Monday, August 28, 2006


Reporting Live....

This post has been long over due. I am sure you all know who this gentle man is on the left and if you don't, then you're not very current on your news and current affairs. As in if Oprah Winfrey knows who Jeff Koinange is and you don't, then you berra 'axe' somborri. So let me tell you about Uncle Jeff as I have begun to call him since his 'reporting live from Liberia' days. Jeff Koinange is the Africa correspondent for CNN (while Alphonso Van Marsh is the video-correspondent..why they have ONLY two guys assigned to a whole continent of 50 countries and over 1000 ethnicities beats me, but it's better than the other networks that have none at all). This guy is by far and hands down one of the most talented and fantastic reporters to join CNN, and there are many of them in that place that it is hard to pick one over the other, but I have to tip my hat off higher to Uncle Jeff. May be I am just biased because he is from Africa and because of 'other factors'. The guy is a Ninja when it comes to covering the happenings of the continent. His news packages are heartfelt, sincere and tear jerking to say the least. I know the Nigerian government had a bitter sweet relationship with him when he was the bureau chief in Lagos (guess CNN got too much grief that they scrapped that spot. That I think was a loss for Nigeria but I am sure no one was wise enough to see the gain in having a CNN bureau in your country) and claim he exaggerates, but I'll rather be over sold on the severity of the news than to get nothing at all which is usually what happens if you leave it to the likes of NTA or Mister Minister of Misinformation. At the sound of a pin, you can trust Jeff to be reporting live from any point on the Continent at anytime just like an African-jujuman. One day he is in Cape, and before you blink he is in Cairo. Last time I checked my history books Cecil Rhodes never completed that particular rail line, which makes me wonder how the hell does he do it all, he and his photographer.
Since Jeff came on board, I have noticed a big difference in the way CNN covers Africa on their national airwaves. I don't get to watch CNN International so I am sure the coverage must be a bit different there with Femi Oke and Isha Sesay holding down the forte (Zain Verjee is from Kenya and is representing too on the national channel). Jeff brings a variety of stories about the continent. When it comes to the normal and very typical 'Africans are hopeless', 'Africans are always hungry or sick' or 'Africans are always killing each other' he is sure to tell it as it is without sugar coating. When it comes to the other touching stories about people that stirs up emotions, about positive things happening he manages to not just 'pitch' but 'sell' his stories to the 'powers-that-be' and brings it to us like I haven't seen before. And as I have observed, anything that has to do with a 'good' side of Africa needs a used-car salesman or a 'celebrity' attachment to be sold.
I am definitely not saying that my icon Christiane Amanpour has not done a great job covering Africa. Are you kidding me, she is the very reason I am broke and struggling journalist. I'm almost amazed that I don't have a shrine for her in the corner of my closet, or a locket with her picture hanging over my neck. I am also not saying that Charlyne Hunter-Gault didn't do a great job as Africa Bureau Chief in Jo'burg either. In fact they both set the pace and paved the way for Jeff to come in and shine as he is doing right now. But I think what makes Jeff different is that he is African himself and knows where the shoe pinches 'US' more than a foreign reporter thrown into the mix just because he or she can speak 'french' or joined the Peace Corp after college . (That's Addy being sarcastic.) When Jeff reports I hear an African man telling the story of his people and with passion, authority and command in his voice saying 'Stop, Look and Listen because what I am about to tell you is important to me and should be to you as well'.

You must be wondering why I am raving about Jeff all of a sudden. Well I was really excited about Oprah but couldn't help but notice how impressive Jeff's news package about Oprah's Academy was. You can see the segment as it appeared on Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room below.

It was such a good story that it brought tears to my eyes. Let me not even get into that alliteration and assonance of his writing that just sounds like something out of Wole Soyinka's anthology. At first I brushed it off as part of the Oprah effect,because everything Oprah does brings tears of joy and happiness to ones eyes. I wish she would run for President so that I can join her campaign. Lol. When the same thing happened this past weekend with the Barack Obama 'Back to My Roots' story below, I was like 'WOW!!! This dude is awesome and where the hell did CNN find this guy'. I don't think any body else could have told those stories better(I couldn't find the other story I saw on Monday with the Senator taking the test).

