Friday, September 29, 2006



Yippie...another Independence day. You know whenever October 1st rolls around, we always ask ourselves what is there to celebrate about Nigeria. Well, I won't say nothing but I will not get into that because that discussion can cause man pikin to run naked in the market square. Instead I will let my new favorite musician African China give you some gist to help you determine. I have been rocking his jams through myspace. I especially like Mr. President and Crisis. "Mr President, lead us well, Mr. Senator, Senater us well, Mr Police, police well well no dey take bribe" and "When you say O, I say P anoda man say C omo na you sabi". Those lyrics crack me up. Lol. I know I'm razz, but my papa still like me.

Anyways all jokes aside, here comes my poor, pathetic, patronizing attempt at profundity. I love Nigeria my country and no matter how bad things are for her, there is no place like home. I can't wait to be able to put my own sweat and toil to help lift her up because if I don't do my part, no one will do it for me. I should also not stake any claim [or is it claim any steak:)...hmh... i function better using food formula] when she is rolling in glory nor should I complain because I have not done or didn't do anything to change or help the situation. So without much ado, I want to encourage us all to pray and have faith that God will make Nigeria an exemplary country for the rest of Africa. That God will remind our leaders on this independence day that they have failed the people and need to do a better job. That all the Nigerians doing 419 will realize that they are only bringing shame to the country and their fellow brothers and sisters. Did anybody see Dr. Phil yesterday. Kulutempa told me about the show. How ironic that they aired the show only a few days to our independence day. I pray that this October 1st, you and I will remember and appreciate the things that make us a proud people. Y'all know that. Regardless of how unfortunate things are, we Nigerians know how to walk tall. I don't know what point I was trying to make but what I think I am trying to say is to use this October 1st as a day of reflection and a point of contact to all the other days we share and
live as Nigerians. The hold up days, the rainy days, the market days, the riot days, the plane crash days, the bomb blast days, the election days, the election annulments days, the coupd'etat days, the hunger days, the owambe days, the trips to the island days, the campus days, the night vigil days, the wedding days etc. All those days that make us who and what we are today. Use this as a day of contact for us to learn lessons from the bad days we don't want repeated so that we would have more good days, as in 'betta-betta' days. Ok , this my philosophical rantings is getting a bit disjointed for lack of a better way to express myself so I will leave you all to enjoy your jollof rice and goat meat peppersoup. I shall be in LA and making myself an instrument towards Nigeria's greatness. I dunno about you, but as I said, you've gotta have faith, so believe that Nigeria is great and it will be revealed in due time. Ok. 'Piss-hout'


I Serve A Living God, Align Yourself

MEEEEEEEEENNNNNNN!!!!!! I swear to you guys that I don't make these things up. Where do I begin. In fact, this praise report cannot be as sweet as it should be in English. With the way my joy and happiness is over flowing, I am about to start speaking in tongues. Igbo actually, but as ya'll can't understand that, I shall do my best in the way I know how. In fact jam your beautiful voices and sing with me....

Bianu lee O, Bianu lee eeee, Bianu le onye ahu n'agwo oria, Bianu le onye ahu n'eme nma(2ce)
Ko kom, Ko Kom ti ti Ko Kom, Ko Kom ti ti ko (ogene, igodo and udu in chorus)
Come and See O, Come and See.......

People of God, Addy is back with another testimony. Help me to laugh the devil and his agents... HA!! HA!! HA!!!. Truly this God that I am serving is a miracle working God. He is the Alpha and the Omega, Isi mbido na Njedeba (the beginning and the end), Osisi n'ukwu eji eje mba (the walking stick and legs to go on a journey) I don't know if you guys are noticing, but it is beginning to dawn on me that indeed I am BLESSED. First it was getting this job in Santa Maria in the most sinister and oddest of manners that only screams of God's hands, among other little little things that have been happening. Sometimes one needs reassurances to solidify facts and I got some today.
A week ago, last Friday to be exact, I was down and depressed and upset over a situation I called 'immigration matter' (again that is just the code). I was so messed up that I forgot my phone at home, nearly locked my keys in my car and had no appetite for food or laughter. I had been given verbal assurance over the phone to go ahead with the certain documents needed and I took this person by her word without any question because she was the final authority on the matter. For the past 6 years I have been dealing with this matter, left and right, front and center. It is a very difficult matter and as such I didn't put too much hope in it. When I moved to California the odds became better so I tried again after getting this verbal confirmation. Finally everything came to fruition. The Lord had finally answered my prayers. As He promised to Sarah a child that she always wanted, He gave me something I had been looking for. But you know, the enemy hates to see God's children happy and was lurking around, waiting to be Killjoy. I had one more step to take on Friday morning, which involved calling the person I had that verbal conversation with to fax some documents to confirm. Why did she say she did not recall the conversation and that the information I had been working with, that I had been using to apply for this 'immigration matter' was wrong and ultimately false. Omo, my body come weak o. Blood come rush from by head but no network connection (originally used by a nigerian comedian before i am accused of plagiarism again) with the rest of my body so I come cold small come say ' wetin you talk?'. The woman come narrate policy for me. I was like but I spoke to you and you said this and that. She come talk say 'Sorry, but that's unfortunate and there is nothing we can do and we cannot make any exception.'. My people, na there crase wan begin catch me. Luckily for me, I didn't have to be at work till 2pm so I had the morning to sort this out over the phone between the east and west coast. Meanwhile, I had already made celebratory phone calls and emails all the way to Nigeria sef and how I go come rewind the tori to come enta the equation. Nna Ike gwurum O, that is ehn. I felt so helpless that I fell to my knees and started crying and praying. How can God do this to me? Could this be punishment for not paying my tithes and offering, not having gone to church for the past two Sundays or thinking about some bloke in an ungodly manner. I cursed and casted the devil playing tricks into the abyss and the bottomless pit. There was no room for him to interrupt my joy where this matter was concerned. I knew that there was nothing else to do at this point other than to be positive, optimistic and engage in fervent prayers and being someone that doesn't really do that very well I solicited all of y'alls. The Bible verses were GREAT. And believe me Prayers and Powerful. That Saturday, I fasted, I went to my car in the hot sun and prayed and shouted for 3 hours because my roommates were studying. If I can pray like this and get results, then surely life must be a piece of cake for some of you out there. Anyways, I wrote one begging email to the party on the east coast that gave me the wrong information, they gave me their suggestions but did not budge. The party on the west coast, same thing. I was like OK I guess all the 'passport-like' materials must be returned then. Kai the thing come pain me. I no gree, so I come begin dey pray and cry and sing some more. I had faith and I believed that what is mine shall be mine as long as it has been ordained from God. I believed that God would intervene and deliver me just as He did the children of Israel before the Red Sea. That was a difficult situation, an unchangeable fact, until the hand of God parted the waters and made way for His people to get to the other side. I pray that as the Lord has parted a way for me in my difficult junction, He would do the same for all of you. Anyways the past few days went by, I had been sending emails to the alternative solution, not knowing whether the west coast people would accept that solution. The person in charge was like she would have to take the matter to the higher ups and the powers that be and lay the case to them and let them decide. People of God, when the Lord says YES, no man can say NO. When Jesus lifts you up no one can bring you down. He is the Lord who said ASK and it shall be given unto you, good measures, pressed down and running over. This afternoon I got a phone call saying that this was a 'strange matter' and they had never dealt with such of this nature, but that they will accommodate the solution because the documentations needed for my matter were stellar and 'over-met' the requirements. Can you believe that? In fact, BELIEVE IT and forget about calling me Adaure, Ada or Addy. From now on start calling me by my middle name, CHIAKA, God Decrees/Dictates. He made a decree upon my life and as you can see, man made policy set to stone had to bend to His voice. PRAISE THE LORD!!! I nearly broke down over the phone. I was elated that there was a solution and all it would cost me was a mere $200. I look at that as 'Egunje Policy Fee' sacrifice so no shaking. As in I can't tell you how elated I am. I mean words cannot express. The hand of God is truly in my life. I don't need to be broadcasting my business like this, but if this would be the way that I will win souls for the Lord, by testifying about His goodness in my life and making believers out of any who doubts, then I shall not hesitate to run my mouth, or fingers as the case may be. If not that, then someone who may have given up will be encouraged to keep trucking and toiling and trusting in the Lord as I have done. Not saying that I am perfect, in fact I'll be the first to say that I don't deserve God's favor because I am still struggling with my demons and have been a 'new christian' for far too long, but at least my eyes have seen and heard and my mouth will speak about this Great God because that's just what HE is. I just cannot contain myself tonight. I am sure I will need a glass or two of Merlot to calm me down a bit because I am to hyper and have practically turned my room into a one member church. AARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! Unfortunately I don't have the voice to sing angelic hymns or notes so I am barking and croaking praises, and that's OK because it is still a joyful noise to God's ears.
So what do we take away from this life lesson of today other than the fact that God is the Omniscient one who never fails on His promises, that Faith moveth moutains and the Prayers of those who believe works(like joke like joke y'all, I am gradually, slowly and surely turning SU). The other key thing that I take from this is that when it comes to matters affecting ones life, important life changing issues, NEVER NEVER take anyone for his or her word alone without also getting it in writing. Imagine a marriage proposal without a ring or a keg of palm wine and kolanuts as the case may be, can't take the fellow too seriously. God is the only one whose word is steadfast, and even He put all his promises to His people in writing, in the Bible, so that there would be no questions or doubts. If some one tells you something or makes a promise but you don't have it in writing, there are no guarantees that a few days, weeks or months they will be singing the same tune or remember what was said. If someone promises you something and refuses or doesn't want to put it in writing, then that should answer your question about trusting the person or the deal. You may even need to enter a contract to guarantee your own stake. While you should be weary about all contracts and agreements, there are some that are just necessary. See Yetty's post on Contract With the Devil. Anyways, I learnt my lesson but I was blessed to have the Lord on my side. While He will always be by my side, I'll be more meticulous next time (which I usually am on things like that) so that I don't cause Him any more headache because He has a lot more pressing matters to solve, such as World Peace, Poverty and Aids, than to be interrupted by my little snafus.
Thanks again for all the prayers. Thanks for the special emails,IM's and calls (Ndi, Kulutempa, Beedee, Mo-ho, Oyin, Bella etc) God Bless you back the way you have blessed me by including me in your prayers, praying along with me and wishing me well. Yours shall come in double, triple and quadruple folds, even when you don't ask for it. That goes for the 'danger-mouses' that have been leaving negative comments as well. Keep it up, because some days a little negativity can be fuel for the drive to the prize. HA!! HA!! HA!! Ya'll enjoy this special praise selection(Thanks Bella for getting me all nostalgic about Church in the my Village with your post on Sunday. I can just feel Xmas and New Years Day in December already... me dragging the goat or carrying a tuber of yam to the altar). I'M BACK TO NORMAL NOW BLOGVILLE!!!!Just had to recharge my battery with the Spirit. One problem though, I can't promise a consistent ANTM wrap firstly becaus ethis season seems like it would be boring and secondly I will have to start going to church on Wednesday nights instead. We shall see.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


