Thursday, May 18, 2006


What A Great Choice, Plus She's An Unadultrated Black Woman!

America's Next Top Model for 2006 is Danielle. Yippie!!! It is a choice I think we can all live with considering we really wanted Nnenna to win. The fact that she is not mixed with another race is refreshing because frankly I am getting sick of that image of black woman being touted as the ideal. Danielle was looking so beautiful and her presence was so pronounced that I am about to copy that her hairstyle. Before I continue on, how about I missed the first 15 minutes bull*hitting around and then NEPA was trying to affect my ANTM moment. There was a lighetning storm in the LA area where the UPN Channel is based and I guess this was affecting transmission. The TV was blacking out every now and then and at like 8.50 when they were in front of the judges it blacked out again. Luckily it did not affect the real 'moment' when Danielle's name was called. Then let me talk about Jade... I'll need a new paragraph for that heifer project.

Ya'll that girl must have been suffering from malaria hallucinations during that episode because she was really acting rather nutty. I mean we all know she had issue right from teh time she walked in and opened her mouth on the show, but dang girl own up to your mistakes. Jade was fighting to the end, tooth and nail, to only display her foolishness. Gosh and to think they picked her to stay over Nnenna. Urgh!! May my eyes not fall out from their sockets with the way I just rolled it.
There wasn't much drama in the show today, just beauty. The cover girl photos, the commercial and the runway show. This one was a bit drummed down compared to the razzpizzazz of last season with ... oH lord, I can't believe I forgot their names... Nikki and Nicole!!! Gosh that was such a forgettable and blah season. I wonder who'll be on the next season. I hope they put in some dramatic folks in that show. I would love to see some racist bigots and some hypocrite bible belters, some ghetto fabulous chick, divine divas, Ivy leaguers and uppity waspiness, love the diversity in beauty and background those needs to stay. Hell I just wanna see more drama, personality along with style. And who thinks Twiggy needs to go. Can we get someone who is half a Janice Dickinson at least. It is like American Idol without Simon Cowel (Can you believe Taylor made it to the final two--What's TV turning to these days). Naomi needs to be a guest judge, may be even Cindy Crawford or better yet Kate Moss, she needs a career revival.

Now what do I do next
So I guess it is back to my blogspot and wedding website stalking and ofcourse obsessing over John Legend until the next season of ANTM. Perhaps I'll induldge myself in some summer reading of African Fiction and writing reviews, some short stories, may be even add a few paragraphs to this novel I have been writing. My new buddy, 'River', has given me some added inspiration. I guess the more I talk about it, the more it comes to life. I also ordered some movies on Rwanda from Amazon. 'Sometimes in April' , 'Hotel Rwanda' and 'Ghost of Rwanda'. Deep, I know, but after seeing 'Invisible Children' (will blog about thatin the futire but visit their web at which I fapped from the newsroom, I just want to watch movies like that. I guess I just need a constant reminder that Africa, not America, is where I really need to be. By the way I finally entered the 21st century. In the six years since we have been in this millenium, I have not bought any gadgets aside from a new cell phone which is like 3 years old now. I am just not a gadgetty kinda girl. But your's truly finally finally bought herself a digital camera. LOL. Since that I have been saying I will buy this camera, I never actually took the idea seriously until I just drove straight to Best Buy and got myself the cheapest, most basic camera, a sony cybershot. Now I just have to get my room mate to install Windows 2000 on my computer. Yes, I am still running on a program from last century, Win 98. I am now saving for that trip to 'Africa' and a camcorder. The Canon XL 1 costs more than my car so my heart is settled on the GL2. Hmh... I hope it won't take another century to acquire that one. I better start writing my letter to Oprah to help a sister out.

Meanwhile I was feeling a bit depressed today that I busted out my Lauryn Hill. Now I have not played that CD since last summer so me feeling like hearing some Lauryn-Hillosophy was pretty significant. Actually I have been in this depression element since last week that I have not been motivated to comb my hair. I have been wrapping it in my head wrap. Speaking of which I officially became a Californian when I went to apply for my drivers license. How about that test felt like I was applying for a Visa from an Arab country. 36 freaking questions, I failed 6, one more and I would have had to come back and re do the test. Aww heellll nawwww!!! As Maya would say on ''Girl Friends". So when I oassed and it was time to take the photo, the woman was like you have to take off you head wrap. Lol. I was lik that's funny. I first thought to myself, how the hell am I gonna be looking fly in person and then bust out a driver's license looking like Hagar the Witch from Voltron or even Zelda from TerraHawks. SO the next thing that came into my head was to claim that I cannot take my head wrap off for religious reasons. How about this lady wanted to start arguing iwth me that the law in the State of California requires you to take off any head gear for DL pix. At this point I was like, no honey, I know the law and my rights as an individual and that means no discrimination because of religion and I know that the law provides for religious exemptions. This is the only time that I have indirectly claimed to be Muslim, but not the only time I have claimed another religion. I tried to get out of my swim test at UNC by claiming that I worshipped some African River god and hence could not bathe in any other body of water besides the river owned by that god. Haaaa... abeg make una folo me laugh o. That story did not fly and the request was soooooo denied. The next semester I found myself struggling in swim class and plucked out of the deep end of the Olympic sized pool TWICE for nearly drowning. I finally passed the test though and learnt how to swim, at least in water no deeper than 5'5.