Anyways I just thought I'd point it out just in case y'all didn't notice or just missed it. What do you guys think about Jeff's reporting if you have seen it in the past. Do y'all remember him on Katrina Aftermath. I think he did a superb job reporting on that because he was basically one of a few reporters at CNN with 'that kind of reporting' experience if you know what I mean. Who's your absolute favorite on CNN and why? My list is long but here it is in random order; Christian Amanpour, Anderson Cooper, Kyra Phillips, Jeff Koinange, Femi Oke, Soledad O'brien (missed her since I got out west, she comes on at 3am), Lou Dobbs, Wolf Blitzer, Ben Wedeman, Richard Quest, Tony Harris. (Adaora Udoji for sentimental reasons but she's now on Court Tv)... OH WHAT THE HECK I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!!THEY ARE JUST THE BEST!!!!
Also I know the answer to the question of why Africa doesn't get any coverage will be because the American Government has no interest there. But is that TRULY the case? Why don't we see positive stories about lifestyle, politics and reform coming out of Africa in American media. With the exception of the weekly program Inside Africa on CNN, which by the way is a very very good and eye opening program, why aren't there any others of the sort on American TV (I won't even get into the racism on National Geographic and Discovery Channel with their shows on animals and African tribes, as if the tribesmen too are some exotic animals. What is up with that? Has anyone seen that new reality show about the black natives on some Pacific Island. Not sure which channel or what it is called, tried searching but no luck. Anyways what exploitation. I am all for science and teaching about the worlds people and diversity but I abhor the demeaning and derogatory manner in which it is done. Where are the NAACP, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson when they need to be useful) . I am even upset that in the 24 hour round programming the only special regular attention Africa gets is a 30 minute program that only airs on the East Coast. I guess what we really need is for MNET to get a space on Comcast, Direct TV or TimeWarner and start beaming to the American audience or can you call and request it someone school me? And does anyone have the African Channel, what's that like. Anyways too many WHYS so I'll let you answer these and comment away already.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


24 ON THE 24TH

Singto at 1 sucking her finger and shining her eyes like halogen lamp

My dear friend Singto aka Saro or 'Kulutempa' to others turned 24 on the 24th. Spring chick, not even 25 but has the sense of a 100 year old woman. Singto is one of the smartest and most inspiring people I've ever met. I guess it runs in her genes or something. I met her through another buddy like 5 years ago when she first came to UNC (dang it's been that long...and I don't have any pictures to show for it?LOL). Ever since then we went from 'Ok I'm coming to your crib to eat' cos Sing can throw down on some stew and egusi. To 'will you help me with my maths' which she was good at but made for a terrible tutor because of her temper. To 'I love spending time and hanging out with you, why don't you move in with me and we'll get married'...just kidding. But I did move in with her and Singto became not just a great friend but a sister. That's why I can ignore her crassness sometimes as just another language of Kai!!! they don't call her 'Kulutempa' for nothing. Hmh... you don't want to be on Saro's bad side o because you will get a serious stare down and some venomous big grammer spat into your eyes that you won't even be able to read the fine prints in the dictionary as you are looking for the meaning of the words. You can imagine how I felt when I lost 'Ayo' her pet gerbil, which I did not kill. The rat was afraid of the bloody hurricane and he escaped from his rolling ball. As in I came home early to see if the rat came back to eat the cheese and peanuts I left on the floor. I'll save the full gist for another blog. Anyways Singto my darling love I hope that you are having a wonderful birthday week. Life ain't the same without you gurl (or didi and des) and I miss you very very much. Can't say that I wish you didn't go off to Yale to be all smarty-smarty and I can't say I wish I didn't come to Cali BUT DANG I have to say I wish we were back in Chapel Hill. You need to get the heck back to Connecticut my friend so I can call you and bitch about Cali and the other gender. Who the heck do you think you are taking 3 months vacation. Anyways gurl here's several birthday hugs and kisses. I LOVE you to death...MMMMUUUUUAAAAAHHHHH!!!! Below are a few snapshots from the life and times of my friend Singto. Isn't she just a cutie pie with those beady eyes.
My dear you still have not explained what you were doing in this picture or did as the case may be, but whatever it was, this is just a very classic kodak moment type of picture. Please frame it up.