September 26th was her birthday. Not sure why I didn't see any article about that until this morning and I get istant emails from all over the world on stupid stories. And I didn't see anything on the wires. May be I just missed them anyways this woman is a great woman and needs to get more props than is given to her. Has she ever beenon Oprah? I don't recall? Does anyone?


Yesterday's show was just not motivating enough to get a full wrap up. The make over was just blah. The only person who I think got a good deal was Jaeda with the Halle Berry look. If only she would get more energy and personality to rock it. Why does Tyra always insist on giving long hair to the girl that it doesn't fit at all. The mammy wata looking hair that she gave Eugena is not it at all. I am like OK, why make her look crazy. I wonder what the photo session was supposed to accomplish. Infact, our friend the Ijele masquerade should have been in the line up. Monique deserves a flogging and I don't understand what the hype was about her photo. How could she have spent 3 hours on the phone. Good thing Anchal went there and cut off the phone. Anyways, I am lost this season. Not sure when It will start getting interesting enough to give a full colorful wrap up.

Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement regarding my last post. I had started to write something but it ain't over till it's over. Again, 'immigration matter' is just code, but for me the situation is comparable becaus eof the seriousness. You will understand why later when I disclose, if I am able to. Anyways keep watching this space for a testimony, praise report or words of advice from this whole situation. I'll be back soon, perhaps tomorrow, just need to get over myself as soon as I realize it is not the end of the world, which it really isn't.

By the way Aishwarya Rai's name was misspelled in the first ANTM post. Thanks to the anonymous fellow/friend who pointed it out with a bit more does of sarcasm than needed. What will I do without folks like you who watch my back :)

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Immigration Matter, Divine Matter
The past two days have been rather interesting and this weekend will either be the worst yet to come in my entire life or the one where I put the most faith in God and believe that He will never fail in his promises to me. The blog entry I had planned was going to be something totally different as I was driving back on Thursday night. But my jubilation ended very quickly on Friday morning. I was thinking that wow things worked out after all, in spite of all and despite all. However it all seemed to good to be true and although I have not cried blood yet, it is as good as that . Anyways I know there are prayer warriors out there and right now I need all your prayers. This 'Immigration Matter' has gotten some major 'K-LEG' and as it stands only God can intercept the devil that is hard at work. For any haters, please take a vacation, go to the beach and erase Addy from your mind or just hit pause on your hateration for the next few days. My hustle will not be in vain and in my thirst and hunger God will not present me with a feast that is a mere mirage. My enemies will not prevail because God is on my side. When Jesus lifts you up, no man can bring you down, When Jesus says YES and has given you what HE says belongs to you, BELIEVE that no matter what road blocks or obstacles that may stand in your way it will be yours. If it will take an Iranian or North Korean missile to get it out of your way, HE will do all it takes to give you what is yours. I just have to BELIEVE and speak by FAITH. I will not be blogging for the next few days until this whole thing has been prayed and sorted out. I am too distraught to think or be funny, more like I am in a different zone. I will be logging in to approve your comments and no I am not asking for a pity party, I just need you to pray along with me. It is a SEEEERIOUS MATTER like the AKA's would say.

