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On Sunday night I sat down for two hours trying to watch this piece on ABC news by Brian Ross Scamming the Scammers. It is dial up Internet and it is FREE so I should stop being an ingrate and keep psyching to get broadband. As for T-1 connection, I am not sure that is in Nigeria yet. However that might be facilitated with the recent agreement that Microsoft just made with the Federal government "to allow the Nigerian government and agencies the use and deployment of its software at the cost of N324 million," according to the aily Champion. Anyways after watching that, I feel this is the right time to unveil some 'scrolls' that I have been keeping. Before I go ahead, I have to point out in sarcasm an irony in Brian Ross piece and emphasise the 'DELETE UNSOLICITED EMAILS' part. This is a case of penny wise pound foolish. So basically in order to save himself from being scammed out of his money, Mr. Ross decided to 'spend' money to fly first class, ship equipment to go and do a 3 minute report to show us 'he is no mugu after all'. Ok Mr. Ross, you just spent probably $10,000 when you could have just clicked 'delete'. Thank God for Minnie and Mickey. But interesting report none the less, would have been better if it was balanced with another report on what the Nigerian Government is also doing through the E.F.C.C. I am sure a sound bite with Mallam Ribadu or even a mention of how to report the scams to the body would satisfy that purpose. But ya'll know the deal with reporting about anything that has to do with Africa.

But back to my scrolls. I should have taken my own advice because this guy 'blascattered' my head with his English but I was angry the day this whole thing started and I was surprised I even got a response. It all started with the scam emails we were getting at work. You know how that can be. Every time one came, someone would never fail to mention or ask me about it. That is like saying to a blind man, "You are blind so I guess you cannot see that rainbow," or telling the mother monkey that her child is ugly. Anyways, just as other Nigerians in diaspora I would just laugh along, roll my eyes or curse under my breathe. But this day, I came in to work at 7am only to be greeted by the email. Knowing what I would face at work, I quickly replied. Usually when we get viewer emails at the station, if someone replied, you send an email out so no one else does. So I sent an 'I've responded to this viewer' not just to be funny, but just so that no one will come and start disturbing me. Lo and behold, one of my supervisors came in and the first thing he said to me after exchanging greetings was in reference to the scam email and we laughed about mine. Anyways enjoy the email exchange, I found it quite interesting and hilarious. Please do excuse the typos on my part and the poor use of the English language and lengthiness on Mr Dennis Audu's part. (PS: For the purpose of full disclosure, after my second reply, I moved the exchange to my personal account and did the rest from home.)


-----Original Message-----
From: Denis Audu
Subject: Help this new change

Dear Sir/Madam,

Goodday,i am sorry for any enconviniences this letter may cause you in
trying to understand my purpose and why i have choosing to solicit for
your assistance .its true that i dont know you personally but my
previouse experience and the situation i found my self has thought me
have more faith in looking deyond my imidiated environment and being
that i have lost my confidence in human nature more especially people i
have laboured so much to fixed in strategic places who has choosen to
bit the finger that feed them instead of appreciating my kindness,but
now i have choosing to follow gods direction of faith and for you to
understand me please its important that you first put your self in my
own shoes.

I am Mr Denis Audu of the The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC)of
ZIMBABWE the S P A to MorganTsvangirai,the c opposition leader . who
is currently facing more treason charges of plotting to kill President
Robert Mugabe the treason charge arises as a result of Tsvangirai's
meetings with a Canadian political consultant in which Robert Mugabe
allegedly claimed that Tsvangirai spoke of "eliminating"him Mugabe
of presidential polls, MorganTsvangirai If convicted risks the death
penalty. The new treason charges arose from mass anti-government
protests Tsvangirai organised last year in which he is accused of
Zimbabweans to oust Mugabe.

The state accuses Tsvangirai of inciting supporters to overthrow the
government and engage in acts of public violence ,Pitabely during this
our prodemocratic campangne rally which we are being accused of public
violence a lot of our member were assassinated openly and secretely by
police and hudlums suspected to be the killer agents of the
government.ever since then or party have been subjected under heavy
attack by those incumbent masterminded forces as a result of our
continue oppositon stand against the incumbent president Robert Mugabe
and his porported tenure elongation .

Today as i am talking to you the president with the support of his
corrupt ruling Zanu PF party officials and members in the pailiament
are pressing for the manipulation of the arrangement to restrict
MorganTsvangirai from contesting the next general election there fore
negetting chapter IV of the constitution, section 28, subsection
(1),which states that a person qualifies for election as president if
he is "a citizen by birth or by descent, has attained 40 years and is
ordinarily resident in Zimbabwe". its against this background that we
have decided to remobilise with all our members nomatter what it will
take both home and abroad in readyness to resist his constitutional
amendment and for the forthcoming general elections through our youth
co-odinator in other to enable us resist any eventuality as is
expected,note that the national chirman of my party who was a former
Agricultural minister in my country is awear of this development
needless mentioning names including the part director of campaign
mobilization and finance comitee.

