Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Jade REALLY needs direction

Today's show was not as hot as last week but all the same it was still full of drama, all pun intended. Today's lesson ofcourse was to teach the models how to act, by showing them how not to act. Tyra's fall/ fainting spell was so obviously fake. As she needs to calm down with all that jumping around thinking she is some super star actress. Abeg.
WIth the theme being about drama, you know that had to play up Nnenna's issues with her boyfriend John. Spekaing of whom, that boy needs to be flogged. As in does he not know this is a competition. And why the heck is Nnenna allowing that 'winch' Jade to put her nose inside something that does not concern her. Who made her Dr. Phil? Stupid Amebo Oshi always having one excuse or the other and blaming other people. Why didn't Tyra kick her off? There should be no pity for her any more but they're probably just keeping her for drama effect, I imagine she'll be gone next week. The girl is majorly whack, that's why she hasn't been a model all this while. With an ego like that, she better form her own agency because no one will hire her. And is it just me or is she not beginning to look like one of those yellow-pepper house girls with that her dirty looking ankara that can kill all the fish in River Niger. All that's missing is a bucket of water. Plus me thinks Nnenna is getting awfully chummy with this Jade biatch of a girl. She'd better watch out.
So Furonda won the challenge and landed a 'role' on Veronica Mars. Ok UPN, like relaly, ya'll know you can do better than a one line secretary gig for a whole Tyra banks show. I mean get her a spot on Girlfriends or something.

They also got to hang out with Nick Cannon to do improvs like they do on his show Wild n' Out. It was so dry. But it was funny how Nnenna pulled out some Ras Kimono-Junior & Pretty Raps that didn't even go with the beat. Poor Girl, I am sure her naija friends are torturing her about her rhyming skills. Boyfriend and Jade adding drama aside, Nnenna's commercial was aight she got her lines down but it just lacked that hmph factor (Ms Jade again said she was boring). No particular person in my opinion did well but Furonda's improv lines were the best.

Next week's preview shows Brooke saying Nnenna is just a biatch. I wonder what that's about. I would hope Jade has not gotten into Nnenna's head and started influencing her. Anyway the show was not too hot so I don't have much to be colorful about.

Meanwhile it appears I have been relegated to weekly blogging. I am so busy during the day and just too tired when I get home that I just go to bed. I have been sleeping so much that I am now fat. I tried to do something fun this past weekend. Went down to Santa Barbara for a free 'play-play' photoshoot. My new hobby thanks to my discovery of model mayhem. Long story...will be blogging about that in due time. Bottom line I had fun and I am like where the heck was this website when I was 17. This headshot is from the shoot,MY HAIR GREW...YEE!!! I have to say I am having a reverse complexion complex. I WANT TO BE BLACK, I hate being so light skin. :)Can't wait to get on the beach and start tanning, paleness doesn't work for me at all. Oh is anybody watching Ocean and 8th on MTV? Love it!!!

It has also been raining here all week. I mean I thought 7 days rain was a phenomenon only in Nigeria. We have had 14 days of straight rain, landslides and all sorts of flooding, including an earth quake today. I wonder which 'Baba rainmaker' is causing all this havoc.

Some interesting items in the news this past week. I'll be brief

DUKE LACROSE TEAM RAPE: I am sure ya'll have heard about this investigation going on. Members of the Lacrose team at the prestigious preppy Duke University raped a black girl whose's a stripper attending the HBCU down the road, NC Central. Let me first say that I am upset that a young black woman attending University will stoop so low as to be a stripper. Then I upset with the fact that she returned to the house even after an initial exchange made her fellow stripper friends leave. Apparently the coach resigned today, going to show that this is not going away anytime soon. However, my beef is with the University and the people doing the investigation. As much as I hate bringing up the race issue, ya'll know if that was the UNC or NC State football or Basket Ball Team, ans this was a white girl were talking about, they would have bundled their black azzes to central prison. Guilty before proven innocent. That's the way it works for black people, but because here we have a bunch of rich white kids, it's a different case. They want to handle it with care. They are dragging their feet. DNA test results don't take that long to return. I wonder if they are cooking up a cover up. Anyways check out my old station for the latest info.

