Sunday, October 29, 2006


Congo Makes Tough Choice at the Polls

Today my 'bacongo' (as I called my Congolese friends) people head to the polls to democratically elect a leader. This is an election that's being called the most important in Africa since the end of Apartheid. It is a great thing that African countries are really turning towards Democracy. The challenge is usually maintaining it and transferring it to society, the economy and turning it into food on the table for the average man. As you all know that is a 'gigantumous' struggle for lack of a word in the dictionary to express the 'grandness' of the matter.

Speaking of grand, my Congolese brothers and sisters are having to pick from a not too grand option. Well actually one is quite larger than life, a mere evidence of good living as a billionaire. He is also a 'reformed crony' of the infamous Mobutu Sese Seko. The other, well he is the son of the leader who was assassinated while in power and was ushered in to replace his father. While he has made efforts to open the doors for this election, I detest his kind. But I don't fault him, being president in Africa is like being a king. In fact a 'Super King' because you are superior to the many kings we have. Some feel it is their birth right, family right and even social baton that has to be passed down from 'padimi' to 'padimi' (buddy to buddy)See 'Paddy Paddy Government'. Hence it had become necessary for Sudanese Billionaire Mo Ibrahim offer a bribe so they will do it the right way.

Anyways these are the men who are beckoning on Congolese to vote for them. What do you think of their legacy so far. Do they strike you as having the potential to be good leaders void of the corruption? Do you think they deserve to be even in power considering the fact that they are part of the older government (by birth and association) that pillaged and plunged Congo into its current state. Do Congolese need to reward them? I guess all that on is too late to be asking right now, the question truly is who will emerge victorious and why and will Congolese make the right choice? What say ye?

Joseph Kabila
Son of Late and former rebel leader President Laurent Kabila who over threw Mobutu Sese Seko. He is described as shy and soft spoken and came into power in 2001 at the mere age of 29 after his father's assassination.
Pros: He is young and not mean looking:). Appears squeaky clean. Is from the Patrice Lumumba allied camp (and you know everybody loves Lumumba). Reaching a peace agreement to end the war, forming an all inclusive government and ushering in this election.
Cons: Once a soldier, always a soldier. Rose through the military ranks by nepotism because of his father, hence resulting in the presidency. (don't have much outside the ordinary on him)

As a Soldier
As a Civilian

Jean Pierre Bemba
A multi-millionaire by all standards. He was Mobutu's personal assistant and his sister is married to Mobutu's son. He is one of 4 vice presidents, 45 years and also a former rebel leader. While not directly responsible for his assassination, he put a lot of pressure on Laurent Kabila's government.
Pros: He has money that can solve problems and business connections. He seems very charismatic from the interviews.
Cons: Mobutu!! Mobutu!! Mobutu!! I think anyone who has ties or admires Mobutu is bad news. Rebel leader (potential of being a problem if he losses) and arms dealer. I question how he got all his money because we know it is not just through business. He looks mean. Quite an ego according to reports.

As a Soldier
As a Civilian
See more facts from Reuters
We can only wait for the results to see who wins and who will be the bad loser. Good luck Congo, we are praying for you babes.
While we are on the election topic. How far with Nigeria's April 2007 elections? Who are the top contenders? That is one election I really am not looking forward to.

*By the way thanks so much for all the lengthy comments on the adoption issue. Great insights and opinions. In the coming days we'll delve more into that and figure out ways we can turn the discussion away from Madonna and on to the Children and the issue because that's really what it is about.


Singto said...

dodgy motherfuckers, both of them. look at their eyes...
lol...i'm kidding. but if we're to look at Africa's track record when it comes to "reformed" soldiers, can we not speculate that problem go de, no matter who wins access to the state's bank accounts...i mean, no matter who wins the election?

Singto said...

oh, and there are like 70,000 people running for president in Nigeria at the moment, so we'll have to chill a LITTLE while longer to see who will emerge as a top contender. it seems to depend on which newspaper you read, and what day the newspaper is printed. the last time i bothered to check, it was Odili that was emerging as "a godsend". i almost choked on my disbelief.

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