Singto at 6 cheesing away

Singto at 23 and 9 months with Addy at Mo's engagement

At Des apartment in Greensboro jamming away

Singto feeling like Bob Marley

Thursday, August 24, 2006


PLUTO 1930-2006

(No not that Pluto) Ok folks, it's the end of the solar system as we have always known it. Once there were 9 and now there are 8...or is it 8.5. In my 26 years of existence, actually 18 of those 26, I'd always believed there were 9 planets. They are Mars, Venus, Earth, Mercury, Jupiter,Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. I know this because I had to see My Very Elephantine Mother Just Swallow Up Nine People just like that. Not to mention the Nine Pizzas, the Nine Pickles, the Nine Porcupines and all the silly mneumonic phrases that I had to come up with just to learn the names and order of the planets in the solar system. But today all that hard work has gone down the drain because some brainiacs just woke up one day and decided to change science by demoting Pluto to non-planet status. Actually they say it' now a dwarf planet. I don't buy that bullocks. That's like saying 'Honey, you're just not good enough to 'roll' with the big boys' and 'you belong in second base' and 'You can ride when you grow up'. But there's always one bad apple in the basket, one black sheep in the flock, one belly flop in the jelly belly and one bad planet in the Solar System reality show. So my dawg Pluto the tribe has voted you out because YOU are the WEAKEST LINK...goodbye.
It is a sad occurence my friends but it is either we've been lied to our entire lives about Pluto or Mr. Clyde Tombaugh had just a little too much to drink when he claimed he discovered another planet. He had the whole world fooled didn't he? And such fools we were to take too seriously the words of a 24 year old farm boy from Kansas. Isn't that where Dorothy is from again. How ever I do not fault Mr. Tombaugh in anayway. In fact, I do believe he truly discovered the 9th planet and some major PLAYER HATERS just want to steal the shine from his championship ring and put him on the bench. As don't hate a playa, hate the damn game and while you are at it get your own freaking planet. I mean it ain't like homie's got 12 moons or a 50Million inch dub for a ring. And who are these people anyways who decided to unplanetize Pluto. Can they even do that? This has got to be a matter of National Security for the Plutonites. Earth better get ready for the Invasion from Pluto, Plutonic Plague and Plutoride Showers. That if they don't crash Pluto into Earth. Meanwhile below is a statement from Disney, beacuse this has affected their brand. BUt you know sales of stuffed Pluto, Pluto T-Shirst and all things Plutonic will go uo like crazy

08/24/2006: "Despite Planetary Downgrade, Pluto Is Still Disney's 'Dog Star'"
BURBANK, CALIF – In reaction to
news today that Pluto was demoted to the status of "dwarf planet," the Seven Dwarfs issued their own short statement:
"Although we think it's DOPEY that Pluto has been downgraded to a dwarf planet, which has made some people GRUMPY and others just SLEEPY, we are not BASHFUL in saying we would be HAPPY if Disney's Pluto would join us as an 8th dwarf. We think this is just what the DOC ordered and is nothing to SNEEZE at."
As Mickey Mouse's faithful companion, Pluto made his debut in 1930 – the same year that
scientists discovered what they believed was a ninth planet.
Said a white-gloved, yellow-shoed source close to Disney’s top dog, "I think the whole thing is goofy. Pluto has never been interested in astronomy before, other than maybe an occasional howl at the moon."

Anyways along with the demise of Pluto, the news this week and the next month really will be full of memoriams and i feel this is the perfect time to Throw Your Lighters Up for the Angels, Legends and Icons, and regular people we have lost ....

Aaliyah (Dana Haughton), January 17 1979 - August 25, 2001

Tupac Amaru Shakur
June 16 1971 -September 13 1996

'Abami Eda' Fela Anikulapo-Kuti
October 15 1931 - August 2 1997 ( late shout)

Old New Orleans 1718 - August 29 2005(destroyed by Hurricane Katrina)

The Victims who died from the Hurricane
The World Trade Center Twin Towers 1966-September 11 2001
And the more than 2000 victims who were killed in the terrorist attack

For Darfur
Where a genocide continues while the World powers turn a blind eye

For Mama Africa and her forgotten sons and daughters and Unborn children
who have died and will die from Aids, Wars and Famines. We all know her problems and have a roels to play so let do our part.

