Monday, June 16, 2008


Bag Lady, You Gon' Hurt Ur Back
So I just got my July edition of True Love magazine. There's an interesting article in it that I thought was brilliant in its simplicity. It's basically taking a look into women's purses and exposing what they carry in it. It's so interesting how the content of ones purse can tell ones personality or be totally different from it. Well I was so intrigued by the concept of finding out what's in women's purses that I decided to do a knock-off of the article. This time I ambushed unsuspecting ladies at STV and even volunteered myself randomly. No time to pull out the Sunday best designer bag here. LOL. So let's check out what interesting things you can find...(I think you should all try this with your friends and family members, if not out of curiosity, then do it out of boredom.) You are welcome to analyze the victims below based on the content of their purses.


Amanda Akpan, Production AssistantAmanda's bag shows a different side to her. Amanda is a go getter who can be 'stern' and 'aggressive' with work but the girly color coded appearance (mostly pink) and self help books showed a softer side.

The Content: 
Diva Principle by Michelle Mckinney Hammond, Street University by Helen Sosu, a pink journal and organizer labelled Bad Girl, Just for U magazine, pink nail polish in different shades, medication and a pair of sunglasses

Victoria Pepple, Production Assistant and Presenter (411 on J.A.J's Top 10 Countdown):
Victoria's bag was highly pathetic, well except for the fact that it's a real Coach bag so she got a cool 'babe point' there ( you know how much that costs in Naira).  The experiment made her realize the content of her bag which was mostly make-up made her look like an air head (her own words), which she is so not.
 Always (for when Aunty Flo crashes the party), Mac Powder, Mary Kay powder, a jumbo powder brush, Estee Lauder Lip Gloss,  3 lip liner pencils, a comb, a pen, a Nokia phone, a christian novel, The Oath, and a pair of real Ferragamo sunglasses (another babe point..had to fish for something for her now)

Vivian Akinyosoye, news anchor and business reporter Vivian is a working reporter 24/7 and that reflects in the content of her bag. She's been hanging around a lot of younger people just by being at STV and confesses that she needs help converting to our side of hippness.
The Content: 
A Sony camcorder and charger, a box of mini dv tapes and some extras, a Starcomms and Nokia phone, pens, a number of well worn out organizers and diaries, 3 check books, a shaving stick, a yellow toothbrush, a range of matching Mary Kay products ranging from brush to powder and eye shadows Estee Lauder lip gloss, the wine floral scarf, hand cream and an empty bottle of perfume. She also had some chocolate cake wrapped in tissue which she is munching on in the picture. (lol)

Abigail, Production and Programming Assistant Abigail is very quiet and soft spoken. I am not sure her purse said much, except for how important her religion is to her.
The Holy Bible, A Word For Today booklet, her glasses, a black wallet, make up pouch, a compact foundation (Revlon, I think) A strawberry lip balm, a hair brush, a yellow compact mirror, some q-tips, a bangle, a can of Nixoderm (don't act like ya'll don't remember that one for the pimples) and a tube of Bleaching Cream (for the black raccoon ring around her eyes from wearing glasses)

Layole Oyatogun, Entertainment Reporter and Segment Producer ('Page 3')
Layole's purse was majorly dry. Even she admits it. There wasn't much in it.
The Content: 
2 combs, a lip liner, a toothbrush for her hairline 'bunions', a pair of sunglasses (she confesses they are GSB --Go Slow Bones -- the ones the hawkers sell in traffic jams), a floral make up pouch, hand cream, clear nail polish, white powder, Glow By J-LO hand cream, a black Pashmina, a compact mirror in silver case and a set of keys with a girly key chain.

