Thursday, January 26, 2006


Where are the Bon-fires and Steam-Rollers

When refering to people, the past tense and past participle of HANG is HANGED (hngd)
To execute by suspending by the neck: They hanged the prisoner at dawn.
Used to express exasperation or disgust: I'll be hanged! Hang it all!

NOT HUNG AS OPRAH SAID.... but Oprah is Oprah so she can say whatever she wants. She can even rewrite the English language BUT people please do not make that kind of grammatical error and think it would fly because you would be egregiously mistaken.

Thanks to Seun Ekunwe and Segun Adeyemi who FLEW out of the window (the one with all the missing louvres) in SS1 Silver back in ISL when I made the exact grammatical error. It was highly embarassing but now I can never make that mistake again.


Chris said...
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Schooled by Brigher Grammar said...

Well, its all relative. Hanged and Hung are both inflected forms of the verb "hang"

English taught by "Brighter Grammar" teaches us that past participles are formed by the addtion of the suffix "ed"

e.g Hang, hanged

In this case, Oprah did not shell, what she did was use the wrong inflected verb in the wrong context.

Hang means execute (kill). The past tense and past participle is "hanged"

Hnag also means suspend (hang a picture), and the past tense and past participle for that usage is "hung"

Anonymous said...

Forget hanged or hung,
that show was hot!
Oprah was mad and she was not smiling. I really felt that the guy was full of BS. I want to read the book though :(

Adaure said...

@anon... By golly!! Aunty O was LIVID.... Did you FEEL her reaction when he told her Lillie did not hang her self but was a cutter. If I was in his shoes, that would have made me pee in my pants and beg for the ground to open up and swallow me. As in Yes oh the show was hot, would never ever want to be chastized in such a manner. Now I too want to go and buy the book and really read it , rather than read about it. May be they will lower the price at borders.

@Brighetr Grammer..... you just said the exact thing i said. HUNG is used for things and HANGED is for people. If i go by what you wrote then that means saying "I have HANGED the shirt" is not a shell or grammatical error. HMH!?! I too was schooled with BG but I think that would have caused my whole set in secondary school to be expelled because they would all crash through louvre blades and onto the quadrangle screaming "SHELLLOOOOO" and "TIIIIAAAUUUNN" (ya'll know yourselves)..... trust me that's not a pretty picture.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

But did anyone in the audience raise an eyebrow?

Oprah is my auntie and her ancestors were actually from Aba in God's own State Abia in Nigeria.

If you doubt me, tell her to remove all her make up and you will see original Ada Igbo.

She was only trying to add the typical Nigerian Igbo Pidgin English to her grammar.

Igo said...

U know what? You should go on her show to let her know that...hehe!! By the way, did you see the show with this poor fella? Mehn, dude was sweating all over.

Adaure said...

Lol Igo... If I ever get on her show...meeeennnnn...the source of River Niger will beccome Chicago not Futa Jallon because I will be crying a 'river'

Oriks... you won't believe I always thought she was nigerian at one point till I knew

Ms. Pepeiye said...

It's just the same thing with loose and lose.

Lose is for when you lost something

Loose is for promiscuity or a loose pant

Same thing pple confuse it and its....
One should have paid more attention in primary school