But back to my elements. So I haven't combed my hair, claimed another religion and how about for the past 3 days I have worn white to work. I am beginning to feel like a Haitian Voodoo Priestess and you know what I might just break into a trance because I need to shake up this moodiness. I guess I just miss my friends, family and Church back in NC. You sure can take the girl out of Carolina, but honey... in ma mind....I'm Gone to Carolina!!! On WEDNESDAY!!!!!!! YEEEEEPEEEE!!!!!

Going Back to Kaky
OMG!! I am finally going back 'HOME'. Yes Home. To the hickvilles of North Carolina on Wednesday night. I'll be all over that state in 5 days. From Charlotte, to Greensboro, to Durham, to Raleigh, to Hickory. Every inch of Interstate 85. Lol. I never thought I will ever be this excited about going to NC but daaaang, I just can't wait. My heart is doing 'gbin-gbin'. Actually going for a friend's wedding engagement party and I can't wait to see my girls Ndidi, Singto, Desmina, Moe, Mayowa, Oyinkan and my homies JG, Dare O and T-Fam (make sure you ain't wearinga white shirt because you'll get my make up all over you or better yet I won't wear make up so I can hug you properly). Ya'll don't just understand. Some people just don't do well without people around them and I guess I am just that type of person who just needs to have people around her to function properly. So ya'll better get ready for an earful of talking. Get your Redbull and Mocha Latte because there shall be no sleeping. Lol. I better not hear that someone went outta town. Lol. Ok I am off too bed now. Phew!! Spent 2 hrs on the phone with 'River' instead of posting. I'll be paying for that in the morning when I have to wake up at 6am. Hopefully there'll be some breaking news tomorrow to break the routine. Either that or I do as 'River' suggested and bump to some E-40. ROOOOOCKS!!!!!!!! (high school insider lingo for 'very dry' for any who wonders)


kyels said...

Great to hear that she won! She's got potential! Hehe. :)


Biodun said...

I was so happy Danielle won, Jade needs prayers or something...hopefully she see's 4 herself what the judges didnt like about her..o well...the whole head wrap incident was funny remember that slang..ROCKS!!...gone r the days men

SSWiwa said...

chineke, Adaure, you are officially off your nut!! i didn't know that you could tell those kinds of lies oh, and your lips were not shaking! i'm SO telling Des about this! Looking forward to seeing you too, man, you have NO idea how much i've missed you and your madness! too bad we couldn't watch this season of ANTM together (or even in the same time zone), but it's all good--we shall watch Dangerous Sisters and make up for all that! meanwhile, we gots to discuss this 'River' business...get at me, woman! And stop wearing want us to start calling you Willie-Willie too, with that your mad hair? Ehen, biko, what's the info for that woman that conditioned your hair in NC? My hair needs saving, and can't just be walking into any ol' salon lest they destroy my crown.

SSWiwa said...

oh, MAJOR upset on ANTM as far as i'm concerned o. I've been saying since that dentist episode that Joanie was going to win, but I guess I was wrong. I had to do a hand-on-my-head shout when I saw Danielle's picture on that screen (even though the whole thing seemed a bit anti-climactic to me--was that just me?). Good for her, good for her.

Constance said...

Girrrrrrrrl! I was so happy Danielle won! Now that I have your site, I will be reading U! I'm on, too.

tusty said... Adu u are crazy, tell me u actually didn't tell those lies. I could just imagine the look on ur Professor's face when u told him/her that u worship an African River god, omo ur mind works in mysterious that's a classic! Okay i am so excited about Danielle's victory but home girl needs to work on that country accent sha . I thought she kept it real through out that show though. Too bad Nne got booted off too early i would have been estatic to see her win, do you think her strong accent had anyting to do with her elimination? hmmm somehow i think it did. Okay so i need to get back to work, see me checking out ur website and getting all let me get off b4 i get fired. Oh least i forget have a safe trip to NC

TaureanMinx said...

Safe trip and have fun!

Through these eyes said...

Danielle is beautiful but i don't know if America is ready for another black top model. I remember Tyra saying she always felt like there was only room for one top Black Supermodel in the modeling world and that led up to her and the Naomi beef. I hope they give her a chance to shine with Eva in the spotlight right now. I am not a big fan of Danielle's accent but I personally don't think that she should change the way she talks. For an American sister that is like telling her to jump off a cliff....NOT POSSIBLE. You dig?

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. I almost choked because I was trying not to burst out laughing. This is what I get for reading your blog at work. The headwrap and river-god - LOL - absolutely priceless.

Pilgrimage to Self said...

'I first thought to myself, how the hell am I gonna be looking fly in person and then bust out a driver's license looking like Hagar the Witch from Voltron or even Zelda from TerraHawks'

Adaure, mehn you sabi make person laugh no be small!!

Anonymous said...