Friday, November 10, 2006


The News Keeps Coming.....


CBS News Family/Journalism Profession: The news of Ed Bradley's death today has not just CBS news but the entire journalism profession.

Republican Party: American's spoke and the GOP lost quite a number of seats in the House and Senate in the November 7th primaries. The Democrats now have control of Congress after 12 years and it's going to be a rough and tough next two years for the Bush administration. It is so tough that the Republican Committee chair Ken Melhman is stepping down. And where is Karl Rove, the ultimate super campaign strategist that the GOP boasted so braggadaciously about in the past? I wonder.

President George Bush: No disrespect meant to Mr. President but is he shaking in his cowboy boots or what? He's certainly not a happy camper due to the out come of the election. He gave some speeches yesterday and today and you could hear the tension in his voice. Hopefully now he will understand the need for a change in his administrations policies and rhetoric. Only in America sha... but I see Nigeria is learning little by little.

Donald Rumsfeld: You're Fired!! Old Rummy got the 'snake hand' from 'Dubyah'. The major casualty of the power of Voting. I am sure there'll be more. Gosh Darn it!!! Now I wish I had gone to vote though.

FOX NEWS & Bill O'reilly: Oooohhhh are they licking their wounds right now. How about this afternoon they had a commentator talking about how the media is to blame for the Democrats win. OK? Why does the media get blamed all the time even by fellow media. Crazy innit?

Saddam Hussein: Perhaps the only thing that has gone well in the War in Iraq. Ironically it is the only thing that the Iraqi insurgents agree with the US on. He deserves whatever is served to him. However I do not support capital punishment and I believe he is worse off if he is locked up in jail so that he can think about how bad he has been. All in favor of a 'time-out' for Saddam say I.

Andy Uba: Former aide-de-presidente to Obasanjo is regretting he stole from the national cake. His alleged girl friend Loretta Mabinton is also implicated for collecting money to purchase a Mercedes Benz for Mr. Uba.

K-Fed-Ex: Mr Britney Spears also known as Kevin Federline, the rapper, got kicked to the curb by a 'K-Fed-Up' Britney Spears. Ok ya'll it is so sad that everybody cheered and was happy about this divorce. As pathetic a couple as they were, since when did we start rooting for people's marriage to fail. Is that what America has come to. I think in the next election there should be a measure or proposition to Ban marriage for Celebrities/Public figures andmake them have at least a 5 year commitment before they can be allowed to diverce. Lol. Anyways K-Fed was wacker than crack, I just hope he can find a job. I call on Fed-EX to 'pick-him-up' for an ad or something so that his last claim to fame will be beneficial. Other's not having such a good week in the marriage arena include Chris Rock and his wife, Reese and Ryan and according to one of those grocery store tabloid headlines, George and Laura (whatever Enquirer)


Democrats: Those flaming liberals now have a hold of Congress. Let just pray they don't go crazy on their marijuana and approve every leftist bill. Ok that's me being cynical. YEA!!!!! the Democrats have come to deliver America from the clutch of the Rrepublican maladministration. It's about time we have some fresh meat on the hill. Let's just pray the don't 'F-up' before 2008 and kill all homes of having Obama or Hillary running for President in 2008. They also nee dto find a solution to the War in Iraq. The ball is in their court.

Nancy Pelosi: Of all the liberals to put in charge of Congress, America chose one form San Francisco. Wow!!! Am I on another planet or what? The new Mrs. Speaker is not only the first woman speaker of the house, but also the third in line to the presidency. This means that if someone does something really stupid like may be go hunting with Dick Cheney or lets Dick Cheney pilot Airforce One and he has a heart attack, Nancy Pelosi could become president. Never has a woman been that close. The past two years has been producing a lot of first for women. The Spice Girls were way ahead of their time. This now is Girl Power!!!!

Nigeria: We are no longer the most corrupt country in the world. We not even the Top Ten neither are we the top in Africa. This week we fell woefully from 6th last year to clinch the 18th spot on Transparency Iternationals list of corrupt countries this year. WOW!!! A whole 12 point jump. Amazing. We can't even boast of being curropt anymore can we. That's RAD!!. Thanks to EFFC and Mr. Ribadu, also OBJ and Madam Okonjo-Iweala. Lets just pray we keep falling and falling further down the list. Nigeria is also in talks witha British company to launch our 2nd satellite. I still don't understand that one but OK.