KATIE COURIC: Ok I don't understand the hype about this woman. She's wack. Diane Sawyer in my opinion is so much better than her. But you go Katie, you've acheived what we all know would take a few more years for a 'sistuh' or a 'brother' to get. I mean let's face it, ABC didn't give Carole Simpson a chance because they felt America was not ready to see a black woman as an evening news anchor.

JILL CAROLL: Pretty damn good actress. This is the journalist who 'claims' she was kidnapped in Iraq. Gurl, you need to tell us whose payroll you are on because your story is too damn fishy.

MOTHER PARIS: I hear Paris Hilton has been picked to star in a movie as Mother Theresa because she is the closest looking to the late mother. I guess her 'praying mantis' look got her the role. This is either the worst insult they could possibly give this woman, or this could be Paris turning point to 'good' acting. She could end up surprising everybody.

CHARLES TAYLOR: Wow!!! I ever thought this moment would come but I am proud Nigeria turned him over. The guy was pretty dumb, tryin to pul that escape stunt, but he claims CID officials set him up.

FEMI FANI KAYODE: This is Obasanjo's mouth piece, and a very bad mouth has he. The guy can yab. Don't even attempt to cross him because he will wash you down. At first I was annoyed with him because I would expect better from someone like him. I mean if you are going to respond to issues, you should respond in a very classy manner and retort to inform. But not so for FFK. He will curse you, you father, your grand mother, your great grand father and your ancesters beyond. Just yesterday I read his response to Charles Taylor's claims about the CID in the LA Times. O'l boy said, 'that claim is a figment of his jaundiced imagination.' I bursted out laughing. Kai only in naija. Gotta love it man.

MY FAMILY: A handful of colorful characters. Funerals or not, tehre must be something dramatic that will make you laugh so hard that it would hurt. My peeps went to the village to lay my uncle to rest and I called to check in. Boy did my sister, Nnenne, have a mouthful to tell me. I wish I could divulge, but I can't, not just yet. Look out for it in my book which I will have to start creating time once again to continue writing. My year long writer's block had better unblock itself.

Ok so that's my week in one post. Laters peeps


ndidi said...

can't wait for you to see it!

Lolita said...

Shey you want me to gist you?

Adaure said...

Ya'll I think I'll need help with this one. The show sis n't hit a spot with me. The commercials were whack. No great moments or pictures to drool over. What do ya'll think

a regular reader said...

Some people leave nasty messages on blogs as 'anonymous' and you wonder who they are. But one day, something clicks and it's not such a secret anymore.

Word to the 'anonymouses' out there.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

naijas can yab sha....i bursted out laughing at work re:fkk...ppl looking like "what's wrong with her"

but how far with your Jill Carroll comment now....

Anonymous said...

hey u look like brenda fassie.
u are right,fani kayode has bad mouth and should go and brush

Adaure said...

@Regular reader... Ok? So you lost me there.

@Diamond Hawk....My Jill Carroll comment is an opinion and there are a numbe rof people who are also puzzled. Unless she was lucky to jam some 'Robin Hood' type al-qaeda kidnappers, she was looking a bit too well fed and then that interview with the tv station. Ok so if you were kidnapped what would be the first thing you would do when released? Give an interview? I mean did she not see teh microphone and camera. If her kidnappin is not a hoax, my apologies, but somethig just doesn't add up.

Adaure said...

@anonymous.... Brenda Fassie ke? Abeg find better now.

Folu said...

I'm also disappointed in your Jill Caroll comment, seriously we don't really know what happened so is it best to start by calling her "claims" fishy? The comment is just unnecessary.

Just Thinking Out Loud! said...

Nice one. this your pic na wire oh! Nice one. Feeling it for sure. :) About FFK, the guy is really good to me. That guy can diss for sure, but one thing I like him for is his creativity and mastery of the English Language. He is very well-spoken. The Duke thing? I just don't know what to say but I believe those guys did rape the girl though. However, when it comes to rape, I, many times, doubt the claims cos u just never know...

oo said...

