Thursday, August 17, 2006


The Saga in the Murder of A Little Princess

Have you guys been following the recent developments in the Jon Benet Ramsey murder case. Is it amazing or what. As in this story knocked 'Middle East' out of the A-blocks in Wednesday and Thursday's newscasts all over the nation. Never in my life did I think this murder was going to ever be solved. I remember being glued to the television in the summer of 97 when I just came to Yankee. It was 6 months after the tragedy but this was still all over the news magazines. NOw I just can't get away from the tv ten years after. It is that fascinating. I really felt for the girl and the family because of my soft spot for pageantry. She was such a cute, talented and adorable little child. An absolute doll who had a bright future. I know a lot of people have their opinions about putting children in pageants and all and making them look like adults. That aside if this girl had been given the chance to live, who knows perhaps she would have been Miss Teen America and possible Miss America.
Her death also became synonymous with the worst that could happen to any child and I guess perhaps that, the fact that she was a little beauty queen and all the drama surrounding it is what has made it an iconic case in American crime history. It's funny how my aunt in Charlotte used to put fear into her kids about strangers, getting kidnapped, wandering away etc etc by saying 'You want to become Jon Benet'. Trust a typical Nigerian mother to turn a tragic situation into a positive hometraining tool.
Anyways many were quick to judge Mrs. Ramsey because she put her daughter in pageants. I did cast my suspicion on the parents for a short period but I just could not believe the parents had anything to do with her death because of the manner she was killed, blugeoned and brutalized. I mean it is very graphic, I cringe just thinking about it. But anyways I pray this is this John Mark Karr guy responsible and is locked up for life if he doesn't get the chair. He is such a creepo. Who says they're in love with a 6 year old. What do you guys think about the whole thing? About kids being primped and pomped to look like dolls and grown women to compete in pageants? Do you think he is responsible, after all his ex-wife says (thinks) he was with her that Christmas in 1996. Share your opinions as I would love to read what you folks have to say. This whole thing has also had me thinking about my own safety too o especially with the way I post my name and pictures all over the internet. I am sure other sistas who share their pix too may have had the same concerns cross their minds. I hear some saying 'oh you think you are now a celebrity'. While I will get there one day me I am not claiming it oh. The reason being that real celebrity has BODY GUARD, gun, bullet proof windows, security camera and a dog, whether big or small, that will bark and alert the celebrity to an intruder. Addy the blogging girl with her pictures all over the internet has only a whistle and her nails. Those are on two different levels. Anyways it is only God that is protecting us in this crazy wacky world. If you think about it, no one is safe. If you restrict your self and succumb to fear then you will never move forward in life. But please comment away.

See articles below for reference
John Mark Karr: Murder Suspect
Crime Library Analysis of the Jon Benet Murder Case


faces said...

The thing do me like shocker. As in there was an Actual killer? All the way in Thailand somewhere. But look at his face. Definitely a killer. As for putting yourself out there, anyone who does is gonna get got. Word up.

Anonymous said...

i really think this guy just wants some attention, and is possibly mentally ill (based on his erratic behaviour as described by his father).

Suru said...

I do not think this is the guy that killed her. Like anon said, he seems like he just wants the attention. Look at how he walks with his head held high. Also things do not add up. He said "I love her". Who says that and then how do you kill someone "accidentally". Also he says he picked her up from school and took her to the basement...Hellooo it was Christmas, there was no school. Plus he probably figured he will be better off in jail in the US ( like a resort with three course meal) than in jail in Asia (like Naija jail or worse LOL!!) Na wa oh, we just all have to be careful. Even little children that do not get into pageants are victims so we can't say that was the cause. God is our stength oh!!!

kulutempa said...

my first and most important comment is about the fact that you said "who knows perhaps she would have been Miss Teen America and possible Miss America". come, are you feeling all right? soft spot for pageantry or not, can you please admit that there is something terribly wrong with doing this to these children and that her being a teen beauty queen is not what is going to justify this madness?? see this girl o! do you realize how many pedophiles and the like are out there right now, looking at these kids' pictures and wanking like mad as they envision themselves "knowing" them (as in the Biblical sense of "know")?? chill now!

second comment: the guy looks like a pedophile, and he's a teacher, it wouldn't shock me. that being said, i don't think he did it either. he just holds his head up too high, like suru said. but then again, no one expected ted bundy to be a serial killer either....

