Saturday, August 05, 2006


My Cubicle...You're Beautiful Spoof

Meanwhile, why did Kpon-kpon's 'oko-omoge' spray 'sham-pagney' all over my 'fro. Omo in my head I was like oooohhhh God if to say oga no dey here i for don go alaye-scoro for this place o. I mean ya'll can understand and appreciate how much of an effort it takes to do my hair and then to have that effort go down the drain just like that. I had to wash my hair AGAIN in less than 24 hrs, stripping it of all the nutirents and essential oils that I had worked into it diligently on friday night just before my YOU-TUBE session.Not to mention the flat ironing part. Urgh!!! I guess I really took one for the team. Anyways I had to wake up at 6.30am to try to make it to the golf course by 8am. We had some golf tourney with the competition tv station which we won. Addy did not pick up a stone talkess of a club but instead was just riding in the golf cart and feeling like a little princess. Something about cruising in a golf cart on a golf course just gives you extra air in your bubble. It was certainly a different and diverse experience, needless to say golf is really not my 'thang' and I was nearly bored as heck. One compensation, I got a mini tan and got to hang loose with my co-workers in a different setting. You get to see a different side of people when you are outside the work place which is sometimes neccessary. Anyways I guess I have just been exposed to the game, so I may take some lessons, who knows. I tend to prefer games that involve 'nets' like soccer, b-ball, v-ball and table tennis. But life's a learning process, I may just have a little Tiger in me so ya'll need to watch out now cos i love competition.... "rooooaaaarrrr" that probably would sound more like "meeeoowwww".

(ps: sorry about my technological 'ineptedness'(jadism) my pictures will be uploaded soon)


Aba Boy said...

If the tiger in you comes out and you become a professional golf player, please dont forget us. I have never played Golf in my life, but I reckon its an easy game to play...[Yes, I have been told a million times that I am wrong]

NaijaBloke said...

Adaure men never disappoint me with ur post.always make me laff everythime.Anyway golf is a very nice game when u get to know how to play or how to actually follow the game.
I started playing early this year but been follwing it for the past 8yrs now curtesy of one my Uncles.When I was in Naija the only sports he watches apart from Soccer is golf and I actually thot he was wack back then.

@Aba boy..bros golf is not an easy game o.It takes accurate calculation and precision to be able to get the ball to that small hole wey u dey look so.Golf is just as hard as any other game,cos u have to keep calculating not to hit too hard or hit to soft and measuring angles to hit the ball to and all sort.U shd try it out one day and see.

Icy said...

hahahah ya we all have a lil tigger in us.. let it out jare lol!

Anonymous said...

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