Meanwhile I have been accused of plagiarising someone's blog in my last ANTM Season Premier post where I mention receiving Chimamanda Adichie's book 'Half of A Yellow Sun'. At first I laughed and rained abuses on the anonymous person because I thought it was a joke but turns out it is not. I take such accusations seriously and there's nothing funny about false accusations or plagiarism. (By the way due to the nature of the immigration situation, I am reading my Bible this entire weekend instead and not the novel as I had planned)

For any who is wondering, I did miss John Legend on Oprah. I thought it was on at 4pm but turns out it was on at 3pm in LA. Argh.. the stupidity. I will be getting TIVO. Meanwhile if anybody saved the show, please holla at me. If you haven't bought ElDee's new CD, you should. Just got it in the mail as well and 'ME LIKES'. Will update you sometime next week on the situation. Have a good rest of the weekend and THANK YOU for all your prayers.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Not Much Drama

So the first show was basically an introduction to the girls. Not much going on dramatically. Well except that this Monique girl is trying a bit too hard to be the bitch in the house. I hope Tyra catches on and cuts her before she can say A in ANTM. Another theme that will be big and probably bore me is the pretty-ethnic-girl-who-does-know-she-is-beautiful. Anchal is cute but she ain't no Aisharawa Rai so they need to chill with the ogling abeg. Our twirling twins were back for a short while and I was just at that BelAge hotel this summer. Anyways I can't type too much. I have to go to bed early because have to be up at 4am to drive to LA to take care of some 'immigration' matters. Can you imagine that the devil tried to usurp the situation and it almost got cancelled. But you know, where there is a will, there is a way and God found a way to make it happen. I will have to drive back tomorrow night since I have to work on Friday. Can't take too many days off man, Christmas is coming and we have to buy ticket. Anyways as you are saying your prayers tonight, please pray for my 'immigration matter' . And no it is not a job interview for all the 'amebos' that be snooping around and trying to decode Adaure's business.
One problem however, WHERE THE HELL WILL I WATCH OPRAH TOMORROW. JOHN LEGEND WILL BE ON THE SHOW AND ADDY CANNOT MISS IT FOR THE WORLD. Anyways I will fill you in on my adventures. Oh by the way, how about Addy played Super Hero and Super nanny for a hot minute today. Can you imagine how careless some parents can be with their children. So my apartment complex is gated right and as I was coming back home from work, I saw these to kids, a 5 year old and his perhaps almost 2 year old baby brother playing at the gate and running in between as cars were passing. Turns out they were trying to go out of the gate. Anyways I drove up right on time to see them escape through the gate. The two year old running towards the main road. Omo my head shacked oh considering all the children that had been run over the past few weeks. Anyways I stopped my car and like a true Nigerian started yelling at them. "What are you doing here? Where is your mother?". The 5 year old started telling me some story and then I was like OK I'm going to open the gate so walk back into the complex. He agreed, but the baby was more interested in my car and running towards me. SO I had to get out and pick him up, meanwhile the 5 year old was standing in between the moving gates and trying to be superman and hold them from locking. This is a high powered iron gate. You should have seen the way I yelled at him. Luckily another driver was coming so he opened the gate and I went in and told the boy to hold his baby brother and wait for me to bring the car in. As in you never know who would call 911 and say they saw a black woman putting the white baby in her car in an apparent attempt at kidnapping. Please O. Anyways I drove in and told the boy to hold his brother and show me where their house is. Just as I started turning I see this woman lumbering towards and calling the kids. In my best imitation of an angry black woman with a southern accent, I yell at the lady "Ma'am, are these your children? Why would you let them out of your sight to walk into traffic? If you can't keep them safe, there are other women who gladly will?" I probably should not have said the last bit but I was so very upset. And she was so lackadaisical about getting the kid. Instead of carrying the baby off, she held his hand and was like 'c'mon, c'mon' in baby steps. Anyways she apparently was not going to open her mouth to say anything in her defense because she knew she was guilty, but the least she could have said was thank you. Trust Addy to remind her in the most curt of ways. I was like "Can you at least say thank you?" she did and I replied in sarcasm "You are welcome." Lol.. I swear man, I needed that drama. The picture that I can't get out of my head though was the cute black air force guy who opened the gate. He saw me in my most vulnerable moment...actually showing love and care to children. AAARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!! I know I am going to pay for that slip up if he sees me again. Hopefully he's single sha but I doubt it. Those military guy can marry like it is going out of style. Anyways I am looking forward to this weekend. That's because I just got my free copies of Chimamanda Adichie's Half of A Yellow Sun and W.J Richardson's The Ghost of Emmet Till. That 'Chichi's' book looks very intimidating oh, all 434 pages of it. I am sure I can be done with it if I spend Saturday and Sunday reading. That's all for now sha, will bring you more gist later. Peace and love in the middle east (Speaking of which, did you guys see how Hugo Chavez lambasted George Bush at the UN meeting by calling him the devil and practically doing the 'stations of the cross' while at it. It is serious. What do you guys think about it and the situation with the Pope which doesn't seem to be letting up. Even one Muslim group in Nigeria has chimed in. I am surprised that some nut head in Jos has not stirred up a religious riot yet, or have I spoken too soon)

Monday, September 18, 2006


What Will You Be Watching

The boring Summer season of not too great TV shows and re-runs is over. Say hello to a fabulous fall season or new and fresh TV shows and trendsetting casts. We have two new channels, CW and MY Network but we lost UPN and the WB. Some shows have already premiered and others were chucked out. I have my favorite shows that I will be watching and a couple of new ones that seem interesting or one that I'll just end up watching by default either because I am waiting for my show to come on or because the come on right after my show. What will you guys be watching? There's no doubt that this season is definitely going to be MUST SEE TV. Here are the shows that I will be watching and may occasionally mention.

A new season of Oprah started today with part one of Oprah and Gayle's Big Adventures. Make sure you watch Thursday's show to see my baby JOHN LEGEND. Also you can catch Oprah on Larry King on Monday Sept 25 which happens to be the same date 'Oprah and Friends' starts on XM Satellite Radio. Gosh Oprah can I be your friend too so that you can hook me up.

A new season of ANTM starts Wednesday on the new CW. I am so looking forward to it however we all know things will never be the same without our darling Nnenna. Speaking of whom, I heard she was in some fashion shows at NY fashion week or a show before that. Can anyone bring us up to speed on what our girl is up to these days. If there are any new pictures as well please pass them along. These her legs are SERIOUSLY WICKED!! As in I either need to learn how to stand like that in every picture to hide my bow legs or just cut and past this pix into all my pictures. LOL

Keep watching this space because I shall continue my wanna be funny post mortem ANTM wrap up for you. Expect it to be up every Thursday morning. I will let you know otherwise. Hopefully this season will not be very dry. To see the new cast of ANTM check out CW

Girlfriends is back with an all new 7th and final season. This time with out Jill Marie Jones, who plays Toni Childs. It will also be on at a new time, Sundays at 8pm. I love this show and the cast, especially the fashion. Joan just rawks and I just want her wardrobe. Anyways look for it on the CW as well starting October 1st.

Addition: How the heck could I have forgotten my MOST FAVORITEST show. Desperate Housewives starts a third season this Sunday at 9pm. I love this show and I cannot afford to miss it anymore, especially now that I work for a CBS station and cannot get air checks. Ndidi I don't care how good the show is but you cannot call me to discuss it. Lol. Anyways another show that I do watch by default is Grey's Anatomy. It is a good show but I don't even remember teh names of the characters. To me it is like watching a Kungfu movie...I watch for the action, drama and humor and forget about it.

I don't have Bravo anymore so I can't watch Project Runway. I am now addicted to Flavor of Love. I know, pathetic but in as much as I cannot stand that yucky guy and the 'whorishnessity' that the women display, the show makes for some entertainment and it is highly dramatic. That crazy New York chick is back and is stirring up drama. I am sure she will beat someone up soon.
What other shows out there are worth watching? I am not into Lost, 24 or CSI. They come on either during Anderson 360 or Larry King Live. Anyways be sure to Check out Christiane Amanpour's report on Aids in Africa "Where are All the Parents". It will air this weekend after an in depth interview with Former President Bill Clinton.


