computer and go and that which I think is proper. It is not my place to judge or question people's personal or business choices and motives. What they do with their time, money and fame. I am merely an observer, a citizen-Kane expressing my opinion. Am I right? I don't expect to be and don't have to be. Could this all be an incoherent pointless diatribe? Perhaps so, Perhaps not, I have put it out there, you decide. Do you have to agree with my point of view? Absolutely not, but do take one. Should you ask questions and think critically about some of the, albeit, mundane things that happen in our world today? To that I say an unequivocal 'You betcha you should'.
The Floor is away

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Cramps, Headache and Back pain

It is going to be another rough day today. No amount of Midol seems to ever work. God why!!! why!!! why!!! do we really have to go through this every freaking month just because of a freaking apple. It wasn't even a Granny Smith. And this is just the good part. I haven't started complaining about the 9 months of a potruding belly, clothes stretched outta shape and 9 hours of labor. There's gotta be a way out that's normal...not the 4 a month thing. Ok enough of my raving.. I am off to work....I'll be high on Midol today so that I don't bite anyone.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Morakinyo Akinkoye Feb 25th 1979- Oct 13 2006

I only got the sad news this morning. Moraks was a special friend in our family...the Ex-brother-In-Law. I remember my friends (Aase and Enuka) and I making fun of how he and his friend Babs made the brownest KC white-and-white uniforms look whiter than they really were because they were just too black. I didn't know him very well then, had met him a few times after lesson through Stan and Babs and had heard his name enough times from them that he was the invisible musketeer. It wasn't until I had reason to have a wanted poster and a bounty on his head (inside joke) that I got to know him. He joined my IM list, sent me emails and even called me a few times just to see how I was doing with school(even though I was out of school). I was thinking to myself...hmh this cat is using style to suck up for approval and trying to get in good with the big sis all the way in 'Ame'. Genius. He succeeded in charming his way and every now and then we'ld jam online and just say wassup. I don't have much to say because our time shared was very limited but your loss has been deeply felt in my family. You will be sorely missed Moraks. Our family joins the Akinkoye family as they go through this tough and sad period. We pray for only laughter, smiles and fond memories instead of tears. Rest in Peace Moraks.

Read his blog Droppn-It-Like-its-Hot
Check out his HI-5

See Olawunmi's Tribute

Also see Bhookey's memories of Moraks who was his cousin and Life Through Tinted Glasses's Last conversations in HE DIED

In this circle of life we are all connected, we feel the ripple when there's one more drop or a stone thrown into the pond. Love and cherish your friends and family because they are important. Don't forget the people you meet in life, even if it is only for one minute, that minute was a destined one. Love, respect and treat your fellow human being with dignity and respect because they are the image of God on earth. Live life to the fullest, like it is your last, tomorrow continues to elude us so enjoy today while you still have it. Don't let any thing hold you down. ((((hugs))))

The comment section is silenced in his honor. Leave any condolences at this site created in Morakinyo's Memory

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


The Four Memes (or whatever)

I have been tagged by Icy...ngwa begin read and get to working on your own tag too


1. Video Production Assistant (aka Camera Woman)
2. Aunty Adaure (aka House girl/Hair Braider/ Babysitter/ Laundryman and Cook)
3. Bojangles Customer Service Rep (aka Fast Food Cashier...quit the job after two weeks and became vegetarian)
4. Journalist with local ABC and CBS stations, a newspaper and an intern for a cable network (aka busting my ass for that resume)

1. Princess Adaure of the Serengeti (it is a tough job ruling a Kingdom)
2. President (haven't decided what country that's why it is fictional)
3. First Woman to Play in the NBA
4. Music Video Ho (I actually wrote a poem about it because it is so unattainable for me)

bonus: Bollywood Actress :)

1. Sound of Music
2. Franco Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet (the one with Mary from Jesus on Nazareth)
3. Kuch Kuch Ho Tai
4. Eve's Bayou