My sista, idea la need on femi kayode sha...I believe the whole quote is "a far-fetched figment of his jaundiced imagination." Then the bit about James Bond books...too funny. I'm loving the pix!


Adaure said...

@ Folu... sorry to disappoint you but it is not news that many aren't able to connect the dots in her story. Check out and there was an opinion segment on Fox the other day. It is ok to question, we just don't have to be blindly gullible about everything. I would usually be on the side of journalists, but this one just raises my radar up. But hey it's my opinion and yours is appreciated as well.

@ OO... yes oh that is the quote. In fact here is the entire paragraph..
--Nigeria again denied the allegation. "The story is a far-fetched figment of his jaundiced imagination," a spokesman for the Nigerian leader, Femi Fani-Kayode, told The Associated Press.
"He must have been reading too many James Bond novels."--
As in LOL the guy is hilarious.

@ JTol....thanks for the kudos. Yes FFK has a mastery of the language but I would rather he use that in apositive manner and communicate important issues to the constituency rather than engage in border line slander and deridation. How will we grow if we keep doing things in the old ways when the military was in power (oops the old military IS still in power)

Yetty said...

hahahah nice one... I have missed ANTM as in I haven't see my TV since... mehn! I duuno. The picture is hot.. so, model mayhem lol wuts ur ID (secretly e-mail me ) lol! Haven't been watching the news too busy but, I think I head the kidnapp story.. will check it out.

FFK that was hi-friggin larious lol!

bzbee said...

1st ANTN, I actually thought Nnenna's commercial was the better of the bunch. I think she should give John the boot and keep on stepping, doesn't he know that African women don't like whiny, crying and complaining men. And what's with her calling hip up every damn night. That been said, I also agree that Jade gats to go.

I must say that I disagree with your stand on the girl that got raped. I certainly do not approve of her job but she was doing it to put herself through scholl. Sometimes you have to do what you must to get ahead, I have respect for that. More focus should be on the crime and not passing moral judgements on the victim.

Lastly, nice pic, look at you talking about getting fat, like that could happen

Onada said...

I love your picture! How dark do you one to become? Pls come lets exchange complexions!

Igo said...

Omoge na u biko!!

a regular reader said...

"Ok? So you lost me there." - Adaure

That was the intention, prettyface. If you've left no nasty comment on anyone's blog, then you've got nothing to worry about.

I prefer your old pic, by the way.

Lolita said...

Addy...for real this ur pic na wire O! Word uP girl! Since you have moved on to bigger and better things, how about you send ur girl a ticket? I'll come hang with you in Cali and maybe we'll go take some more "play-play" pictures! I likes and I want too.
Look at you complaining about being light skinned... do you want my complexion instead? I'll be more than glad to swap with you. Lordy knows I've been black for too long! And YOU happen to be one of those that tormented me! LOL!!

Adaure said...

Thanks for the kudos, once i get the cds i'll post the pictures for your viewing pleasure so you can watch it like TV. lol(ok adaure not everyone's jobless and bored as you)

@ Lolita...I deny the charges. I only laughed. The one usually doing the tormenting was Rotimi (if i remember correctly wasn't it Fagbo?lol). By the way you don't know how jealous I am of your complexion, and it's not the greasy shiny one either. Gurl I would gladly swap

@RR... You must be in need mapquest because that comment not only has comma, k-leg and question mark, the thing miss road.

@Igo... Bobs na you be chief o.

@Onada... I take it you too are being oppressed by 'black people'

@Bzbee...I don't think i took any stand against her in anyway least especially being judgemental. If that's the case then it would also be judgemental to say the boys were acting out based on racism. I agree the focus should be on the crime, but we all know that won't be the case, at least until authorities bring forth charges, evidence and names.

@Yetti... gurl you bera get Tivo. That's about to be the best ANTM until they put another african or some more majorly dramatic sistuhs in the house. I'll shoot you an email with my MM#...abeg no laff sha i never reach cover girl level like you.LOL.

Nneka's World said...

Hmm i am liking your picture! Na you biko oh!
Dont really watch ANTM, so i just depend on the updates from you.

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