Tuesday, January 31, 2006


What a news day this has been. First some one decided to 'go postal' at the post office in Santa Barbara last night killing 5 and then herself. Then some kids brought a pallet gun aboard a school bus and got everyone a bit nervous. Then an armed robber held up some one at a junior high school forcing them to go on lock down and just as I am about to call it a day, a body washes up on the beach. Lately this place has been feeling like a market 20 something on a weekend and without the choppers or multiple news-mobiles. But we kicked some behinds with our coverage and as far as I know, we were the only station in the nation that had all photos of the postal shooting victims, courtesy of yours truly. The best part, which I am not used to, everyone saying 'Great Job!'. My humble response, ' just doing my job.' Then lets not forget the end of a legacy, the fact that Coretta Scott King died. And ya'lls President has been making some buzzing noise in my ears with this State of the Union address of his. Phew!!! So much bad news, so little time to cover it all. It's just 7.12 and I am already spent and about to crash. Hopefully we wont have any more disasters, I can't take anymore. Give me stories about old people turning 100, enough with the doom and gloom.


Shola said...

Good to see you are enjoying the job and getting some exclusives as well.

It is sad though that the news is filled with a lot of bad things happening.

Shola Ogunlokun
I want to fly a hang glider across the UK

uknaija said...

Well done, cream will always rise to the top....

Adaure said...

Tragedy aside, I think it has been revealed to me the reason I came here. God placed me strategically to SHINE in this situation. I was told Fox and CNN called to ask how we got that 'scoop' with the photos of the victims. Unfortunately I was not there to take that call. Trust naija skills I would have given them my phone number et al to holla after hours make we yarn small or told them to contact my agent 'Mr. S'... LOL.
But yeah i am loving it already. Although I have to question, how many more people have to die for me to get scoops like this, please no more, let me get the scoop on some sexual scandal, may be involving Arnold or the Mayor or some ENRON type stuff. As in it is not that serious o.

But yeah I ALREADY LOVE MY NEW JOB, MY NEW COLLEAGUES AND BOSS ...YIIIPPPPIIIIIEEEE!!! (i'll get back to you on the City) Never felt so good about being an assignment editor...lol... we might be low on the priority list pay wise, get here by mistake and get no respect at times but WE CAN KICK SOME BUTT, and I must say all this shining could not have happened without my associate and ofcourse my other colleagues. Can't get too relaxed though... as in this is so yesterdays news, gotta maintain and stay on top of the game, because the revelation of blessing is yet to come to full circle.