For those who have died and continue to die (for or from)
Nigeria's Democracy, Exploitation of the Niger Delta,
The Star Sprangled Banner, Peace in the Middle East, The Freedom of Palestine
And the Poor Man who may be having his last meal today because tomorrow he may die from hunger and thirst.

(I know I hit ya'll with some unexpected deep stuvs after the funny Pluto bit, but my mood changed as I was blogging. Meanwhile for the purpose of courtesying the original owners of the photos, most are linked directly to their websites so click on them if you care to see further)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006



When I said I was going to dream about Johnny last night, I certainly was not expecting to dream about John 'creepy' Mark Karr. I mean what the heck is that about. So I went to bed and settled to start snoozing and dreaming about John Legend, my field of dandelions and the Ukulele. Why did I have a dream that John Mark Karr had kidnapped me instead. It was a very scary nightmare and it gave me the real feeling that there was an intruder in my room. So in the dream he was acting all crazy and wacky(no he was not playing his guitar as seen in the National Enquirer video) and trying to kill me. Anyways he had me tied down and then when I bit his fingers off his hand freaking came off and then he started laughing like a Dracula. That's when I woke up all sweating like I had just wrestled the Devil in a fight for my life. Trust me when I say it was not a good feeling at all. I did the sign of the cross turned the light on and went to check every where. I looked under my bed, went to lock my door and close my bathroom window. This is a sign that I have been watching too much news, Inside Edition and ET. I am sure I am not the only one having nightmares over this dude. I am sure all the little girls of America are petrified at the mention of this guys name. I can just imagine them screaming and saying 'John Mark Karr is under my bed'. Isn't that something? When nightmares are no longer about the 'cookie monsters' and 'ojuju-calabar' (as should be my case) but 'creepy pedophiles'. So from now on at least for the next 2 weeks I am detoxing and boycotting television news outside of work and being selective about what I watch. I'll be reaidng more news paper stuff. I just have to avoid seeing JMK's face again. May be I'll watch cartoons and MTV till the circus dies down. Meanwhile make sure you guys check out Christiane Amanpour's report on Osama Bin Laden on CNN at 9pm eastern. It should be pretty interesting. Trust Christy-Aman-Pizzle to BUUURING IT.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Back Again With Another Ballad...Told Ya'll

Just saw my prospectus John Legend perform his new song Save Room on the JC Penney's Jam on CBS! HE IS JUST TOTALLY AWESOME. So much talent. His voice is like...OMG... I can't describe it. I am just grinning ear to ear just listening to it. And isn't he just too badly hot looking on the cover of the cd above. So Hip and clean cut with his Marvin Gaye style soul-urbaness. And those pink pants... Love him Love Him Love Him. We need more intelligent brothers like this, not those other you-know whos. I'll definitely be in line for this album the day it drops and probably scrtach it all up with my over drive play. Anyways I dunno who he wrote the song for but J-honey I am still waiting for an 'Ode to Adaure'...can I request it to come in 'Igbo' too. Dawg...don't leave me hanging o. (Notice how Tayo is non-existent in the scope of things...Tayo Who? Right....she can jump into Lagos Lagoon abeg, i'll still continue my JL

I don't know if it is obvious by now that I have a thing for light skinned brothers. I cannot explain it but that's just how I have always been. Always crushing on the 'yellow paw-paws'. The darker berries that I have come accross don't just do it for me. It is very ironic because me I try to stay as black and proudly unadultrated but I still like some milk in my tea. Call me racist/self hating/prejudist but I guess it is the same way 'men' look for lighter skinned women that society has programmed my to prefer light skinned men and find my self more attracted to them before I notice the darker guy. Those ones have to really put in a lot of work to get my attention. But this does not now mean that I give them a free pass, they all have to work hard. Anyways I found another cute light skinned african brother that I can add to my list of 'Muses for my Perfect Guy'. I found this one on My space. Lol. Of all places and his name is Patrice. He comes by way of Sierra Leone through Germany and he is tres cutes in my book. I dunno about his music, a bit on the razz side but I like his style, very hippie-ish. Love it. I guess if I cut and paste features from John, Shemar and Patrice I can build my own computer generated light skinned brother. Lol. Ok I'll quit acting a fool now. Here's Patrice.

