Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Nnenna Don't Mind Them; You've Blown UP already

I smell a rat on this show. So Nnenna got kicked off after they got through the photoshoot in Thailand. That was so hella wack. Talking about being an snob, being bored and not bringing anything else to the table. Whatever Haters!!! First you give her wigs to make her look petrifying and then in the shoot where you 'really' need hair ya'll don't give her any. The fact that she won several competition should have swayed the judges but they are really intimidated by Africaness it is so annoying.
But Nnenna that little spill about Nigerian Embassy...hmh.. what was that about? My dear the show is not MGBN. You could have pocketed that speech, only Nigerians would have understood what you meant by that.
I was going to get into the long story but I am kinda upset with Tyra and her posse for taking awya my television watching motivation. Anyways may the best gal win. I am rooting for Danielle now that they basically told Nnenna to go back to Africa.
But as Nigerians, you can trust that we will run with whatever opportunity we get. And as a true Igbo girl Nnenna will have no trouble employing some Naija skillz ( 419 and 'IMM' inclusive.... IMM stands for I Ma Mmadu which is Igbo term for connnections) to get bigger than the show. Who knows, the possibilities are endless from here on. Shoot bounce Michelle Dede from hosting Big Brother Nigeria an dput Nnenna there abeg. So this may or may not be my last wrap up on ANTM this season. We'll see how I feel next week. I was into this because of Nnenna but now she is gone I don't know if there's any point. Jade's butchering of the English language on the other hand might just keep me writing though. The girl can make words up die. What the heck is 'analystic', 'releasement', 'derogatoriness' or 'withandle'?. We'll see.

Meanwhile I am finally taking on Yetti's challenge and writing a letter to my younger self. Here goes....(As you can tell from my posts I had issues as a kid so it's kinda long. I tried in keeping it this short)

Dear Younger Adaure.

How are you doing? It's been a while since we'd last seen but I'll always treasure the memories of the moments we both shared. I've been on this long journey called Real Life. Child lemme tell ya, it ain't all it's been cut out to be. So before you get all carried away with wanting to grow up, let me give you a few heads up, a few pointers on what the deal really is.

First of all don't change anything that you've done, only do it better and diligently. Always aim and stive to bethe best that you can be and take things a lot more seriously than you have. Put God first and read your bible, not just for Cadet quizes and CRK, but to learn from the word and pursue Christ.

RUN as far away from malls, credit cards and whomever says you wouldn't need math in university. I know your knuckles are recovering from Mrs Desalu's ruler over that long division assignment. It's tough but it's going to be tougher when you get to University. I'll leave it at that, you'll see what I mean when you get here.

Enjoy your childhood. Get the best out of it because those will be the best years of your life. Enjoy and appreciate your culture more than you have. Those trips to the village with the family, riding bikes down the hills with your cousins and siblings and hiding away in trees will give you a wealth of cherished memories. May be you can write a bout it in a book someday.

Stay in school and don't scale fences to go to Lagoon, Ransome Kuti and Computer Center. Ignore the peer pressure and teenage insecurities. You are so better than that. Let the bullies, popular, pretty and rich kids have their fill. Be confident and true to yourself. Look in that mirror and say to your self 'I am somebody'. You are your own immutable star and by God you will shine.

Beware of those who will prey upon your meekness, your genuinity and big heart. Guard that dearly, but don't be afraid to let love come in when it knocks. Hold your friends and family dearly because some of them will be your support when you are weary.

Finally, live each day as if it were the last day of your life, because one day it could be, and you'ld look on and see how you've missed out. Never sway from your convictions. Believe in yourself and your dreams. Stay focused on your goals and keep your eyes on the prize. The road will most certainly not be smooth. There will be challenges, lessons to learn and nay sayers. But if you follow my guide, watch and pray you'll do just fine. So far you've done well, after all look how I turned out. I know I am not perfect and still have kinks to work out, but every aspect of life is a work in progress. You'll see what I mean when you get here. That's all I got for now chic. Stay cool and Word to yo momma and your pops. Tell 'em I miss them and love em dearly. Cheers doll!!!

Yours in love and in Spirit
Older Adaure

(Readers : You are welcome to post your own letter to your younger self in the comments section, if you don't have a blog to post it on. It'll be a fun reading.)


Lolita said...

Its just unfortunate but sista girl had to go! Im sorry. Forever pulling that "Africa" card, my family in Africa this and wasnt only annoying but it had also gotten stale and boring. I was just tooooo embarassed for her on that Nigerian Embassy spiel. Like for real...what the hell was that about? How hard is it to sell yourself?