Ok I have always been a serious BAG LADY. I carry 3 bags to work. A back pack with all my computing and interneting gadgets, a medium 'kwanangida' type bag with my changing clothes and tennis shoes and my BLUE ALL WEATHER bag that Aldo will probably reject when they hear what I put in it.  Interestingly I'd just reduced the content when I had changed purses over the weekend and forgot to put things back. Ya'll know about me so let's get straight to the nitty gritty

a black journal that serves as my reporter's note book, a dvd documentary on Ethiopia -LALIBELA, a camera, a Nokia communicator, a hair brush,  one comb, 2 pairs of sunglasses Diesel and Liz Clairborne (I keep the GSB in the car), MAC C8 powder, 1 pink black radiance lip gloss, pink shimmer lip gloss by Tara Orekelewa, Candy Pink lip gloss by Sleek and generic lip glosses in brown and clear (trying to achieve Angelina Jolie lips with all that puckering up), my check book, a tampon, Fashion Fair hand cream, PK chewing gum from the Mallam at La Casa, some generic Eye drop for smog/dust irritation, Dr. Miracle Hair Gro for my receding hairline, camcorder battery and pack (never got around to taking it out with the camcorder),  blue bead and gold chain necklace I got from the Franklin Street Thrift store in Chapel Hill,  A Flag of Nigeria lapel Pin,    

A CD of MAY7EVEN's single, a powder brush, breathe mints in a blue case, Bvulgari perfume just because the bottle is cute and people always ask for perfume but I hardly wear it cos perfs gimme a head ache, different earrings and necklaces and the most interesting of all, carry overs from the Sahara trip, Flagil and Imodium because you never know when the food you eat won't augur well with your system. You best never leave home without 'em.

My sister's I-pod which I borrowed (I don't won one yet), 3 mini DV tapes, an adaptor plug for my random travels, a sewing kit, my company ID, my wallet, a MY LAST CARD -- few Naira, dollar and Ghana cedi notes (as you can see I'm broke)

Here's what I took out; My mosquito repellent spray, my sleeping eye mask for the doggone traffic and a tub of balm for mosquito and sand fly bites 

That's all the crap I carry in my bag, what's in yours and good luck trying to figure me out with this one. Lol. You know whose bag I really wanna take a peek at...My mother's. I can't just imagine what I'll find now. Back then she would carry all sorts, from sweets and biscuits to 'guguru and epa' (Nigerian style sugared popcorn and peanuts). She would not tell you she brought  something home from work but would send you on an errand to go and bring her bag. That's when you'll se the Ben Johnson's of the Achumba Family, racing to get the bag first to win the prize of 'Guguru and Epa'. Gone are those simple days. Now all everyone wants is Debonair's Pizza and Cactus Forest Cake...unhealthy junk food. C'mon lets eat more nuts people (uh uuh... not that kinda nuts... get your mind out the gutta and into some Anyways check out the July Edition of True Love West Africa for more cool stuff.


J.F. said...

LOL!! Nice one Adaure. But err...what is GSB?

Sweetpea said...

I couldn't help but point this out the lady with the COACH purse has a bootleg purse...the real COACH design is not heart shaped where it is joined and if you look closely at it you will notice that hers' is....i know cos i am a huge 'all things designer' lover!!! and i do not blame the lady for thinking it is authentic, cos there re so many imitations of designer purses out there, even here in the states however the store you buy from should say a lot about the authenticity of ur purchase be it purses or i luv shoes too!:)

ababoypart2 said...

Vivian and Ada, you both need suitcases..

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

na wa for uuuuuuu

Woomie O! said...

Hi Ada.
Nice post.
You should see my bag...hummph!

P-L-E-A-S-E whatever happened to Omobolanle (Chronicles of a Soldier)???
she has a new blog???
Is she okay???
do you know???
just wondering...
okokok...ben wondering for monthsss now,
she alright????

Adaure said...

@ Sweet Pea... I thought the heart shape thingy was a new design or something. But if you are right you've got some good eyes. I can't really tell the difference cos I am not into designers. I just know a pretty purse when I see it. But for the sake of 'points' let's give it to her for taste and fine-ness of the purse. lol

Moody Crab said...

