Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Been Gone Till November

Blow a Kiss to My Mama

Alright, I know, I have be slacking on the blogs lately but it is not my fault. Things are crazy where I am sitting. So much to do and so little time on earth to do it. I have not spent a weekend at home since September. No, not parties, just more work and more work. But I aint complaining. Anyways, as Andy said to Merit in Living In Bondage, 'Rapu, n'ife adigo nma'.... things are better. Omo, that is one movie I want to watch again. I always wanted to act an Igbo film because of that movie. The Igbo dialect they used was just too romantic. As in can a hot looking brother rap to me in such a beautiful manner. Can I get an 'Nne ogini bu afa gi' not 'Nne What is ya name?'

Anyways November will be an interesting month. Especially for you wedding fans. Yes Addy has a wedding to go to. Yippie. I got my plane ticket to NC to attend Remi and Babs wedding and see my darling friends Ndidi, Singto and Des as well as folks from church. I miss all ya'll. One problem though, I hope it is not too cold there. I am allergic to cold weather. Anyways I'll bring you some coverage of this one. Also look out for my dispatch on Funmi and Tunde by the grace of God barring any interruptions in the nature of Village trips. Will probably crash a few weddings in the East in December. I also hear they are doing them on Thursdays now.

On a random note, why is it that every time I want to enter my house I have this 'duh' moment. On several occasions I have attended to open my house door with my car's 'keyless entry'. As in I am standing in front of my door and clicking and wondering why the door hasn't popped open. Sometimes I surprise myself.

Anyways not much else is happening. I am trying to do a garage/ house/wardrobe cleaning sale. I am having hair-esteem issues. Considering getting a perm even more seriously. I washed my car, made spaghetti. The last time I cooked was when I made 'Lasagna' almost two months ago. Did I tell you guy's about that. Hmh... I am too embarrassed to show you the pictures. I tossed it after eating it the third time. It just came out wrong. And it is getting COLD.

Ok let me not bore you with rubbish gist. There are pressing matters at hand, such as who will take the blame for this plane crash. Oh yeah Mr. Borishade is blaming the dead pilot. Imagine that. I shan't even comment further. President Obasanjo needs to fire Borishade immediately. Or is he waiting for the 'angry muslims of the north' to go on a rampage before he does. Because it appears that's the only time when 'gofment' acts. I am surprised there's not been an uproar yet considering the magnitude of the loss or have I spoken to soon yet again. Meanwhile the nepotism only continues as the Battle for Sokoto begins. It will be a shame if the Nigerians and the media allow themselves to be distracted by that rather than focus on the critical issues. Hopefully the 6 months left in Obasanjo's regime will not see any more victims of Borishade's tenure. And they say they want to boost tourism...more like boosting terrorism. That is, the terror of flying Nigerian skies.

But bros, how we go do for Christmas. Nowadays, riding a donkey or camel seems to be the safest means of transportation in Nigeria. You say you wan enter CANOE, Delta hoodlums and kidnappers no go gree make you pass. You say you wan swim, na so alligator and crocodile go use pesin chop yanfu yanfu. You say make you enter Bicycle or Okada or just bone for you leg-edes benz, na so one bloody 19 guy for Mercedes go wan jam you enter bush or splash 'poyopoto' for white brocade. You say make you kukuma drive ya own Car, na so armed-robber go bust ya tire car the moto go. You say make you enter Molue or luxurious, na for inside lagoon pesin go meet God. Nna na wetin? Abi na 'broom' we go wan begin dey use comot like 'winch'. The thing don pass me o.

ADDENDUM:) Here is a link to a petition calling for Borishade's firing. Don't know if it will make a difference even considering there's just about 6 months left in the administration. It will take longer than six months to fix the industry. But if it will saves some lives by putting someone competent in that role for only 6 months, I say fire away.

Then I have been reading that people are saying 'don't blame Mr. Minister, he is not God,' it is 'Allah's Will' and 'God allowed it to happen' blah blah blah. I am in no position to put together a well written argument on the issue but here's what i have to say. I guess the real culprit then is God not Borishade right. So we should fire start a petition to fire God and Allah if that is the case then. COME THE 'F' ON PEOPLE..... ARE WE REALLY SERIOUSLY GOING TO LEAVE IT AT THAT. 5 PLANE CRASHES IN ONE ADMINISTRATION IS TOO MUCH TO BE THE WORK OF GOD. MAN HAS RESPONSIBILITY IN THIS WORLD TOO. (The devil must be celebrating because he hasn't be blamed yet) See the comment section for more and please fire away your comments.


Anonymous said...

