Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Adaure, Binta, Kristine and Jeneba at the after party at H2O

Me, Binta and Kristine

Gilda(Congo), Binta(Niger) and Moi..oh by the way I ordered some french cd's.. it's on ya'll...gimme one month and i'll be speaking french and american

Me and Shola(

with Jim Iyke
(The picture that's going to cost me my 8 figure bride price... and no silly i don't mean 8 cowrie shells)

Jenny, Ifeanyi, Me and UGO (the dude formerly known as Chima, but was never really Chima, just forgot his name and gave him a new one.. that's so me...ha ha)

Shola and me; Dude you should get a shirt that reads 'local champion'.. that'll be funnier.
How about I thought we were going to 'Justins' as in Diddy's club. Why did we end up at a place called 'Juste's'...that has got to be a knock off... like LXV is to LV and Goach is to Coach.

Me at the reception at the Zimbabwean Embassy


Nneka's World said...

hmm na wa for you guys, all looking hot! Oh well hope you had a nice time at the pageant.
How tall is Jim Iyke anyway?

Anonymous said...


GAl who won the thing jare!!

Adaure said...

Miss Zimbabwe was the 1st runner up aka African Princess or something like that
I believe Ethiopia and I Nigeria Tied for 3rd place, 2nd runner up and as bad as I thought my outfit was, it actually tied with some one else to win best traditional/national costume...thank God for the Nigerian Flag...i mean who can beat the SUPREME GREEN AND WHITE combo

Anonymous said...

hmm your girl Jenny in the pic...her makeup is scary looking lol
But great pictures though!
Congratulations on coming third, better you than me :D

Adaure said...

and your point is?

Anonymous said...

I love your blazer top in the picture with Jenny. I've been looking for a mandarin collar blazer like that for a while now.

Adaure said...

Oh is that what they call it? mandarin... i thought it was victorian... i could be wroing sha.. anyways it's just xoxo i think... it should be on their website