Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Chicken Pasta Alfredo

Kontri people, I have turned into 'Ireti', Cheif's 3rd wife from the Fuji House of Commotion scenes on Check Mate. For those of you who don't know, Checkmate was a hit prime time soap opera on Nigerian televison in the 90's and Ireti was the 3rd wife who didn't know 'how the hell to cook'. Loool. She tried to serve the kids burnt plantains in one episode and in another she put waaaayyy to much pepper and nearly choked everybody. It was her catering practical and insistence upon cooking european and american cook book cuisine that made the kids start singing this song(don't know what the original tune is called) "Oh Eba..Oh Eba/ When Shall I see dodo/ When Shall I see Ila ati Egusi/ I will never forget Pomo/Ireti give us FOOD"

Last Week I made some Chicken Pasta Alfredo. I love this cuisine and no one makes it better than 411 West Franklin Street inChapel Hill. Do you know how many birthday and dinner dates have spent money at this restaurant just because I couldn't think of any where better to go. I have tried going to other restaurants and they just don't make it the same. Anyways as I promised myself that i'ld try to make at least one home cooked meal from the scratched so that my cooking can improve for 'Mr. Right' when he decides to roll up in my drive way in a Bentley convertible, horse and carriage or bicycle, which ever one the lord giveth, after all no condition is permanent. I looked up the recipe for chicken pasta alfredo and proceeded to cook. The picture is what turned up and it was not that bad actually. May be just a tad bit salty and gooey because I may have put a bit too much cheese sauce but I was actually impressed. I never would have thought that at my first attempt I would be successful. Anyways, let's make this 'Catering Practical' thing all inclusive. Leave your menu suggestions for Addy's next attempt. Please keep in mind that there are no africans in Santa Mari so there is no 'African Store'. I must be able to buy the ingridients at the regular grocery store. The most exotic you can get around here is Mexican or Chinese store. OOOOOOHHHHHH.... they just mentioned that John Legend will be on the JC Penney Jam on CBS. Gotta Go make eye contact with my baby(flipping my afro like a white girl). Who knows may be we'll connect. :)


Anonymous said...

adaure, is that spaghetti and penne pasta you mixed together?

NaijaBloke said...

Na wa for u o Adaure ..well there r actually Nigerians in Santa Mari o.. I came for a wedding there in May.Had to land in LA and drove to Santa Mari cos dem say planes no dey land after 9pm or some bull like that.

Adaure said...

yes it is penne and pasta o.. and I made the mistake of cooking them in the same pot.

@Naija Bloke.. you came to Sanat Maria and you didn't even say make you halla your sista... na wa for you oh

NaijaBloke said...

Adaure abeg no vex ..that time wey I been come I neva really sabi many ppl for bloggers now,but no wahala next time na u I go first halla sef,even if na LA I come.So if u catapult ya sef come this side,no hesitate to halla o.

Icy said...

hahah Adaure yaf crase lol! memories mehn!. checkmate and reti.. that food looks better than what Ireti would have made. lol!