Friday, May 26, 2006


Hey Folks,
This post is just to update you on some stuff. I am in Charlotte right now catching up with old friends and mending up with some, visiting some relatives and dodging the others. Got a new baby in the family (the first of 3 we are expecting this year). She's only about a week old and she is so cute. Unfortunately the little chica boom boom had the audacity to poop on her big aunty, the original 'Ada-bekee 1 of Umunjo' so we ain't on talking terms. Urgh!!! I'll gist you later. Meanwhile below's the picture with Maya Angelou. You can see how hard I am cheesing. Also checkout for photos from their 'unionization ceremonies.' The bride looking aboslutely gorgeous.There's also video uploads. I was searching for the helicopter but I didn't seeoneoh. However I have not looked at the video yet so may be it is there. Otherwise blame that descrepancy on communication technology. May be the informant really meant 'Hello Computer' which sounds like helicopter or 'Chopping India' which sounds like 'Chopperin the air'... lol. I'll beupdating with gist and other pictures when I get back to Santa Mama onMonday.Peace

Merissa, Maya and Addy

Hakeem and Adeola (

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I Flabbergast Myself At Times

Indeed I certainly do and sometimes I question myself. Is it me being immature or just being oblivious? Or do I truly just enjoy cracking myself up. I guess one can agree with the latter as I try to entertain my self many at times. Yes I do talk to myself quite a bit. I may go as far as pulling out some characters and creating my very own movie scene. Ah yes, once in a while I try to throw in a bad Irish or Indian accent among other things. Not to mention my querky escapades and discoveries. Now this can be quite entertaining to my friends but nothing could prepare anyone not even myself for the comedies of this weekend.

The Car Wash and Bikini
It all staretd with my bid to get out of my depression phase form last week. See post below. I took the advice of a friend and decide to get out and do something. I decide to start by getting myself a bikini and attempting to wash my car. Sometimes I can take this harder chick thing to far. I have seen people washing case before. In fact that was the designated chore for my brothers. They would take turns waking up early in the morning to wash my dad's car before getting ready for school. This was after my dad fired all the drivers and said he wanted to enjoy his cars. You can imagine how that killed runs. It wasn't as if we had runs to begin with because our drivers, Uncle Dickson and then Uncle Basil, were my mother's stooges. He Good luck trying to bribe them. And have you ever heard of a driver that was given his own cane (whip) to discipline his masters kids. Only in my house did driver and house girl have power of master-pikin and you dare not disrespect your senior or talk back . That's double punishment. I have chopped sha. Not that it's anything but.... why must my own always be different. Anyways I set out to wash moto. I brought my bucket and soap and all, put in my naija mix cd and started jamming and lip synching to 2face, 2 head, 2 pac and 2 short etc etc. I proceeded to embark on washing the car. Why did, after two hours, the car still looked the same as when I had begun, only this time no dust. I had used car wax but I was so annoyed by all the streaks I was seeing on the car that I was tempted to go get some vegetable oil. After all back in day if you didn't have shoe polish you can shine your shoes with Oyoyo vegetable oil or vaseline for the bougie ones. Some charcoal robbed into the black leather with banana leaves can rival Kiwi any day anytime. After some contempating , I gave up and decided to go to the beach.

In my newly pruchased bikini I drove to Pismo Beach, which is by no means a Long Beach or South Beach. I mean what beach is still at 60 degrees in the middle of May. I was so upset and cold from all the breeze that I peaced out jare. I ended up back at my house with nothing to do but cook.

Garlic Bread, Baked Beans and Poulette
Let's just say I gained some junk in my trunck shall we. I ended up at home with nothing but food staring me in the face. I ate half a box of pasta, baked chicken, baked beans, garlic bread, half a bag of chips, and all the rest and not to mention teh Mcdonals Sausage Egg and BIscuit sandwiches that I ate al trhough last week. I know there are people who have been praying for me to get fat but ya'll can stop now. For real.

Sunday went by and on Monday I decide to go get my toe nails done. It had been six months already and lord were they crusty. As you all know by now, I am just not a girly girl, I just expel a facade of one. And I guess if I were , I would just know certain things, like the fact that that funny looking slipper like thing they give you at the nail shop aint really slippers. How about I left my shoes in the car and walked in to TJ Maxx with those thingys because my nails had not dried entirely. Can you imagine that stuff snapped and my behind was tip toing across the parking lot bare feet and holding some rainbow bright yellow flippyy-floppy-thingies. My days!!! as Singto would say. There was a little girl at the store who was jut tickled my my predicament. I even tried to get her to go get the shoes for me but her parents were like no. I don't blame them, I looked retarded.