From Saro-Wiwa, Achebe ETC

You Guys... I think something phenomenal has happened for all of us nostalgic Nigerians in the diaspora and all seeking to learn about television in Nigeria. Thanks to the wise crackers of iNollywood, you can now watch classic shows from Nigerian television including feature length Nollywood productions.
They have Ken Saro-Wiwa's Basi and Company, Chinua Achebe's 'Things Fall Apart' (imagine that) Cock Crow at Dawn and even Second Chance. OMG!!! HOW ON EARTH DID THEY FIND THAT. I thought NTA archives burned down sometime ago in a fire. It's like I don't need a life outside my room anymore since I can just log on and watch these good old shows(if i decide to pay) from the good old days when Nigerian television was controlled by theater practitioners and academicians and nearly without sin and corruption of spare part dealers. Check out the website for all the other movies they have. To the creators of the website, much kudos for that. As it appears y'all are still starting out, let me go ahead an make my requests so that you can dig into those NTA archives and find my favorites from even TELEFEST et al. Try to load up ABIKU, POT OF LIFE, Wedlock of the Gods, New Masquerade, THIRD EYE etc.
Having said that, make i come pour small sand sand inside pesin garri. No be say na ITK but Kulutempa please have Bro. Ken and your lawyers look into this before I give anybody my hard earned $1.99. The website claims "iNollywood has acquired streaming rights for all movies in the streaming library and a royalty is paid to producers each time the films are consumed online." Can you confirm this with your people if indeed the royalties are really going back or if an agreement was signed, sealed and dated. It would be good to know that the owners will be getting the royalties from the proceeds. However, if this is available online, then it must mean that it is available somewhere on VCD. Does anyone have any idea where we can purchase them. I would prefer to get my own copy rather than be limited to 48 hour watching period online. I mean if I want to watch it 10 times, I guess I have to pay $1.99 time 10 instead of perhaps $5 to own a copy. I would like to suggest a more noble idea of providing the classics as a public service, like a LIBRARY or what do you guys think? Especially with something like Things Fall Apart that is widely read and taught in classes. It would be great if teachers in high schools and colleges can use the website as part of their curriculum when teaching the text especially as it is rare and hardly in any library. Believe me, I read the book after I watched the movie and it was great to have been able to have the movie to help me understand the book. It is just a thought, so consider it. I am sure it will do a lot in educating people. Please post information on where we can purchase these classics if you have it. Share your thoughts on the website, charging $1.99 and my idea of providing some of the classics as public service for educational purposes.

Friday, September 15, 2006


A friend sent this to me. Dare I say nostalgic? What happened to these faces? Who is the light skinned Joy girl?I never figured that one out. I remember swearing to use only Joy or Lux soap so I can be as fine as her and Patti Boulaye. I guess I wasted my mother's money.

addition: Thanks Anonymous for this, you just made my weekend. THIS IS LEGENDARY. Kulutempa got the whole set as a birthday present and will burn the episodes for me. Kulu I dey wait oh because this show is the bombdiggity. I can just hear my accent going haywire and messed up right now because this show basically thought me how to speak English properly....LOL.

That goodlooking african sister rocking the nkemji-ojongo hairstyle and representing for us is non other than Ms. Taiwo Ajayi-Lycett.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I Wonder If Heaven's Got A Ghetto

Because that's where my homie Tupac is straight up chilling. I remember wearing black and rocking my bandana for a whole month when he died. Yes it was that serious. That was a real gangsta with was raw talent and passion not the crap that we have now. Tupac is an urban poetic legend like no other. In case you didn't notice VH1 is running a bunch of news doc on his life. Check them out. Meanwhile make sure you pour a libation out to him or throw your lighters up. R-I-P Tupac.

Share your thoughts on Tupac. Do you have any fave Tupac hits or lyrical wisdom? I liked 'All Eyez on Me' and 'Keepin' Ur Head Up' (I should go and buy some 2PAC cds since I gave mine away, I'll get the Walmart version this time)

Here's a quote that I think is just too deep

“since we all came from a women, got our name from a women, and our game from a women. I wonder why we take from women, why we rape our women, do we hate our women? I think its time we killed for our women, be real to our women, try to heal our women, cus if we dont we'll have a race of babies that will hate the ladies, who make the babies. And since a man can't make one he has no right to tell a women when and where to create one”

WORD TO YO MOMMA PAC!!!! THUG LIFE!!!!(without the gun though)
Post away but this should not be a distraction from the Biafra post.

(Two blogs in one day, I guess it came back huh)


Finally An Opportunity to Talk About Biafra

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Chimamanda Adichie's new book Half of A Yellow Sun is a Biafra Story. I can't wait to read it and review it. The Biafran War is something that still invokes emotion and political strife in Nigeria. It has been described by some as genocide. Many of us also grew up hearing stories from our parents and relatives about what and what did not happen during the war. As I was told my parents met during the war when my dad was a soldier and my mom a Red Cross 'Nurse Eliza' (I guess that's what they call volunteer because she was not a certified nurse) What stories have you been told or do you remember. I am sure you have great ones. Don't hold back because you feel you don't want to sound or be seen as tribalistic ( because I know we were not all told the same stories or in the same way). While we are at it, do you think Nigeria has really dealt with this 'ugly' past and what should be done because it remains the invisible elephant in the living room, especially where politics is concerned. How should the future generation deal with this issue as well. Do we ignore it, pretend that it did not happen or do we consider it as one of the casualties that we had to experience to have a 'ONE' Nigeria. Is 'ONE' Nigeria a realistic or a mere utopia. Below are some pictures from 'The Biafran War' that I found online. What do these images invoke. For me it's practically Darfur in a previous century. I would like to here what you smart and witty readers have to say. Let's start a dialogue or discussion here my friends or is Biafra too sensitive to be discussed?

Here are some links and stories online on Biafra
Phillip Emeagwali's Reflections on Biafra
Fred Cuny's Disaster Relief Analysis and Pictures
Global Security Biafra Background
The Civil War: Nigeria Vs Biafra
Surviving Biafra Photos

Tuesday, September 12, 2006



(pulling my hair, actually scratching it)

