Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Morakinyo Akinkoye Feb 25th 1979- Oct 13 2006

I only got the sad news this morning. Moraks was a special friend in our family...the Ex-brother-In-Law. I remember my friends (Aase and Enuka) and I making fun of how he and his friend Babs made the brownest KC white-and-white uniforms look whiter than they really were because they were just too black. I didn't know him very well then, had met him a few times after lesson through Stan and Babs and had heard his name enough times from them that he was the invisible musketeer. It wasn't until I had reason to have a wanted poster and a bounty on his head (inside joke) that I got to know him. He joined my IM list, sent me emails and even called me a few times just to see how I was doing with school(even though I was out of school). I was thinking to myself...hmh this cat is using style to suck up for approval and trying to get in good with the big sis all the way in 'Ame'. Genius. He succeeded in charming his way and every now and then we'ld jam online and just say wassup. I don't have much to say because our time shared was very limited but your loss has been deeply felt in my family. You will be sorely missed Moraks. Our family joins the Akinkoye family as they go through this tough and sad period. We pray for only laughter, smiles and fond memories instead of tears. Rest in Peace Moraks.

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In this circle of life we are all connected, we feel the ripple when there's one more drop or a stone thrown into the pond. Love and cherish your friends and family because they are important. Don't forget the people you meet in life, even if it is only for one minute, that minute was a destined one. Love, respect and treat your fellow human being with dignity and respect because they are the image of God on earth. Live life to the fullest, like it is your last, tomorrow continues to elude us so enjoy today while you still have it. Don't let any thing hold you down. ((((hugs))))

The comment section is silenced in his honor. Leave any condolences at this site created in Morakinyo's Memory