However,upon the above introduction of my person and purpose i have
directed to do all the international consultations associated to
every body defence technologies which we may need in the course of
acheiving our objectives.having seen your contact in the search
directory thought it worthy to contact your person for possible
negociations in this update and how its going to work out smoothly,as
articulate this project we particularly search for men and women of
proving integrity and reliable due to the sensitive nature of this
transaction i assure you that your intrest is fully guaranteed and the
bases for your co-opration negociable.

Meanwhile i am to negociate the purchase outside Zimbabwe since the
money for this has been maped out from part of our party reserve fund
with a security company in europe totaling $21.5million us dollars by
the party ,being that i accompanied my boss MorganTsvangirai here in
europe where the deposit was made with the intention to utilize it by
our party before he was arrested, its upon this development that our
party wants me to continue with every party maped out plan scince i
a comprehensive details of every deposite made by my boss inrespect to
the party.what you will do for me is just to stand as the party
beneficiary contractor abroad to help secure the reserve first then we
look for a body defence company for the purchase and the party beleive
that i am the only person who has the capacity and the sagacity to do
the international consultations it will only party me to
utilize the confidence i am already enjoying in the party leadership by
being honest in my future dealing and correspondence with we go
on i am going to provide you with all the neccesary logistics support
enable you function well in this project.

Do contact me via e mail

Thanks for your cosideration,

Denis Audu.

For (M D C).
From: Achumba, Adaure
Subject: RE: Help this new change




I do appreciate your effort in finding time to read my letter and your
advice well noted.

Yes first off all can you indentify the country whose image your trying
to protect ,as soon as you give me this information then i will be in a
position to address your questions more meaningfuly.

Thanks for now,

Denis Audu.


What a pleasant surprise to read your note. I was truly not expecting
you to reply. To answer your questions (which is not really one) about
which country's image I am trying to protect. Frankly I am not trying
protect any image at all. The image of Africa and her countries is bad
across the board so trying to protect it is a futile effort. It is like
protecting Firewood from Fire, the two have an inevitable path of
destiny to cross, hence the given name. Changing the image of Africa is
what I am about and I cannot do that when there are people like you who
insist on taking that fast route rather than put that god given talent
and ability towards a skill or trade. You write very well, what will it
take you to hone that skill and broaden it in to something. There are
people who went from painting lipstick on their face in the mirror
morning and shining their teeth in vanity to painting the faces of
people as a business venture and owning their own make up line. There
are people who have gone from mixing coke and cherry fanta with brandy
for Christmas parties to being the primary mixed-drink and punch
supplier to events to owning a catering outfit. These are all people
who could have resigned to fast schemes like every degree holder who
cannot get a job, every high school certificate holder who cannot pass
university entrance exam, but they choose not to resign to that fate
put heir energy into exercising their talents and becoming
entrepreneurial. I hope this will help you address my question more
meaningfully as I am curious to hear you defend yourself and your
attempt to defraud an unsuspecting victim who may unfortunately be
gullible or even greedy enough to give you their information. I look
forward to your response and I hope we can share our views more on

Your Sister


Dear Sister Adaure,

I will appreciate a situation where by we try to be more direct in our approach,
because you are trying to be a bit diplomatical in tackling my questions just be open there is no problems since you have dicided to correct a wrong but remember there is a background to every injustice and by the time you indentify your self well,i am ready to give you a more comprehensive insight to this problem you are trying to address maybe it will even aid you incase you wants to write a book.

Before i forget in your next letter please tell me that country in the world you think as having the best image not even continent and the yadstick used for such assesment by whose ever is that later day saint that produced that report.

Yours Brother,



My Brother Dear Dennis
I am being as open as a calabash. How much more direct can I really be. You want me to fly inside the computer. I am not being 'diplomatical' as you put it. Just stating a fact. And why do I need to 'indentify' myself, it is not like I am hiding behind a fake name or email address like you are. I am all ears to your comprehensive insight into the problem and yes may be your insight can help me understand where you are coming from and the background on the injustice that you speak of. I am sure they will make good material to write a book. I can even have you as the co-author so that you can stop your illegal hustling. To your last statement, you are right there is no country that has the best image neither is there a country to which a yardstick assessment can be attributed to. I don't think i have said that or even hold that position. But just because some things are uncontrollable and are over looked doesn't mean it is right or give it any justification because that is basically what you are trying to say. Anyways bros, I think you are the one being a bit indirect and not being very open. If I may go further, what is your story, why do you chose to send the email scam instead of doing something else. Please educate me since you are seem to challenge my claim to the moral high ground on this matter.

Your Dear Sister Adaure


Dear Sister Adaure,

I am happy atleast that you have accepted the fact that there is no country with a clean image, i have lived also in the so called advanced countries and i know how they came about there advancement, you may also have been out side Africa.i was motivated to responding to your first mail because you said this mail comes always everday and that your co-workers reads it with you with the impression that the mail comes from your brothers in Africa.So i actually wanted to get to those your co-workers and lash them incase they are white people.

