Monday, January 23, 2006


One Less Car on the Road, A better Planet for Future Generations
Kontri Peeps,
If I told you that I would one day find my self using a bicycle as a means of transportation you would say, 'Nne stop that rough play.' But 'Condition make crayfish waka with walking stick.' So I had to take my rental back yesterday after racking up a bill of $800. So that meant that I either had to chop pedals or slap (walk) to work. I decided to try out my new 'wheels'.... a shiny blue brand new Ladies' Roadmaster "Sport SX" Mountain Bike complete with 26-inch 'spokes' (rims are so last year). I woke up at 30 minuties earlier at 5am in anticipation of the challenge that I faced. Considering that the last time I actively rode a mountain bike or a semblance of one was way back in my village when I was like 15. On a second note, my chopper-bike was wrecked by the time I turned 15 so I was probably riding those big 'Raleigh' palmwine tapper bicyles that came with an air-pump and a silver bell. I bundled up because it was a bit frosty and walked my bicycle out. My people, I mounted the bike and started to push the pedal. But by the time I had been on the bike one minute, I was already out of breath. I was like 'Chineke, are you sure you can do this?'. Before I even got out of the complex I had to stop to rest my legs and breathe. I contemplated taking the bike back to the house and just walking instead. But I was like, no turning back now, I have to at least try and see if it's going to be fun. That's how I now got on the main road, my messenger bag across my back with a reflector flask. My ears started ringing, and I was already panting and out of breath. I was trying very hard not to hit the curb but at one point I looked to my left and right.. no mirrors.. so I tried to turn my head around and when I saw this big ol' trailer I panicked and swerved a bit, trying not to over correct. The trailer moved to the other lane and I moved to the pedestrian curb. I don't want any stories for my father. I crossed the train tracks and passed the factory another traffic light and 13 minutes after the ordeal I was at work. Phew!! That was interesting, I thought to myself, trying to keep my balance as I wobbled in to the building, breathing like i'd just run the Boston Marathon. Sniffing away and ears still ringing. I so need to get back in shape if I plan to put 'miles' on this baby. No one else around here has a bike, at least that they bring to work, so I got the VIP parking spot, in the Hall way next to the vending machine. A few folks were like who owns that nice bike, and I said, loud and proud, 'That's mine!'. Lol.. I need to find a name for her now... Hmh.. I gotta think about that one.

Meanwhile, my new boss decided to let me use one of the news vans till I get a car. What a very nice man. From what I hear you don't meet too many of that kind in this industry. May God bless him abundantly with all he prays and wishes for. While I'm at it, I'll say the same prayer for my old bosses and any future bosses. Just like Jesus, I've got nothing but love and kindness for my fellow man, so please be kind. I'll probably have the van for 2 weeks till I can get a car at an auction or get my uncle to ship one out here to me since it's cheaper in NC.

On Saturday I hung out with my Vietnamese roomates at the Chinese buffet. Cool peeps. Then I went on to the Car dealer to buy a car. My people, these car dealers get even more unscrupulous as you change states. Can you inagine these 'mustards' tried to coax me into signing documents for a car despite my asking to sit on it for another day. As in the stunt they pulled was amazing that had I not started asking some serious questions that made them fluster and flinch did they realize that THIS CHICK CANNOT BE HAD.

Sunday some friends of a friend came and picked me up to take me to LA. They were cool and nice in an 'nna-kinda-way'. But bros, when I say I need a car that wil take me to-and-fro, why in the world are you taking me to a car lot where they sell Bentley. Biko (please) tell me why. I had to ask if they were planning to surprise me by buying me one of those cars or they just wanted to show me 'Hollywood' cars. When we drove in, I just laughed in my head. I looked in at one Bentley and used style to brush my hand on the side. Abeg I have to claim the blessing afterall it was by faith that the woman with the issue of blood in the Bible 'touched' and was healed.
We ate some solid egusi soup at some restaurant called 'Bamboo Cafe'. I didn't front oh because I know fo-shizzle that there aint no fufu or egusi in Santa Maria so I ordered mine with assorted goat meat and shaki (tripe). I took it home cos I could not finish it.

Anyways I gotta load my '26 inch dubs' into the news van and catch up with some peeps on the East Coast. I stil have more gist. Some revelation was made to me on this trip to LA and something that seemed unsignificant put a big smile on my face. I 'll have to write about all that next time, perhaps tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Buzz L. said...

Haha...did you really buy a bicycle? That's really something. All the best with Cali...e go better!

tout noir said...


I started using a bike when I moved off campus last year. You know what's funny? I and my roommate got the men's versions of your bike at Walmart! lol I crashed mine the same month. My roommate's got stolen after a couple of months. I still miss those bikes (but we have less glam replacements now).

PS - I love your blog!

TaureanMinx said...

I think ur tres adventurous lol. I had a bike at uni but most days, I would take it out and then take it back in and then take the bus.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Well, the bike looks cool.

Take care.

Shola said...

Nice Bike.

I never had the luxury of a chopper when I was young.

I want to fly a hang glider across the UK