Thursday, November 15, 2007



Every year, in November and May, TV stations across the United States unleash an arsenal of great reports in order to win the ratings war. These months are called SWEEPS and most of the time the stories that air tunr out to be award winners in regional and national events. These include investigation stories about tax evasion, fraud, sting operations on sex offenders, gang bangers, prostituton rings etc. Considering the fact that I am still learning this job everyday, I need tools to help me get better. That's where you guys, my ever faithful readers come in. See I don't get to watch much television these days. In fact I can count how many times I have sat down to watch CNN, which is supposed to be my 'J-School-In-A-Tube'. I obviously cannot get American TV news on DSTV and while SABC does an awesome job, I still need the 'umph' effect of local american news. Here's how you can help me out before I miss out. Would ya'll KINDLY record your local news, especially the 6pm and 10/11pm depending on how it works in your market. VHS tape is great but DVD would be greater. I was able to record a few newscasts but I couldn't get into November. I am sure you'll find this is a fun activity to get into. Trust me. If you get carried away and sucked into the world of local tv news (like my friend Ndidi did) feel free to go loco and send me more than just November Sweeps. Here's the address to the station

Silverbird Television
attn: Adaure Achumba
#1 Rhythm Avenue
Lekki Lagos Nigeria

Please do send me an email to let me know to expect the tape. I know this is kinda CHEAP/GHETTO of me taking advantage of my readers but you will be doing me a huge favour and service for which I'll be immensely grateful. Thanks so much in advance, God will bless you with extra xmas gifts and postae stamps. Also thanks for ALL (I mean AAAALLLLLLLL) the comments in the previous post and every post ofcourse. I 'll take note and help the ones I can help and effect changes in areas that are in MY POWER to change. As for the ones that I can't help or change... well if it is as 'bad' as you claim you can always go to the second floor of the Silverbird Galleria and lodge your complaint to Ben Bruce or better yet come to the Station and apply for a position. WE ARE SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING APPLICATIONS ...seriously and jokes/sarcasm aside. That being said IT'S ALL ABOUT ENTERTAINMENT AT STV, SO KEEP WATCHING!!!! ( 7, 8 AND 10 in the morning) By the way I've picked up a new hobby this month, LEARNING MANDARIN!!!! Lord I know I'll need help with that one.


omo-obanta said...

First...Wow errrm ok. you know you can get the clips online? Or are you aiming to play it on the station?

Anyway, I can record an email a clip if I have time. Good Luck and I LOOOOOve your page. I keep remembering how helpful it was during the elections :)

I don't know why I had to post a long comment-i guess ifeel chatty

Anonymous said...

are you using the tapes for inspiration? went back to read the comments and I must commend you on the way you handle criticism. people will always talk no matter what you do, so please keep yourself grounded. it is good to keep criticism at hand but do not let others derail you since many wish they are in your position and only say things out of spite. I have only watched nta and dislike the fonee (i have not seen your show) which is why i luv funmi iyanda. but folks at the time same time, we have to realize that living in the US changes your accent whether you like it or not. especially attending college here, when you have to give presentations it has to be in their language or they claim not to hear a word you have said.

Anonymous said...

Always love reading your blog and hope u get the response from other readers who would be able to help!

Now, you blog about a little known writer a few months back - Jude Dibia, and I bought both his books... do you know he recently won the Ken Saro-Wiwa Prize for prose administered by ANA/NDDC for his novel Unbridled? I enjoyed both his books but loved Unbridled more for personal reasons as well as the maturity in the writing.

Keep it up!

Sarah G

Adaure said...

@Omo-Obanta ....haba now how can I play them on TV? Do you want them to sue our pants off? If I could access teh video online, I would not ask or have you forgotten how much I've complained about the tortoise internet. Still cannot load regular pictures without spending 3 hours, talkless of Video.

@ Anon 8.26.... Yes the tapes are for inspiration and getting ideas on writing, composing video shots etc as well as using them as training/illustration tools for both myself and my colleagues.

@Anon 8.32... thanks for that information. I didn't know that. Unbridled indeed made for a great read. Which reminds me, I haven't been to the bookstore in a while. I think I should pay Nu Metro a visit.

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

This sounds interesting....

I don't have a way to record clips for you but i will look into it. I am guessing where there is a will there is a way. However, I will warn you that most American news is biased and near irrelevant or regurgitated.

Try Current TV

CATWALQ a.k.a LAGBA-JESS said...

Oh and by the way, before I die I will know (by force by force) how to speak:
Yoruba ...I already do
English: That too
Cantonese/ Mandarin (will be doing some business in China)
So u see, u r not the only one. Holla at a sister and let her know how it goes

Anonymous said...

A mid-twenties media/communications lover...looking to move back home said...

They are hiring?? Ah please details details...I currently live in the states but I am looking to move home at the right time and work in the media industry at some point.....I have a communications degree! Please let me know girl...or shd i email u seperately? whats your address? Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI.... the link for your segment does not work.

Aloofaa said...

Hey, it's U.
I like ur blog.

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