China: Beijing welcomed with open arms to come and colonize Africa. This time they promise to do it better than the West did in the past.

Borat: He is definitely laughing all the way to the bank.

Ok I can't think of anything else.. did i miss anything

ADD: Today was the 11th Anniversary of the murder of Ken Saro-Wiwa. Do this weekend Remember Saro-Wiwa , the others that made up the Ogoni 9, the Ogoni people and those in the Niger Delta whose land and resources continue to be pilliaged by major oil companies without recompense.


houstonmacbro said...

i think you make some great points. i was also blogging about how the right-wing spin doctors were already spinning their own stories.

it's quite interesting that all of this is NOW being cast as not a WIN for the democrats as it was a LOSS for the republicans. where do these people get this?!? it's almost like their brains are really wired differently. scary!

anyhow, i wish americans (and hope we are) waking up and starting to pay attention to what is happening to us. i think the wave is starting and no amount of brew from the spin witch (rove) is gonna make americans see something that is simply not true.

keep up the great blog!

TaureanMinx said...

Quite an extensive list. I can't think of anythin else to add. Im happy we are going down the list, thats something to celebrate!

dakel said...

I am not a friend of Andy Uba, but so as you know, the report on him did not indicate that he stole from the national cake.
Then on the outcome of the American elections, the defeat of the GOP is more significant than is immediately apparent.
It signals the return of George Bush, the father. There is this perception of a cooling in relationship between the two Geroge Bushes. However with the imminence of the GOP defeat under Bush the son, who does he run to? Bush, the father of course. He brings in Baker, former Secretary of State under the father, to head the Iraqi Study Group. Then comes in Gates, former intelligence chief under senior Bush. Put in the context of the ouster of Rummy, who, together with Cheney, consitutes chief policy motivators in the present adminsitration, this signals, a massive shift in US policy.
More far reaching however is that Geroge W. Bush has lost his power as president. The question is, who is now in control?
Expect to see the re-emegence of a kitchen cabinet consisting of the same advisers under Bush Sr. They will rule this country, formulate policies, and take decision, albeit, out-of-site.
Never has a lame duck president be so much stripped of dignity. It is a case of the king who has lost his crown. Anyone out there wants to come up with suitable eptitaph?
Unfortunately, at the end of the first Iraqi war, it was thought that former president Bush did not go far enough, because he failed to remove the despot that was Saddam Hussein. In retrospect, the world will begin to understand that he the older Bush is more of a realist than the son who wanted to succeed where perceptively the father failed. What an irony?

Anonymous said...

Hey Adaure,
Not sure if you heard about Gerald Levert - He passed away suddenly today. He was such a great talent! He will missed.

ToyinE said...

Just heard Gerald Levert died today!! Really sad news - may he rest in peace as well!

Calabar Gal said...

Adaure - Thanks for the news summary!! Its quite refreshing to know Naija has dropped 12 places in the list of corrupt countries. I heave a huge sigh of relief. Its tumultaneous but we're getting there.

I read about Gerald Levert's death this morning. He was only 40!! Such a huge loss. May his soul RIP. Amen.

In my head and around me said...

oh, was going to talk about Gerald Levert but I see I got here before late.

He was an amazing singer.

kulutempa said...

can u imagine...i didn't know ol' Gerald bought the farm! wow.

and how about we DON'T seemingly support China, addy, hm? they're actually going to screw us over worse than the West did, it's just going to be more of a surprise. i'm scared :(

this was a fun article to read, sista!

Through these eyes said...

Sorry Adaure, I just had to hit Mr. Houstonmacrob with a fine. He deserved it!

And yes, don't we have so much going on in our world all at once. We've lost two very talented, well respected Black people in our community, then the US Capitol "shake up."

I hope you have learnt your lesson Adaure. Just when you were giving up on the Democrats, they turned it around. I'm just curious, are you still planning on being a Rebuplican or were you just discombobulated with the way things were going at the time. Eyaa??

Uzo said...

Really nice post. Your posts are always sooo long and juicy...Its all been said already...