Monday, August 22, 2005

WHY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Down With Computer Viruses and Spyware

Just when I was just settling down to my new wireless internet that I thought I would never have because of my archaic IBM 600x Laptop that still runs on Windows 98, the freaking thing crashed. Now I may lose all my information, all my essays, my pictures, my novel that is in the making...EVERYTHING. And no i didn't back up, because I never really take the computer anywhere and I never imagined it would crash completely, to the point that there is a cartoon telling me to stop. CHEI!!!
What have I done to deserve all this rubbish. The dissapointing part is that I cannot afford to buy a new computer, not right this moment, not with all the BS I am dealing with and not especially now when I am making some 'progress' (finally signed an agent to get me a job, can't do it myself, need the extra help. The man had to be a God-send because he has already done more that he can imagine to help me in the one week that I have known him. I am just lucky to be meeting people who believe in my abilities and potentials, however minimal they seem right now. It's removing every atom of doubt that tries to set in when 'issues' creep up. God will bless them all, both good, bad and darn right nasty ).
In fact, a new computer has been on my wish list for the longest time, so seeing as Christmas is coming, someone out there needs to SURPRISE ME for real.
Again I think this is just another test to shake me, but men there have been too damn many and I hope I am getting A's on all of them.

(ps: I have a big secret but I have such a BIG mouth so I don't know how long I can hold it. If you have an idea what it is JUST SHURRUP...don't wanna jinx myself. Anyways Keep my Computer in your prayers...the chick has been through thick and thin with me, she was like my road dawg, from jamming some serious jams, Oliver De'Coque et al, late nights at Davis library to long hours on IM, all through college, can't pull the plug on her anytime fact please go and fast on our behalf...WE NEED IT)

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Orikinla Osinachi. said...


You are living up to your "Igbo" name.

Don't worry.

You will get more than a new computer for Christmas.
God loves those who believe in Him.