Raskimono said...

@faces.....i feel you with the 'as in there is an actuall killer' statement. i wondered the same thing myself.
Like Suru said, maybe he just wants a nicer jail term.

@kulutempa....what does a paedophile look like?
same as what does an AIDS victim look like? we have come to put stereotypical images in our heads, but are we aware of what we are subconciously letting ourselves believe.
We dunno whether the guy did it or not. We do know he has issues though. Im all for locking him up for life if he did it, but just weary about comments like 'he looks like a paedophile'
Im sure there are ''Suit wearing, tie knotting, briefcase carrying, model looking paedophiles'' out there.
Even 'normal' looking fathers and pillars of the community turn out to be murderers and paedo's!!
Such stereotypes get us no-where...and we are all of guilty making such assumptions.

As per wanking to pictures of kids looking like adults........paedophiles are doesnt really matter whether or not the kids is all made up, as we have seen in lots of other stories in the headlines recently in the UK...Im sure its the same in yankee too.

@Addy....keep ur head up....ain't no one touching you...You are protected by God...but help God by being vigilant and taking necessary security measures sha oo!!! God helps those who help themselves...abi??

U are a celebrity in my own eye sha.
I got a forward the other day from one of your 2005 blogs....about NYSC.
You will soon be in City People and Ovation.
''American based Naija BIG girl..Launches own magazine!!''
Laters y'all.

Aba Boy said...

John Mark Karr’s car story doesn’t add up at the moment. But something in me hopes he is the guy, so that we could have some closure on this very sad saga.

Madam Kofo said...

On another note

Why oh Why do child actors always end up this way???...

another one seems to want to bite the dust,,50001-1231389,00.html

what say ye??

Ms. May said...

He didn't do it! He's just a nutter looking for some attention and seeking to fulfill some sick inner need to be loved. His ex says he was in Alabama with her on Christmas of that year, he's claiming he picked her up from school (duh, Christmas school)and drugged her when there wasn't any evidence of that. This one don ya were long time. No doubt he's a peadophile that should be taken off the streets but he did not kill that little girl. Whoever did is still at large, which is a damn shame.

Koketso said...

I really hope this is the guy that did this. The family has been through too much and they deserve closure. Heck we all want closure. I have also been glued to the TV in shock beause I was one of those people who suspected the family had something to do with this. Its really sad. Its just so sickening. How does a grown man proclaim he was in love with a six year old girl??

Anonymous said...

"God helps those who help themselves"..that is no where in the bible, its just some quote that who knows! came up with. My point being that only GOD protects!. You can be working in the deadliest streets of lets say New york or baltimore, and get home safe without any attack. Only if you believe and have faith that God will keep you. It says in Psalm 121 "he who watches over you will not slumber, Indeed he that keepeth Isreal shall never slumber nor sleep".
Attack can come from anywhere!, even while you are in the comfort of your house. It is only wise to look up to God to protect and shield us. Sometimes God doesnt even need our help, he just needs us to trust and believe in him.!

Anonymous said...

kulutempa: he looks like a pedophile? And you get upset when you get stereotyped? What does a pedophile look like? Because i've seen some, and they look about as normal as everyone else. Don't get it twisted.

Bella Naija said...

this whole situation gives me serious chills down my spine plus goosebumps.....i dont know if they guy did it or if like ms may says he just wants attention...all i know is tht he is SICK & DEMENTED...people like him should not exist....
by the way, adaure where have u been...i have missed u o

Adaure said...

@faces… this is truly a shocker. If this guy is really the killer. This was almost the perfect murder.

@anonymous and Suru…. As I watch the news a knot is beginning to tie in my stomach that this guy is making a sick joke out of this. The picked her up from school line is a give away. What would she have been doing in school on Xmas day. Lol @Suru … I thought I was the only one who noticed how the guy walked and batted his eyes at the camera….’Olo Ju Come and Do and I will give you chewing gum after’….. urgh…Even Michael Jackson looks normal next to this dude.