Speaking of light skinned brothers doing their thang in the music scene. Check out Ade Bantu of the Bantu Crew

Read about Ade Bantu in the past in an issue of Ariztos magazine but I didn't get a chance to hear his music until the other night while messing around on myspace and I love it. See I had to join the my space band wagon because I wanted to see pictures of Nnenna, but now I just go there to listen to these independent musicians. You can tell by looking at my friends list which has grown from just 2 to I think 9 over night. Lol. I love this Afro-beat genre of music. I get upset when some people try to mess it up with stupid nonsense but I think Ade Bantu has done some justice to it, is fresh and has put some youthful vigour into it. Anyways if you have listend to his whole album let me know what you think.

Ok enough BSing around for one night. I've got love for all 'MAN' kind after all we are all God's kids and create din his own image. But right now I am going to sip on sime wine and hit the sacs. I'll be having a dream about John Legend in a white embroidered dashiki chasing me in slow motion in field of over grown yellow daisys and dandilions, after which he plays something for me on a ukelele while i twirl a daisy pulling out each petal and starring into his dreamy eyes....'he loves me'... 'he loves me not' .. he loves me.. he loves me not... HE LOVES ME!!!!! :-) (i think it's the wine guys)


Chicken Pasta Alfredo

Kontri people, I have turned into 'Ireti', Cheif's 3rd wife from the Fuji House of Commotion scenes on Check Mate. For those of you who don't know, Checkmate was a hit prime time soap opera on Nigerian televison in the 90's and Ireti was the 3rd wife who didn't know 'how the hell to cook'. Loool. She tried to serve the kids burnt plantains in one episode and in another she put waaaayyy to much pepper and nearly choked everybody. It was her catering practical and insistence upon cooking european and american cook book cuisine that made the kids start singing this song(don't know what the original tune is called) "Oh Eba..Oh Eba/ When Shall I see dodo/ When Shall I see Ila ati Egusi/ I will never forget Pomo/Ireti give us FOOD"

Last Week I made some Chicken Pasta Alfredo. I love this cuisine and no one makes it better than 411 West Franklin Street inChapel Hill. Do you know how many birthday and dinner dates have spent money at this restaurant just because I couldn't think of any where better to go. I have tried going to other restaurants and they just don't make it the same. Anyways as I promised myself that i'ld try to make at least one home cooked meal from the scratched so that my cooking can improve for 'Mr. Right' when he decides to roll up in my drive way in a Bentley convertible, horse and carriage or bicycle, which ever one the lord giveth, after all no condition is permanent. I looked up the recipe for chicken pasta alfredo and proceeded to cook. The picture is what turned up and it was not that bad actually. May be just a tad bit salty and gooey because I may have put a bit too much cheese sauce but I was actually impressed. I never would have thought that at my first attempt I would be successful. Anyways, let's make this 'Catering Practical' thing all inclusive. Leave your menu suggestions for Addy's next attempt. Please keep in mind that there are no africans in Santa Mari so there is no 'African Store'. I must be able to buy the ingridients at the regular grocery store. The most exotic you can get around here is Mexican or Chinese store. OOOOOOHHHHHH.... they just mentioned that John Legend will be on the JC Penney Jam on CBS. Gotta Go make eye contact with my baby(flipping my afro like a white girl). Who knows may be we'll connect. :)

Monday, August 21, 2006


Decked in White and Sipping Structured Water

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon. I had been invited to a fashion show in Montecito but wasn't sure if I was up to another hour and half drive from Santa Maria. I had driven down the day before for a photo shoot that wasn't as much fun. Plus I was burping a bit too much from the half gallon of sugared-milk that I decided to drink. I all of a sudden decided I was lacking Calcium and Vitamin D in my diet so I decided to chug down some milk. Need I mention that my fart smelled like baby poop the entire day(like ya'll don't fart and inhale the sweet smell. You know you're wishing you can make money off of it by packaging it as stink bombs:-)) It was also a very hot Saturday and I was not looking forward to being in the sun again, especially after my face was still burning from the eyebrow waxing that I underwent on Friday. The lady practically peeled my face off. That was my fault though because I know that my skin is very sensitive and even more so lately as I have been using my Retin-A cream more religiously than my checkbook can tolerate. A sign that I have to bring the uni-brows back into style or go through the punishment of individually and painfully plucking my eyebrows with a tweezer or risking getting cut with a razor.

