Thursday, September 28, 2006


September 26th was her birthday. Not sure why I didn't see any article about that until this morning and I get istant emails from all over the world on stupid stories. And I didn't see anything on the wires. May be I just missed them anyways this woman is a great woman and needs to get more props than is given to her. Has she ever beenon Oprah? I don't recall? Does anyone?


bhookey84 said...

yes she does, big ups to winnie

Aba Boy said...

This woman kept Mandela’s name and possibly Mandela alive. For all her faults (and let’s face it, it wasn’t any easy for her), she will remain in my opinion one of the greatest daughters of Africa…(and possibly one of the finest!)

mona said...

Wow! Didn't even know this.

Have a great weekend and happy Independence in Advance!

Omo Ibadan said...

She is such a pretty woman. It's so sad she split up with Nelson Mandela after all they went through together

Calabar Gal said...

She is and will always be remembered as one of the voices preaching against Apartheid.

I agree with u Aba boy. She may have had her faults but She is an elegant gazelle.

Anytime a newsflash is made aboute about President Mandela's wife, Winnie Mandela still springs to my mind first before I then remember that there is an incumbent.

Wishing her many more graceful, fulfilling & happy years ahead.

Psb said...

Mama Winnie..trully amazing...look at her pumping her fists!! Amandla!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel that she indeed does not receive the kind of recognition that she deserves. Mandela used her as a political sacrificial lamb and the whole world has followed, she went through too much for him to be treated the way she has been. Yes she made mistakes, who hasn't? Even Mandela himself. She is one of my heroes

Anonymous said...

I visited the Apartheid museum in Joburg and saw pics of Winnie when she was young. She was breathtakingly beautiful ...... and yes, she made Mandela what she was. Happy Birthday to her!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I like Winnie ... I think she is a HERO(INE). Slightly random (though related) please read Nelson's prison letters to her if you haven't (can't remember where I read them now). Talk about love - that was one strong love, men that man looooved her (and I'm sure he always will - although it's not nice to be dumped after waiting for a man for 27 years, I think Nelly must've had his strong reasons - the guy is too disciplined to just act on a whim or late-mid-life crisis or anything like that - my opinion).
But as for why the media has gone off her, being implicated (however mildly) in an actual murder case will do that to you (no-one talks about OJ anymore either - the guy even goes fishing for media attention now, but ain't nobody biting!).
And the fact that Nelson dumped her doesn't help either. When a famous couple splits up, people tend to pick one and drop the other (unless they're Brad and Jen - although I kinda think Brad is now kinda dry and has been dropped in favour of Angie, but time will tell) ... and Nelson was the obvious choice.
People are fickle sha (wow! I'm so smart to have discovered that).
Anyhow, me I still think she's a beautiful, brave extraordinary lady. Sorry anonymous, she did NOT make Nelson what he was (I don't believe anyone can make anyone what they are) but she certainly contributed IMMENSELY to his life and legacy, and he would have been a lesser man without her.
Yes, Winnie is flawed o (can anyone say 'diva'?), but people with no apparent flaws are sooo boring (or seriously screwed up underneath all the perfection)! Give me a diva anyday.
Slightly random (though related): remember that Onyeka song 'Wiiiiinnie, Winnie Mandela, Mother Africa' or whatever. Nice one.
By the way, love your blog, Adaure.