Friday, November 30, 2007

Eve of Miss World

Ni Hao (xie xie @anon, that means thanks) from Sanya China. I have to say that this place is beautiful. I am still suffering from jet lag that's why I am online at 2am China time. That flight was no joke at all. A whole 36 hours. At least I can say that I have been to Frankfurt Germany as well considering we had to be there for 16 hours and took a bus ride into town. Now that's conquering two countries with one bird..get it? Bird...plane..ha ha..DRY! Ok without further ado, here are some pictures from the Crown Plaza Hotel where the Miss World contestants are lodged. The buzz is that Ms Dominican Republic and Ms China are top on the betting list of who'ld be the winner. Both have been favorites at the preliminary part of the event. I saw many of the contestants from Africa. The cinderella story is Ms Sierra Leone who is making a first ever appearance at the pageant after years of war. Truth be told, she is still a hot mess (for obvious reasons) but her story is a feel good story that we need to hear at these events. I just wish the organizers had taken her up as a charity case. That or her fairy god mother needs to be sacked. Our girl Munachi was excited to see us. Unfortunately because of the strict visa rules imposed on Nigerian passport holders, her mother could not get a visa to attend. She was clearly tired, home sick and stressed but a little pep talk, hugs and kisses from Guy, Garth and myself raised her spirits up a notch. But for real these pageants are BANANAS and majorly gangsta. It's like the UNITED NATIONS but only this time, instead of brutish men in charge of WMD, you have beautiful young ladies high on hair spray, armed with a hair dryers, curling irons and ready to knock each other off their stilletos. Ok so it's not exactly like that, but you get my point. Plenty international politics at play. I mean when the Chinese government can buy out an entire prelim show to support their home girl, especially on the shows 4th and final year in the country (for now) it means you must deliver and concede at least a top 5 spot to China. ANd it goes on.

Anyways no too much talk dey the tin, we sabi say e go hard before Nigeria and co Africans go get the crown again so make una pam small and enjoy all the foto wey i don snap. True true I suppose go become 'onye-foto'HERE ARE THE PICTURES (uncaptioned cos I have to go sleep). Enjoy and ignore my multiple photos.


Confessions of a moody crab said...

LOL @ beautiful young ladies high on hair spray, armed with a hair dryers, curling irons and ready to knock each other off their stilletos. LOL

Miss Swaziland and Sierre Leone? Why now? Wassup with the hair? I have say...Munachi is beautiful.

Some those girls are really beautiful. Wow...

uche said...

LOL!!! The shoe bit was funny!! And Ms Sierra Leone......errrrr...won't touch that.

GentleGiant said...

You be onye foto true true, love them.

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

lovely pictures...
u dey enjoy

guerreiranigeriana said...

wow!!! many pretty girls and even prettier dresses!!!...and wow, the beaches in china, at least in your pics, were gorgeous!!!...what do you do that you travel sooo much?...

guerreiranigeriana said...

guess it helps to read the it...

guerreiranigeriana said...
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Anonymous said...

men see pretty girl...after seeing those photos i feel ugly...did u see miss woman be this so so beauty dey baff am o!

SFA said...

Hello Aduare, I visit your blog quite often and I am excited you got a chance to visit China. However, I am disappointed of your use of the phrase "hot mess" to refer to Ms. Sierra Leone. The use of that phrase is cruel and insensitive. If you are familiar with the history of and war in Sierra Leone, you'd commend Ms. Sierra Leone for taking the challenge of participating in the contest. She is a victim of circumstance and since you are "pro-Africa" I expected you to know better. I'd suggest you read the book by Ishmael Beah and that you talk to some other Africans to whom even a national television station is foreign. Not everyone is privileged and it's quite likely Ms. Sierra Leone has never seen a televised beauty contest and did not know what to expect. I understand it's your blog and it's your opinion, however, some things are better left unsaid and this was a direct case of poor judgment on your part.

Anonymous said...

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