By noon, after I determined there was no way I could make it to church and get to Santa Barbara Polo Club in Montecito on time. Actually the club is in a little city called Carpenteria which is right in between Montecito and Santa Barbara. But nobody knows about Carp, so for the purpose of this blog entry, I went to Montecito Ok. I got into my car, not before I attempted to play mechanic and check my engine oil and coolant level. Boy was that a mistake because I had the car running when I opened the radiator and had green liquid splash all over my engine. Why do I like to attempt unattainable feats that are much beyond my abilities and propencity. Fortunately the green stuff didn't get on my freshly laundered white linen skirt and t-shirt. I hit the 101 freeway listening to my Tosin Martins cd. I had track numbers 3, 8 and 9 on over drive that it is now scratched up.
I drove into the polo club an hour and a half later, not knowing what to expect. Actually I knew what to expect, but I was not prepared to park next to them in my unwashed and dingy looking Nissan Infiniti, which I felt like just parking next to the horse stables. I mean this is Santa Barbara, and the Polo club at that so the amount of Bentleys, Jags, Rolls and Benzes messed with my self esteem for a split second. At which time I had to reach deep down into my bag of my multiple personalities and bring out 'Serengeti Princess' who could handle this kind of environment. Nothing can trip Serengeti Princess, she freaking owns her own Kingdom and rides around on a lion, which can destroy a Jaguar anytime anyday.
Since I had been invited to the fashion show by 'Red Rough Rider Couture', by Michelle Nichols, an upcoming designer, I figured I'ld try to find her first and do the proper introductions. I asked one of the attendants for where the fashion show would be held and he pointed me to where the models were. Some back room in the grandstand, they were all dressed in white. I naively went there and everyone was just staring at me and asking me my name and all as if they were expecting me. As I walked in to the room where the designer and the models were, in the all white and candy red lipstick, it occured to me that the attendant, andthe models thought I was one of the models. Oh what a charming little error...ha ha ha. It added a little more air to my Serengeti Princess bubble as I made my way around to the grand stand where everybody else was watching the polo game. I made my way up the stand and found a nice spot. However an dunfortunately so it was no VIP section, so Addy had to sit under the sun and get blackened. I threw on my Oliver Peoples meets Dior knockoffs and balanced in the sun and just people watched along with the game. I thought to my self as I observed the ritziness of women walking around in ubiquitous hats and all manners of sunglasses, some overly stretched out due to botox and plastic surgery, lips-a-pout and boobs-a-perked, it must be nice to be rich. This was by no means the Kentucky Derby or the Royal Ascot, I mean those are the 'muthas' of all ritzy bourgie events. If there were any nouveau riche, wanna-bes (of which I am sur ethere were) and perpertrators, such as myself, you really couldn't tell us apart because we all blended in well with our disguises, some eating thier over priced salmon abd sipping on Don P. Well with the exception of a number of people and ofcourse the stable keepers and waiting staff. I quickly made new friend, a very nice lady who told me a lot about the club and the games that have been going on. This was the Pacific Coast Championship and guess which team I was rooting for, the team being sponsored by 'Jimmy Choo'. Guess what they are called? AH DUH!!! 'JIMMY CHOOS'. Now to the fundamentals of the game of Polo, of which I know absolutely nothing about. The only time I had ever seen a game of Polo was driving past the Polo Club in Lagos along some road in Victoria Island. The closest I have evn come to a horse was probably when I had just turnedd 4 and my mom took my brother, Ejike and I to bar beach for a 'horse ride' and my brother was so scared he cried the entire time. The picture of me holding my scared little brother is somewhere in our house and it is funny. The second encouter with a horse was with 'Black Beauty' the book, and since then I have cared more about the horses at Derby's and Polo games than I have about the people. I mean it was so horrible what they did to Black Beauty. Anyways I had to make good interesting conversation, so I told them the only Polo game I'd ever been to was when I was ten. Which, technically is the truth because there was go-slow on the road/overpass near the Polo Club and we were in it for over 30 minutes, so it ain't like my lowly estate self lied. I just conveniently left the details out. Anyways below are some of the pictures from the event.