OK so that wa snot really funny. BUt you wanna see funny? Check out the clip below. Found it on Yetty's site (see fave blog list) It is so freakingly hilarious that tears were 'pouring' outta my eyes when I was watching it. Just the first sentence spoken alone will get you in the stomach. You know that kind of laughter where you just hear 'choking' sounds. As in I have not laughed like this in a while, I believe since I saw 'Osuofia in London'. This actor needs to make a movie or compile all the clips from this character into one dvd and market it as Nollywood. Too funny. AN dthe part where he says "push her, puuuush her" Lol.. the guy must be a Nigerian himself. He is too good to have been just a hanger around nigerians. Oh My Gawd see for your selves what I mean (By the way is the actor a he or a she? I can't tell)

Thursday, May 18, 2006


What A Great Choice, Plus She's An Unadultrated Black Woman!

America's Next Top Model for 2006 is Danielle. Yippie!!! It is a choice I think we can all live with considering we really wanted Nnenna to win. The fact that she is not mixed with another race is refreshing because frankly I am getting sick of that image of black woman being touted as the ideal. Danielle was looking so beautiful and her presence was so pronounced that I am about to copy that her hairstyle. Before I continue on, how about I missed the first 15 minutes bull*hitting around and then NEPA was trying to affect my ANTM moment. There was a lighetning storm in the LA area where the UPN Channel is based and I guess this was affecting transmission. The TV was blacking out every now and then and at like 8.50 when they were in front of the judges it blacked out again. Luckily it did not affect the real 'moment' when Danielle's name was called. Then let me talk about Jade... I'll need a new paragraph for that heifer project.

Ya'll that girl must have been suffering from malaria hallucinations during that episode because she was really acting rather nutty. I mean we all know she had issue right from teh time she walked in and opened her mouth on the show, but dang girl own up to your mistakes. Jade was fighting to the end, tooth and nail, to only display her foolishness. Gosh and to think they picked her to stay over Nnenna. Urgh!! May my eyes not fall out from their sockets with the way I just rolled it.
There wasn't much drama in the show today, just beauty. The cover girl photos, the commercial and the runway show. This one was a bit drummed down compared to the razzpizzazz of last season with ... oH lord, I can't believe I forgot their names... Nikki and Nicole!!! Gosh that was such a forgettable and blah season. I wonder who'll be on the next season. I hope they put in some dramatic folks in that show. I would love to see some racist bigots and some hypocrite bible belters, some ghetto fabulous chick, divine divas, Ivy leaguers and uppity waspiness, love the diversity in beauty and background those needs to stay. Hell I just wanna see more drama, personality along with style. And who thinks Twiggy needs to go. Can we get someone who is half a Janice Dickinson at least. It is like American Idol without Simon Cowel (Can you believe Taylor made it to the final two--What's TV turning to these days). Naomi needs to be a guest judge, may be even Cindy Crawford or better yet Kate Moss, she needs a career revival.

Now what do I do next
So I guess it is back to my blogspot and wedding website stalking and ofcourse obsessing over John Legend until the next season of ANTM. Perhaps I'll induldge myself in some summer reading of African Fiction and writing reviews, some short stories, may be even add a few paragraphs to this novel I have been writing. My new buddy, 'River', has given me some added inspiration. I guess the more I talk about it, the more it comes to life. I also ordered some movies on Rwanda from Amazon. 'Sometimes in April' , 'Hotel Rwanda' and 'Ghost of Rwanda'. Deep, I know, but after seeing 'Invisible Children' (will blog about thatin the futire but visit their web at which I fapped from the newsroom, I just want to watch movies like that. I guess I just need a constant reminder that Africa, not America, is where I really need to be. By the way I finally entered the 21st century. In the six years since we have been in this millenium, I have not bought any gadgets aside from a new cell phone which is like 3 years old now. I am just not a gadgetty kinda girl. But your's truly finally finally bought herself a digital camera. LOL. Since that I have been saying I will buy this camera, I never actually took the idea seriously until I just drove straight to Best Buy and got myself the cheapest, most basic camera, a sony cybershot. Now I just have to get my room mate to install Windows 2000 on my computer. Yes, I am still running on a program from last century, Win 98. I am now saving for that trip to 'Africa' and a camcorder. The Canon XL 1 costs more than my car so my heart is settled on the GL2. Hmh... I hope it won't take another century to acquire that one. I better start writing my letter to Oprah to help a sister out.