Adaure, you need a suitcase! Are you for real? I showed my friend this particular post and he could not believe his eyes. You are the real 'obu ngwogwo'.

30+ said...

From the contents of your bag, I want to say GURL WHAT GIVES.

Carrying Dr Miracle around will not somehow make the hairline grow faster - once in the morning is enough ke.

And you already got jewelries on but still carrying some around.

In short I agreee what you need is a SUITCASE.

kulutempa said...


NigerianDramaQueen said...

Gosh, your bag must be HUGE! Its so funny how much correlation there can be with the state of our bags and the state of our minds. Obviously, you have alot on your mind and your a busy woman!! First time on your blog by the way...

Adaure said...

@all.. yes I do need a suitcase.. one of those 50's Doctor's portmanteaux (potomanto)

@ 30+... i think something about carrying it kinda stimulates my hair follicles to it's a mental thing

@ can't be surprised now ahn sef you've seen my bags in action.

@ NDQ .. Yes my bag is huge and it's as if when I got to buy bags i look for bigger. BUt you r right about the correlation. Some how I just keep adding stuff and never remove things from my bag because i feel i'll need them someday and they be right there. I also just don't want to be caught off guard.

Natures Gentle Touch said...

Endless brushing is a mechanical action which puts pressure on the hair. If weaves/braids are used back to back for long periods of time a month the hair which is weak by nature will become weaker because there has been no conditioning. One should becareful with the hair at the hairline it is very sensitive and tender and very difficult to grow back when it goes. It is important for African Hair to use herbalblend products especially products that have avocado oil, wheat germ and jojuba bean oil. These are natural oils which strenthen the hair.

Flowers and Poetry said...

Very funny post! I'll definitely sort out the contents of my purse, as it kinda mirrors your personality.

yankeenaijachick said...

Very funny post...aduare you really carry all that in ur purse. I am scared. U need a ghana must

I loved the

The coach is fake one....sorry to say. The real one looks way different than that.

Uzo said...

Welcome back... Interesting..I did this over a year ago my blog and i was appalled at how much load i lugged around everyday...

Thankfully its reduced now but not by much...So fun...

Anonymous said...

Hey i would need the whole page to disclose what I have in my!! I love to carry alot of junk in my purse. I never lose a receipt or anything. Ask for it and I should have it.

Anonymous said...

Hahah, this is just tooo funny.Adaure u're it.But seriously though, that's some serious stuff y'all got in ur purses.

Anonymous said...

lol!!thats like me everything is in my bag!!

Jaguda said...

now i now i know

TMinx said...

Lol! All I have is my laptop bag with my phone, wallet and Ipod. But then again, I have an hours travel with two changes on the train to work everyday, I'm not about to add the hand bag wahala and weight.

Chari said...

mother of all bags doesnt begin to descrieb ur bag content mehn!

ahnahn! say wetin much of it do u actually need?

*shakes head*...women

Nigerican said...

lol, i thot i needed a suitcase... very comforting to know that there are others out there that carry the world on their shoulders. It's hard being a woman my dear, we need all those things :).

nonye said...

You are officially my hero! I paid my bf an out-of-town surprise visit once, the only way he was convinced I was not an apparition was the size of my bag!(Coincidentally,) I have 2 Coach purses (I think they are original... not sure though... I'll check when I get home) Have had them both since 2007, but cummulatively, I have used them up to 30 times. I wil take my 'sack' of a ninewest any day. Those coach purses are cute but they are small!

katty said...

I love to have different kind of puse specially for combine it with my clothes. I think every desing is identified with the personality of each woman. I prefer a comfortable and big purses because i usually carry many things even like when i buy viagra for my boyfriend.

javieth said...

When i got my house by costa rica homes for sale i took all my document in my purse. Thanks God my purse was very big I had no problem. That´s why i prefer to use big bag every time. I really love it, because they are very comfortable.