Friday, July 22, 2005


Order is key to long life

I read an article in the Carolina Woman magazine this past week that got me thinking. It was nothing in depth, just 7 key points to look and feel like you have got you act together. Honestly, I needed to see that because there were some things that just had 'Adaure', flashing in red next to them. At 25, I feel I am facing a quarter life crisis and I am sure there are many others like myself out there. It seems like everything is just falling apart and you have absolutely no control. Reading this article sort of gave me a 'eureka moment', and pointed out ways to start taking little steps that will yield in to larger results. I have modified the points a bit to reflect other things and aspects of my life that I have identified as the trouble spots. They might also sound familiar to you, because you may also be battling those same problems. Thinking about them, they seem so small and unimportant, but frankly they make a lot of sense and will be useful to anyone who cares to apply them. Chances are if I start putting these to practice in addition to other points I have learned about through my experiences, listening to sermons and testimonies in church, and of course watching Oprah, I'm certain there will become a visible difference in my outlook on life.

MAKING YOUR BED: When I was younger, my mother and 'Uncle Sam' would always scream, 'As you lay your bed so shall you lie.' Some times I thought they were indirectly cursing me and I would begrudgingly go and make my bed to avoid any wrath. Gosh did I hate making the bed and I still do. Back then I shared a bed with my siblings and since I was the oldest, I felt it was the job of the younger ones. To make matters worse, and just to show you that my feminism did not begin when I came to America, it always seemed like I was the one always sent to make the bed and clean the room, while my brothers played soccer or watched TV.
Now that I am older, I see the wisdom in that profigurativelytibely speakinliterarilyrarily. You probably are wondering if I made my bed this morning. The answer to that is NO, I did not make my bed this morning. The excuse, I am moving and just did laundry, so my bed consists of my African wrappers over the mattress and pillows. This is a huge indication of a chaotic and disorganized existence that is obviously reflected in other areas of my life. The article in the magazine says to make your beds in the morning, but cleanliness is next to Godliness. Making it whenever it is messy, and religiously is the key. It does not indicate obsession or paranoia, but orderliness, which if carried out religiously, will place your mind in an orderly state as well. I have a friend who makes her bed like it is some golden jewel. Each time she does, I just want to get on the bed and scatter it. But I have begun to appreciate how meticulous she is when making her bed, that I too have become infected. Plus a nicely made bed makes your room look presentable and is quite inviting...sleep-wise you dirty minds.

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