Meanwhile I was feeling a bit depressed today that I busted out my Lauryn Hill. Now I have not played that CD since last summer so me feeling like hearing some Lauryn-Hillosophy was pretty significant. Actually I have been in this depression element since last week that I have not been motivated to comb my hair. I have been wrapping it in my head wrap. Speaking of which I officially became a Californian when I went to apply for my drivers license. How about that test felt like I was applying for a Visa from an Arab country. 36 freaking questions, I failed 6, one more and I would have had to come back and re do the test. Aww heellll nawwww!!! As Maya would say on ''Girl Friends". So when I oassed and it was time to take the photo, the woman was like you have to take off you head wrap. Lol. I was lik that's funny. I first thought to myself, how the hell am I gonna be looking fly in person and then bust out a driver's license looking like Hagar the Witch from Voltron or even Zelda from TerraHawks. SO the next thing that came into my head was to claim that I cannot take my head wrap off for religious reasons. How about this lady wanted to start arguing iwth me that the law in the State of California requires you to take off any head gear for DL pix. At this point I was like, no honey, I know the law and my rights as an individual and that means no discrimination because of religion and I know that the law provides for religious exemptions. This is the only time that I have indirectly claimed to be Muslim, but not the only time I have claimed another religion. I tried to get out of my swim test at UNC by claiming that I worshipped some African River god and hence could not bathe in any other body of water besides the river owned by that god. Haaaa... abeg make una folo me laugh o. That story did not fly and the request was soooooo denied. The next semester I found myself struggling in swim class and plucked out of the deep end of the Olympic sized pool TWICE for nearly drowning. I finally passed the test though and learnt how to swim, at least in water no deeper than 5'5.

But back to my elements. So I haven't combed my hair, claimed another religion and how about for the past 3 days I have worn white to work. I am beginning to feel like a Haitian Voodoo Priestess and you know what I might just break into a trance because I need to shake up this moodiness. I guess I just miss my friends, family and Church back in NC. You sure can take the girl out of Carolina, but honey... in ma mind....I'm Gone to Carolina!!! On WEDNESDAY!!!!!!! YEEEEEPEEEE!!!!!

Going Back to Kaky
OMG!! I am finally going back 'HOME'. Yes Home. To the hickvilles of North Carolina on Wednesday night. I'll be all over that state in 5 days. From Charlotte, to Greensboro, to Durham, to Raleigh, to Hickory. Every inch of Interstate 85. Lol. I never thought I will ever be this excited about going to NC but daaaang, I just can't wait. My heart is doing 'gbin-gbin'. Actually going for a friend's wedding engagement party and I can't wait to see my girls Ndidi, Singto, Desmina, Moe, Mayowa, Oyinkan and my homies JG, Dare O and T-Fam (make sure you ain't wearinga white shirt because you'll get my make up all over you or better yet I won't wear make up so I can hug you properly). Ya'll don't just understand. Some people just don't do well without people around them and I guess I am just that type of person who just needs to have people around her to function properly. So ya'll better get ready for an earful of talking. Get your Redbull and Mocha Latte because there shall be no sleeping. Lol. I better not hear that someone went outta town. Lol. Ok I am off too bed now. Phew!! Spent 2 hrs on the phone with 'River' instead of posting. I'll be paying for that in the morning when I have to wake up at 6am. Hopefully there'll be some breaking news tomorrow to break the routine. Either that or I do as 'River' suggested and bump to some E-40. ROOOOOCKS!!!!!!!! (high school insider lingo for 'very dry' for any who wonders)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


And The Winner Is......