Well your theory is real but can only work out in a just society,i also enjoy your writting for so long i have not been in contact with ladies that writtes so mavelousely.

Lastly i am writting you from here in Madrid Spain if you wouldnt mind this is my telepohe number 0034-650-677-802.if we must contnue in this chart let me know you better.

Thanks for your intrest.


Brother Denis,
This is interesting. So are you saying you are NOT AFRICAN? Amazing!! I am aware that some of these emails do not originate from Africa directly but I was not expecting a non-African. I was afraid you would be Nigerian because you answer my questions with nothing but more questions and try to take me off the subject. Very typical. Perhaps you have too many Nigerian friends.
So you are in Spain? What do you do in Spain? Do you have a real job or you just rely on revenue from your email scams.
Per knowing me better, I am not sure what you mean? I am sure we can continue this dialogue on our ideology via email. I honestly don't have time to talk on the phone, plus I would like to document our conversation for that book we talked about. Anyways go through my previous email and re-read them because there are so many questions you have left unanswered. Cheers Brother

Your Sister (I guess no longer perhaps) Adaure


Dear Adaure,

Now two things a imperative i gave you an option to reveal your indentity if you must have an insight about my activities which you refuted,instead your intrest revolves around record my converstions with you.perhaps if that is your only intrest then that will cost you small money.



Hello Denis
You are certainly right, my interest does revolve around recording our conversations and getting insight into what you do and why you do it. I apologize if I did not make it clear that I was a journalist. I assumed you would have made that inference from my email address or done some research of some sort. Anyways I am a journalist from Nigeria but live in the United States. You are a fascinating character and I am interested in hearing your story. It is amazing, especially when it can help dispel the myth that these email scams all originate from Nigerians and Africans. You did give me the impression that you are neither.Is that correct? Anyways it is unfortunate but as a news journalist I do not pay to get stories. Even if I did, how am I sure you would not turn me into a victim and run away with my money. That being said I am enjoying this exchange and look forward to continuing to hear from you. Again please go over my previous emails and answer the questions I have asked you elaborately. You may also chose to decline and discontinue this exchange. You also gave me your phone number but I must get your consent as well to have the conversation recorded. Again this is only for journalistic purposes and does not involve any law enforcement so you can relax. I am just after the fascinating story that you have to tell. Believe me no one will pay you for your story so here is your opportunity to turn your scam into something good. I await your reply. Cheers



Subject: For your comprehensive insight.


I thank you for your effort intrying to bring me to a talk,well that’s not bad.

However,I can see that your privilegded to be hard working in the United states as i was mearnt to know in your first mail but please note that working hard is a function of income and environment that is the demand for labour and some of your brothers and sisters are not exposed to such opportunities at home i dont realy know your antecedentes but atleast your parents some how could afford it in one way or the other.

I am sorry maybe if i could not tackle your questions directly it is not deliberate as i try to give you a more coincise details which could offer a more valuable answers to your questions, but incase if your not satisfied, your free to resend it back to me for an appropriate answer.

Listen cearfully may be I don’t know what is your fathers position about Nigeria because he is the only person in a position to tell you the truth,but when he fails in that duty then as an adult you can search for answers to your own questions.

In 1914 one man called Lord Lugard carried out the amalgamation of north and southern Nigeria to the British intrest to suit the police of indirect rule and consequently placed north in a more political dominating power in Nigeria polity which positioned the north in getting a lion chair of what ever that comes out of Nigeria,even when geographically they are located in a barren desart and having boundries with the poorest African state Chad.

Before independence a man called Tafawa Bellewa was a primary school teacher and the british empire being leaded by a woman in England finds this man more qualified to be the priminster more that Zik and Awolowo and other elites that paid the price of our independence struggle,this is not for the intrest of me and you and Nigerians but for the intrest of the northern muslems and british because the England government felt it is only the muslem north will remember and guarantee there intrest when the go. I will send you an appendix to this points.

The british government masterminded the killing of the ibos in the north with there constant arminitions and personel supply to Gowon after the fall of Tafawa belewa the stuge they installed in Nigerian as a priminster. The coupe that huasted Belewa was never an igbo coup which Britain makes the world to beleive , why ?because General Ironsi who crippled the coup was an igbo man and ojukwu also an igbo man rendered the coup immobile in the northern kanu where he was serving as a brigade commander then.

Sister I have washed the western intrest and finds out that it chages over time ,so it is never permanent .eg in Nigeria they have demonstrated an all time support to the muslems than the Christians whom seams to share the same christian faith with them contrary to what we see in the case of irsael and lebanon,in iraq they propagated Saddam when they wanted to use him against Ayotala komeni of Iran ans they succeded later because of the difficulties in respecting a dishonest father Sadam fallout of there favour and was accused of possesing a weapon of mass distrutions which uptill now is still being looked for.

