Saturday, July 16, 2005


On Wednesday, my check engine light on the dash board came on. Actually it had been lighting up and off all week and is due for an oil change or top off. So I looked in the trunk, hoping that my roomate who sold me the car just two weeks ago, left some engine oil in it. I saw a big black plastic can that was full of something that felt oily. I was like, great there's oil. I open the bonnet/hood of the car and began trying to pour out the liquid into the engine. BUT the can seemed too big, bigger than normal and I thought to myself, there's gotta be another way to pour this thing in without making a big mess. So just as I pulled the can away from the engine, I happened to take a peek inside the can. The color of the oil was green and that kinda baffled me. I began to think to myself if this was some new brand of oil, or was coloring added to make it more attractive. Then I thought to my self again, 'duh...perhaps you should look at the label.' I then looked at the labeling on the can and it read, "...COOLANT!!!"
I was like 'UH...OMG'.... came 'THIS' close to destroying my car, and the funny thing is that it all happened in a split second. I began to thank God and cast away the evil spirits of dumbness that overcame me for that short period. Sometimes, I just cannot explain somethings, may be in a previous life I was a ditzy blonde because 'that's so Jessica' and i am sure there will be me.


Dare said...

I feel you too. Yesterday, I did one of the dumbest thing ever myself too. Can't even say it out!

SSWiwa said...

ARE YOU MAD???? hey, Jesus, Adaure, you want to destroy Barky! after you will say it is the devil. i TOLD you not to rename that car!
meanwhile, the engine light comes on probably cuz of something to do with the inspection. that being said, since i got the car, engine light hardly ever goes off, so i've come to ignore it, really. but yeah, it is probably due for an oil change, now that i think about it.

Anonymous said...

Grace is her 'Christian English' baptismal name.... lol


Anonymous said...

Jeneba Daramy( Miss. Sierra Leone Int 2005)

My dear sister , words cannot express how much i am grateful to have met you. You are a very beautiful and strong woman that is going to go very far in life. I hope that we can keep each other close because we have a lot to learn from each other. Please do not hesitate to count on me and i also hope that i can be able to count on you. School is kicking my a**. But as you commented one has to continue cus there are bigger things in store for all those that are persistent. The pageant was a great experience and i have no regrets either. I wish you all the best and please continue to stay in touch( we haven't been doing that)(lol) so lets get on it. TILL THEN PEACE , LOVE AND GOD'S BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!


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