Tuesday, October 18, 2005


My Express Photoshoot Session

Men as I am looking at these pictures E go be like say my papa go try raise that bride price small, because this is one hell of an 'omalicha akwanwa of an adanma'...holla!!!! That is ehn...na my mama get right hand...lol

Had a wonderful time with this photo shoot. First it was a very impromptu arrangement and as God would have it He blessed me with a generous and well talented photographer and not to mention the make up artist who did a wonderful job, even though he was not too satisfied because I was rushing him as I had to go to work. I had to wear all this make up on my face looking like a drag queen to work, becaue I had to come back later on to finish up. And boy is there a lot to applying make up. Forget all that nonsense that I used to do and disguise as make up. That was just like using a crayon to draw 'jaga-jaga' on a paper versus a painting on canvas. I am about to emplpy the techniquies I've learned so don't be concerned that you had to take a double look. Anyways Rick is also a traveling photographer so you guys should patronize him. Visit his website at http://www.pixbyric.net/ to see his work. I have like a hundred pictures so please indulge my vanity, ego-centricism and self-absorbtion for the next few months as I dazzle ya'll with my various $50 dollar face pictures. I am just not used to seeing this sort of transformation of myself. ANyways It is time to go to bed (3am) that means washing $50 down the sink...chai!! Let my father not hear this. By the wayshould I not be sleeping with this face... I mean skipping one night of the facial routine won't kill. I mean If I convert that $50 to Niara that is some serious suya-chops that I am smelling right now... How ad why that is I don't know.



Shola said...

Some nice pictures!

This will definately raise your bride price, as if it was not high enough.

Looking good girl!

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!!
You are going to make it big.
How did u make your skin glow like that?
I love the green top, is it what I think it is? A wrap that you transformed into such a wonderful top, girl you got skillzzzz.
Best of Luck!

Adaure said...

yup.. it's one of my many pashminas... held it together with office paper clip...lol.

thanks all... the fun's just beginning... will keep you updated

Folami said...

All I can say is...na wa o...LOL. Great pics. All the very best! Just remember to send me an autograph so I can brag when you make it big :)

Anonymous said...

First time I'm seeing these.

Girl, if I didn't stop to tell you, whether I'm a latecomer or not, that you're a stunner, God go vex.

Ah, me sef, once I lose these pounds :-) I'm going straight to do my own and I will carry your own topho and tell them, "Do me like her or die." My stock value will surely increase. Maybe I will find husband after that :-)

Chxta said...


OMODUDU said...

Photo-shoot, Brid-price, hmm Naija sha. Nice pictures.

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