@Kulutempa…. There’s something wrong when it is taken too an extreme as long as the family and the kids enjoy doing what they do. Some of them don’t and it is true but other kids enjoy it and look forward to it. If you ask this kids all they know is they ill look like Barbie and win something. Anyways I differ on this one because I will put my kids in pageants, If I had the power all my nieces would be in pageants too. Lol.
As per you comment on him looking like a pedophile… you are on your own with that. I’m guilty sometimes of saying some one looks like a thief (we Nigerians always tend to say that). But truth be told ya’ll this dude does look VERY VERY VERY Creepy. I’m surprised the person who hired him in Thailand did not find him an oddity.

@Raskimono…. Thaink you mai dia…like the celebrities say ‘I love you too’. Don’t worry I will send you a specially autographed piksho…Lol. …. I dunno about ''American based Naija BIG girl…Launches own magazine!!'' but I will take that as a good will prayer. Lol. Per Ovation, I don do that one already, I dey aim for Genevieve, True Love and even Essence. Lol. But Yes oh God is protecting me truly because I have put myself in some very bad predicaments in the past. Like the day I got tricked by a transient posing as a store attendant to go show me where the nearest car wash was. I let him into my car without thinking. Then I remembered an Oprah show and got rid off him when I saw some ‘Blood’ and ‘Kripps’ looking guys in a low rider. I acted like I knew them and they got the message and scared the guy away. Lol.

@ Aba Boy… His story does not add up for real, but you know these weirdoes can work magic and be in two places at the same time. I do hope he is the one because this case needs to be closed and the dead let to rest in peace.
@Madam Kofo… I guess he wanted ‘TO SEE DEAD PEOPLE’ ….LOL!!!!! I couldn’t help it, forgive me.
@Miss May… I hope the DA has something on this guy. I am sure she does and is just not saying anything just yet. I just hope they are not rushing to vilify, charge and convict someone

@Koketso…. Indeed th family has been through a whole lot. Imagine living with this noose around you neck and being accused of killing your own child.

@Anonymous… Indeed you are right because you can be minding your business in your own house and yawa comes there to meet you. Without God I dunno what we would do because this world is a dangerous place.

@Bella Naija… Gurl I still dey very much around o. Just watching the news.

anon said...

You know serial killers and pedophiles deliberately provide incorrect information as part of a confession so that it appears there are holes in their confessions. It could very well be what this guy is doing. If it is, it sets up an excellent foundation for his defense team to prove he's not all there.

T said...

Its just sickening to know that he is making a joke outta this. He even had the nerve to say it was an accident
"It's hard to imagine a more intentional, deliberate murder than hitting a
little girl in the head so hard that she had almost a foot-long fracture in
her skull and then deliberately fashioning a garrote to twist until it
buries in her neck and slowly stops her breathing," said Silverman, the
former Denver prosecutor. "This has always been a case of deliberate

Who in their right mind falls in love wit a 6 yr old.. i'm just so so mad, and i hope he gets the electric chair if he did this, but then again who knows, it seems like he is just doing this to get attention....

On a lighter mood, Addy don't worry, the Lord is you sheperd and ur keeper, and he guides and protects his own!!

Anonymous said...

The evil in this world is too much...i was reading this same story on someone else's blog page yesterday with the same exact picture sef..i thought it was the same blog page so when i came on your page i had to go back on her page to verify .it was Tola's blog page not Adaure..she said something about the girls Mom just dying from cancer recently. How can someone be so evil?

Anonymous said...

i ve read the jobenet story and im almost postive her parents have a hand in the murder. i aint saying anything though.

Adaure said...

@Anon right above... which story did you read? If it is one by the old detective son the case, those are suspect. Why are you almost positive the parents had a hand in it. Why would any parent do what was done to Jon Benet. And what benefit would killing her have been to them, It is not like there was any insurance on the child's head. A crime like that had to have been purposeful...with a motive. Criminals don't just invade someones house at noight on christmas day.. you don't think they have family to be spending chirstmas with. Abeg enlighten me with your take on the case

Anonymous said...

why would you say they had something to do with the murder. I find that very hard to believe. Anyway @ anon wpost the blog link to the other jonbenet story .I want to check it out.

Nneka's World said...

Mehn addy! I did not know that case was still on oh!

That is some sick man, he loved her, he is really sick! A 5 year old? Na wa oh that is hot.

