Saturday, September 02, 2006


Project Operation Naija December Runs
Kontri People, I hope y'all are enjoying this labor day weekend and are safe where ever you are. Unfortunately for yours truly, I am sitting my butt at home here in Santa Maria and eating frozen dinner since I can't find a barbecue to crash. I had planned to go to San Diego to see my friend who is about to drop one 'atootoo-poyoyo' but I decided against that because of some projects at hand. By that I mean this long anticipated trip to Nigeria in December. I am seriously SAVING for my ticket because as I see it, it will cost me up to $2500 on economy class just to transport myself to Lagos from Santa Maria. Not to mention the lost wages considering that I will be taking more days than my vacation time permits if I am approved. And then when I do land Lagos me and 'my peeps' have some other possible 'runs' on the agenda by way of Ghana, Kenya or SA by the grace of God (I'll probably just end up at Badagry or Seme Border...last last Cotonou in neighboring Benin . Otherwise I will make do with my village and may be a trip to Port Harcourt or Abuja. We shall see how things shape up sha. No more LA runs because that means that I will be spending. So as it is Addy is roasting in Santa Maria and being a 'housewife'. I hate looking for parking so I am avoiding the beach as well. But I'll be aight, I'll just watch 'Diary of a Mad Black Woman' for the 3rd time and do some writing if I am inspired.

Addy on West Nile Virus Watch
Who would have thought that in America one would be more afraid of a mosquito. So I woke up this morning around 10am. I usually wake up at 6am but my sleep was interrupted by a phone call. Funny how people have pillow prattles they don't remember by morning. I had to check my phone just to make sure I hadn't dreamed the whole thing considering how my mind wanders. Air time used during this conversation that consisted entirely of snoring and breathing... 52 mins. I digress. Anyways why did I wake up to a fat Anopheles Mosquito flying in my room. YEEPAA!!!! I freaked out o. Some of you will say, chill out it is just a mosquito. While that is the case, the same disease that the mosquitoes in America carry is not the same as the ones in Africa o. I would rather catch malaria than West Nile biko. That is why every morning when I step out of my door I usually run or walk fast to my car so that the mosquitoes outside don't cling to my clothes and bite me. Also lately some people and animals in the area have been found and diagnosed with WNV. Addy ain't trying to catch it too. So I got my raid and started flitting the whole house. Chances were that if one could find its way into my room there must be others flying around the house some where but I am sure they are all dead by now because that spray kills instantly.

Daryn's Wrap, Kyra's Recovery

Another one of my favorite people on CNN, Daryn Kagan wrapped up her stay at the network on Friday. It was a very teary farewell. Daryn's been on CNN since 1994. Her first TV job was in the Santa Barbara market at the ABC affiliate. Daryn will still be reporting but for her website Will miss her in the mornings BUT I hear another one of my favorite people on CNN, Tony Harris, will be co anchoring with Heidi Collins. Cannot confirm that but we shall see next week.

Meanwhile Ms. Kyra Phillips is still shining and holding her head high despite the bathroom break mic snafu last week that made her the butt of many jokes. She was on the Letterman show the other night and making good humor out of the situation. The pros don't let the hazards of the job get to them...

Addy Needs Help Shopping

So I am looking for a nice affordable pair of BANGING peep toe animal print platform shoes or wedges. Preferably Leopard print, but not too hot about Zebra just yet. I have this outfit in my head that I am trying to put together but all that's missing is the right pair of shoes( and matching clutch or granny bag) to bring it to life. As in I am getting a headache just thinking about it.
I found this pair made by Guess for $100 at Zappos which I'll probably end up getting because of the price but it is not exactly the right animal (this is cheetah).

And this one by Steve Madden for $115 comes a bit close but it is not peep toe and secondly I am not sure which animal skin that's supposed to be. Kinda sketch but I am sure it'll still look fab on my feet.