I am not drawing this inferences in other to divert my focus from the original subject but to capture your understanding of the historic background of the problems your trying to address.

I had listened to the American independence speech and I saw there was really a promise and it is upon this promise that Marthin luther stood and libreted the black negros from the chains of slavery to the promise land of freedom for all irrespective of color and that promise is freedom to every American. I had gone to search for Nigerian independence speech and could not fine the content of the speech instead Tafawa Belewa was busy thanking the that woman in england and the people of England for handing over power to him so there was know promise from where to continue as a people .Even in Biafran struggle there was a promise and that promise was Self determination and it was that promise of self determination that sustained the will to continue the struggle without any armunitions at our disposal upto 1970 when the Nigerian and Britain lead attack with higher fire power got fed up of drinking the innocent blood of the igbos,and the America and the rest of the world was behind washing as our fathers, mothers , brothers and brothers ,young and old died defencelessly,and we are still Christians together sitting and worshiping the same god,I wonder who will go to heaven.since that brotherly love we were thought as young growing Christians was greatly betrayed when we see them joing hand with muslems in killing there own Christian brothers and sisters.

Today in Nigeria an average igbo young lady that comes out of the university can not get a job unless she gave out her body to the northern directors in different government institutions men even older that there own fathers,and young men from the eastern Nigeria who came out of the university could not be employed while illiterates from the north occupy executive government positions. as if that is not enough, they introduced what is called normadic education in the north so that that cattle rearer can also oneday become the manager of financial institutions while our well trained graduates are parading the street with nothing to show for, there by making education non attractive in the eastern Nigeria and you want us to sitback and die of hunger in the missed this delibrate policy of crpplling us psychologically and economically..They even went asfar as introducing what is called cut of point in the university entrance examination so that sobody who scoure 300 from the east and west will gain the same admission to read the same course with somebody who score 50 from the north so that those who scoure from 150 to 200 from the easth will be denied admission as if it is a course to become intelligent ,what a sell out to the system,when they were doing privatization the northerners being present in the government used the same money they stole from government pocket to bought over all the privatized government enterprise and our retied fathers could not even afford there pensions as at when do, takless of investing on privatization.

Please before I forget you asked me while I am doing this job ,but note that higher educations exposes one to a certain level of life that is why the Nigerian first civilian regime introduced car loan to fresh university graduates as an offer of entitlement upon employment these lasted upto 1980 when the military northern oligachy took over power again and turned the whole system upside down.i can not afford to be looking my father who gave me education and my younger once die of hunger.

Frustration does a lot of things especially when equal opportunity is not given to every one in the same society,i am happy atleast that after the British and Nigeria invasion which left Biafran igbo totally naked we did not resort to terrorism like the arabs but repositioned our energy towards economic survival.which one is better.

I have to live your ,a word is enough for the wise.

From Denis.



Hmh...very interesting write up. I did see your other emails as well. So you are Nigerian after all and saddest of all an Igbo. You dashed my little glimmer of hope with that revelation. While I understand where you are coming from and agree that the environment in Nigeria is harsh and wealth is not distributed fairly, I do not agree that one should resort to unscrupulous means to make a living. I also do not agree that my being in the US is the privilege that provided me the opportunity to work hard. That is self determined regardless of where I would have ended up in life. From your email you seem to have some level of education. What is your educational background and qualification and are you in Spain legally. Perhaps if you are not, that's an added reason as to why things might be hard for you. Have you ever thought of starting your own business and if so what was the result of that. See optimism and hard work goes a long way.
You say "Frustration does a lot of things especially when equal opportunity is not given to every one in the same society,I am happy at least that after the British and Nigeria invasion which left Biafran Igbo totally naked we did not resort to terrorism like the Arabs but repositioned our energy towards economic survival.which one is better"
It is interesting they way you are rehashing history as a means to justify your being an ill to society and the Igbo heritage. Is this your way of acting out or getting back at society. I am all for economic survival, that's why many of us leave the shores of Africa in the first place to seek economic opportunities where they are abundant. As you too are one of the 'fortunate' one, using your inference, why aren't you utilizing the opportunities available to reposition your energy and wits into something more tangible and honorable rather than dupe people? I mean. let's get real here, what you do is criminology and nothing else. Artfully using your education to perpetuate crime without a gun. How can anyone in his or her right mind try to justify that? I am just wondering because you still have not explained that aspect. Thanks for the Nigerian history lesson but I think I got enough of that to earn straight A's in the subject secondary school. But I appreciate the refresher course, however it is truly a digression from my original questions which I have also rehashed in this email.

(ps: Na wa for you sha. Why do Naija people like to play Maradona when they are asked simple questions. Bros na wetin...abeg time na money o...just ansa me jare.)

Ada Please,

Repeat that question your talking about,may be i could not capture that.



Hello Dennis,
Thanks for your speedy response
Here are some questions I have written out that I would like for you to answer to help me understand you and get insight into what you do and why you do it.