Mehn we truly live in a sick world. I would wait for the Channel 5 special for this story, you know we here in the UK it takes us time to get the full giste.

Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

Crazy stuff happens. It's painful though that non-white little girls of the exact same age die on a consistent basis and do not receive the media hype that jonbenet's case is getting a decade letter. We had the Precious Doe case sitting unsolved for years until a community activist's publications in far away Oklahoma nabbed the gir's mum and step dad. It got a rolling mention on CNN.

Anonymous said...




may she rest in peace but
abeg let us think, sha. abi say Na wetin.

Anonymous said...

i better go borrow and stack up on my naija movies tommorow (sun aug 20) after church cos i bet all them damn channels on tv will be talking about this knucker.

I am not interested.

Give me Mr Ibu of Osuofia and let me think. JOn benet Jon benet why. What about the innocent kids being killed in Middle east. I am so sick of american media, British media is way better and thus why i miss london. Anydamn story they'll go on and on and on. Shut up already.

kulutempa said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kulutempa said...

@ everybody who is jumping on my throat (lol): THE DUDE LOOKS LIKE A PEDOPHILE! that pedophiles come in all shapes and sizes doesn't mean that i should not say when somebody strikes me as one. you don't know how many pedophiles (and other dodgy characters) i've come across in my life, ergo, you cannot educate me on the disguises that people wear (you may refer back to my comment about ted bundy.) that being said, if i were wrong about him, he could get mad at me, just like i got mad @ the drug addicts and drunks that thought i was a DC hooker! however, human nature IS about stereotyping, whether we like it or not, because it helps us classify our world. without classification, we're walking nonentities with no sense of who we are or aren't, and no protection against the things that could potentially harm us. the issue is: how much are you willing to let your stereotyping nature control you?

dude has eyes that say something TO ME, and he was caught in thailand, which isn't exactly known for attracting the most upstanding white males in the world. he had a warrant out for his arrest (that had nothing to do with the JonBenet he confessed to killing). two plus two equals four, people, until proven otherwise. you may not like to hear that, in which case, you may eat my shorts :-). or just block your ears and look away. but i can speculate, dammit! let a sista speculate and have some fun on adaure's blog!!

btw, raskimono, what's your deal with whether or not the kids are wearing makeup? i never said anything about their makeup....

Raskimono said...

as your name vex.
i did not mean to work you up or educate you on what u already claim to know.... but i must say this sha.
Stereotypes are not for creating identity..or classification as you put MY OPINION,they are used by us (me included) to justify our preconceived notions about certain physical characteristics or actions.
I actually think the guy looks maybe im just as judegmental. thing is , if he wasnt claiming to do what he says he did, would we loook at him differently? Im sure i would probably have looked and said he looked like a timid teacher.
About the make up thingy....i was reffering to the whole pageantry thingy...thats what everyone seemed to be focusing on...that she had adult make up on and blah blah blah, but like the other have said......ENUFF ALREADY!
God will judge and only he knows the truth. waitng for my autograph ooo :-)

@2nd anon...i never said 'God helps those who help themselves' was in the bible.
For the amount of peeps that scream that fact, im sure everyone is aware that its not in there.
BUT thanks for the extra bible passage and sermon sha.... :-)

Mona said...

I only saw this story recently never heard of it prior to now...its quite sad, i don't believe in beauty pageants and all that hullaballoo but it doesn't mean that should give criminals a reason to act...i was on the tube at lunchtime today and saw a little blonde, white girl flexing and dancing, she was no more than 6 or maybe even 5 but it kinda had a "sexy" way to the way she was dancing and I was soo disturbed as to whether there was some crazy perv also on the tube watching her and imagining some sordid little girls cannot sit and play and dance like little girls without the fear of whether they can immediately be seen as preys for these LOSERS!! ARRRGHHHH i have no point, its such a shame anyways...but in saying that back to ur topic, i pray they find the killer and if this guy is, hopefully he'll serve his time...God will judge.

p.s. why do all these murderers always have 3 names??? flashback killers of jfk, and the other guy cant rem.

Anonymous said...

yes i believe the parents have a hand because of the circumstances of the murder, no intruder, the ransome note with its accompanied practice ransome note etc.
i wasnt there though. i think they know something about it but i keep wondering why they would do it.
if i'm wrong, then GOD please forgive me

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