It is so sad that people died in the crash, is removing Borisade the answer to the problem. Like he said this morning: he doesnt have divine powers to stop planes from crashing. He is not God o.

Every system in Nigeria is a skunk,they can not be repaired in 15 years. What we need is prayers and stop shifting blames on people.

Adaure said...

Hmh... i disagree with you on your stand on firing Borishade. I mean he is the minister and he has had too many opportunities to start reforming the aviation industry. If the planes are shitty then he should have called for the owners to take them off and ban them from flying. If you take away their means of doing business then perhaps they will do things right. It would be better to have one good plane that 10 death traps in order to say you have an airline. Secondly he says the pilot is to blame because of some discretionary power that the crew has. Does that mena he has no power over teh operations at the airport and whether a plane should be allowed to fly in visibly bad weather(knowing the planes are bad or the pilots are inexperienced to manouver). True the transportation industry needs to be overhauled, perhaps putting people who have experience with the industry they are ministering not just a list of govt appointments should be the ones in charge. Or should we change the arguement to who should be fired first between transportation minister and aviation because both of then are inept. In fact if they can fire Ngozi-Okonjo Iweala who was doing a good job and had the experience then i think perhaps ALL THE MINSTERS SHOULD BE FIRED. To the most annoying part of this whole thing, I guess if you say it is the hand work of God or Allah's will then perhaps we should also fire God and Allah first for having bad will to cause these plane crashes and taking away our bright futures and secondly for not answering prayers...not so.
We really need to get off this 'religion' band wagon when it comes to policies. Some one needs to fess up and take responsibility for doing a bad job. We should not be making excuses for Borishade not doing his job.

temmy said...

See why i posted as anon but you got me Addy!(trust you) I did not want to get into argument over the issue of firing minister or not. I will not any grounds make excuses for the minister for who knows who will be the next victim of another of their incompetencies. GOD FORBID ANOTHER CRASH THO!!!

You sure did a good job explaining your point which i understand. Firing all the ministers and bringing in new ones, are we sure that the system will change? They changed Okonjo Iweala but our economy is still the same.

Detective Addy Drew: thumbs up!

Olawunmi said...

lol at trying to open your house door with your car remote. duh for real.

i agree with you, borisade ought to make way for someone else to work. if you keep failing at something, then you need to go, or demonstrate what steps you're taking to rectify the situation.

Bella Naija said...

Addy my darling....good to see that you are back! I have missed ur blogging...

About Borishade, this afternoon, President Obj MOVED him and put Femi Fani Kayode in his position. Note that he was not fired, he was just moved to Culture and Tourism ministry. It is really sad that 'Paddyism' is soo rife is Nigeria. He is OBJ's very good friend therefore people can die and burn without anything being done. I have so much to say about this issue but I will just hold my peace. I will just keep praying for Nigeria

Confessions of a moody crab said...

I agree he should go ASAP. It really irks me when people start pointing to God as it was his will that something this tragic happened. WTF?!
Nigerians stop mixing politics with religion...Accepting less than we deserve and saying God said we should be obedient!
Borishade is crap at his job and it is the plain truth. Because of his negligence and incompetency that is why so many lives have been lost! And he had the guts to say that the plane crashed because of the pilot! My reply: THUNDER FIRE HIM!!

Oyinkan said...

Eheh, so Adau, you no miss me abi? Thats why I'm not on the same level as Des and co?
*Sniff* Its okay, Jesus loves me!
Okay, back to the issue at hand. My comment: Fire Him. He is an irresponsible jerk who places the egunje he gets above the lives of thousands of Nigerians that fly within that country.
Its a shame that people who are adept at their work(e.g. Mrs. Ngozi Iweala) are fired while miscreants like that Borishade are kept in power. As we say in NC: Warramess

NaijaBloke said...

When we r talking abt firing Aborishade for crashes in Nigeria ..the stupid Gorilla we call President shd be fired as well.
I was listening to th chief fire Department officer's outburst when ppl started shifting blame on him that they could not put out the fire on time and he replied saying that they have not been funded or recieved any kind of funds from the government since Mr Gorilla became President.

How can the fire department of a whole Nation still have the same equipment they have been using since the 70's?

Obasanjo himself should be fired jo..

chioma said...

I agree with y'all naija has serous issues with our fire service and so much more.. that name ..saving it for my baby girl.
I can get you a copy of living in bondage its on sale in abuja and lagos for about $2..let me know if you interested so i can tell you where. I miss igbo movies

kulutempa said...

On several occasions I have attended to open my house door with my car's 'keyless entry'. As in I am standing in front of my door and clicking and wondering why the door hasn't popped open.

LMAO!! don't post this, i just wanted to say you're mad!

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