1. Lagos, Nigeria (Iwaya Rd Onike, Oworonshoki, Akoka)
2. Charlotte NC
3. Durham, Chapel Hill NC
4. Santa Maria CA

1. Anderson Cooper 360/ and whatever else I catch on CNN
2. Desperate Housewives
3. Girlfriends

1. Orlu/ Owerri/ My Village ...Imo State Nigeria
2. Benin, Edo State
3. Disney World, Orlando FL
4. Myrtle Beach SC....I felt like I was going to get lynched any moment

1. Yahoo
2. Blogger and Company
3. CNN
4. Google

1. Ramen Noodles or Banquet Microwave Dinner(Na Condition make Crayfish bend)
2. Freshly pound yam and Ofe Owerri with Eju and Isam (veg. soup with snails and periwinkle)
3. Garri with Ogbono with Bitter leaf and assorted
4. Rice and fried goat or cow meat stew

1. Akpu (pounded cassava fufu)
2. Sushi
3. Amala
4. Cherries (allergic....they cause my ears and throat to itch like crazy)

1. SHRIMP, lots of it, as in I am in cloud 9 thinking about it ....but I am allergic.
2. Ribena or Lucozade
3. I am kinda craving Chinese as I type
4. A good fufu meal with Egusi Soup (just regular is manageable for me)

1. A hot mess ( shoes, clothes, cups and plates everywhere)
2. No bloke
3. Knife and Fork
4. a packed mini-suit case

1. A water bed
2. A jacuzzi
3. A chilled bottle of Don P.
4. John Legend

1. Brown ankara/abada Wrapper with blue stars
2. Brown bra and pant to match
3. slippers
4. ok.....count my braids in too (I Swear I am not making this up)

1. On a Mediterranean beach with John Legend
2. Rocking some runway in Paris or Milan
3. In Iraq or Afghanistan covering the War
4. In Nigeria (it'll be kinda crowded don't ya'll think)

1. Under the Sea ( Little Mermaid)
2. A World with PEACE
3. The Land of Milk and Honey... from the Bible
4. Lagos without Smog and Traffic Jam

1. Oprah
2. Nelson Mandela
3. Christiane Amanpour
4. John Legend

1. hmh.... I am not sure if I can reveal what's 'really' on my mind
2. Packing up for Christmas in Nigeria
3. Why do I have breasts and periods
4. My next career move

1. My family
2. the love of my life
3. my dear friends
4. Just being Me.... plain ol' Adaure....ya'll know there's none better than the original

1. Kulutempa
2. Onada
3. Nneka
4. Aba Boy
bonus: All of you as Mr. Tortoise would say

Monday, October 16, 2006


Don Lemon and TJ Holmes

I am sure you guys have noticed the new 'brothas' on CNN. Don Lemon and TJ Holmes recently came on bored. Hmh...all I can say about that is they surely know how to read the news. I mean Leon Harris and Bernard Shaw were clean but they look like my dad. Lol. I am still warming up to Don being paired with my girl Kyra. I got so used to her doing the solo thing and rocking the show that Don getting in the mix was a bit jarring at first. I will catch on soon. But Tj Holmes....Tj Holmes... let me allow you see why I called his name twice. (By the way he looks like he could be named Terrence Jamal Holmes or something)

Now 'sistuhs' ya'll can get used to waking up to that on the weekends. I will now await Singto to attack me about my light-skinned men syndrome. You can catch Mr. Holmes on Saturdays and Sundays with Betty Nguyen.

Meanwhile staying on the theme of AIDS Awareness, kudos to Don Lemon for a series of reports he did for his station in Chicago about AIDS in Africa. This picture below is not the most flattering. Catch him on the show weekdays with Kyra between 11am and 1pm eastern.

Is it just me or do they look just a tiny bit alike? They do sound alike too.

By the way Oprah fanatics... her house in Hawaii is fine according to ET. Only her vases and books took the brunt of the jolt. I'm sure she'll be aight.