Monday, September 11, 2006

My Reflection On 9-11-2001

that this was the doing of 'September 11 2001 was just another chilly September day in Chapel Hill North Carolina. Or so I thought. I had just returned from a second trip to New York City to resume my senior year at Carolina. We were only just two weeks into the new academic year. I was still coming to terms with the fact that my departure from my sweet Carolina, the school, was around the corner and so I promised to be a more serious, studious and focused student. It was a Tuesday morning and my first class was at 9am. World Media class with Professor Lucilla Vargas. My routine, at the time, as is now, is to roll over to my remote control and turn my TV on once the alarm goes off. It was permanently tuned to CNN. However on this morning, I didn't do that for some reason. Not that doing that would have changed what would become the event of the day. But I've always felt that perhaps if I had stuck to my routine, I would gotten some 'telepathic' hint that this was not going to be an ordinary school day.
I don't remember exactly which bus route I took but my buss ride was short and quick. I made my way to Carroll Hall, walking as fast as a zombie, as I always did because I didn't want any one to stop me and exchange pleasantries. As I walked towards Carroll Hall. I noticed several people on their phones looking perturbed. It didn't click because that was the change over time for the 8 am classes so naturally there was more traffic in front of Carroll Hall. Then I walked into the lobby with the giant 'Situation Room' type 4 screen plasma screen 'television'. There was a crowd of students and faculty staff gathered. There eyes peeled to the screens and arms folded, they watched Charlie Gibson, Diane Sawyer, Aaron Brown, Paula Zahn and a host of others speculating on what had just happened. Everyone saying that perhaps it was a distressed plane, may be a small plane. No one was sure at the time because no one had their camera pointed at the Twin Towers when the first plane hit. No one was really expecting anything different to be happening that day, after all it was a mere election day. No one could plan to have the various tower cams on those New York buildings focused in on the towers. Naturally with something like this happening, which is the very bane of our existence as a journalism school, it was expected that there would be a lot of late comers to class. People trying to walk into their 9am class with the latest information, perhaps for Rich Landesburg's j-21 daily current affairs test. I don't know how long I had been standing there but it had been long enough for me to realize I was late for class. Just as I moved towards the left hall way, trying to get through the crowd of people standing and those watching with their heads turned around, I heard gasps and 'Oh My Gods' from people. I stopped dead in my tracks on time to see the second plane flying directly into the second tower. "JESUS NNE M O!!" was what came out of mu mouth. My two hands clasped over my head, my mouth widely agape. What was happening?Who the hell was doing this? Was it Armageddon, the end of the world? It was certainly the Apocalypse right in my face or could it be Rapture taking place? I prayed and confessed Jesus on the spot. My blood was cold because the next thing that came to my mind was that those were peoples children, mothers, fathers, brother, sisters, husbands and wives, hundreds of people, who just died before my eyes. I remember reciting 'Holy Mary', 'The Lord's Prayer' and 'Psalm 23' as if to make up for the years I had refuse to go to church. By now it was clear those were no distressed planes but hijacked planes that were deliberately crashed into the towers. I began to think, how could that happen? How many hijackers could have been on the plane? The only thing that I could remember was 'Delta Force'. Perhaps these people were armed and had an insider. I walked into class and the mood was somber. Professor Vargas did not have traditional class, but rather took the opportunity a a teaching tool for the class. The focus was of course the immediate assumptionOsama Bin Laden' and 'Arab terrorists'. It was a heated debate on stigma and stereotyping of ethnic groups in the media. Being a Pan-Africanist and one of the few continental minorities in the class, I was not going to let this opportunity to vocalize my opinion pass me by. There were several opinions in the class that ranged from the left to the right and center of the debate. I don't recall all of them, but in there somewhere I made it known that the policy of the American government and the naivete of the American populace to those policies was what fueled the animosity. I also said something to the effect of one man's terrorist is another man's hero, after all Mandela was declared a terrorist and the ANC a terrorist group. While I didn't whole heartedly feel this way, I had to play devil's advocate because I was just bored with the pro-American comments as some of the other students didn't care to speak their mind at the time. By the time the next class rolled around, Dr Bowers, the Dean came in, unrolled the projector screen and turned on the TV reception. He said there was no class and we were welcome to sit and watch the coverage. Meanwhile, I had dialed my Aunt Priscilla and her husband's numbers several times to no avail. They worked at a 'nearby' hospital and would go to the towers very often as I understood. Seeing as I spoke to her the night before, my heart was racing and pounding, my mind going to all sorts of things. Could our conversation the night before, on September 10th have been my last conversation with my dear Aunt. I began to panic. It was clear there wasn't going to be much teaching or studying, by now class was optional. My next class would be at 2pm with Dr. Dale McKinney, the white, once declared communist and outspoken Zimbabwean professor whose parents were missionaries. I then put on my journalist hat and headed to the Carolina Week newsroom as we had a show to produce on Wednesday September 12 2001. I has already seen a couple of my classmates carrying their tripods and cameras. I was like there was no way I could be useful if I didn't hear back from my Aunt. I called and paged, called and paged. Dr. Tuggle asked us if we had any loved ones that we had not heard from. Some people said they'd heard form such and such. I was in the back all sad and dejected, a tissue in my hand because hot tears were rolling from my eyes. I told him I had not heard from my Aunt. After a while I think the emotional cloud had rolled away and my rational side thought to myself; well Twin Towers is in the business district and Harlem is in the ghetto. Therefore Harlem Hospital could not possibly be as close to the Twin Towers for them to be in jeopardy. I went an mapped it out and alas it was a ways away. I had a 'duh' moment. I figured the reason they were not answering their phones or calling back was because they were deep in their necks in the ER attending to the wounded. I went and washed my face and carried my camera and tripod and cruised campus on my legs, in search for a 9-11 story to tell. You would think that I would remember exactly what my news assignment was that day. But between going to seminars, memorials, press conferences, sitting in debate circles in the Pit and crash editing for the show, crying on the phone to my then boyfriend and still worried about not having heard from my aunt, the later part of the day became a blur. The date and the event, however, are forever imprinted in my memory redefining my generation. I would do a story about how international students applying for visas month anniversary(can't find cached link) so to speak and we were on Spring break. We wanted to see for ourselves what had happened. I brought a camera along with me to tell the story of our visit to Ground Zero. It was a surreal moment. While my friends became visibly emotional, I fought back tears (as I am now) because I had to keep it in the zone of a story teller and not be a part of the story or make myself a part of the story. It was hard, and even though the end job was a bit sloppy and under par considering I had to shoot my stand up myself ( would be the scape goats and ended up at Ground Zero, 6 months later on March 11 with my friends Ndidi and Forreline. It was the 6thNdi and Fols helped push record) that piece remains one of my shining moments .
For me, 9-11 was the only other time, aside from the Olympics in the 80's, that I distinctively and whole heartedly identified with my 'Americanness'. It was no longer 'they', 'them' but 'us' & 'we'. I no longer wrinkled my nose at being called an American. I had to diluted the typical anti-western and anti-capitalist rhetoric that one tends to dose up on in liberal academia and Pan-Africanism and reeducate myself on Americanism and those values upon which this country was built. In the same way that being away from Nigeria has allowed me to aappreciate African culture, I learned to APPRECIATE America as well because truth be told its demise will mean misery for many and no shelter for the persecuted. There is a reason while there are more asylum seekers, more exiled, more economic migrants than there are in any other country. America beyond its inequities and fallability stands for so many things and I began to allow my self to see that. I had to learn to balance my American patriotism with my Nigerian heritage and not be a hypocrite in choosing one over the other when it seemed convenient. My faith in America being invincible came crashing down and I had to build upon my faith in God. I don't bother about Osama Bin Laden. While I wish he and his henchmen will get caught and skinned alive or burned like robbers on the streets of Lagos, with tires round their necks, I am certain that the justice that God holds for him won't be a very pretty one. Same with all those other culprits of crimes against humanity. Perhaps it ha dto take 9-11 to make me one proud American citizen.
In relation, one person pointed out that atrocities such as the Rwandan Genocide, where millions were killed trumps 9-11. While that is valid in terms of the number of causalities, there's a big difference between the two events and their aftermath. For one, and I am sure some one will jump on my neck about this, Rwanda was a failure in African leadership and action not America's fault or any other foreign power. Yes their involvement could have helped but the inadequacies of African leaders to unite in condemning the genocide and taking action is a bigger deal that the marines not landing. The same way that Nigeria was able to send ECOMOG to deal with the Liberia situation, is the same way that South Africa and neighboring countries should have jumped into action. Granted South Africa was dealing with their new democracy and political fragility so I imagine intervening in Rwanda was not a viable option. Another thing is that 9-11 and this war on terrorism cuts across a Global demographic and that's why it is very significant. While Hutus and Tutsi fought each other, Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden are fighting against anyone who does not agree with their extremist ideology. That would include you and I, a majority or a fraction of the Hutus and Tutsi, South Africans, the western world and all that is civil. Even the poor masses and starving Africans, who have no responsibility to play in the predicament that the Muslim world is facing politically are not excluded. Remember that the Kenyan Embassy Bombings were also mastermind by Al-Qaeda and the people who died were Africans like you and I. So lets be careful not to dignify this horrific act by underplaying its true impact on global affairs and our day to day lives.

