Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Where was I and What happened.

2005 has been a disasterous year in Hollywood. First Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston now it's Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. Like Oh my gosg, this is so not good. Nick and Jess were the cutest, but I guess If you put your marriage out there like they did, that's to be expected. As in I knew it would happen, but I was one of those in denial and rooting for them to keep on trucking. Oh well, life's tough, even for the stars. But their beuaty and refreshingness would be missed, especially in the magazines. So here are a few picture of Nick and Jess for you to oggle over because you may not see them together again looking this happy. Then again I hear she is 6 weeks pregenant. Hmh? Wonders shall never end. Meanwhile, with all these single hunk-a-chunkas all over the place in Hollywood, I'd better move there and find my prince charming. Now ya'll know that marriage will truly last till death do him part or to Africa I do part...L-O-L!!

Here goes my tribute to Nick and Jess



Anonymous said...

Yes gurl. I was rooting for them as well in my little corner. I refused to believe that they were having problems.
Come on, Nick had a 5 year plan to rid Jessica of her little ditzy ways. He was going to make her a woman deserving of a man like him. I don't know much about them, but from watching them on TV, Nick seemed more down-to-earth, some called him cheap (RE: $50,000 watch Jessica gave him for his birthday), I call him smart.
They will truly be missed but also I can't wait to see who they both hook up with. I have a feeling Nick will re-marry before Jessica does, cos homegirl needs to rack up those numbers since she saved it for marriage.
Anyhow let us all pour some liquor in memory of their 3 year marriage.

Gosh I have way too much time on my hands.

ceecee said...

yeah but why was Jessica acting like everything was cool till 3 mins after the breakup?
Things haven't been right since their show.