Sunday, October 15, 2006



Africa's Greatest Musician

Fela Anikulapo-Kuti

Born: October 15 1939 in Abeokuta Nigeria

Died: August 2 1997 in Lagos Nigeria

Cause of death : complications resulting from AIDS



Thanks for hanging with Addy during Felabration even though some of you were bored by the second post. Anyways I have done my part to educate you on Fela and Afrobeat. I hope you have learned something. Best students to get 10 over 10 for commenting, Aba Boy, Singto, PSB and anonymous. Go to McDonald's and buy yourself a Big Mac otherwise if we jam, drinks on me, Pure Water that is. Ok ok make I raise you small. Fanta?

Friday, October 13, 2006


The New Sounds and Faces

In my effort not to teach you nonsense, I have been also educating my self on Afrobeat. Ther is power in knowledge and Education folks (duh). I have learnt so much over the past week about this very important part of our culture that I actually feel like an 'expert'. Today's lesson is about Afrobeat in the 21st century. The soldiers who are now carrying the torch and the message of Fela to the young Nigerians and the rest of the world. But before we go into that we have to look back and see who the people are that set the pace along with Fela. This part of today, lecture is called Sankofa; looking back into our past and understand why and how we got to today so we can move ahead to the future . If there's anyone that I am missing from this list or if you have some inside story you want to share, please leave it in the comment section. If you don't participate, I will send Fela's Area Boys to obtain from you and you know what that means.


You know, Fela indeed is Afrobeat because as I was searching for people who may have been his contemporaries, I discovered they were all his former band members and friends. What a way to hold a monopoly....

Koola Lobitos was the name of Fela's band before he relocated to the US and changed it. They included Tony Oladipo Allen who was the co-founder of afrobeat and Fela's lead drummer. Fela once said, and I paraphrase without Tony Allen there would be no Afrobeat.

Dede Mabiaku was Fela's friend and protege and they had a some resemblance

Segun Damisa and the Afrobeat Crusaders who died July 17, 2006 was a Kalakuta resident

Lekan Babalola played with Fela as well, not sure if he fits under here, but his stuff is pretty good

The Future of Afrobeat

Femi Kuti was not the only one who is keeping the spirit of Afrobeat alive. Here are some new breed afrobeaters of our generation. They are helping to spread the essence of the music to a diverse audience. A Detroit newspaper calls them Fela's Children. A number of them are on independent labels so you may want to scour the internet or your local indy-music shop for their stuff. Listen to their they match up (because none can compare) or are they just half bad.

Ade Bantu and the Afrobeat Academy. Visit the Bantu Crew website for more (psssst...hotness:)

Seun Anikulapo-Kuti and his Egypt 80 band (the remix)


Ramses Revolution

Boston Afrobeat Society

Afro Beat Down

Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra

Ayetoro. Also visit his Myspace page


Chicago Afrobeat Project

I could not find many women who were band leaders. I guess that was not on the agenda, especially with the way Nigerian society is. And judging from some of Fela's lyrics and things that he has said, I can imagine him saying something like 'A woman does not play drum or blow trumpet.' Sorry if this offends anyones sensitivities but indeed Fela was an unapologetic chauvanist who objectified women. Interestingly his mother was the leading women's and human rights activist so I can't explain some of his positions. Anyways share your thoughts on this lesson and add any of the new generation that I may have left out. I will try to post pictures but now I have to run out of the house.


