Tuesday, October 25, 2005



It is so sad what has happened and I feel so sorry for our president because it was obvious that he really loved 'this' wife from the very bottom of his heart. Stella became a household name because everyone took a liking to her for her style and flambouyance. In fact I hear there is a hairstyle named after her, "Irun Stella", an up-do that mimics her signature afro. In Nigeria if you have a hair style named after you, you have landed. The circumstances surrounding her death are trickling in, but I will reserve my comments about that until after she's been laid to rest. I just hope we as a people will learn from some of these things, be content and thank God for the small mercies that he shows us every day. Below are some pictures and a link that I stumbled up on that answers some questions about Stella as a perosn and the legacy she leaves behind. At first when the question, what will Stella be remembered for, was asked, the only thing that came to mind was Stella as a fashion icon. But reading the information in the link below has softened that approach and I am finding out more about our late first lady than i'd known before.

'Oby and Stello'
(President Obasanjo and his late wife Stella)

Queen Eliza meets Queen Stella

What a beautiful and radiant woman she was
Stella Obasanjo


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Anonymous said...

Yes, it is sad in deed that she would die so soon BUT God knows best.
My heart goes out to the President and his family, I can only imagine what they are going through. In deed she was fashionable and was in the public eye but I think Maryam Babangida as First Lady is comparable to how Stella Obasanjo was, ok maybe to a lesser degree and back then things were not as we know them to be in terms of fashion and the media (Pre- City People and Ovation)
Whatever circumstances under which she died, she is no longer with us and that is a loss in itself.

Rest In Peace Stella Obasanjo.