Click HERE to read comments on how many of you remember 9-11-2001. Those comments were great. Thanks for sharing and keep them coming. Once the somberness of the day had gone out of my system I'll be back to give you gist about the Malibu wedding, the Owambe and how I almost ran over a cyclist. Keep it clicked on this space :)

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Remembering That Tragic Day...Send in your Entries

September 11 is one day many of us will never forget. Because of the significance of the events of that day, some of us remember second for second what we were doing or thinking that day. At least those of us in the United States. I would like to solicit responses from you, my dear readers. Share with 'according to' what you were doing, who you were and how the events of September 11 affected or changed you. You can leave your post in the comments section or send an email to I will post your responses along with my September 11 blog entry on what I was doing, did and who I was on that day. It is a very interesting entry that you don't want to miss. However that magnificent post is only contingent upon your participation (yes oh na by force o). I have to get at least 5 related stories....otherwise :). Ok Ok, I am just kidding, but I would really like to read from you. Thanks for participating.

In other News
Arnold Admits Latinas and Black are Hot.
Unfortunately for him, he forgot he was in America, where many just don't like to hear 'other' truths. He had to apologise for 'complimenting' black and Latinas women with the word 'hot'. More perplexing is the flack he is getting over it. Supposedly the problem as I gather from other news reports is the word he used 'hot'. Ok!?! and what's wrong with that. Should he have used the more visual term such as sexy, feisty, pretty. I am not sure exactly what he was trying to say but from my little inference, I guess politicians cannot say other politician are 'hot' especially if they have 'Latino blood' or 'black blood'. Perhaps it was just a slow news day that there was nothing else to report.
Local news has been very depressing. Two children died after being hit by cars. One was a typical toddler, a 22 month old who just ran away when his mother turned her back. The other was a 12 year old who was riding his bicycle to school and got hit by a driver whose view was obstructed by glare form the son. I have to make calls to the hospital to check on their conditions and every time I am always praying, God please give me good news, let this child/person survive. I have not been very lucky with getting good news but the worst part is when you have to go from being human to being a journalist and have to either make that call to the parents to get a picture or a bio of their child. Gosh, I must say that's probably the most challenging part of being a journalist. Showing that you really commiserate with them for their loss at the same time having a job to do by getting their story. It's a juggling act and some people do it well and others are just cruel about it (see that Columbine Movie).

Anyways I have to drive 2 and half hours to Malibu to attend my co workers wedding. THE DRIVE OH THE DRIVE. I went to bed last night thinking I would just call and say I can't come. But I woke up and said a prayer and now I am all dressed up and ready to hop in my car. I hope the car does not act up on the road because it is due for maintenance, which I have been postponing because I just can't find time during the week. I may branch to LA but I am thinking I may decide to just drive back home. I am not up to being tempted to shop, plus crashing at a hotel, will make a deep $100 cut into my wallet. Not to mention gas and food so I might be coming back tonight but there's some Nigerian birthday party (owambe-ish) that sounds too tempting. I can just smell the Jollof Rice and Peppersoup. My long throat will probably come into play over my senses and I'll probably just bone up. But that $100 could buy me like 5 servings from Nkechi's kitchen, if only I could find my way there.

Friday, September 08, 2006


Warri Matrix

Ya'll this had me crying...two very jobless warri boys with high tech computers.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dangerous Job

Reporters Getting Attacked on the Beat etc

A reporters beat can be quite dangerous at times. Most of the time when we hear or talk about the hazards of being a journalist, we usually equate it with beats that involved gang activity, war and conflict coverage. It goes with out saying that Al Qaeda, the war in Iraq and the war against terrorism have further compounded the problem. I don't need to remind you about the reporters and photographers who get kidnapped, shot, beheaded or have had bombs and grenades thrown at them. Much of these usually happen in other countries, in war zones, or countries that are politically unstable which is mostly countries that are not in the western hemisphere. Here in America we journalists find a very safe haven. We enjoy the liberties of being able to practice journalism without fear of intimidation. This is because America is the beacon of free press and free speech. As journalists we believe we work for the people and are the watch dogs of society, protecting citizens from bad governance and ensuring that tax payers money is used properly. We also try to expose corruption and illegal activity, which is what one investigative reporter was doing when he suddenly found himself not just a part of the story, but practically became 'a man without a face'. Check this out.

This is CRAZY. The woman even threatened to get a gun and have him end up in Tijuana or Enscenada or some place like that in Mexico. That's practically a death threat. I am so flabbergasted by this. Poor reporter got the beat down of his life but he kept his cool and gave us GREAT TV. My question is how dumb could these people have been. They only worsened their case. What do you guys think about this? Should the reporter have fought back? Lord know that as a 'sistuh' I would have taken off my earrings and my high heels and given that woman a whoopass nigerian momma beating. Should the photographer have stopped recording and jumped in to rescue his partner? I'ld like you to share your views. Meanwhile here are some other 'On the Job Reporter Hazards' as well as bloopers that I found on You Tube. Funny stuff. Gawd I love that website. I need to upgrade on technology so I can load stuff up man.

Man this guy is a pro and also bold, I would have gotten on my knees and started praying.

Poor dude, the kids actually made his story much more interesting.

The purse lady was probably drunk

Are you kidding!?! This really aired?

That's gotta be the most annoying thing. Trying to do your stand up and a moron comes around acting stupid. But I am sorry I had to laugh over her last gasp of frustration. I hope she threw the mic at the dude.

All I can say is HOLY COW!!! This reporter was very lucky

This one got me cracking up, especially the live shot with the torch light. HABA!!!!

Now this one below is classic. Our African brother gave us a 'FACE' when they caled him an expert. Toooo Funny!!! I love television...greatest stuff created after the internet.

THIS IS A SELECTION OF BLOOPERS... I think the hazard was probably trying to keep a straight face.