<1> What led you into this art of sending email scam letters and how successful/ profitable has it been for you. How often have people fallen to the trap.
<2> Are you gainfully employed? If so why do you choose to do this? If not employed, why not?
<3> How do you justify this criminal activity as repositioning your energy towards economic survival, s you have eloquently put it.
<4> What is your back ground; educational, family, cultural and economic?
<5> Do you care that the emails you send are embarrassing to other Nigerians and Africans. For example, when I get emails like this at work, it is the joke of the day because people assume ( justifiably) that they are from Nigerians.
<6> Why do you not value hard work as a means to an end.
<7> What would you say is the psychology behind people who become victims to this email scam and fall for your elaborate stories.
<8> What is your immigration status, are you in Spain legally? Are there no jobs for you there and is that why you resort to 419
<9> Have you ever thought of starting your own business and if so what was the end result of that.
<10> Do you have a family, children, wife and kids? Or are you just a young hustler looking for the fast lane to wealth.
<11> Basically tell me your story, Who is "Denis" the man behind this artfully crafted letter. Where are you coming from? Take me into your life journey and your philosophy. I want an honest and true story with well thought out answers and responses that are real to you and not a coy or made up. I find you to be very interesting and intelligent and I am fascinated by that and would like to read more from you.

Feel free to add whatever else you would like. Will be looking out for your response. Thank you for your time in doing this. Cheers



Adure ,
Your questions are too many are you working for fbi or what?meanwhile i am single in case if you may like to marry me.

I have ideas of buisness but i dont have money to put it to reality so am worried bucause of my burning desire to sustain the dream alive.i dont have papers to do normal job and if sudenly you work with another persons paper such persons normaly eat our money here and you cant complain otherwise you will be facing security risk.
i am a higher school leaver my attack is basically a focused sustained asult on white people not people like you.i have never gotten a good client to raise money for my trade otherwise i would quit this buisness as it cant guarantee steady means of lively hood.which ever psychology they will suffer will never by equal to that one suffered by that negro slave that was moved from his ancestral root whose soul is still in search of final resting place both the living and the death.dont tell me about image of country again because i have knoe country my country Biafra is still yet to be they only country i can stand and defend her image anywhere.

I hope with this you will be okay.


I am not with the FBI, I am just a reporter and as such I tend to ask very many questions. You did not give me the answers that I was looking for. Are you bored already? C'mon now, see all the questions I gave you and you are giving me this short answer. I cannot even write one paragraph with that. Try to answer the questions each specifically because you have all these ideas going on and you are confusing me a little bit

Meanwhile as I wait for you to really answer my questions, lets talk about Biafra since you do not care about Nigeria's or Africa's image. How do you think you are helping Biafra's image with this. I am ashamed you are trying to twist this into a debate about Biafra's existence or lack thereof and trying to use the past (slavery included) as justification for your lifestyle. Biafra died with the Nigerian Civil war in 1970 and you seem to be a prisoner of ideology. Do you think that if Biafra did come to fruition in 1970 that it would not be another mess that most african countries are. Do you think Biafra would be any different from Nigeria or that it would not share the same history as other countries. Your argument bears no substance. By the way how old are you? Where you born during or after the war?

Awaiting your response



At this point, I guess he either chickened out or found a 'MUGU' that bought his first scam letter BS. I never heard from this guy again.
Anyways I am unable to read through so bare with me. I have to rush out and find where to go as 'NEPA HAS STRUCKETHED' and their is no juice in my lap-top battery. Anyhow please do share your thougths on this rather silly exchange.


Uche said...

Interesting. I'm truly surprised the dialogue lasted as long as it did.

"... my attack is basically a focused sustained assault on white people." He needs to channel that energy into something that's guaranteed to work.

shola said...

am amazed that someone with this reasonable strength of articulation and a level of intellect will find himself in this kind of sitution.

in as much as i know so well that the despodency of many youth in Nigeria is due to their lack of focus and determination, i also would not spare the nigerian system.

the truth is it takes a God fearing youth especially from a poor and non influencial backgroud to work through the so many frustrating and limiting factors in the nigerian system without thinking of a short cut to wealth.

its so pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting read. I actually called Denis and pretended to be calling from the States (i'm in the UK). Told him i had received a mail from him and was interested in the transaction and he said he'd prefer if i started by replying to his mail first, i told him i was having problems with my internet connection and would do so asap.

So he went on to ask me how old i am (i guess he's hoping i could possibly be his American bride). Anyway, i asked him if he's Spanish as i could hear a hint of an accent(that's me pretending i couldn't tell he's not only Nigerian but also igbo). Can you imagine the greedy git, he goes, i'm british(who dash monkey)and i'm like but your accent isn't english and he said oh, actually i'm missed(mixed is what he was trying to say), my mom is from Ecuador. So i go, oh, really? The stupid man with his serious igbo accent. Anyway we end the conversation with him expecting an e-mail from Susie the 39 year old American mugu.