Tribute to Abami's Dancing Queens

In Afrobeat, dance is the sister to the music. No african musician infused the two as a main stay in their act better than Fela (and now Femi). Back then it was Fela and his girls, now we talk about Femi and his girls. Growing up I remember watching URTNA and music interludes on NTA. Fela was one of the musicians that would show up. Back then I did not appreciate the music genre and thought he was the worst singer because his voice was so croaked up from smoking and then the songs were boringly long. But the only thing that would hold my attention were the half-naked, chalk-dotted faced women dressed in nothing but beads. Some times we would be lucky to catch them topless with great big breasts jiggling to the rhythm of the drumbeat. This forbidden sight, watching naked breasts, could get you a sound beating in my house but somehow we found our way around it and by hiding behind the chair when we were sent to our room. I used to secretly wish that I could be so free-spirited and dance like them, shake and wriggle my tiny body as gracefully as they did. But their reputation of being nothing but mere prostitutes and wayward girls, the drugs and the kind of dance they did...welll ya'll know that story. I eventually got a chance to dance as wildly one christmas when I insisted on joining the girls' dance troupe in my village. I was only 8 or 9 and my cousin and I had a blast. By 10 I decided I was a babe and was not going to parade my self to make money. Then I set my eyes for the Cultural dance troupe, but tribalism was at play as the dances were traditional yoruba dance, it appeared only Yoruba girls could be in the troupe. Their non-yoruba friends ended up drumming or shaking the shekere. By the time I got into SS1 little did I know that I would be forced into heading the Igbo Cultural dance troupe at my secondary school. It was fun but I had to sum up courage and confidence to do that. I loved it and when I got to UNC it was no surprise that I would start dancing again and even got some professional training first with some random modern dance teacher with the NC Dance theater of Charlotte and then a student with Durham's Chuck Davis Dance company.
Every where I hear drums, I find it hard to just nod my head and tap my feet. I have been told by one pastor that I was possessed by dancing spirits. Even though he wa strying to be funny, I couldn't agree with him more. There are dancing spirits inside me, Fela's girls moving and shaking, dust rising at every stump of my feet. When I hear the sound of the drums, it is like a call.... 'rise up and dance.' Like a Zombie, every dead bone wakes up tothe beat.

If you have seen any of the videos or stage performances by the Kuti's you know for certain that there is no ounce of dead bone in them. They took their dancing seriously and most of all that's really what got them off the streets. I don't need to go into the negative aspects of the 'Fela Girl Syndrome' but all I have to say is that we start giving them credit for exporting african culture, rather than debase them because of the circumstances of life. After all no be condition make crayfish bend. They were as much the attraction as was Fela and his music. Below are some photos that I found. There aren't that many of them on stage online. If anyone finds some, please alert me.

Fela and His Wives
by Derek Stanovsky

Ngozi's Story of life as a Fela girl

Daddy's girl Yeni Kuti the AFROBEAT DANCE PRINCESS is working hard to reverse the perception of being a dancer at Fela's Shrine. She is also trying to make dancing recognized. I am not sure how far she has gone to establish her dance school/classes as the article states, but ladies in Lagos, ya'll need to take advantage of it because dancing is a way to get toned, keep fit and shed pounds.

Check out Femi's Dancers at WOMAD 2006 (his girls are the hottest dancers on earth...Beyonce has nothing on them)

While we are on teh topic of dancing, do check out the fire dancers of UNC, OASIS's very own dance troupe now known as ZANKILIWA (Addy and company used to get down on some djembes and makossa way back when it was just 'oasis members present a dance' some how i ended up making this post about how i love to hope you enjoyed it the way na me dey fly like atilogwu dancer for that first picture:)


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AFROBEAT means different things to different people. This is the Afrobeat alphabet and what I think it means. I know I have been giving ya'll assignment and you have been using style to dodge by not leaving comments. But y'all need to get involved. What is AFROBEAT to you? See the rest of the assignment in the original post.

Afrobeat is AFRICA
Afrobeat is a CULTURE not just a LIFESTYLE
Afrobeat is DRUMS and DANCE
Afrobeat is FELA ANIKULAPO-KUTI; Afrobeat is FIRE and FUNK
Afrobeat is HIGHLIFE
Afrobeat is from the JUNGLE JAZZ
Afrobeat is a LEGACY and LANGUAGE about LIFE in LAGOS
Afrobeat is not just MUSIC for the MASSES but a MOVEMENT of thePEOPLE (M.O.P)
Afrobeat is NIGERIA
Afrobeat is POWER, and the POLITICS of the POOR
Afrobeat is the QUEENS of the SHRINE who shake to the beat
Afrobeat is RHYTHM
Afrobeat is about TRUTH and TRADITION
Afrobeat is huge part of the UNDERGROUND CULTURE of AMERICA...Will it go mainstream?
Afrobeat is VIBRATION
Afrobeat is WISDOM (not from the weed) and WHATEVER YOU WANT IT TO BE
Afrobeat is 'X-OTIC'
Afrobeat is YABIS GALORE

You want to become an Afrobeat student? Here is Fela's Incomplete Discography which you can find in you music store or download. You should also check these books out at your local University's library or on Amazon (some are thesis that are available at individual universities)

Fela: Life And Times Of An African by Michael Veal

Fela: From West Africa to West Broadway by Trevor Schoonmaker

Arrest The Music!: Fela and His Rebel Art and Politics (African Expressive Cultures) by Tejumola Olaniyan.