The VIP section of the Grand Stand
The fashion show begins

The Passing of the Medals and Jackets

Jimmy Choo vs Monsour

Addy baking away in the new polo club friend

The Designer in the middle with some of her models of the day

Addy enjoying and posing with the nice Montecito View
If you look well you can find Oprah on the beach o because this is her hood
Don't mind my uncombed hair. Haven't worn my hair this way in a while and I kinda like it. This is also the first time I have seen a picture of me in these humongous glasses and boy do I look like a bug with an Afro. Lol... even at that it still does not make my five-head an smaller.

And lastly, why the heck do marketing companies feel they can feed us some BS just so that they can sell stuff. So they put this enervgy drink and 'structured water' in the gift basket. The way the bottle is labeled and packaged you would think that if you just took one sip of the water you would get some kind of magical or super bionic power. Check this out from the label of the "Ed Hardy Structured Water"
"....has the perfect pH balance and is designed using a propreitary state of the art quantum physics technology. Our structured living water is treated with reverse osmosis for maximum purity as well as infra-red stimulation and electromagnetism to create the best positively charged hexagonally shaped 'structured water' ever. By using our proprietary technology we are able to break up the larger molecule clusters into smaller hexagonally shapned and now structured molecules which are more easily absorbed by the cells inside our bodies. The absorption rate of hexagonally shaped structured water molecules is as much as four times more efficient than whater that is not structured, which enables you drink less water while acheiving hydration faster and more effeciently. This water is naturally alkalized calcium ionized living water"
WHAT A CROCK OF BULLOCKS!!!! Is this a chemistry lab solution or just some plain old 'PURE WATER' in plastic bottle. As in I am even afraid to drink this water (took a sip and it tastes like vinegar) because only God know what sort of experiment this is. I mean can you just say the water has been purified and is safe for consumption. What the heck is hexagonally shapened infra red stimulating electromagnetically and molecularly structured water. Doesn't that sound like poison. And then not to mention the Radioactive Energy drink which reads ""Energy from the dark world of energy drink overlaod and activate your sense with the glow of radioactive energy. Charged with hypernuclear surge of extreme energy...." That sounds more like what Saddam gave the Kurds. Anyways I just happened to be interested in what these were and just discovered how odd their packaging was. What do you think about this and what are the strangest forms of marketing, advertsing and packaging that you have noticed (and I don't mena the SuperBowl type commercials, we know those are for kicks and attention... I am talking more like that repetively annoying 'Active-On Apply Directly to your Forehead' type )

