Thursday, August 10, 2006


As hard as I try not to blog about weddings again, ya'll keep dragging me back to the same darned topic. GEEZZZEEE!!! Weddings are so like last season ya'll as in 'Fall into the GAP' already. So I have been told(through some commentators) that one of our couples from way back during the wedding website postings has returned from their honeymoon vacation. Di and Dee have uploaded all their pictures for your viewing pleasure. So so enjoyment o...cute couple. Anyways I had already seen the wedidng pictures when the were hot off the digicam grill. This wedding has bagged some 2 awards from me. It gets Addy's Award for BEST BRIDESMAID DRESSES and Addy's Award for MOST FABULOUS/DIVALICIOUS SET UP. Sister gurl had to bust out with a Bentley and give us the Naija Mira Largo version amongst other thangs. Sometimes a Diva's gotta do what a DIVA has to do on her way out of Spinsterville and bring it on. I am still giving out awards so I need your picks. There is no MOST BEAUTIFUL BRIDE/ HANDSOME GROOM or BEST WEDDING/GOWN CATEGORY because ALL ourgrooms/ brides looked handsome/beautiful in their gators/dresses and each couple had the best wedding because it's their only wedding...DUH! Anyways for those of us who are jobless enough to be giving out awards, you may throw in your picks.

Meanwhile here are some pix from my summer trips

Golf Tourney

Random Moments of Summer 06 includes some humorous commentary

Mya and Neyo concert 1 ...Sorry but there was not much for Chinny and I to do than to take pictures of ourselves. It is freaking Paso Robles..wack as crack. By the way please excuse my unibrows I get very forgetful of them till I see what they look like in scary.

Will upload more pictures here later. Gotta go sleep.


Anonymous said...

hello addy

in ur random moments of summer o6 pix,the golf tourney i just love the way ur hair looked, how can i get mine to like that, my hair is permed at the moment, but im planning to go natchy, any ideas???

ps. v.nice pictures

Aba Boy said...

Loads of pictures....all lovely.

Just Thinking Out Loud! said...

Nice pics for sure! Na u dey enjoy o, Adaure! You just leave us for this side of the world dey go enjoy life. Biko, send small to this side o! lol!

Omolabake said...

Wedding is not going anywhere anytime soon....As long as u r not married yet and u have friends that r not either ....then there are bounds to be weddings all the time.
Come to think of it....most of us are at that age anyway....

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said... have posted their wedding & engagement pics, hella nice, bridesmaids dresses on point, ankara used in da engagement was quite nice

Adaure said...

@anon... just wash your hair, let it air dry, comb it out and put some mouse or holding spray and then pat it softly to shape since it is the relaxed kind

@Aba boy.. thanks

@JTOL... I am not sure about enjoyment but so far so good.. I really miss NC though

@Omolabake.. yes oh.. you are right... wedding aint going no wehere and i aint concerned just that we are at that age and therefore that is the preferred dinner table conversation of EVEN KIDS HAVE BEGUN TO JOCK TOO FOR THEIR SPOTS. It is that serious. My cousins were like don't have a wedding within the next two years because their new school's policy prohibits attending weddings while school is in session.

@Anon.. yes oh i heard about that one BUT will you pay for my flight to ATL... that is the ten million dollar question. I bet it will be mad fun

@anon.. thanks i'l check it out

Tutsy said...

Omo u dey enjoy o!!! na u biko....small time now u go dey talk say boredom dey catch u....hmmmmn well ur pictures preach something totally be sure to stop by, had a write up about the 90's would love to get ur hilarious 2 cents added.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

finally! di and dee have their pictures up after teasing us for months...

Please check out (Voices of the African Continent) It's been a long time coming and now it's finally here...take a look around...sign up...spread the word...thanx

Anonymous said...

I knew I had seen you somewhere before. I was at the Nollywood convention too but don't worry, I was helping out and behind the scenes (kind of). You (Nigeria's next socialite) wouldn't have seen me LOL!!! Keep doing your thing Adaure. You have a wonderful talent :-)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the hair tip.

weddingwebs said...

omo, you are brave to post pics without makeup. shows your confidence. very admirable!

Adaure said...

@ Tutsy…. My dear I just dey manage o…making do with what I am getting. But I need to be on Ritalin though cos I do have a short attention span and get bored easily. Will check out your spot.
@Diamond Hawk…yes oh and they had to post those honeymoon pictures too to make us single girls go goo-go and gaga. Will check your plug. By the way since when did ‘according to…’ become the classifieds…LOL.. feel free sha

@Anonymous….I am not sure about the socialite part but if it comes with $,$$$,$$$ then I’ll take it. Don’t underestimate my photographic memory, I always remember things and people that I even shock myself. So test me and send me a pix by email. Anyways we thanks God for being generous with giving away talents may be in my next life he will be merciful and give me the ability to cook, twirl the baton, play the piano and become a BALLERINA!!!!...LOL…Cheers

@Anonymous.. . you are welcome.. BUUUUTTTT if all your hair falls out don’t come and cry to me or sue because Addy’s pockets are collecting some major dustmites.

@weddingwebs…what are you trying to say .. that I am scary without make up…ok I know I am…LOL... you are right though... nothing really shakes my confidence least of all nothing as trivial as not showing images of me without make up. My shallow side thought about it for a split sec but I was like whatever, i don’t give a hoot what anybody thinks or says, who doesn’t have issues they battle with (watch out for that blog entry). I also have to be happy and work with the one wey Chineke God gif me so he will bless me with more. Who knows may be I can get a Pro-Activ spokesperson contract for Africa one day…LOL

psb said...

Love the picture with the trophy! And most of all, I love the ones with the cuties and the make up!!( Looks like you had great
And I have to say kudos with no make are brave..I admire that!

owimin said...


Oh my gosh. Soooo wrong of you. Those poor kids.

You tried sha with the make up.

The Top model look looked better in the fake laff pics.

Gbemi's Piece said...

Hey Adaure,

Nice picures. Na you dey enjoy. Back to the subject of weddings, they are not going away any time soon. I just attended one yesterday and posted about my best wedding moment ever. I invite you to check it out and tell me what you think. Toodles.