Femi Bankole Osunla: My Black President: 23 Years With Fela Anikulapo Kuti by Fela Kuti and Femi Bankole Osunla

Black President: The Art and Legacy of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti by Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Fela Anikulapo-Kuti

Study of the Music and Social Criticism of African Musician Fela Anikulapo-Kuti (Studies in the History and Interpretation of Music) by Niyi Coker

For Women and the Nation: FUNMILAYO RANSOME-KUTI OF NIGERIA by Cheryl Johnson-Odim and Nina Emma Mba

Creativity and protest in popular culture: The political music of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti (Revolutionary monographs on culture and society in Africa) by Iyorchia D Ayu

Use of music to create political awareness and mobilization: A case study of two Nigerian musicians (Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and Sonny Okosun) by Joseph Amali Shekwo

Afrobeat: Fela and the Imagined Continent by Sola Olorunyomi



OMG!!!! Pardon the interuption of FELABRATION but I just have to share with ya'll this marvellous moment in the week. They come rarely so I have to bask in this one. So since I saw this TMX on TV me too had been itching for and secretly desiring one but my rational side has been like WTF do you want with a toy...AGBAYA!!. But every once in a while I would go and see the clip on YouTube to get some good 'laff' on more like to justify for myself that I really should bone up and get one. y justification was that I could save it for my first child, afterall will a toy like this come out again. Interestingly we were reporting on it for the newscast some time last week or two about how stores were limiting one purchase per perosn. I had to make calls to see if I could get permission to send a photographer to go into one of the stores. So I used style to find out where the TMX's were and how much, but lo and behold, the whole of Santa Maria was out of TMX's. Next shipment would not be for another week. Thhe thing vex me small. Meanwhile my newest roommate (this is how you know ppl that are wise) apparently bought like 3 or 4 at regular price from Walmart. How about she sold them on E-Bay for close to $200 each. So yesterday night we had guests over and we were just randomly discussing Xmas wish list(only in our house do guests do the and Bach live on Banquet Frozen Dinner..we take turns to stuck up). As I was just yapping on and on and running my mouth about all the things that were on my wish list that I wanted and was dreaming about i.e the Canon GL-2 Camcorder, the EOS 350D camera, the Toshiba A100 Satellite laptop, the Christian Louboutin shoes, a red Porsche 911 4s Cabriolet (na beans) and of course the TMX Elmo which had just made it to the list and is obviously the only thing I can afford at $40. I was just going on about how I was going t get one just so that I can tickle it and laugh every morning, especially as Santa Maria is just dry and I had an off-color day at work that yesterday. I even had to text and call Kulutempa to vent about it (since I can't blog about it). Anyways how about I just walked into my room from work and saw some box on my bed. Omo, FEAR GRIP ME!!! I look the box well well, I come carry had for breast dey look the box like say na spirit. There was a note that read 'Halloween Gift--Jean'. OMG!!! I was like this better not be a bad joke. I went to her room and was like 'Jean!?! What is that on my bead?' and she was like , 'That's for you, I had an extra one.' OOOOHHHH GGGOOOOODDDDD!!! I started jumping like a little kid trying not to let tear rundown my eyes. I was about to have an Oprah moment. In my head I was thinking 'Ok Adaure, don't start crying because she will think you are a weirdo.' Then I tried opening the box and Elmo's voice came ringing through 'Uh Uh peaking'.....ARRRGGGGHHHHH!!! I wanted to die. I hugged her like 4 times and I am still grinning from ear to ear. Guess who will be going to work with me tomorrow. ELMO!!! HA HA HA HA!!! If anybody just tries me, I will turn to ELMO and laugh it off. Lol. Anyways I just had to relay how happy that moment was. There are truly people who are very selfless and actually listen to the cares of other people. She could easily have sold it on Ebay for another $200 but she gave it to me because she knew it would make me happy. A genuine expression of kindness that I will endeavor to pass on to another fellow human being. My ELMO shall now have a special name 'Elemochigbue' which literally means 'Look and Laugh Die'. We can go with 'Ele' for short (pronounced 'A-Lay'). It shall be like a puppy to me but without the poop part. I wonder if there is a way to customize a TMX Elmo to laugh and talk in Igbo. Hmh....I wonder. Meanwhile who else has an ELMO? And who is JEALOUS of ADDY right about now.... Hee Hee!!