How far would people like Denis go? One would think that will all the media coverage on 419, especially internationally, this will help eradicate it. But that unfortunately does not seem to be the case at least not for Denis.

Bola said...

It's sad, and extremely embarrassing for those of us in the diaspora trying to earn our money. But truth be told...I can't blame them. I blame the government and the Nigerian system for their inability to provide opportunites for their people. People need to eat, they need to feed their kids, and clothes to dignify themselves. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. These people are there because our government has FAILED us. We need to focus our energy on the root of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Really annoying especially at one's workplace to be approached constantly with such crap.

I recently had a patient that said to me, "Doc, aren't Nigerians the most corrupt group of people in the world?" Spent 5 mins defending my p'ple, by explaining the oppression experienced daily at the hands of the leaders, afterall Nigeria was at one-time the most populous African nation. These diabolic 419'ers are reasons the Western world don't trust the word NIGERIA.

A Naija chic in the States was attaining her workplace client's credit information and providing her man at home with it. Causing the FBI to investigate the Doctor's office. Imagine the ramification.... Loss of revenue.

didi said...

At anon above me.r u for real?is the naiaj chic a doctor? some nigerians r really giving others a bad still all boils down to a country that has failed its youth.things r really hard in nigeria.forget salsa classes in lagos and all the elitist things springing up there and giving one a false sense of improvement and devt.the average joe can not affordthe basic and decent things of life.
P.s adaure,maybe if the exchange had continued,we would have been coming to ur village this xmas for ur igba nkwu(traditional wedding)

Anonymous said... get time oh.When I lived in naija I actually spoke with someone who does 419 cos I was really curious about why a university graduate decided to resort to this. I'm not stereotyping but a lot of them seem to come from the Eastern part of the country. Don't attack me. I have some Ibo blood myself.
Anyway, ge said the Ibo's are marginalised and Hausa people had all the big federal Govt posts and Yoruba people had all the oil connections in Mobil etc and the Ibos had nothing and how his duping people was no different from people who stole with the pen aka white collar crime and how he's no different from the politicians who steal Govt money...basically a load of crap. I told him it was all wrong. I reaslise such people lack a concience or have killed it completely and are very greedy. I wish I could write his name here to publicly name and shame him but alas I value my life.
Please forgive me for the typos. Doing this at work really quickly b4 I'm caught. PS...the Govt has failed us but that does not absolve individuals of responsibility. It doesn't justify 419. These people are the scum of the earth who ruin lives.Several people have committed suicide after being duped of their life's savings. Read about 419 in Wikipedia.

Bella Naija said...

This just makes me sad.
U can see that the dude is learned and someone who could make a positive impact on society if he channelled his energy to something more positive.
Its also very sad that so many young nigerians flee nigeria to countries like spain and italy with no clear plan or mission....only to get stuck there with no papers to work and have to be dodging the immigration police 24/7.


Anonymous said...

Hey...let's see if this works this time...I got deleted the last time...posted a response to your blog entry check it out at the following link if you are interested-

kulutempa said...

my days, you get time, adaure! i remember i was corresponding with one of these guys that was supposedly in south africa (you know they're all sitting in one internet cafe in oshodi, talking about i live in madrid), but ours was a correspondence built upon insults. i yab am, e yab me, i yab am was fun. but yeah, i blame them entirely. people are suffering all over the world, but nowhere else on this globe have so many people resorted to practicing this one criminal profession and blaming it on their government. is nigeria the worst country in the world? chill now...shey, they still have money to use internet cafe?

Anonymous said...

Didi, to answer you... the chic was an assistant to a Doctor in a plush office.

Yes oh! This story is real. The saga has continued till today... PS nothing goes unpunished. It's a vicious cycle, she wasn't a 1st time offender in this game called fraud. The boyfriend had a shoot-out with the Federali Policia in the streets. He escaped to Naija. I heard recently that after all, his father set him up in business ventures in Naija. Not enough, he went to South Africa to continue his dubious ways, where he was fingerprinted (featured on FBI's most wanted) and soon to be extradited to America.
Meanwhile, chic was under house arrest ran to Naija to join her man. I heard that he dissed the chic when she arrived in Naija. She is now in England with their child...she doesn't want to do the time. Didi did I say she was not a 1st time offender...oh that was with another man. Imagine US citizen on the run.

Anonymous said...

This calls for another "Guguru & Epa" moment... (Coincidentally, I dey chop Guguru-tank God fe microwave popcorn)
Hmmm...! Truly wonders will never end...
This is like waiting to hear what Larry King would say about a situation or the likes but here we are just waiting to hear what "Aduare" will say...And my sister, you don't fail to deliver. I could not help but laugh. People who have no future ambition (NFA) are always looking for someone to blame about their predicament. Hello! Been there, done that! I am not saying that the Nigerian Government doesn’t have their own problems but you shouldn’t use that excuse to stoop so low, just to prove a point.


It seems as if you have a lot of time on your hands to chat back and forth with these 419 half wits...Better make your stay in Naija worthwhile sweetie!