Nigeria's Population Continues to Explode
Stay Tuned for details

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Addy's JL-Mania in Overdrive Thanks to one every faithful Anonymous citizen for alerting me to the fact that my snooker-doodle John Legend has released the video for 'Save Room '. I signed up for the mailing list but my filter probably sent it to junk mail. Can you imagine that nonsense. A whole John Legend email sent to junk mail. Anyway thanks for that anonymous, good looking out. So I saw the video and I likey likey. Me thinks my Johnny baby is really into African sistas despite the most unfortunately short live romance with Tayo Otiti . Seeing as homie defected to the vanilla persuasion, I may just have to consult my MFM pastor to intercede on my behalf so that our destiny to cross and I can bat my eyes at him. Either that or I'll just have to blow some white powder (babalawo style aka remote control or touch and quench) into his face and say 'Follow Me'. That's a script from a Nollywood movie o. Not after now when mosquito bites John Legend they'll say Adaure sent it or if he suffers 'exhaustion' like Mariah Carey someone will say I put a hex on him. Please oh.. me no wan wahala. Anyways my 'destiny willing' plan aside, and back to the video, what do you guys think about it. 'ReRe' the video girl in me is kinda pissed man. 'ReRe' who is from the south but acts and talks like she is from Boogie Down Bronx, is one of a number of personaes and personalities that make up 'Adaure'. In the past years there have been 12 defined individual characters. You have met Addy the cute funny one, Zelda & Hagar the evil twins & Serengeti Princess the pride of Africa, Denise Rodwoman aka Michelle Jordan is the WNBA star and first woman to play in NBA, Queen Slim Mack of the Underground is the gangsta rapper, Alexandra or Alex for short is the Sweet Valley high type ditzy breeze brain, Agnes Walter is the Agatha Christiesque writer-journalist, Rasta-Dure Selassie I is the prophetic and poetic Rastafarian, Black Jessica Simpson a la Newly Weds, then there's the unnamed Broadway showgirl, the Victorian Shakespeare character, the bad cook and Lazy-house wife who wishes for a robot to clean up amongst a host of others. I guess these all represent some phase in my life and state of mind. I also had several parties with some of thse cats during my Charlotte days. The mind indeed is a great play ground to escape to when reality just doesn't fit some times. Lol...((no laughter response))... relax's a joke and I'm jobless. Anyways right now it's Adaure typing. So yeah 'ReRe' is kinda upset about not being in the music video. If she had been in it, there'ld have been no room to be saved for any of those other chicks. It'll just be John and Me... I mean... ReRe... in the video. How cute that' would have been. But that's cool everyday for the thief one day for the Queen of the house.. abi. Anyways remember how I told y'all that Johnny must have had me in mind while writing his last album. You can also remember the heartache I went thorugh over the T.O incident. Well this new song of his is his apology o. He is begging me to Save Room for him again. Uh Hmh... well here's my 'African Love' (because you know it's 'very special') response to him as he is asking for forgiveness in this one act Nigerian play below. Think typical Naija babe as in a Ramota or Akpeno meets Chi-chi Chiquito African Chilolo Number One... here goes

Addy and 'John Legendu' in a One Act Play 'Save Room KO, Save Room Ni'
Say that you stay a little--- For What and Why
Don't say bye bye tonight--- I am packing my things,you can meet me at my father's house
Say you'll be mine--- Did you pay my bride price and by the by where's the palm wine
just a little of bit of love Is worth a moment of your time-- Is it love I will chop?
Ma Friend time is money

knocking on your door just a little--- If you break my door you will find capenta.
so cold outside tonight--- You wan wrapper?
let's get the fire burning--- iz dat the firewood I use to cook? You must be mad
I know, I keep it burning right--- Not when I pour this bucket of water on your head
If you stay, won't you stay - stay-- Leave me jo, I am going, I say I'm going
(buts she's still standing)
save room for my love---- ehen ehen is now you remember that one
save room for a moment to be with me---- 2 whole years and nothing to show for it
save room for my love save a little--- Now is not the time for Loveu Nwantintin
save a little for me --- Who are you?
won't you save a little-- I am asking who are you?
save a little for me - ohh-- C'mon gerraway EEEDIOT!!!!
This just might hurt a little--- I have not started with you yet o, by the time I am
finished with you that your yellow face will turn to green
love hurts sometimes when you do it right-- My pestle will hurt when it lands on your head
Don't be afraid of a little bit of pain--- You can take Panadol for fast
headache and pain relief

pleasure is just on the other side-- Oh now you want to die, don't worry you are still young so death won't come to save you
Let down your guard just a little-- ehen so that you can bring a second wife abi, Odinma she will meet me here o
I keep you safe in these arms of mine--- If you come near me I will cut off your hand o
Hold on to me - pretty baby-- Oh Oh leave me o Leave me jo
You will see I can be all you need--- What I need is for you to give me my bag and bus money
If you stay, won't you stay - stay-- Mba o, Mba I am going
save room for my love--- Oh Oh John, gimme my bag O, gimmme my bag o
save room for a moment to be with me---- I am warning you now O, hmh..if I count 1..2..3..hmh hmh gimme my bag oh
save room for my love save a little -- Ok you want the bag, you can keep it
save a little for me---- Allow me to pass now, shebi you want the bag... I dash you
won't you save a little --- Let me pass jo
save a little for me - ohh---OOOOOHHHH GOD why are you disturbing my movement
Ekenedilichukwu does not have night service anymore o
[pa-ya-pa-pa] - [pa-ya-pa-pa] - [pa-ya-pa-pa] - [da-da-da]----
(I GUESS HE JUST SWITCHED TO HIS OWN 'AFRICAN' LANGUAGE... SO I WILL TRANSLATE)Is a mistake, is a mistake ehen...Addy you are the sugar in my tea,the only cockroach in my cupboard, when I see you in the morning my heart justgoes pokom-pokom, biko bi anu, now, ehn. Hmh that peppersoup that you cooked is
smelling very delicious ehn, ngwa go and keep your bag in the room now ehn.
'Ada-sugar','ADA-STIC-ADA', 'PEPEREMPE'.
PPPPSHEEEEWWWWWWW...useless man, if not because you are still owing part of my brideprice, I for don waka since. Anyways, I still need money for the soup. Oh you think I pluck the money from a tree. Let me just tell you Good soup na Money kill am o.
( and the cycle continues...Round two:))
Ok enough tom-foolery. I think I can't make it any more obvious that I'm John Legend's Biggest Fan. Check him out on BET's 106& Park at 6pm when he'll be premiering the new video. Won't miss it. He is going to be in LA on Wednesday but unfortunately I can't go. I'm sad but I'll be aight. Can't wait for the album to drop. Too excited... never been this excited about
a cd release since Boyz 2 Men's last album. Speaking of them 'WHERE ARE THEY NOW?'

Monday, September 04, 2006


Alas He's But A Mere Mortal

Breaking News... Crocodile Hunter Steve Erwin dies in a freak accident not from being eaten by a crocodile on camera as he wished but after being stung by a sting ray while making a documentary. Sad because he was my favorite Crazy White Dude on TV Annoying Wild Animals . You can read all about it on CNN.
What a tragedy, that sting ray must have been spawned from the devil. At least he died doing what he loved best. I hope they continue to re-run his shows because he really made zoology on tv interesting. By the way how about I got schooled by my little sister who is now a marine biologist or as they say in Nigeria maritime- scientist or so. I was trying to tell her what a sting ray was forgetting that was her field. How about I told her it was a giant jelly fish with wings and a tail. Lol. I really wasn't thinking about what I had said and who I was saying it to. How about I got called a novice and got school on the difference between the two. But whatever sha, sting ray and jelly fish, they all sting and carry poison too. RIP Croc Hunter, we'll miss your craziness.

Meanwhile how was your Labor day weekend. I ended up bonding with one of my roommates (the other two had gone home for the holiday). On Friday we had left overs and watched a movie together. Then on Saturday I cooked (yes indeed I did, just spaghetti and meat sauce though), we ate and then watched more movies. Then on Sunday he ordered pizza and Buffalo wings, we ate and watched more movies. I swear I have never watched this many movies at a time. Has anyone seen Lady Killers? Isn't that the sickest movie. Whoever wrote that must have been high on some ganja because that movie was just on a different level of not just morbidity but stupidity. But it was a good movie though. I also saw a movie in which one of my new friends gets obliterated by some crazy gun totting creature. I was so not expecting that to happen so you can imagine I jumped on my chair and screamed like a banshee. I mean I knew he was not the lead but c'mon now you know I was really praying and rooting that he would last at least to the end considering there were two black men in the movie. I was traumatized all that day. I should chastise him for not warning me ahead of time. Today I hung out with Chinny and some of her coworkers. Anyways, that was how Addy spent her Labor day hols...oh did I mention I had to go to work today. Yes O in case you forgot or just didn't notice, Television does not go on vacation. There are people who have to work holidays so your tube stays lit. It sucks but that's life. On a good note, I painted my nails a rosy peach color. :) Peace in the Middle Easy!!!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Addy's Alpha Tag

I've finally gotten around to responding to Bella's tag on finding adjectives/words to describe myself. Too much work, Addy hates the act of brain racking. Didn't realize how hard it could be. Anyways pardon my poor and pathetic attempt to employ the use of assonance and alliteration, I just got carried away.