LOL @ letter to your younger it evoked memories of life on campus...dem good old days. BTW when did u scale the fence to go to computer center? If you ask me, you were actually one the good ones!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Michelle Dede! I knew her in Ethiopia. Her dad was ambassedor in Addis. Good to know she's calmed down. She was a wild one.

Beedee said...


Let's call a spade a spade. It was Nnenna's time to go, even though she was very strong in the tasks her pictures were not great. Nnenna is going to go places and she is going to make a name for herself. It is sad though ... because she left before Furonda.

BTW you forgot to add Jade's other word "proportionable"

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it! I fell asleep towards the ending of the show. So naturally I had to come to your "Wrap up" to find out how it ended, and..OMG so sad:(
They let our girl go!!!
Yep, all that embassy talk, friggin "John in the box" and only Jah knows what else behind the scene stuff that led to her demise. Don't know what Tyra is thinking..Nne is so not snooty etc. It's called CONFIDENCE TYRA!!!If she was, would she have won most of the challenges! What a travesty! On a positive note, ANTM has given her the exposure she needs to become successful at modeling and whatever else she chooses. It seems homegirl has a lot on her mind (she was yanning some stuff about Free Trade etc.) Nnenna is a smart Nigerian woman who just needs a little brushing up PR wise. The sky is her limit! Just no more embassy stuff :)
Adaure, very nice letter to your younger self!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah forgot to add..Very nice picture..You too should go for the next ANTM..abi what do you think?

Adaure said...

Yeah ya'll are right, I guess it was her time to go. Touting her Africanness did get a little bit annoying especially when she wasn't relaly selling it well. But she had a good and unforgetable run on the show and she will blow up with a very good and skilled publicist and agency. Not just a modeling agency, but she better aim for William Morris. That's Big fish stuvs. If not I am available for hire. Lol

@Lolita... yeah I was one of the good ones, no doubt but I still did my own fai share of scaling fence and skipping class. I am still surprised at how I got to asst class/ sanitation captain in Silver when I was in Crimson and never in class half the time. But yeah Campus life was fun. I got on that boat a bit late so i didn't enjoy too much.

@Beedee... That's the word I was trying to remember. The girl is just mad. Is that how she will be America's Next Top model? Yarning nonsense grammer. Yes I am upset Nnenna left before ET, Furinda that is. That's why this was so hella wack. Furonda sucked more that Nnenna. They were just a bit unfair to Nnenna in my opinion. I guess she didn't stand up for herself and didn't bring any presence.

@Anonymous... I guess you didn't get the memo. I am an ANTM reject. But worry not, me I am doing my own ANTM on blogspot. Lol.

Glad ya'll enjoyed my letter. Please write yours too and post it here if you like

Biodun said...

It was our girl's time unfortunately...she did have a shot @ making it...but o well...better things will come her way..I have been a fan of danielle also from day 1, so am cheering for her!

Nneka's World said...

Men Adaure,
Oooh i wish i could watch the show, its on here, but i donot have cable, cause i refuse to pay sky cable the sum of 40quid every month for nonsense channels, so i went and bought myself freeview for 30quid, which unfortunately does not have the channel that ANTM is on. But anyway thanks for the wrap up.

Loving your pic by the way can we say Fabulous!! (sorry i lost my ability to spell this afternoon

LLBeMerry said...

Hahahahaha, I will write letter to my younger self and post. I know that me gan sef I might be surprised o. Anyways, na so NNenna commot o. All I have to is this though "Hold on to your Dream." Whatever is it, hold on to it. How Cali now? I will call you soon. In case you are wondering...think ex-volunteer for the infamous pageant????lol. ciao baby!!!

Dami said...

i think danielle will win because it's about time a "black-black" girl does. i know eva won but she's got something else in addition to black in her blood.

sswiwa said...

adaure, you're only're not old enough to be writing a letter to yourself. geez. did you see Oprah calling Gabrielle Union to write letter to her younger self? Gabrielle wey senior you sef...i mean...

sswiwa said...

but i should contextualize that comment, because I feel that it only makes sense to write letters to your younger self when you leave the turmoil of youth behind. most of us are still in the middle of our mess and figuring out who we are...what are you really going to tell yourself?

tutsy said...

Well it was kinda sad to see Nne go last night omo u should have seen me buggin', i damn near shed a tear. Although i think it's wrong that she gets booted off and that sorry-ass Furonda got to stay; that was just plain foul. And what was all the yappin' about she is boring, abeg; if she is boring then i don't know what pitiful Sara is. I knew that gender confused imbecile on the panel of judges Ms Jade or whatever he calls himself had it out for Nne but damn did he have to send the girl packing out of share dislike. I strongly believe she should have won that competition..haba after all she's been through...but its all good though i hope she blows up big time and put her haters to shame
P.S; I didn't get the Nigerian Embassy yarn either, my jaw actually hit the floor when she said that.

