Wednesday, November 22, 2006



It is that time of the year again when we give thanks to God, family and friends for all the things they have done. I have to say that 2006 has truly been a year of unlimited progress for me and I give all thanks and glory to God for that. Funny how this time last year I was singing a different tune in my Thanksgiving 2005 post. Looking back on that and laughing, I must say that I have truly come a long way. I don't even know where to begin my Thanksgiving this year because there's so much to be thankful about, some that I am not yet even privy to speak about. First let me start with the grand testimony of the year that is evidence that God has truly been good to me in spite of my backsliding (you know we all deal with that). I had been holding this one back because I wanted it to be my Thanksgiving Testimony. Again I don't write to brag but rather that you might read and be encouraged to pursue your own blessings, never take NO for an answer and trust in God. Before I continue read this Prayer of Thanks and A Prayer by MLK that I found very moving.

Living One-Tenth of My Dream
Except for this past weekend, I have been working straight and going like an energizer bunny for the past two months. Yes I had to even work today and Friday as TV does not take vacation. I have been waking up at 4 am early Saturday morning to drive to LA from Santa Maria and sleeping on floors and couches. Do you remember the 'Immigration Matter' and the 'Praise Report'? Well that was really about an internship at CNN LA bureau. Yes... I am officially a CNN'er and this weekend is my last weekend on the internship. I almost gave it away with all the hints that I threw in. I was bursting so badly to spill the beans but I had to be principled and save the gist. It was short and only for two months, might not be a big deal to some of you but to me it is huge and massive for my resume. Do you know how long I had been applying for this internship. Since the year 2000. God is good and no about of discomfort will deter me from keeping my eyes on the prize. Basically He made me move out to California to fulfil this destiny. And it does not end there. The devil (yes oh him)tried and failed but when God has said it is yours, it is yours no questions asked. Upon all the requirements that I did not meet due to man-made error (in the nature of wrong information from the UNC dean's office) CNN overrode all that because they liked my resume. I was floored when they said you can start. As in I came close to returning the key-card they had given me on the spot because I didn't know how I was going to come out of this one. Prayers do indeed work and you guys were part of it. THANK YOU!!! So far the internship has been great. I have not met Larry King yet, but they used Addy to test his light on the Sunday before the election.. ha ha ha. I was like 'Na me be this' as I was sitting in Larry King's chair. I met Chris Lawrence, Kareen Wynter and my supervisor Sarah Weisfeldt whom I work closely with is just the best. I'll have an exit meeting hopefully next week. As normal I had been planning and strategizing how to hustle to get a gig there but God prepareth a table before me and my cup runneth over, so CNN will have to wait its turn. It is not time for me and CNN to get married, we are still doing our romancing the stone plus I am still fresh and unseasoned. The time is still coming and believe it will. When I told my friend JG he was shocked and thought I was lying because he remembered me telling him as far back as 1998 when we met that that CNN....I go make am. Even if it is to be serving coffee. This internship is just one step towards the bigger picture and thank God for opening the doors so that I can breeze in without having to do house girl. Like my brother said to me once, "Instead of serving him coffee, aim to have lunch and drink coffee with Larry King". Seeing as he is scarce and I have just one week left, I dunno if that is possible this time around, but God dey and we shall have a date. Program that into your PDA Mr. King.
Truly moving to California was a great move, even though it was bad for my social and mental life. As in my MOJO is gone, out the window and in need of a jumpstart. I don't even have energy to scope blokes talkless of hitting on one. I have only been out clubbing like 3 times this whole year. Chai!!! Anyways I thank God for giving me this job at KCOY, a great boss who is like a teacher, the wisdom and especially the courage to be able to pack and go to strange places. California was truly strange for me. Being here has allowed me to make the biggest and best decision for me and opportunities have come in ways I cannot imagine. The moving ain't over yet and I know there's more in stock and I thank God in advance for that.

Family and Friends
It is normal to thank family and friends but my thanks is not a cliche at all. My family has been great to me this year. Helping me with moving out here and calling and checking up on me all the time. They know I don't like it that much out here being by myself and all so they have been making the extra effort to call me this year. I thank God for all of them and for giving them good health. Yes we lost a few family members but I thank God for their lives and the the lives of those that have been spared. On the flip side we gained a whole lot more family members. Of the top of my head, I recall 5 babies. Wow!!
I am also very thankful to my friends who have been there for me. At first I was not going to make a list but I just have to give a shout to a few special people.

Ndidi--I can't remember the last time I did not spend thanksgiving day at your house. But we are not joined at the hips so I guess I'm on my own today. This will be short because there's Sunday, but I just want to say thank God for you and I love you.

Singto-- My darling, I know I made you mad yesterday but it was out of love and I tried :). Thank you for being yet another sister. How does the saying go... 'misery loves company'... You hate New Haven, I hate Santa Maria. I guess we can thank each other for all the phone calls and instant messaging that we did this year. It was very necessary.

Desmina-- You hardly call unless you are bombarded and harassed. But when you do we talk for hours. About what I just am not too sure but you are also special and that's what counts.

Beedee-- I cannot even start to say how much I appreciate've been like an invisible co-worker. If I could have my way I'll move to ATL because of you but seeing as I cannot be in three places at the same time, we have to make do with IM. Sometimes all one needs is someone to be available to listen (in our case read) and offer advice or encouragement. Thanks for doing just that. You are loved.

