Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Hippie Easter with Dredlocked Afro-Bohemian Surfer Dude

Uh Hmh!! See your eyes all wide, waiting for gist, I just wanted to get your attention jare.
Anyways hope ya'll had a wonderful Easter weekend. Much to my surprise I had wonderful weekend. I thought I was gonna be sad and spend the day at home. Usually I dedicate Easter to go to my friend Ndidi's home in Greensboro. I have always done that since my sophomore year, may be missed it once in there, but I always looked forward to it, especially her mom's cornbread. However, I was so far from being miserable.

My weekend started off right. My people say no condition is permanaent, but fools don't know that. I finally found a decent and affordable car to supplement my bicycle. It's no 'Merce' but I can pose in it sha and compared to my other rides, this one is a Bentley. Speaking of Bentley, one of my new aquintance (let's call him Mr. B) was very proactive it helping me arrange stuvs. As much as I yab Nigerians for their k-leggedness and crooked way, sometimes it is good to have people in various works and spheres of life. Including the kpoms, kpows and ashies. That bit is self explanatory.
So back to my story. So I got the car men and I was just too happy. As I just cranked the engine, I just started to speak in tongues and pray on the car. Gotta chase all evil away from it. Mr. B had 20 vip tickets to a soccer game, LA Galaxy vs Chivas. He said I could invite my friend, the Bohemian Surfer dude, let's call him 'River'. He's Nigerian and he is mad cool peeps. The game was a different experience. We watched the game from the booth. It looked likeI was standing in front of some giant big screen TV for real. You know me and how I can be bush sometimes, I took off my shoes and was chilling and jumping like as if I was in my living room. I had to be an active participant, this was no English Premiership so I had to try extra hard.

After that we met up with another friend, 'Sasha', and his friends. Sasha is one fine bros that's off the market because homie just got engaged. So excited for him. Ironically he and his wifey were in elementary and high school but they never talked.By way of reputation and association he was too cool for her then. You can just say he has since picked up his cracked face from the floor because the are such a cute couple. So all you 'Am a G' peeps, okoro feeling too funkys, still carrying on with some foolish high school wind effect need to kill that shyznit because that kid you bullied and made life miserable for might just be 'the one'. Anyways 'River', 'Sasha' and I all went to elementary and high school together and the last time we'd hung out with one another was in like 2000 or 2001 so we were catching up and gisting. The next day we went to church, and sight seeing at the beach and then watched some kungfu flick and Four Brothers (that movie is deep).

Anyways the projected prognosis of my time in Cali if looking very positive now that I have a car, am making friends in 'the city' and meeting new people. The part i'ld love most are the beaches, which really look like they do in Baywatch, the Tv series. I saw one of the yellow patrol trucks and I was like 'Yo, that's the Baywatch Car.' Ya'll know I keeps it real. Not to mention the fact that I was about to step all over one rat looking chihuahua that thought it could step to me as we were walking down Manhattan Beach. I was trying so hard to hold my leg from kicking the animal into the ocean.

Meanwhile, speaking about bohos and hippies, I don't know what it is with me, but I hate dressing up to work in business attire. It is so not me. I tried so hard, but I am back to my hippie ways. Cotton tunics, jeans, sandals and just being plain comfortable. I really need to find a niche that fits my ecclectic afro-centric bohemian and fashion trendy ways. God help me, but I am dying to wear my afro out, but that is my little secret for now. Off to bed now, not much else to gist ya'll about. Tune in Thursday morning for ANTM wrap up and some freebie pictures. Peace out


Anonymous said...

Adaure I need some closure onthe adeola and Hakeem wedding oh.. You can't just keep us hanging like that ahan.. Biko, jo, abeg, please:)

Adaure said...

Wait abeg I dey come...one of my insiders decided to go to Ghana. But i'll work the other sources and update you. No vex

sswiwa said...


TaureanMinx said...

lol, well all I can say is that it was a HUGE wedding. I saw several aso-ebi'd girls in their cream lace (some too elaborate to describe)at the Palms mall in Lekki shopping (Please ask me why). I guess they thought, lets stop and buy milk (or a pair of gucci slippers)before we go home...go figure

Adaure said...

Ah!!! Taurean!!!! I know that Half bread is better than chin-chin, but still you have to provide us with more detailed gist now. The Who, What, When, Where, and HOW!! and HOW FAR!!!etc etc

@sswiwa...you know you are enjoying the gist

Anonymous said...

lol...una don kolo