Thursday, October 26, 2006


On Madonna Adopting David

Jeff Koinange interviewed Mr. Banda and the interview will be on Anderson Cooper 360 Tonight. If you miss it you can catch it on Live with Kyra Phillips and Don Lemon at 1pm eastern. Why is CNN the only US network to have an exclusive interview(not just sound bite) with a key player in this whole adoption fiasco? Because they are the only ones in Africa. Sooner or later Uncle Jeff will have the Wesley-Snipes-Explains-his-tax-evasion exclusive because Namibia is right up his alley. You can read a preview of Mr. Banda's interview. I will try to get the transcript for those of you who don't have cable.

These photo of Madonna's new family was released by her publicist today. While I don't think releasing the photos was neccessary (feeding the frenzy) David looks happy and I guess that's really what matters.


Ms. May said...

He does look very happy. I think she felt the need to show that she has done the right thing for this little boy. Fab blog on many levels!

Red Indian said...

He's a baby. Food, clothing, and people who play with him will make him happy. My only fear is that while gaining a new family and a wealthy future, he'll lose his wonderful African culture. But like my co-worker said, "na culture he go chop?"