My inspiration shoe is this one by Christian Louboutin. I am drooling just looking at it. Found it on Saks 5th Ave but it costs an arm and a leg at almost$900 which is like rent money. am sure some of you can cough up that kind of money to buy that, but BIKO find Addy the knock off brand some where because I refuse to be a homeless woman in nice shoes. Lol... this is where some Chief Senator or 'Mr. Bentley' could come in handy but Addy don't roll like that because that one na money for hand back for ground kind moves. So again, if you see a knock off brand of this shoes somewhere or know some one at Saks that gets 75% off discount DO HOLLA AT A SISTA ABEG.
This is the junior brother at Bergdorf Goodman for almost $800...which one's cuter (not like I'll buy

By the way let me just find anyone of you wearing 'my shoe' ehn I will cut off your leg sharp sharp. LOL... just kidding, but seriously don't go and buy it o otherwise we will fight. :)

ADD:Here's the pics of Christina Aguilera in the 'Loubous' as PSB calls it. Found it on They look fabulous and according to the website they're sold out everywhere. I guess there'll be none left to go on sale for na who get deep discount.


Suru said...

Addy, I don't know if you shop on ebay but I found these

I feel you on the peep toe shoes. I love them. Don't worry, I won't be wearing leopard print. I'm not into that. By the way, I love the junior brother one from Bergdorf Goodman. The slingback just makes it look so sexy :-)

Anonymous said...

not a bad selection. check out if you're willing to order from these ends..

Anonymous said...

Abeg joo, I've got the right place for you girl...I'm with you, I love the peeptoe anim. print shoes, but for $900, I feel like I'm giving the designer $880 including S&H FOR DASH and the remaining $10 to wipe their nyash for waylaying me with their ridiculous prices, when I can get it here for far far less: Ngwa, I dash you this site :) Besides, it's not like anyone's going to put a microscope to your shoes to determine if it's real or not (hint- rich pple shot cheap too!!)

Anyway, enjoy holiday weekend!

Adaure said...

@Suru... yeah I actually saw that but I have a pair of brown leather shoes exactly like that and it is not the most comfortable, I got a blister on the back of my foot when I wore it the first time, now I put a band aid there anytime i wear it.

@anon1... that's a fabulous website but I dunno if I want to pay double for 'no-name' shoes yes o I stil have that mentality.. more for my ego than anything else. But the shoes are really nice.

@anon2.... your website has cute shoes too. I saw some nice Steve Maddens and some other shoes with attractive price tags. Hmh... whiel I didn't see what I was looking for, i'll save the address just because I saw a pair of red stack platforms that will work with another outfit

PLEASE keep searching and keep the links coming abeg BUT seriously I will love you more if you can find me some one with DEEP discount at Saks or Berg G. LOL.

Parazone super Bleach! said...

Try Jessica Simpson has some knock off Lobous. Since Steve Madden has made and attempt to knock it off and failed, I fear you may have to wait for Ninewest to make their own copy( they are well known for that)

I am lusting after those "Loubous" like u dont even know! I saw them on Christina Aguilera when she did her "all eyes on Christina" interview on MTV..I looked at her feet and she had some killer shoes on and then she crosssed her legs and I saw the familiar "red sole" which is trade mark of Loubou and knew that would have to go my "I can never by them list" Any way I cant wear shoes higher than 3.5inches, i just end up looking like an amazon woman or a trannie..LOL ...too tall as it is...I think you may just have to keep checking or for when they go on sale . or better still some small boutiques in your area may carry them and offer them at an affordable price.

Will keep my eyes peeled though!

NaijaBloke said...

Ada me I no get business here,cos the topic here no get me,but I no know say u been dey Santa Maria's Next top model with that new pic wey u just put up.

Anonymous said...

Addy, I was just thinking the same thing as naijabloke. that pix is just too much oh. you need to find someone to pay some serious kudi for all that african beauty.

I think we all need to write a petition to Tyra & ask her to change mind real

Girl keep lookin beautiful oh.


Adaure said...

@PSB... yes I saw Xtina Aguilera in those shoes and I was hating. I saw it in a mag or somewhere online. I look for the pix and post it. I'll look for Jessica's version

@Naijabloke and Onyi... thank you o... i just like to have fun with it. When I put a book together I might just shop it and see what happens... as in for real as I dey look am We fit make money sha

PSB said...

@ Adaure..Yup those are the "Loubous" baby!!! Xtina looks hot in them gotta love the complementary red toes peeking out of the shoe to offset the leopard skin and the red soles..ahhhhhhh..I love shoes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Adaure,
I love your new pic!!
I'd like to get some professional pics taken (for posterity sake at least, or just to cheer me up on those when I feel like crap).
Are they expensive? Who was your photographer/ make up artist?


Anonymous said...

for the shoes... check out they have both the peep toe and closed toe off the lepord skin