Through these eyes said...

Ok, you guys have gotten me all excited i'm leaving work now to go watch my tivo'ed ANTM show. WTF??? My girl, got eliminated. Neva that. Ok, i'm out!

Anonymous said...

Poor Nneka in jolly ol' England!
this is for you....Not the actual show but a Q & A with Nnenna via phone with Radio host Egypt and one of the cast offs. And little snippets from the show


Miss O! said...

Adaure, even though i watch the show i couldn't wait to read what you had to say, u saw i quick i ran to come tell u. By the where was i, when Jade was making all this word up. lol

Ok girl this is the letter to my younger self.
LETTER TO MY YOUNGER SELF - Apr. 26, 2006 at 07:26 AM

Dear Young Self,
The world is such a beautiful place, Don't let anyone tell take that from you, things are going to be real had at one point but remember keep faith in God, never LET GO no matter the case maybe. You are going to learn the lesson of friendship, and please keep this in the back of your mind. Cause a test will come up and you going to have to use it. Not everybody can be trusted. You are going to fall in love, but please learn how to love. Remember all that glitters are not gold. ALWAYS listen to your gults no matter what, it takes a strong woman to do that, i know it is going to be hard, but promise me you will do whatever it is to make yourself happy first, ALWAYS. People are mean and cruel, you are going to learn that the hard way, But this is where you have to strenthen yourself with GOD, cause Only Him will Lead you Thru all This. Be an Independent WOMAN! Love Yourself First!. And You Will Be Just Fine.
With Love,
Your Older Self.

Naijadude said...

Wetin i get to talk about?.....Hmm you picture actually moved me to read the blog. Nice pic eh!

The letter to your younger self is so nice, such a thing to remind dem kids trying to go out of hands...LOL

Yetty said...

hahahah finally u write it lol That was so fun to read lol! We gotta do the reverse. Younger self writing to older self... As per Nnena.. omo girl is set abeg... make she no even worry

Yetty said...

Oh! and the pic of you doing the cheers.. HOT~~

ngozi said...

girl, your fro is haaaaawwwwwwt!!!!

ngozi said...

what did she say about the nigerian embassy? and i think the ANTM in the UK is a season behind, so having cable probably won't help anyway

Anonymous said...

Download that sturrrvs! I'm in the UK too & I stay up to date. It's important. Cant be watching ANTM 3 months after I already know the winner!

...and yes, I was mad that they sent Nnenna home before Sara & ET (oops, Furonda!). WTF?! Tyra yab abeg. She shoun'ta done that!

shy said...


Anonymous said...

For some reason, your letter to your younger self almost made me cry... me wey be Olumo Rock! Guess it made me remember the (sob sob) days of my (sob) youth! Anyway, here's my letter to my younger self...

Dear Me,

You had a wonderful childhood with friends and family who love you deeply. Always hold on to that and remember those precious days...

But bigger and better things lie ahead! I know the past few years (age 10 to 13) have been tough - being sexually abused by your cousin, uncle and total strangers; being terribly bullied in boarding house, going through deep depression and insomnia.

I know you have begun to doubt yourself and wonder if those girls were right about you never amounting to anything.

I know you have begun to wonder if members of the opposite sex will only ever be interested in your body and will always disregard your will, your mind and your emotions.

I know you feel like you're a bad person, who doesn't deserve any better than being mistreated, or at best, ignored.

I know you feel like withdrawing into your shell, playing it safe and staying closed off from everyone else because you've been badly hurt.

But, sweetheart, don't do it! There is so much stored within you and so much you can do with it. You are precious in God's sight and He made you the way you are for a reason. Don't waste what he's given you because you've been let down by others. Don't tamp down those fires of creativity and adventure that burn so brightly within you. Let them burn, and let people see the flames.

Don't ever apologise for being who God made you. Don't try to be like everyone else, enjoy being unique. When the time comes, don't be afraid to fall in love. All the best things in life involve risk.

Yes, you are not perfect and will never be, but your flaws can be worked on, and you can become a better person everyday. Your shortcomings will be the stepping stones to those trials and challenges that will shape your character. I know you can't see it, but you will attain great heights someday, regardless of what you've been told. You will affect the lives of others positively, which is what you've been put here to do. But the journey starts now.

So, let go! Enjoy your young life, because these years will be gone before you know it. Don't let anything stop you from laughing, crying, expressing yourself the way you need to. Girl, just be you!

And... work hard on English summary in school, so you can stop writing long-ass letters before you get to my age!

Love you girl,
The older me.

Gosh, I really wish the younger me had taken my advice!!

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