Oh what a shame. I don't know what i'll do all summer long without ANTM. I can't envision a life once more without the drama of Nnenna and John and her quest to be a top model not being there when I tune to UPN on wednesday night. It actually has been a sad past two weeks with all the season finale's. Yesterday's UNIT on CBS, Grey's Anatomy Monday and Sunday nights, tonight ANTM and this coming Sunday Desperate Housewives. Not forgeting Adaure's ANTM wrap up which has served as a resource and outlet for some ANTM followers of the Nigerian persuation. Oh Lordy what next shall I do after the show is done. Please let me find something aside from knitting to save me from the boredom of Santa Maria.
Stay tuned for the Season Finale of Adaure's ANTM wrap up tonight at 12am eastern. Shalom

Sunday, May 14, 2006


And Happy Birthday Onyi

Big ups to all the mothers and grandmothers out there. Hope you've called your mother today to let her know how special she is. I am about to buy some $20 phone card to call Nigeria to talk with 'Mama Adaure' and catch up on the latest family saga. Hmh... trust that there is always something going on. Anyways 'Nda Comfo' is the best momma anyone can ask for when she didn't have her koboko in the back of the station wagon. Don't have a recent pix on my computer but this one was taken in my village on our way to church on New Year's day 03. Guess who's the momma. Yep the shortest of the bunch. She's always been since I was 8 except when I was kneeling down with my hands in the air and my eyes closed.

Then my 'first' sister Onyenachi, the 4th one in the bunch turned 22 on the 10th. Yippie!!! I'm so self centered that I only have pictures of mostly myself, so bear with this old pix of Onyi. This was at some 'Village Champions' party like that with my cousins. See when we are in the village with nothing else to do we just decide to have these 'so called parties' more like 'grubbing-and-goofing'. Onyi was showing me the 'galala' dance in 'Police-and-Thief style'. Gosh she is gonna kill me if she sees this. lol.

This was the same day that I nearly got beat up by these two village girls below for taking their pictures. Some of you have heard this story before but let me refresh your memory.

See I saw them walking some 'animals' and I was like 'Who are these babes walking their dogs.' They looked like dalmatians from afar so I was tripping that ah there are some babes in my village o. You know how it is with all sorts of people showing up from 'abroad' and sturvvs. So like a paparazzi I started taking their pix and called my sisters to the balcony to come and see 'babes walking dogs, that since when did people move up like this to be walking dogs in the villa.' You can say living in America had messed with my head. My sister's cracked up so hard. I was still clueless as to why they were laughing until they told me those were no dalmatians that they were black and white spotted goats. Lol. I took another look and lo and behold they were indeed goats, probably on their way to be slaughtered for New Years dinner. By this time it was too late the girls had already spotted me snapping away so they started sparking and came upstairs wanting to sieze my camera. They actually were tugging at the camera hanging around my waist. Na yam. Before the girls knew what hit them, my thuggish ruggish brother, the 3rd one in the bunch (a lil family history) appeared form no where and man handled the girls a bit. He then pissed them off more by using the flash to act like he was taking their pictures and threatened to use it to go and do juju and make 'blood money' This was his second time in a row we'd almost got beaten by some villagers. The night before, which was New Years Eve, two village butch looking lesbianish super Falcons type broads attacked us for making some snide remarks about their appearance and the way they were talking. I think I even made matters worse by laughing even more as they were getting angrier. Lol. See me see wahala in Imo State. You can't take pictures and you cannot laugh again. Anyways that's my taking it back story for the day.. YAWN.. sorry if i put you to sleep but I ain't got anything else to write about today. I'll try again later.

Friday, May 12, 2006


I'm Having Nnenna Withdrawal Syndrome

So I watched the last two episodes of America's Next Top Model and I must tell you that show is boring as hell now. I mean what was Ms. J misyarning about that Nnenna was boring? That chick made the show interesting. May be it is because I am Nigerian and pretty much partial about the whole thing. Anyways I am managing to root for Danielle. I hope she wins. I still can't believe Jade is still there. If she wins, than I am boycotting that show. Meanwhile who thought that little moment of silent thing they did for Tsunami victims was a bit somehow. Tyra could have been subtle about it or found a more creative way to use that element. I just can't wait for the show to be over jare. It is starting to get on my nerves. I guess there's one more show left so we have basically come to the end. For those of you who missed the whole season (note-Ms Yetti) or those of you who want to see Nnenna all over again, you can see this season's marathon on VH1 on Saturday. I don't know what time it starts. I am too lazy to click on right now. Actually my computer is just slow so I can't handle that. Enjoy the shows though.