Anonymous said...


Well, 419 does exist and unfortunately, with the help our dear friend mr ross - it is going to be associated more with nigerians.
PEOPLE, scams are commited by every nationality - even Americans.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Naijalove said...

what on earth did this person above me post...Adaure biko remove this book, o gini bu nka! Now I've lost all motivation to even comment sef :(

Favor said...

Adaure, plssss delete this anonymous person's epistle! abeg. What the hell kind of a "comment" is that. This is "Leave your comment" section not "Write your book" abeg abeg abeg Go on oprah

Anonymous said...

I was pretty disappointed @ ABC. They wasted $$ sending this guy to lagos only for him to give wrong stats about lagos and insult lagos.
My question is what idiot would tell you I have N3.8 million would you like to trade it for just $12,000 and you agree. The greedy people that give their $$ for such cause are the scammers.

Of course Nigeria has a problem that needs to be addressed no doubt about that. All I'm saying is anyone can send you any email they want, you just need to hit the delete key and continue on with your daily business !!

Anonymous said...

Yepa, whats that epistle above?

Adaure, welcome to Lagos oh!!!!!! Wow your job sounds really interesting. Goodluck with it. I'll be sure to walk up to you and say hi if I spot you around. As for whats going on....only ht eLL concert and then the Praise Jam at The Palms. Oh and the Cinderella show at the civic centre on sunday. You can buy tickets from MedPlus at The Palms or at the gate but I dont know what time yet. Take curr.


Anonymous said...

i wish that Africans could be more progressive. It is not enough to say , "yes, we have a problem" but what are you/we going to do about it?


For the americans - greed and selfishness was their motivating factor, that was the reason they responded and still respond to such an email. PlS, u do not have to get an A in Accounting to know that exchange rate is ridiculous, (give me 10,000 dollars and get 35 million naira). PLS. Moreover, why would you respond or send your bank information to someone that you do not know from ADAM? I do not care if you have been corresponding with the person for years. You do not know the person. For many out there, how many of your good friends have access to you bank account numbers? Just being realistic here. I am sorry. I know i should be saying ewo to the Americans but biko i do not have that kind of energy for it.

Of course, the government should be taking steps to address this issue. I know that Obasanjo a couple of months back (about 2 months ago) was looking at how the media, particularly the nigerian media, can combat the image of Nigeria abroad. I hope he goes through with his plans. But more than that has to be done, the key issue is why do nigerians, particularly my ibo brothers resort to this. Is this greed (quick money scheme) or as a result of poverty,lack of hope, lack of employement.?

my one cent. the 419s took all my money. LOL!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad that "Letter to the Epistle" has been zap off...Na wa o, wey person no dey read simple instruction, abi na Denis write am?
You guyz are so right..."It takes one to know one" To solve a problem, both parties have to agree about their own faults. Yes o, Naija get im own problem...but Mr Yankee get im own. Everyone wants quick money..."true longer Throat" did not work for something but you want a cut from it. Well, everyone (NaijaZ & Yankeez) has got to do something about it.

Gbeborun of Lagos said...

Haba Adaure! you be be real journalist o! Thats great patience on your part. Some months ago before i got my internet connection, i was browsing in a cyber cafe and this young guy of about 16 years old got a call from some foreigner who was most likely falling for the guys plot, this young boy spoke throughout in a German accent - believe me, an almost flawless german accent. I took repeated looks at the boy but couldnt reconcile his appearance (so shabby) to his adopted accent and sense of 'business' talk.

I don't really care how much EFCC does with these boys as long as we dont build for them a system that allow them to compete and use their youthful wit constructively (with good incentives) they will continue to fancy a backdoor to wealth and opportunities.

and hey, over 60% of internet frauds originate from North america. i have the link on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Abeg Osuofia talk true fe dis video o

Oyibo man, e too greedy wey e go fall fe dat kind tory. Haba! how u go won chop big money wit small small common kobo? Na wa o...I tink Obudo yankee pipo need tu start checkin' d intentions of all dis pipo wey go dey tell pipo say, 'I have been scammed'.
Shine ya eye well well...begin dey wear goggle fe eyez make u see picksure clear...a word is enough fe d wise.
U better recognize...

Toni Payne said...

Ada, Ada, Ada.. how many times did I call you? LMAO.. u have time o. You know whats funny? I was waiting for him to make a pass at you and he did.. hahahaha! typical.

Daddy's Girl said...

This was very interesting and thought-provoking... and also a bit sad. It seems like this young man has managed to convince himself that he has an excuse for what he's doing. It's a shame... but Adaure, your journalistic skills shone through o. Jisike nwanne m.

Chxta said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adaure said...

Yes oh it was a very funny conversation... truly nothing journalistic about it, just common questions that any 'thinking' human being would have asked if the oportunity came along. I had the opportunity and took advantage of it.

Chxta you know say me I am JJC.. so this E-1 where and what service can I get it from. I REALLY NEED IT.