Thursday, August 17, 2006


The Saga in the Murder of A Little Princess

Have you guys been following the recent developments in the Jon Benet Ramsey murder case. Is it amazing or what. As in this story knocked 'Middle East' out of the A-blocks in Wednesday and Thursday's newscasts all over the nation. Never in my life did I think this murder was going to ever be solved. I remember being glued to the television in the summer of 97 when I just came to Yankee. It was 6 months after the tragedy but this was still all over the news magazines. NOw I just can't get away from the tv ten years after. It is that fascinating. I really felt for the girl and the family because of my soft spot for pageantry. She was such a cute, talented and adorable little child. An absolute doll who had a bright future. I know a lot of people have their opinions about putting children in pageants and all and making them look like adults. That aside if this girl had been given the chance to live, who knows perhaps she would have been Miss Teen America and possible Miss America.
Her death also became synonymous with the worst that could happen to any child and I guess perhaps that, the fact that she was a little beauty queen and all the drama surrounding it is what has made it an iconic case in American crime history. It's funny how my aunt in Charlotte used to put fear into her kids about strangers, getting kidnapped, wandering away etc etc by saying 'You want to become Jon Benet'. Trust a typical Nigerian mother to turn a tragic situation into a positive hometraining tool.
Anyways many were quick to judge Mrs. Ramsey because she put her daughter in pageants. I did cast my suspicion on the parents for a short period but I just could not believe the parents had anything to do with her death because of the manner she was killed, blugeoned and brutalized. I mean it is very graphic, I cringe just thinking about it. But anyways I pray this is this John Mark Karr guy responsible and is locked up for life if he doesn't get the chair. He is such a creepo. Who says they're in love with a 6 year old. What do you guys think about the whole thing? About kids being primped and pomped to look like dolls and grown women to compete in pageants? Do you think he is responsible, after all his ex-wife says (thinks) he was with her that Christmas in 1996. Share your opinions as I would love to read what you folks have to say. This whole thing has also had me thinking about my own safety too o especially with the way I post my name and pictures all over the internet. I am sure other sistas who share their pix too may have had the same concerns cross their minds. I hear some saying 'oh you think you are now a celebrity'. While I will get there one day me I am not claiming it oh. The reason being that real celebrity has BODY GUARD, gun, bullet proof windows, security camera and a dog, whether big or small, that will bark and alert the celebrity to an intruder. Addy the blogging girl with her pictures all over the internet has only a whistle and her nails. Those are on two different levels. Anyways it is only God that is protecting us in this crazy wacky world. If you think about it, no one is safe. If you restrict your self and succumb to fear then you will never move forward in life. But please comment away.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


2007 ELECTIONS: Heads Have Begun to Roll

Nigerian politics will never change even with this democracy. It will always be dirty. First it was Funsho WIlliams a Lagos politician and gubernatorial candidate under the PDP umbrella. Williams was assasinated in his home, strangle and stabbed. His assailants stil at large but you and I and the average OluwaChukwuemekaHassan know it is some fellow politician who ordered the attack. Now I read that another politician also from PDP in the Ekiti area by the name Ayo Daramola has also been killed. Yet another 'Cold Case' added to the list of several because we still don't have the killers of Dele Giwa, Kudirat Abiola, Bola Ige, Maman Vasta etc etc and the list goes on in custody. This neww fresh murder comes barely 3 weeks after the Funsho William saga. Unrelated perhaps, but Coincindence...I THINK NOT.
It is so ironic that just a few days after the news of William's assassination, I and some aquintances were having a conversation about Nigerian politics and how dirty a game it was. We were almost mocking the whole thing an din a morbid way were laughing and joking about how many people will die because of the 2007 presidential election. How many people would lose their mother or father. How many people 'we know' or 'went to shcool' with would be in mourning in the next few months. We were lso joking about how one prominent person from the primary geo-political zones (known to the lay man as tribes) will be assassinated. Now that we have 2 Yoruba dead, one from Lagos, one from Ekiti, we should either expect a reply with more and also expect one or two prominent Igbo politicians, one or two from the North and perhaps a token Edo or Calabar politician to mak eit a pot-luck of heads and eyeballs. Don't mean to trvialize the matter BUT that's the reality that should be expected with the way things are BEGINNING TO LOOK.
Why? Why? Why my people? Why do we resort to this violence all in the name of gaining power. Wasting off people just because they are in your way. I really don't know what else to say about this. And since they can find my address online, I think I should better shut up before ya'll hear that Addy was found wrapped and bound in some gutter. Please that is not my portion in Jesus name so I shall leave this talk about politics to the crooked politicians and suffa-hea journalists who just like the look of jail cells. Me I am too much of an ajebAutta to suffer like that.

Speaking of ALLEGEDLY 'crooked' politicians, I was sent this ALLEGED list of Nigerian leaders and politicians who ALLEGEDLY stole from the national cake. Some on the ALLEGED list do not surprise me and others do. But my fellow country people what do you think about this ALLEGEDLY new list ALLEGEDLY from the World Bank. Is it reliable and are there some people who should be on there but are ALLEGEDLY missing. Please if you are going to ALLEGEDLY 'koba' anybody, I advise that you ALLEGEDLY be anonymous o. We can't have some ALLEGED mafia ALLEGEDLY outing Nigeria's ALLEGED future.

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