A for Adorable as in Adorable Adaure which is my WWF nickname from way back when we used to wear our bathing suit and superman/barbie underwear and play wrestling on our balcony and parlour. It is also the only way people can remember my name. Also afro-centric, astute and ambitious
B for being such a Baby as I am told. I have also been called brazen, bitchy and bossy but I really think it stands for being Beautiful on the inside and out.
C for Crazy Creative Cat-Hating Campus Brat. Ever tried to make a Nigerian cat sleep in your bed only to get scratched in the face.
D for Dramatic Diva who devilishly delights in being a Drama Queen just for the drollery...need I say more
E for Eccentric because that's just the way I
F for Fabulous least I can fake that funk when I am outside my house
G for Gossip...errr the PC term is Gister and it's an official hobby now so get with the program :)
H for the Hopeless, Hapless Happy High-maintenance Hippie in me.
I for Intelligent, Inquisitive and Interesting
J for JESUS my personal Lord and Saviour and John Legend my snooker-doodle :)
K for Kind... it's the only K adjective I know.
L for Lagos Sisi Eko to the core in Love with Life and repping for Igboland
M for My mother who sat and watched my infant head when sleeping on my cradle bed....Love you ma
N for Nigerian NINJA (long story)
O for Originality and O.C.D (obsessive compulsive disorder)I absolutely have to have things organized especially at my desk at work...don't even let me start about the phone books and how I have to have the pack of paper arrange a certain way with the red sticker side out in the paper cabinet.
P for Papa's Pretty, Proud and Pouty Prissy Pot of a Pikin
Q for all the 41 Questions I ask all the time and the Queen that I am...if you can't think highly of yourself no one will do it for you. Damn I should be a motivational speaker.
R for the Relativity of my Razzness and Resourcefulness. Also very romantic
S for Serengeti Princess...the Sexy Jungle Safari Superhero in me :) Also been told I can be stubborn and sarcastic at times
T for Tenacious... used to have a Troublesome Tree-climbing Tomboy that I tried to trade in for a tiara. Still waiting on the test result.
U for Under G (undercover gangsta)
V for Village Girl... also for my Vibrancy, Veracity, Voraciousness
W for Wedding Website Stalker
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Saturday, September 02, 2006


Project Operation Naija December Runs
Kontri People, I hope y'all are enjoying this labor day weekend and are safe where ever you are. Unfortunately for yours truly, I am sitting my butt at home here in Santa Maria and eating frozen dinner since I can't find a barbecue to crash. I had planned to go to San Diego to see my friend who is about to drop one 'atootoo-poyoyo' but I decided against that because of some projects at hand. By that I mean this long anticipated trip to Nigeria in December. I am seriously SAVING for my ticket because as I see it, it will cost me up to $2500 on economy class just to transport myself to Lagos from Santa Maria. Not to mention the lost wages considering that I will be taking more days than my vacation time permits if I am approved. And then when I do land Lagos me and 'my peeps' have some other possible 'runs' on the agenda by way of Ghana, Kenya or SA by the grace of God (I'll probably just end up at Badagry or Seme Border...last last Cotonou in neighboring Benin . Otherwise I will make do with my village and may be a trip to Port Harcourt or Abuja. We shall see how things shape up sha. No more LA runs because that means that I will be spending. So as it is Addy is roasting in Santa Maria and being a 'housewife'. I hate looking for parking so I am avoiding the beach as well. But I'll be aight, I'll just watch 'Diary of a Mad Black Woman' for the 3rd time and do some writing if I am inspired.

Addy on West Nile Virus Watch
Who would have thought that in America one would be more afraid of a mosquito. So I woke up this morning around 10am. I usually wake up at 6am but my sleep was interrupted by a phone call. Funny how people have pillow prattles they don't remember by morning. I had to check my phone just to make sure I hadn't dreamed the whole thing considering how my mind wanders. Air time used during this conversation that consisted entirely of snoring and breathing... 52 mins. I digress. Anyways why did I wake up to a fat Anopheles Mosquito flying in my room. YEEPAA!!!! I freaked out o. Some of you will say, chill out it is just a mosquito. While that is the case, the same disease that the mosquitoes in America carry is not the same as the ones in Africa o. I would rather catch malaria than West Nile biko. That is why every morning when I step out of my door I usually run or walk fast to my car so that the mosquitoes outside don't cling to my clothes and bite me. Also lately some people and animals in the area have been found and diagnosed with WNV. Addy ain't trying to catch it too. So I got my raid and started flitting the whole house. Chances were that if one could find its way into my room there must be others flying around the house some where but I am sure they are all dead by now because that spray kills instantly.

Daryn's Wrap, Kyra's Recovery

Another one of my favorite people on CNN, Daryn Kagan wrapped up her stay at the network on Friday. It was a very teary farewell. Daryn's been on CNN since 1994. Her first TV job was in the Santa Barbara market at the ABC affiliate. Daryn will still be reporting but for her website Will miss her in the mornings BUT I hear another one of my favorite people on CNN, Tony Harris, will be co anchoring with Heidi Collins. Cannot confirm that but we shall see next week.

Meanwhile Ms. Kyra Phillips is still shining and holding her head high despite the bathroom break mic snafu last week that made her the butt of many jokes. She was on the Letterman show the other night and making good humor out of the situation. The pros don't let the hazards of the job get to them...

Addy Needs Help Shopping

So I am looking for a nice affordable pair of BANGING peep toe animal print platform shoes or wedges. Preferably Leopard print, but not too hot about Zebra just yet. I have this outfit in my head that I am trying to put together but all that's missing is the right pair of shoes( and matching clutch or granny bag) to bring it to life. As in I am getting a headache just thinking about it.
I found this pair made by Guess for $100 at Zappos which I'll probably end up getting because of the price but it is not exactly the right animal (this is cheetah).

And this one by Steve Madden for $115 comes a bit close but it is not peep toe and secondly I am not sure which animal skin that's supposed to be. Kinda sketch but I am sure it'll still look fab on my feet.

My inspiration shoe is this one by Christian Louboutin. I am drooling just looking at it. Found it on Saks 5th Ave but it costs an arm and a leg at almost$900 which is like rent money. am sure some of you can cough up that kind of money to buy that, but BIKO find Addy the knock off brand some where because I refuse to be a homeless woman in nice shoes. Lol... this is where some Chief Senator or 'Mr. Bentley' could come in handy but Addy don't roll like that because that one na money for hand back for ground kind moves. So again, if you see a knock off brand of this shoes somewhere or know some one at Saks that gets 75% off discount DO HOLLA AT A SISTA ABEG.
This is the junior brother at Bergdorf Goodman for almost $800...which one's cuter (not like I'll buy

By the way let me just find anyone of you wearing 'my shoe' ehn I will cut off your leg sharp sharp. LOL... just kidding, but seriously don't go and buy it o otherwise we will fight. :)

ADD:Here's the pics of Christina Aguilera in the 'Loubous' as PSB calls it. Found it on They look fabulous and according to the website they're sold out everywhere. I guess there'll be none left to go on sale for na who get deep discount.