Right about now, I think I may have gotten myself into a little bit of trouble. I started having allergy symptoms this afternoon. Hmh? Since I got to Cali I have been yet to have my spring allergies that ruined my spring breaks and birthdays while in NC. I was always suffering from those allergies like one week before or the week on my birthday, which is when Spring Break usually falls. I am allergic to a certain kind of Oak and I guess they don't hav ethat type here in Cali. But today I started feeling funny and decided to take some Benedryl. How about I had just drunk half a glass of those bottle margarita/daqari thingies (excuse my spelling) just before I decided I needed medication. This was like an hour ago. Right about now, I feel like I have taken a bottle of Seaman's Aromatic Schnapps because my speech is all slurry, my ears are ringing and my head is a bit light. I wa strying to have a conversation on the phone when I relaized that a simple thing as that had become suddenly dificult. Anyways, I am going to bed now as my fingers are refusing to type straight. I have some other gist but I will save it for later especially as I have bootleg version of everything and they are just not reliable i.e bootleg internet, ootleg microsoft word, bootleg IBM laptop. I'll holla. PEACE

Monday, May 08, 2006


An Evening with Maya

I meant to write about my going to see Dr. Angelou when my coworker sent the pictures, but the sizzle would have fizzled out of me so i'll tell you about it now. I can show the picture later.

Basically it was wonderful and heavenly meeting Maya. She is one of the people I have always wanted to meet. Not just because she is a legend, but she is Oprah's mentor. When we went back stage I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. The last time I felt that way was when I met Nelson Mandela when I was 10. I had to control myself but you know your sister now. The villager in me had to come out. Not to mention the fact that I was knocking on myself for wearing jeans to see Dr. Angelou. A whole common discount paper denim jeans, not even the full priced one or a designer pair. Upon the nice cuits and cocktail dresses I had, infact I deserve a slap for that.

As I walked in to the room, I jejely put down my bag and my jacket ready to embrace the old woman. She stretched out her hand and was like 'Baby you are so adorable come and take my hand' . She shook my co worker but me and I was like 'Ma'am may I hug you?' And she was like ' Absolutely darling!' Then she started asking us what we do. We were so speechless. I jumped in and started talking. Keeping in mind that all I was saying was just beans because after this the woman would probably not remember us. Then we asked to take a picture with her. That's when she started spitting some philosophy.

She was sitting in one of those movie chairs, which was very low. I started to lean out of respect now. I pictured my grandmother in my head and to take a picture with her you have to come down from that high heel shoe. So me I started to lean in to come down to her level and she then said. 'Stand tall and proud like royalty. Lean on no man, and Bow only to God.' WHAAATTT!!! It came out so effortlessly. My own exclusive quote from a whole 'Dokto Myah Angeloo' (speaking in igbo accent) Addy na you Biko!!!! I almost started crying.

Then her performance again was just an out of this world experience. I was mesmerized from the moment I walked into her presence to the very end of the show. She read a poem about letting your light shine brightly through the dark clouds. No matter how little that light is you will never know its potential until you have used it to get out of the darkness and into the light to see the rainbow that awaits you. She said we should not just strive to light our own paths, but to be lights on to other people's paths and leave our marks on generations and generations to come.

I can't reinterprete everything that she said but she was DEEEPPPP!!! It takes seeing a performance or listening to her album to really feel what I mean. Not many people can read poetry so they can get bored easily, but I recommend everyone to see Maya in performance if you get the opportunity. As for me, I am about to tape my exclusive quote onto every thing so that I remember the moment. In fact I doubt I can forget it. Meanwhile I missed out on an opportunity to see Oprah two Saturday's ago. She was at the Border's Bookstore with Mannie Stepanik's mother. Bummer!! That would have been a maylay of 'quotationals and inspriationals'. I am sure another chance will come.

Anyways I have some gist for ya'll but I will not disrespect Dr. Angelou by mixing it up in my tribute to her. So look out for it when my ANTM wrap up returns in a few days.

