Monday, September 18, 2006


From Saro-Wiwa, Achebe ETC

You Guys... I think something phenomenal has happened for all of us nostalgic Nigerians in the diaspora and all seeking to learn about television in Nigeria. Thanks to the wise crackers of iNollywood, you can now watch classic shows from Nigerian television including feature length Nollywood productions.
They have Ken Saro-Wiwa's Basi and Company, Chinua Achebe's 'Things Fall Apart' (imagine that) Cock Crow at Dawn and even Second Chance. OMG!!! HOW ON EARTH DID THEY FIND THAT. I thought NTA archives burned down sometime ago in a fire. It's like I don't need a life outside my room anymore since I can just log on and watch these good old shows(if i decide to pay) from the good old days when Nigerian television was controlled by theater practitioners and academicians and nearly without sin and corruption of spare part dealers. Check out the website for all the other movies they have. To the creators of the website, much kudos for that. As it appears y'all are still starting out, let me go ahead an make my requests so that you can dig into those NTA archives and find my favorites from even TELEFEST et al. Try to load up ABIKU, POT OF LIFE, Wedlock of the Gods, New Masquerade, THIRD EYE etc.
Having said that, make i come pour small sand sand inside pesin garri. No be say na ITK but Kulutempa please have Bro. Ken and your lawyers look into this before I give anybody my hard earned $1.99. The website claims "iNollywood has acquired streaming rights for all movies in the streaming library and a royalty is paid to producers each time the films are consumed online." Can you confirm this with your people if indeed the royalties are really going back or if an agreement was signed, sealed and dated. It would be good to know that the owners will be getting the royalties from the proceeds. However, if this is available online, then it must mean that it is available somewhere on VCD. Does anyone have any idea where we can purchase them. I would prefer to get my own copy rather than be limited to 48 hour watching period online. I mean if I want to watch it 10 times, I guess I have to pay $1.99 time 10 instead of perhaps $5 to own a copy. I would like to suggest a more noble idea of providing the classics as a public service, like a LIBRARY or what do you guys think? Especially with something like Things Fall Apart that is widely read and taught in classes. It would be great if teachers in high schools and colleges can use the website as part of their curriculum when teaching the text especially as it is rare and hardly in any library. Believe me, I read the book after I watched the movie and it was great to have been able to have the movie to help me understand the book. It is just a thought, so consider it. I am sure it will do a lot in educating people. Please post information on where we can purchase these classics if you have it. Share your thoughts on the website, charging $1.99 and my idea of providing some of the classics as public service for educational purposes.