Thursday, October 05, 2006


Check Yourself, See A Doc, Get a Mammo

October is Breast Cancer Awarenes month and well as Domestic Violence awareness month. Recent news of a 28 year old nigerian lady succumbing to breast cancer serves as a reminder that this disease knows no age. See Bella Naija's posts on the subject. Now would be a good time to get a breast exam and even a mammogram.
I had never really though much of this until it hit close to home. I got very sacred and paranoid about every lump and bump. This with good reason as I had a blood relative who went through chemo and a mastectomy. It hit me that my risk had become greater. As much as I complain and nag about my D-cup and how I can't be a tom-boy any more because they get in the way, I love my 'girls' dearly and I can't imagine life with out them or bear with the fact that they are endangered. Me I already know diabetes is in my genetic pool so I have started now already to watch how much carbs I eat. But you know what, no matter how much we try to prevent and avoid, God has the final word. He is the ultimate medicine man. So when you pray every night speak directly against 'cancer' and any other disease. Call them by name and cast them away from your destiny. Speak by faith, believe it and claim your healing. Sorry if I am getting too preachy preachy these days, sometimes it is neccessary.

Here are some websites I found with information on Breast Cancer.

Natl Breast Cancer Foundation.
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
American Cancer Society
Ribbon of Faith

Below are a few more sites that I recommend you read.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer and the Mayo Clinic page on this form of the disease sent in by a reader

Study on Breast Cancer in African Women by a Nigerian Doctor at University of Chicago

Abstract of research showing Severity of Breast Cancer amongst Nigerian women

Abstract of a Study on Attitudes of Nigerian Women towards breast cancer

And much more just a click away on Google. Educate yourself and the women around you. You could be saving a life or two.

Anderson Cooper 360 in Africa
I absolutely love this show, especially with this mission to Africa. I have been watching religiously and believe me when I say these stories are tear jerking. Ok so the Gorilla story was kinda cute and seeing the baby gorillas made me go 'googoo ga ga' (and truthfully more so than over the kids). Anyways If you haven't been able to catch the show all week, try to watch for the stories on Saturday because they will be replayed much of the weekend. What do you guys think so far? I have to say that I get really annoyed by the 'Anderson is in Africa', 'Reporting from Africa' statements. As in should we still be having this arguement in this age and time about how Africa is not every town, city, state or county but a Diverse Continent. I would have loved to have them state that they are 'Live in the Congo, Chad and Sudan'. You never hear 'Live in America' or 'Live in Europe'. Anyways that's besides the point and should not take away from the substance of the stories they are trying to put out there.

On another note...Where you Molested?
If so then you need to go ahead and check yourself in to some rehab center while you are still ahead of the game. Not to make light a serious matter, but with the recent happenings in the news it appears people of this kind, the molested, are a ticking time bomb. This means that some of us need to start making calls to AA before we go beserk and want to take out our revenge on innocent by standers. Or as the case may be decide to molest congressional pages, interns or school children. And y'all don't pretend like you don't know you were molested. If you were somebody's pet in boarding school, you azz was molested, if you had an uncle who touched you where the sun doesn't shine, your azz was molested, if your housegirl locked you in the bathroom and had her way with you, your azz was molested, if your houseboy lured you into his room to listen to Bob Marley and french kissed you, your azz was molested. I need not continue with other graphic details. But if you fit these descriptions above, you have the potential to be a murderer, serial killer, pedophile, terrorist, sex addict, stripper, prostitute, shamed government official or executive and raving lunatic. Haven't you been watching the news? So as I said, while you are still ahead of the game, get thee to REHAB!!!!


Anonymous said...

Adaure, i have heard a lot about Anderson's trip to the continent although, i haven't had time to watch it. Frankly, you hit the point about that "Africa" issue, it gets me mad as hell! I guess i just decided not to watch the program because if they can't get the facts straight on what to call Africa, why should i watch and believe whatever program they are putting on? I know there's lots going on in Africa but seriously, i prefer not to watch biased Oyinbo talking about my continent.

sokari said...

I left this comment over at Bella Naija. I think it is important.

"As a breast cancer surivior i would like to point out that self-examination is the very minimum. Only a lump MAY be picked up. Not all breast cancers are lumps - my wasnt - it was a mass and even the breast nurse who was giving me a regular "well woman" examination had only a vague idea that something was amiss. So if you really want to be sure then a mamogram is the only way. "

sokari said...

BTW - Thanks for linking to me but the address you have is outdated. My blog is now over at


naijagal said...

God bless you adaure for promoting this fight against breast cancer it is important we fight this dreadful disease

Parazon Super Bleach said...

The story on Bella Naija hit me so hard. I went to school with one of her family members! And at 28? It just makes me crazy. But God is in control. Sokari put it in perspective "early detection is just the minimum" I will go out saying Heavy Holy Ghost fire prayer is the Maximum. May her soul and those that we have lost to this horrible thing rest in perfect peace.

To the survivors, may God continue to bless you immensely!

Calabar Gal said...

Mrs Okoya-Thomas's death at 28 is a wake up call for us ladies and for me definetely!! Cancer has no age barier!! I'm going to be more serious about learnig how to examine my boobs. I always thought am still young yet but that just shows my folly!!

Anonymous said...

The reason Anderson Cooper has to say reporting from Africa, is if he says reporting from the Congo people would be like han (ok nigerian expression, they would be like "what was that?) Where? He would have to do a brief geography/history lesson at the beginning of every episode. Africa is so off America's radar it is sad