Listen to Maya's poem at this link

Also check out this month's special edition of Nigerian Entertainment at Just joined the team and had an interesting opportunity to write about two of my favorite writers from last summer. See the Art and Stage section for my articles on Chimamanda Adichie and Sefi Atta. While you are there check out the other articles and items. Good stuff for your entertainment purposes. If you ever have an idea or story to pitch pass the information along. It's not a story if you don't tell it and if someone can't hear it.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Sorry guys but I got some VIP back stage access to a Maya Angelou concert in Santa Barbara. You are welcome to post ur comments on the show in the comments section. I will watch next tuesday and give my own version. Peace

Monday, May 01, 2006


When in Lack, Substitute

My weekend in LA was quite interesting. I hung out with 'River' and we got another funny as heck kung-fu flick called 'Kung-Pow'. That's my new thing now, watching kung-fu flicks. I used to love them back in the day, but I guess I have rediscovered them again. We then went to see the Victor Essiet and the Mandators, apparently it is not Essien o. All my life I thought that was his name. I still haven't figured out how they decided to call themselves' Mandator'. What they are mandating sef only God knows. Anyways I now understand why my father said not to bring a rastafarian home. The man was truly acting like he had taken one too many puffs of 'Jamycan' import. With the way he was twicthing and flinging his dreds, I was too distracted for concern that he was going to start hemorrhaging from the nose or something. To some people the concert would have been wack o, but see me I can hang with any group so I had a good time feeling irie with the vibe and all. But I was upset at the end because I waited and even requested for the guy to play 'Rat Race'. That was my fave, do ya'll remember how it goes? 'This is a Rat Race style yeeee... dey ma fe make me shiver shiver...something something.. the poor getting poorer the rich getting richer they all want to see that the others would die, you better know now'. That was the jam. Unfortunately he didn't. That song is like his signature hit and ol'boy did not perform it. So wack. That is like Femi Kuti not performing ' Bang Bang Bang' or even Fela not performing 'Zombie' or 'Lady' or even 'Water no Get Enemy'.
Anyways after hanging with River, painting and listening to 'Ogene' music (traditional Igbo instrumentals) I went to church with another friend. We just went to show face because we faded like after 30 minutes. They were doing some revival and my babes was like 'Omo abeg make we comot.' We then landed 'Veronica's Kitchen' again. Which reminds me, if I haven't already said it before let me help you again. I am sure this is not exclusive to them but my mother and my aunties used to warn to beware of women who make a business out of cooking. They cannot pass being witches and husband snatchers. Their only aim is to either take all the money in your husbands pocket or to steal your husband altogether. Your stock is worse if your cooking is not as good as these 'mama-putters'. Shamelessly me and my girl rolled in to Vero's Kitchen and ordered a plate of Egusi and Ogbono soup, assorted, with pounded yam. We had actually called ahead because we didn't want to be punished by the aroma of the bubbling delicacy while waiting for our plates to land. Without forming, we washed our hands and dug in. By the time we'd gotten half way on the mound of fufu, we were like omo we can't finish this grub so we have to pack it. My friend was like I should take her because she was implementing structural adjustment program to her waistline. What a funny babe. I didn't even think twice, because that ogbono soup was on point.
Which brings me to today. I had the left over pounded yam and some ogbono for lunch. Come dinner time, I had plenty soup but no poundo and I had been smelling this egusi soup all the way from work. I had to think on my feet. You see, during SAP (structural adjustment) things were very tight, even for rich people. You had to find ways to provide a balanced meal with very little at your disposal. That was a time of beans substituted for the protein you get from meat. When you had to actually buy a stick of sugar cane to chew on because sugar was too expensive. When you had to let your half cup of garri soak for long in 2 cups of water so that it will 'swell up'. It was a time of Rechauffe and substitution. As a single African in America, today was one of such days when there was neither garri nor pounded yam nor convenience of 'Mr. Kingsley's African Store'. The geeza could have been more creative with a name like that(that's sarcasm). However, there was 'grits' which looks and feels and tastes like garri, and when it looks, sounds and walks like a duck, then it must be. And then there was mashed potato. To cut the long story short sha, I made some mashed potatoes, poured my egusi on the side of the plate and proceeded to masticate my grubs. And it was delicious, no difference at all except in the consistency of the poundo, or in this case the mashy. My roommates were like 'Ooooh that look good.' Little did they know. I still have one more round with the egusi and two with the ogbono.Lol. I dunno about another day of mashy-poundo, I might just try white rice. I really feel sorry for my future husband if he is Nigerian. He'll have to learn to eat salads and chinese or we might just have to reach a compromise. We'll settle on take out, from Vero's Kitchen types, afterall why pay $25 bucks on a supreme pizza when you can have some goat-head peppersoup.