Tuesday, November 22, 2005


How Parents Embarrass Their Kids

Forget the fact that this guy, Diepreye Alamasiegheye, the governor of Bayelsa state in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria, who is popularly known to most as 'Alams' because of the difficulty in the pronunciation of his name, stole money from the government. That's normal in Nigeria when people get appointed or elected to public positions. In fact, it is expected and written into the contract, in between the lines. Anybody who did not take their own share of the national cake would not have it handed to him or her on a decorated silver platter. I say this because Nigeria is not a place where man power, talent or intellectual prowess is valued or appreciated. You will never get paid your worth because, someone's illiterate brother or underqualified relative is occupying that post. So if you manage to get into that big oga job, you have to try your best to steal more than the guy before you so that you can provide electricity,water and paved roads for your village, and build several mansions for your family members. I mean didn't they say there'ld be housing for all by the year 2000?It's 2005 and people are still sleeping under Ojuelegba bridge, so you are helping to facilitate that goal. I mean I don't know why all of a sudden everybody is playing Voltron Defender of Nigeria's National cake and treasure. Like as if they're not wishing that they too could get a hold of all that cash. 'Alams' stealing three million pounds is no news, the likes of Babangida and Abacha who stole gazzilions, what has happened to them. Last timeI checked, only elected officials were immune to prosecution, why haven't they bundled up all those other criminals and armed robbers that have been robbing our country blind.
But before my digression, I was starting to write about how Alams children must be embarrassed to save their lives. So Alams jumped bail from Scotland Yard/Interpol, went to the airport dressed as a woman [I don't even have to say albeit an ugly one] with fake travel documents, got on the plane and landed in Nigeria to a hero's welcome. That's normal, even criminals who come back get a reception. The funny thing I heard was that the guy paid a witch doctor 77million naira to get a charm that would make him invisible to the police. Hmh? That must have been some strong medicine because as ugly a woman as he makes, make-up or not, that alone should have raised red flags. Trust Nigerian tabloids to create some hilarious pictures, as in no paparazzi couls capture the moment so we have to create ours. I feel sorry for his kids who would have to deal with the horrible jokes we all know they'll get, not to talk of reading stuff about their father. I hope the impeachment proceedings against him go through, because we do not need people like him in government and I also hope his butt gets some jail time and I don't mean a measly 6 months like they gave Tafa Balogun, the inspector of police who stole some odd billion pounds. You know what, there are so many that are still out there and chances are some of them may even stumble upon this blog so I am drafting a love letter to Nigerian government officials stay tuned for that. To read more on Alams and other criminals in Nigerian government visit www.nigeriaworld.com


Onyeka Nwelue said...

Alams should better find his way to hell...and moreover, Adaure, you have a wonderful blog here.

afrofunkycool said...

Your post reminds me of the main reason i left nigeria a country and land i love deeply. There is neither respect for the individual
nor an appreciation for real talent. our leaders behave like stone age potentates and majority of the people use poverty as an excuse to commit the most incredible acts! Shame is no longer in the nigerian lexicon or how else can you explain the comedy of errors we are all witness to!