Wednesday, October 26, 2005


It's finally time to head to DC for the pageant and you know what, I am just going to go and have fun. I was really hype about everything a week ago because I was certain the crown was mine for the taking. But considering everything that has happened with my outfits, lets just say I'm just making certain all my efforts don't entirely implode. However, I am determined to get to the top regardless. My outfits may not be hot, but i'll make up for it with the attitude and in otherways. Let's not forget that I am Nigerian and we are just too hot to be stopped. All I need is people screaing on to of their voice and the judges would be swayed. So guys I'll see you out there. Bring you whistles and sekeres to make noise for me. LOL!! We cannot allow an unfortunate incident to make us unfortunate losers. As in all this drama and expenses and no crown? AWWW Hell nah!! I'll be clunking some people down with my high heels.

Anyways I will try to phone in some entries If I cant find a computer.

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Shola said...

Yes please do phone in, and let us listen to that accented voice of yours, you might as well start practising now.