Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Looks like we made it into the year 2008. Thank God for his mercies. I am sure many of you had a blast this holiday. Unfortunately for me I was working the entire time. Can you believe that I did not go anywhere except attend 'weddings'. The one time that I did go out, I went to some new club and upon getting there it just dawned on my that after a while Lagos gets officially wack and thus one must find creative ways of maintaining sanity. Hence I have been helping the business of piracy flourish in Lagos by buying 20-in-1 DVD's of 'Super Black American Niggazz Movies' and the likes for less than $2. By the way has anyone been watching the series 4400, Numbers and Heroes. I had no idea how hooked I could get on shows from the likes of the defunct WB and UPN. Oh what a sad existence. Anyways lets try and ensure that blogville stays livelier in 08 for those of us who will end up wallowing in the realization of our loneliness, especially as the next commercially recognizable day trots along. SHHHHH...nobody mention the 'V' word. Alright people, that was my poor attempt at a comedic monologue. Let's get down to business so I can start fulfilling all my promises from 2007 and blogging more often. Here's my first blog entry of 2008. It more like a press release but I have jazzed it up on an find out.


Former boss of Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu ( ) is the Silverbird Man of the Year 2007. Ribadu along with 8 other notable Nigerians and the Supreme court were shortlisted for the award. These individuals have been perceived as having affected the lives of Nigerians, positively, in one way or the other, in the last one year,

Nominations were sent in by the public (viewers of Silverbird Television and listeners of Rhythm 93.7 both in Lekki, Lagos) through text messages. The award ceremony will hold at the Silverbird Galleria on January 29th 2008 with across section of dignitaries and news makers present. NAFDAC boss Prof. Dora Akunyili won the maiden edition in 2005, while Nasir El-Rufai, former FCT minister won the 2006. Nuhu Ribadu was nominated Man of the Year for giving the greatest impetus to the current anti-corruption drive, that's sweeping teh nation. He's also known to have brought an uncommon commitment, passion, energy and courage to the war on corruption. Ribadu clinched the award just as his removal from the EFCC and subsequent assignment to the National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies in Kuru, Plateau State, started making headlines and causing controversy. TheIronically, the tables have been turned, and now he too is now a subject of corruption investigation, which some say could possibly cooked up retaliation and a witch hunt because of Ribadu's corruption war, that's been focusing on corrupt ex-governors. The following are the nominees of the 2007 Silverbird Man of the Year Award.

Prof. Chinua Achebe ; novelist and poet best known for his first book titled Things Fall Apart. He is the winner of this year’s Booker International Prize for Fiction. (Some how he reminds me of Nelson Mandela.)

Chimamanda Adichie; whose epic novel Half of A Yellow Sun got her this year’s prestigious Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction. Adichie is also the winner of Nigeria's Person of the Year at the just concluded 2008 Future Awards. (I am ofcourse her certified biggest fan and was really rooting for her to clinch this one.)

The Supreme Court; the highest court in the land established after Nigeria became a republic. The court has the civil authority and jurisdiction to entertain appeals on court of appeal. The Supreme Court decided courageously on certain landmark ruling in recent times. (In lay man terms, they grew some ballz.)

Chief Anthony Enahoro; now in his early 80’s played a prominent role in Nigeria’s politics from pre-independence days to date. This elder statesman is still clamoring for the congregation of the national conference.

Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Okweala; former finance and foreign affairs minister. The first woman to be appointed as the managing director for World Bank. (This is another woman I respect so much. Go Ngo!!!)

Olusegun Obansanjo; retired general and two time head of state. Well known for introducing several economic and other reforms and war against corruption. (And Addy coughs.)

Dr. Ernest Ndukwe; the executive vice chairman of Nigerian Communications Commission has continuously driven telephony penetration from less than one percent in 2001 to 27 percent December 2007. (Err not so fast here...I still have to spend N2000 for barely an hour of pillow prattle. I've even twisted my anle climbing a tree just to get better reception only for the credit to finish when I got to the top. What's up with that? Until Nitel and co give me free night time and weekends, no hero award for this dude from me)

Chukuma Soludo; A professor of economics and Central Bank governor. He's unarguably the arrow head of the revolutionary reforms in the banking sector. (True, true but ths homie still has his work cut ut for him. Just don't mess with the stocks and shares just yet dude, my graduate school tuition and my childrens school fees are depending on that)

And the Late Yemi Tella; chief coach of the under 17 national football team that won the FIFA under 17 championship in Korea in the summer of 2007. Tella unfortunately died after few weeks after the victory.

What do you think of the winner and the nominees?
Are there some names up there that make you go 'AH HA!!!', 'HMH!?!' OR 'WTF!?!'


ababoypart2 said...

A bit surprised I am the first. For all his faults and I can’t think of many, I will give it to Ribadu.

t said...

Lady, please don't be bored. Was in Lagos (finally) and saw you were one of the first ppl I saw on TV in a New Years eve thingie that featured lots of the staff of your station. Nice. Oh and finally went to a NuNigerianWedding - it was so pretty and fancifully laid out - like in the pictures. I can't imagine getting tired of attending friends' weddings. Well, except for the loud music, like can they turn it down, cos I think it's making Lagosians deaf - you heard how loud they scream on the phones, or how loud they turn up the TV?
So don't be bored. Keep up the magic. La la la la la...hold the fort, for la la coming...

webround said...

I will also give the award to Ribadu. He did his very best.He might have gotten it wrong sometimes but you can not deny he tried.

darkelcee said...

1st time here

Happy new year!

Its good that it was ribadu that clinched the award.

Well, Baba makes me go WTF? after all he did? getalife naija! he is not even meant to enter nomination list at all.

Chimamanda? hmmmmm i dont think she is yet in the "league of the extra-ordinary gentlemen(women)yet.


Daddy's Girl said...

Ribadu totally deserved it - he was the man of the year for sure. I don't understand why OBJ was nominated sha.

Addy, there is a CARNIVAL going on at my blog ( next week, where people will get to share their 'odes' to their bodies. It will be fun and also very thought-provoking. We will all get to vote for our favourite ode, and the winner will get a prize. Check out my blog for more... and participate! Either by writing and submitting an ode ( or commenting and voting when the Carnival kicks off... and please help to spread the word!!!

Olu said...

Iweala:) gewd
Happy New Year

Iyaeto said...

Ribadu or Ngo

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

happy new year...

B.F Paperstax said...

obj's reforms are well documented and unfortunately nigerians are too busy witch-hunting to recognize his contributions, africa and the world knows though. i think ribadu deserves it but i also think it plays into our witch-hunting mentality that we give it to someone that catches the bad guys and not a man/woman making a difference in the lives of ordinary nigerians...


the fact that OBJ even made into the nomination list makes the whole Silverbird award hogwash. moving on to your next post...

uknaija said...

Happy New Year