UYI-- You get my Addy's friend of the year award. I cannot thank you enough because no amount of Thank you can be sufficient. True friends are selfless and noble. You are truly a friend in deed. I pray that God will bless you in immeasurable manners for you magnanimity and keep his light shining upon you. You just wait and see. When you see me on the tube please gleefully tell your children how you had a hand in getting me there. You are greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

Mo-ho-- Hmh.. what can I say. You are just special like that and I am sure you know it. I thank you for all the calls, concerns and consultations. I got nothing but 'Agape love' for ya.

Mati, Ayi, Adaeze, Maj, Enuka-- I carry you guys in my heart and though distance sometimes is a hindrance I still love you guys no less than I always have. Thanks for being my dearest and oldest friends.

To everyone else who has served a purpose in my life this year, ya'll know your selves; THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY.

To those for whom I have served a purpose, I humbly say 'you are very welcome' to your 'Thank yous' :)

2006 has been a WONDERFUL year for me. I dunno about you. I am looking forward to 2007 because it can only get better. I am very very excited about what it holds and I am so ready for whatever challenges that will definitely come up. To those challenges, let me just warn you now now, if you love yourself you better go and find one gutter to chill because Addy of 2007 is going to be twice the Ninja that she was in 2005. In this 2007 be ready to find an Indiana Jones + Rambo + Terminator if you think you can try Addy. Believe when I say I have a very big God who is on my side and He shall not suffer my foot to be moved. Word Up and hallelujah to the Saints!!!


Happy chick said...

Im 1st...........YIPEEEEE.
its been a really hectic but good year for me.
Addy, like you ive had immigartion problems to sort out too, but its all in the bag now.
Im singing that praise song with you all the way.

On a different note pics for are out.

Nice looking pair, i must say.

Im sure they and all other newly married folk out there have lots to be thankful for.

Ndidi said...

Hello my darling and lovely sister. I am also very grateful for having someone like you in my life. Though Amaks stopped at me, I am so happy that God decided to bless me with a sibling later in life. You are truly my sister from another mother. Calling you a friend just doesn't do justice to the relationship we have. Though I may be hard on you sometimes, I love you more than you could imagine. I only wish the best in life for you. The year of 2007 shall be wonderful for you. God will shower you with more blessings that you could have ever hoped or dreamed for. You will receive all of your heart's desires! You will not weap, but you will laugh and be happy all the days of your life, in Jesus' name. You are going to be so big and I just can't wait, cause I'm gonna tell everyone that "yeah, I've known her forever, we're practically sisters!" Thanks in advance for introducing me to all the big stars of holly and nollywood. I love you sooooo much my darling girl! You are absolutely the greatest. Hugs and Kisses!

Parazone Super Bleach said...

Awesome Adaure awesome! Wow CNN! Good look! I dont know how you ipped your, u tried oh!I am happy that u getting your dreams realised one by one. This year has been quite wonderful, I have to agree. And yes, 07 will be even better for all us in Jesus name. I love to hear good things happening to good people who strive and work incredibly hard!There is a God!

Be well :)

Smoothvibes said...

Wow... Happy for you. COngrats on the CNN internship.. Like I always tell ppl.. "tis just the begining!

Nanya said...

Congrats...very happy for you!

kulutempa said...

my one and only adaure,
you're the best, i swear, and words cannot describe how much i'm going to miss you! i'm sorry for getting so mad, but you know me and my pride. i know you meant well. wishing you nothing but the best; you better make this separation worth it for all of us! love you much.

Ashandy said...

I am also thankful this year but reading ur blog made me even count my blessings, naming one by one. The devil tried but failed and for that am thankful over my family and new addition(she is so beautiful). I love ur blog site and I wish u all the best that life can offer. Beyond the sky is ur limit so don,t just aim for the sky.

bhookey84 said...

awwwww im happy for u o as per the CNN thing, the best is yet to come, congrats!

didi said...

congrats really happy for u.u seem like a cool,nice and likeable person.the best is yet to come

Uzo said...

Finally get a chance to comment. Very impressive the CNN internship. Bound to open so many doors for you. Enjoy every moment with your friends and family as tomorrow is not promised to anyone

Bella Naija said...

I have to thank the Lord for all the miraclous things he has done in your life....thanks for sharing the testimony...
He will continue to guide you and direct your steps! Eyes have not seen the great things he has planned for your life!

Calabar Gal said...

Happy Thanksgiving Addy!!
I am so proud of you and ur achievements including the intrnship and every other goal you have achieved in life. You are headed for greater heights!! Cheers!!!

Oyinkan said...

I will not cry, but smile
I will not frown but laugh
I will not say a hallow thank you, but PRAISE.’s settling in that the year is ending and changes are coming our way.
Adau, since we met at one of our UNC OASIS shanigans, it has been a fun ride as I am sure it will continue. I will miss you because I though I had more time to get out to California to visit this year. But I know the God we serve will make our paths to cross several times over.
I'm thankful that your blog was an inspiration for many, especial those of us with down time at our work places.
You wove stories and stroked our imaginations, you gisted us and kept us up to date on affairs of the heart(wedding websites) to affairs of our great land.
I thank God for you, for your life, what He has done for you and will continue to do for you. Just continue to live, follow and trust him. When it is HIS appointed time, you will not just have coffee with Larry king, but five star dinners with the top movers and shakers in your chosen industry.
Love you Girl

LondonBuki said...

Beautiful post... Congrats on the CNN internship.

The year is not over yet, God will still surprise you before it ends... Amen!

T. said...

Wow!!! CNN!!! gurl, u're going places. Congrats and like everyone has said, keep shinning cos this is only the beginning of great things in ur life!!!!

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

thank God for u..... God is good ....all the time