Chxta said...

As for T-1 connection, I am not sure that is in Nigeria yet.

E1 is the European standard, and that is available in Naija. T1 is American, which is what you are used to. E1 is about the same as T1.

As for the ABC shyte, I'd rather not talk about it. The whole thing is getting tiresome...

I am also sick of my fellow Igbos always bringing up this Biafra thing. Can't we stop flogging a dead horse?

You are in Lagos? You can get an excellent internet connection from 21st century technology. They have leased E1 lines from NITEL. But Multilinks may be a better choice as per cost. They also have leased lines.

Anonymous said...

I read the exchange ; the guy tried to justified his actions. How unfortunate? Undeniably he made some points about the distribution of wealth and resources in Nigeria but that doesn't justify crime, does it? Fact is even the Hausas and the Yorubas and all other Nigerians suffer just the same. So it isn't an Igbo thing.In my opinion, the rulers/leaders/looters(the definition leaves me a bit confused) profit from foisting the misconceptions on us for their own ends.Like Adaure pointed out Biafra, if it had succeeded may have been like Nigeria and other African nations with its peculiar leadership problems.Joo the wahala plenty, abeg.There seems to be this misguided belief that 419 is a means to lash out at the western world.That's wrong. Your friend is just a sorry loser in life. Some people were born dirt poor and went on to become great while some lost everything. So he should get back to reviewing his perspective on how to achieve success; definitely not through crime.Anyways for Denis and his ilk, get some real job. It pays.

Anonymous said...

I love that the guy still kept on throwing his holla out there. Good old naija persistence.

Calabar Gal said...

You really had time for this guy!! They put us all to shame every time. Hope he gets all that comes his way soon.

Anonymous said...

I preface my comment by saying that I am Igbo (my dominant ethnicity), Igala, and Bini (that is Edo).

Some of Denis's points regarding the marginalization of Igbos were on point (and given the number of Biafran flags that I saw in the East, the idea of Biafra is not dead). However, the dominant issue that Nigeria faces today is not ethnicity, but poverty: the haves versus the have nots. Some politicians play the whole ethnic card to advance their political agenda. Unfortunately, it seems the average Nigerian buys into it.

When I visited Nigeria last, I was in southwest, southeast, and south south and most people seemed as poor as church mice. The type of street begging that I encountered in Lagos especially, I did not see in the Eastern towns like Onitsha. So, what gives.

As for 419, I am conflicted. I know it is wrong to 419 people, but I do not feel sorry for those westerners who lose money b/c in order to assist a 419 scammer, one is usually aware that they are agreeing to move stolen money that does not belong to the scammer.

Given that the average Nigerian (not just the Igbos) lives on less than $2.00 per day (UN stats), this is especially wrong. How can westerners living in countries filled with opportunities agree to move money that is obviously stolen out of a 3rd world nation where people are so very poor and expect sympathy when they become victims?

NaijaBloke said...

Omo e just be like say i just read for exam .. this guy can really write sha ..

For all I know this guy has like 2 Masters degree and hez somewhere in Lagos o ..

Na wah ..make God help us sha ..

Hope u r enjoying Lagos

Anonymous said... the wise people say, 419 is a talent and not just a criminal code.

My solution, shut down all internet access to Nigeria's cybercafes...and track the activities of every other company/home/private individual. It's an investment that can be made to curb this madness!!!

Adaure hope you're enjoying 'Lag. Have you been to the "Lagoon Front" yet? LOL...i heard it's like a human waste landfill these days...flies buzzing and all lol.

azuka said...

What an epistle!

It's so sad that this guy has spent a lot of time convincing himself that such a way is the only way to succeed.

BumyPerfect Photography said...

I must say that I really cant phantom the amount of patience these 19 guys have. I think they need to channel their energy into sometin legit, cos if they can put in half as much time they'll surely make it.

Kpakpando said...

Please post his email address, I'd like to dialogue with the thief. What a foka!

Anonymous said...

Adaure I totally disagree with you and almost everyone here. And I totally agree with the chap! Anyway you know me...I craze pass certified craze man!

This guy has a POINT! He has POINTS! You and I went to school in NC! How many native americans did you come across? The people live on Reservations! People living on Reservations? Are you effing kidding me? Why is it that awon onyinbo legalize their illegalities after dem don finish doing them? Then no one else is allowed to do it. Come off it.

Best part is that idiot from ABC was aiding and abbetting a crime! After all, the mugus were willing to further steal from African countries! Brian Ross knew this and thats why he never showed up with a police crew cos normal police people would arrest his so called victims too.

Come on people! Clinton lied to America about cheating on his wife and almost go impeached. Bush lied to America about sending thousands to their death in Iraq and no one has thought of impeachment. These people are full of IT! Why are you picking on an individual who cannot afford to survive like we can but has chosen a non-violent way to do it. If na onyinbo dem and all oxygen dry for their land you think say dem go send email? Kai!

from Uzo

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