By the way, I slept through my FIRST EARTHQUAKE last night. A magnitude 1.5 and it happened around midnight. I guess I was having a very sweet dream that I didn't wake up at all.

Meanwhile, this 'bad skin' of mine will soon cause something. So the other day I happened upon a blog that Bella ahd linked o. Something 'juicy'. The blogger wrote something on how she was dealing with adult acne and was eating aloe vera and it was working. Now I have heard that before. My friend who goes to Grailand used to eat aloe vera like it was mango, and her skin is like a baby's bottom. Smooth and fresh. I even drank a gallon of aloe juice one time for curing my acne. I also use dto break off the leaves from Desmina's Aloe plant that she used to decorate the house to rub on my face. So seeing this again and it being a time when I was really having a major break out and chaffing because of the retin a treatment, I decided to try this recommendation. WHhy did yours truly go to 'WalMarket' to go and buy an Aloe plant for dinner. I got all excited and proceeded to part the broken leaf in two right down the middle. I scraped out the 'gelly' and 'slimy' inside and put it in my mouth in order to swallow. That was a big mistake. The nastiest thing ever. My pallete was not having it at all and it was not agreeing with my taste buds. Before I knew it, I was puking majorly in the bathroom. Oh God!!! I could see the delicious steak and corn that I had eaten for lunch just go down the drain. I was upset oh. Doyou know how much wastage that it. Luckily for me I had not had dinner so I was able to replenish what I had lost. So the moral of my story, for anyone who is attempting to eat ALoe Vera, BIKO no try am. I have done teh experiment for you so it is not neccessary anymore. Just stick to rubbing it on your face and skin-problem area. By the grace of God one day one day I will have skin like 'Beyonce' and will be glowing like 'Gloria'. Lol

ADD: Awwwww MEEEENNNN STOOOPPPP....... I am having a crazily fabulous day. John Legend's album dropped yesterday. Can you imagine that I forgot. How about I just got that in my email (sorry folks can't share, go buy your copy so me and jonhy can put food on the table). YES!!! ADDY IS HAVING THE BEST WEEK EVER!!!!! First Elmo now JL. Also got the Resonance Album mailed to me last week. I am killing that song LeeLee. The Igbo lyrics aka 'akwa uwa' is just too 'rad'. Thanks anonymous sources. Here's a toast to all the anonymous sources that be giving hook ups ;)

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There are so many pictures and painting of Fela which capture his spirit and the essence of his music. Literally tons. From these anyone can see that indeed Fela was a captivating figure and an effervescent performer. Fela's official photographer Femi Bankole Osunla claims to have about 15,000 images of Nigeria's most popular export. You can see a few of the Official Collection of Fela's Photographs. These are some that I found online as I continue my week long Tribute to the Afrobeat King. Most of them appear to have been taken by Mr. Osunla while a few others are copyrighted to other photographers. You should also check out this pictorial tribute to Fela on the BBC. If you didn't read it yet, Mona also posted some of Fela pictures that are hosted by Urban Images as well as a Time line of Fela's life. Photos are linked directly from host sites for copyright purposes.

Fela and his late brother, Dr. Beko Ransome-Kuti
Fela with his mother Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti

Fela in his coffin